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5 Best Millennial Pink Ideas To Try Now 5 Best Millennial Pink Ideas To Try Now

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5 Best Millennial Pink Ideas To Try Now

Written by: Sophie Thompson

Instantly grab guests' attention with these shades of millennial pink. Add a touch of pretty and elevate the look of your house today!

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Ah, Millennial Pink – love it or hate it, it’s here to stay for good. The world seems to be in love with this particular shade of pink, which also goes by the names Tumblr Pink and Scandi Pink. From clothing to couches to Instagram feeds, the color is virtually everywhere. Not surprising, really – it’s pretty, highly versatile, and adds charm to every space.



Today, we’ll show you a few neat tricks to incorporate millennial pink shades into your house.


1. Explore Different Shades of Millennial Pink

Explore Different Shades of Millennial Pink

Photo by SnapbyThree MY on Unsplash


Think there’s only one shade of Millennial Pink? Think again.



You’d be surprised to know that the term “Millennial Pink” covers a wide range of hues. Shades range from blush to suppressed bubblegum and even corals. Pinks come in a variety of different undertones.  There are pinks with muddy undertones like dusty pink, and there are those with grey undertones. Many people are hesitant to use pink and red together, for fear that the resulting effect will be rather somber. Don’t dismiss the possibility completely, we say.



Red and pink doesn’t have to be a dark and moody combination. On the contrary, the two colors make for a great contrast; the presence of red can bring out the pink. Look at the items in your room, and decide which kind of style you like best. Do you like modern, calm grey tones or do you need some vivid colors in your life to uplift your spirits?



Millennial Pink Color Codes: #e4a199, #ce897b, #fbd2d7, #ecb7bf, #ead3d7



2. It’s All In The (Pink) Details

Millennial-Pink Tiny Details

Photo by Alex Eckermann on Unsplash



On a tight budget? Don’t worry. There are a million ways to have millennial pink present in your space without spending a fortune. Pink throws, stained glass vases, scatter pillows or a vintage phone are great ways to start experimenting with the color. For some variation, we encourage choosing pink of different undertones. Keen to take things up a notch? Invest in a chunkily knitted merino wool blanket, and use it as a pink throw for your couch.



Apart from being quite the modern addition to any space, it’s also great for snuggling in during cold winter days. Another fun solution is to dip-paint the tips of furniture pieces like a plain, light wood coffee table. For a subtle pink addition to any room, place marble coasters on a tabletop and voila. A more lavish addition to a living room is a single, accent chair, like the one in the picture below. The most modern and versatile fabric is velvet. Because velvet picks up light at different angles, it adds different shades of pink to the room. Also, it is especially inviting with its silky smooth look and feel.



Rose Quartz & Himalayan salt lamps are savvy additions to any room – you can’t go wrong by completing the look with marble tabletops. Marble always goes well with clean, calm spaces where pink colors feature. If you’re uncertain about going full-on pink, just throw in a few millennial pink accessories. See whether you’re interested to take things further from there!


Millennial Pink Color Codes: #e4a199, #ce897b, #fbd2d7, #ecb7bf, #ead3d7



3. Attract Attention With Bold Pink

Bold Pink

Photo by Darth Zuzanka on Pixabay



For an energetic atmosphere, create a focal point with bright pink colors. Case in point – in the picture above, it’s likely you’ll spot the chair and curtains before seeing the cupboards, curtains and flowers. Why? Their bright colors mean they make a strong visual impact, and command attention immediately.



Bright pink doesn’t only complement calm colors like white and grey. In nature, for instance, it contrasts nicely with vivid colors like yellow and green. For an unusual look, add bright pink to any Boho décor to make it more interesting. Make your space pop today!



Millennial Pink Color Codes: #e4a199, #ce897b, #fbd2d7, #ecb7bf, #ead3d7





4. Set The Tone With Moody Pink


Moody pink

Photo by Orkun Azap on Unsplash


Once again, we can look to nature for inspiration to pull off this daring look. As shown in the picture above, there are yellowing leaves with mustard tones. They are also emerald with navy shades, all surrounding the pretty purple and pink colors. Millennial Pink is one of our favorites to pair with moody colors. The combination is bold, unexpected and very striking. Or how about this alternative: instead of making Millennial Pink the accent, consider an overall pink with moody accents (refer to the picture below).



Perfect, si?



Millennial Pink Color Codes: #e4a199, #ce897b, #fbd2d7, #ecb7bf, #ead3d7




5. Pair Pastels With Millennial Pink

5 Ways To Give Your House A Millennial Pink Makeover


The room above features mostly pastel tones of pink and blue, interspersed occasionally with a few brighter splashes of color. Marble and copper finishes round up the style and compliment the star of the show (Millennial Pink) flawlessly, every single time. For consistency, the pink color is repeated throughout the room: pink flowers, pastel pillows, pink walls. The result is a highly cohesive look.



To avoid the look becoming too boring, always add some greenery to the mix. The good thing is that some plants hardly need any care at all! Some examples are snake plant, cacti and succulents. Also, you might want to consider