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25 Best Table Lamps For Greater Convenience 25 Best Table Lamps For Greater Convenience

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25 Best Table Lamps For Greater Convenience

Written by: Lily Evans

Check out these best table lamps that can illuminate your entire chores on the table . Dive into our varied collections that are sure to excite you!

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Table lamps have been around for ages, yet the only thing that’s changed is probably their design and features. There are many that are technologically advanced that they are already compatible with AI voice assistants like Alexa. However, many traditional ones are still considered as cherished possessions. So here we are with a list of the best table lamps that make your life more convenient, one night at a time.


These are suitable for use as table lamps for the living room or bedside table lamps, while some are also portable for outdoor usage. So take a look and select the one that checks all your requirements.



Hroome offers smart and modern table lamps in a cute dog shape structure that has been designed to steal your heart. This lamp has an art deco style with a white LED light that will take good care of your eyes. Coming to the working, the main dimmer switch, actually a touch sensor, is located right on the top of the dog head, which adds to your convenience. Moreover, it has three brightness levels. Another good reason to buy this lamp is that you can adjust its shape into different postures of the dog, with the lamp head specifically adjustable by 180 degrees. 


Besides, it has been crafted from Asche wood that is strong and resilient against decay and rotting. Asche wood is also easy to cut, and the final product has a smooth finish and outlook. The lamp has a natural wood texture, and its quality is hard to match. The color is neither too dark nor bright and goes well with most backdrops. 




With three-level brightness adjustment, these table lamps by VADIV are excellent art decor as well. The cool green-colored cactus-shaped lamp comes with a touch-sensitive switch for adjusting the light intensity. All it needs is a gentle tap, once for dim, twice for medium, and thrice for maximum intensity. On four taps, it will switch off completely.


The lamp head rests on a flexible gooseneck that is adjustable to a complete 360-degree angle. Nevertheless, it is great to use for the office, the bedroom, and the kid’s room. The built-in lithium-ion battery is rechargeable through a one-meter USB charging cable. The addition of a pen stand at the base makes it versatile and space-saving. The most important part – the LED is not harsh to the eyes and does not dazzle or flicker, making it a safe light source for children and adults alike.




Here’s a lamp that is a fine blend of contemporary design and aesthetics. It is also a practical and convenient lamp that allows you to charge your phone and other USB-chargeable devices, even when the lamplight has been turned off. The design is also sleep and space-saving, keeping in mind the need to keep our surroundings uncluttered and mess-free. For the light source, it is compatible with a 60W bulb, which will have to be bought additionally.


It will especially function as an excellent bedside table thanks to the pull chain design that makes it convenient to switch it on or off right before sleep. It also comes in a wide range of fabric colors, so you get plenty of options to pick a color that compliments your room’s decor. It has an overall height of 19.5 inches with a base diameter of 5.25 inches. The shade diameter is only 8.5 inches.  




Another pair of beautiful and traditional table lamps come with the latest touch-sensitive buttons for brightness controls. It has a very warm and soothing light that doesn’t irritate the eyes. Unlike most other table lamps, you will not have to buy additional bulbs for these, as you will receive two dimmable LED bulbs that are from Edison with a T45 7W rating. These bulbs are energy-saving (up to 90 percent) and don’t flicker either.


The base of the lamp is painted in black, while the shade fabric has a white color. Another cool feature about these lamps is that they have USB charging ports for charging your mobile phones, tablets, etc. However, it is advised that you unplug the device when charged and not in use to extend the life of the battery and USB ports. The overall product requires only three minutes for installation. This is suitable to use as table lamps for the living room or your bedside.



It’s hard to disagree with the fact that this lamp by OYEARS is one of the best small table lamps. It is smart, sleek, and minimalist with a touch of sophisticated gold on the exterior. This lamp features a mid-century design with two more unique variants. The all-matte finish metal body derives from the European style of lamps, with the use of brass making it an everlasting beauty. A rocker switch is provided to turn it on or off.


It also has a touch of modernity with the presence of a 5V/2A USB charging port for charging your mobile devices. The USB ports will be functional even when the light is switched off. This lamp is a must-have in your bedside table, desk, or living room. Their height is around 18 inches with a rectangular metal base. To ensure safety, it comes with a UL listed five-feet cord and plug. The lamp head is also adjustable.




The simple, modern, minimalist design of this lamp is all it needs to make you fall in love with it. The design is super unique and smart for all spaces in your house. Use it as a table lamp for your living room or bedroom. The metallic body of the lamp is much aesthetic with a smooth gold paint finish. The base diameter is only 5.5 inches, and the chord length is slightly more than 5 feet long. 


The cord and plug are UL listed and therefore considered safety compliant. However, the bulb is not included in the package, but you are advised to get an LED Edison bulb. Moreover, it has just the right weight to not get knocked off the bedside or desk, but also convenient enough to store and carry. 




Super portable, petite, and wireless table lamps from Fatboy are just what you need for a home with limited space. These have three different light settings with UL-listed parts. The weight of each lamp is not more than 1 lb, and the pure white body is absolute bliss to have in any setting. Since it is rechargeable, you can even carry it outdoors to a camp, your garden,  or your terrace. It can be lighted for up to eight hours on a full charge with the maximum brightness setting enabled.


The body of the lamp is highly splash-resistant and is crafted from UV-stabilized polyethylene. The battery and charger come inclusive in the package. It also requires minimal care and maintenance. Thanks to the clutter-free design, you may even place it in the kids’ room without worrying about it breaking into pieces.



This modern and multi-functional table lamp comes with a solid black wooden base and mobile charging station. The three 5V 5A USB ports can help charge multiple devices at a faster rate than others. The base includes slots for placing the mobile devices as well. This means that it will also save desk or nightstand space by hosting the device on its own base. Moreover, the devices can be charged even when the light is turned off. 


The quality of the lamp is equally amazing as the use of wood for its base. The shade fabric is white and casts a pleasing light that pleases the eye. The rectangular shape of the shade adds an artistic aura to the interior. It is compatible with a 60-watt power source, has a corded cable, and rocker switch.



These cool and convenient lamps by Albrillo are crafted with a combination of iron, aluminum, and PC materials. It oozes off a warm white light with a light temperature of 3000 Kelvin. The cable lamp is 1.5 meters high and offers flexibility that allows you to place it wherever you wish. Moreover, the spiral design reduces the direct impact of light and won’t stress the eyes even after prolonged use.


The brightness of this lamp can be altered with easy touch controls — all it needs is a gentle touch. There are brightness levels that can be adjusted depending on the kind of use, though the maximum brightness is just perfect for reading at 450 lumens. Thanks to its fancy design, it can easily level up the decor quotient of any room and is suitable for dining, living, and study rooms.



O’Bright provides a portable and durable table lamp that charts high in terms of convenience, quality, and looks. It is equipped with a 1500 mAh battery that can light up the room it’s in for up to 48 hours if fully charged. It’s a versatile lamp that can be used like plugged-in bedside lamps or small table lamps in the living room. It also works great as a spare light outdoors.


The lamp body comes in three shades — gold, rose gold, and silver. The built-in touch sensors make it super-easy to dim the light up to three levels of brightness. However, the main highlight of this lamp is that it has a universal charging port, so you can use another spare charger for the lamp if it ever breaks or goes missing. You can also charge it with a laptop, computer, power banks, and other charging means.




This lamp comes with a complete space-saving design that is equally beautiful and multi-functional. The wooden base of the lamp is complemented with a square linen shade and an open top. The base is lightly padded to make it anti-skid. This unique night lamp includes two separate USB charging ports for charging your mobile devices. These will function even when the lamp light is switched off, but it needs a power supply to work.


The touch-sensitive controls offer three levels of brightness and the option to turn off the light. This means that all you need is one lamp to serve the purpose of reading, night light, decor, and more. You will also receive a 6W LED bulb along with this lamp, which does not flicker or strain the eyes. The cord length is 150 cm and can be used away from the power source.




If you are short on some space on your nightstand or desk, here’s an amazing table lamp option that hardly consumes a couple of inches on your table. It rests on your table with the help of a strong clamp that holds onto 2.1-inch tabletops. The swing arm lamp can be adjusted at free will to position its light at the most comfortable angle. It is truly smart, considering that it also has a memory function to memorize its last setting. This means that every time you switch it on, it will have the same setting as it had when switched off the previous time.


The 15.8-inch long swivel head of the lamp provides various brightness and color options. The LED light is absolutely flicker and glare-free and keeps the eyes safe from fatigue. Moreover, the dimming function doesn’t feature any steps, and it is suitable for almost all purposes in your home or office. The best part about the lamp, however, is that it has an automatic delay-off function that can be preset. 




The timeless glass ball table lamp design is a mist in any home and office space. It is a compact and cute tale lamp that merely takes around 5.91 inches of base space. The height is only 6.3 inches high. Moreover, it looks like a charming crystal ball or moon and accents all kinds of backdrops. It can replace all the table lamps for the living room or bedroom and looks amazing even when switched off. 


It features a natural wood base with a round frosted glass shade. Subsequently, it gives off a soft light. It is advised to be used with a 40-watt bulb and preferably an LED type. For even more lighting or decoration purposes, you can place one or more of these in a row and have a great display. The on/off switch is hidden on the cord. 




The modern and elegant table lamps with a soft pink shade have two USB charging ports for your smartphones and tablets. Moreover, it offers three different levels of brightness – low, medium, and high, with the lowest level suitable for the night light and the highest being good enough for the purpose of reading.


Also, the 6 W LED bulb that it brings along is equivalent to a 60 Watt incandescent bulb, which means more light for less energy consumption. And thus, it saves up to 90% of energy overall. The light can be dimmed through touch sensors built into the base. So you just have to tap anywhere on the base of the lamp, single touch for lowest, two for medium, three for high, and four for switching it off.




The COTULIN small table lamps are a perfect combination of tradition and modern, as the gold hollowed out geometric base sits well with the traditional hollow cylindrical shade. The premium metallic base has built-in insulation to reduce any sort of eye damage as well as to protect the lampshade from wearing off pretty quickly. Place it anywhere in your house or workspace, and its low-key posture will stand out with its minimalist outlook.


One of the best table lamps for the living room, these are complete eye candy that will quickly beautify your room. It is compact in size with only 14.8-inch height and a base with a 7.1-inch diameter. The shade is made from durable white TC fabric. Moreover, it is compatible with Incandescent, LED, and CFL bulbs. The on/off switch is well hidden on the cord itself. 




A must-have for smart homes, these table lamps by HUGOI Store are compatible with Alexa and Google Home. The next time you wish Alexa to switch on or off the lights in your living room, these smart lamps will be able to obey the command through your virtual assistant. It can also be controlled with an iOS and Android app.


From turning on or off to changing the color of the light through a complete dial, it has endless features that can be controlled remotely. Additionally, the brightness can be adjusted to anywhere between three to 100 percent. The LED is flicker-free and safe for the eyes, while the lamp material features a toy-grade frosted finish. This product comes in two variations, one with a gray base and another with white. An AC adapter and user manual also comes with the product.




OmiSun is here to add a vintage vibe to your bedroom with its chic Industrial Table Lamp. It features a classy metal shade that is equally beneficial when it comes to protecting the light bulb. On top of that, this desk lamp comes with a dimmable switch. This way, you can adjust the brightness to your specifications. 


The power cord is 6.3 feet long, so you won’t have to worry about placing it there even if the switch is far from your bedside table. You can even keep the lamp inside your kid’s room, where it can be used as a reading lamp. It is accompanied by an E26 base bulb which will provide you with optimum illumination. With the OmiSun Industrial Table Lamp, you can easily enjoy a cozy time with your family at the dining table. 




To give your living space a stunning makeover without major changes, it’s time you put the Shinoske Bedside Table Lamps to use. The set of two minimalist lamps by Shinoske is designed in a way that fits any type of decor. Convenient to use with the standard E26 light bulbs, this table lamp is built with a high-quality metal frame that is both corrosion-free and rust-resistant. In addition to that, the lampshade features a subtle ivory hue. The linen fabric weakens the effect of light on the eyes and relieves strain. 


These modern table lamps come with a switch cable so that you can turn them on and off when not in use. Moreover, the length of the power cord is 67 inches long that allows you to plug it almost anywhere in the room. For quality lighting, place the lamp on a desk, table, counter-top, or dresser. If you are looking for a gift idea, these table lamps for the living room are totally worth a try!




HAITRAL’s Versatile Table Lamp with in-built USB ports is surely a treat to the eyes. It features a stunning metallic design with a cage-shaped lampshade that protects the bulb from falling off. On the base, you will find dual USB ports which can help you charge two devices all at once. The best part is that these ports can be used even if the lamp is turned off. However, please ensure that you do not use a device that has a power of more than 800 Watts. 


The dimensions of this lamp are 16.9 x 6.1 x 5.5 inches, making it super-compact and convenient for even the smallest side tables. A perfect option for a reading lamp, it gives off the right amount of light so that you do not strain your eyes. It can be used to beautify any room and will catch the attention of the guests instantly! 




Your search for the perfect bedside table lamp stops here! SOTTAE’s Ceramic Table Lamp is compact and features a very modern style. Even though its size is small, it gives the right amount of light and goes with almost any type of decor. You can place it in your kid’s bedroom, master bedroom, or even in the study and enhance the overall look of the space. 


This lamp is soothing to look at and does not give off any eye-harming glare. Additionally, it uses very little energy and is perfect if you are looking for an environment-friendly option. The lampshade is made up of white fabric that goes well with the ceramic body. The on/off knob switch is located on the cord with which you can operate the lamp with ease. You’d be relieved to know that assembling this lamp is a cakewalk, and you can start using it right when you open the package!




Elegant and super-functional, the Touch Control Table Lamp by MAXvolador Store is a perfect addition to any bedroom or living space. It offers three levels/options for brightness and can be handled by people from any age bracket. You can use it in a nightstand mode to create a relaxing ambiance for sleeping.  


It has dual USB charging ports which makes it one of the most reliable bedside table lamps. The ports can be used to charge two devices simultaneously. The body of this table lamp features green glass. In addition to that, the white fabric looks perfect with any type of decor.




For those who always want to go the extra mile when it comes to decorating their rooms, the Tiffany Table Lamp is truly the best accessory. The colorful lampshade looks very stylish and is made from stained glass pieces. These glass pieces feature stunning hues like deep-sea blue and green when the lamp is on. When it is off, you will be able to see its stunning aqua and champagne colors. The assembly is super easy and includes an LED bulb. Each lamp is checked vigorously to avoid any quality issues. 


Its base is heavy and provides the lamp with maximum stability. What we love the most about this vintage-style lamp by the WERFACTORY Store is that it is hand-crafted. This helps in adding a superior charm to your bedroom. 




This Traditional Table Lamp by Regency Hill Store will enhance the way your interiors look. It comes with a set of two metal lamps that feature dual-tones. Each lamp is 25 inches high. In addition to that, the base is five inches wide. The pair weighs 3.9 pounds individually, making them easy to carry around. In addition, a single lamp uses a 100 Watt medium base bulb which isn’t included in the package. 


The overall style of these lamps resembles traditional candle stands. On top of that, the drum shades are beige, which helps the lamp blend with different interiors. Its on/off switch is located on the socket, and the power cable is eight feet long. It is easy to place these beautiful lamps anywhere.



The SunRider crystal touch table lamp is a dimmable table lamp that combines beauty with efficiency. The most unique part of this lamp is its minimalist design that has touch sensors for power and light brightness adjustments. You can tap anywhere on the steel base, and the brightness changes depending on the number of taps.


Moreover, the brightness can be altered to between three levels. It has dual USB charging ports that allow you to charge an equal number of devices at once. The crystals studded on these table lamps are 100% genuine K9 crystals that are exquisitely cut with precision. You will also get a 6W Energy Saving LED Bulb along with the lamps for free.




This cool pair of bedside table lamps by Bosceos is both modern and stylish. These lamps come with a three-level brightness adjustment option that is controlled by touching the base of the lamp. This means that you can change the intensity even in the dark without having to look for any switch. Additionally, it has three USB charging ports, so you can charge an equal number of devices at once. 


The lamps have a heavy metal base to ensure their stability and prevent accidental tossing off the table. Moreover, the linen fabric on the shades is also durable and easy to maintain. The lighting is soft to the eyes and does not cause any strain. You will also be super happy to know that you will get two LED bulbs for free with these table lamps. 


These were some of the best large and small table lamps that can fit all the household and professional needs. On a parting note, please check all the details, specifically the dimensions of the table lamps, before making your purchase. Also, check for the power requirements and if bulbs are included in the package or not. Happy purchasing!

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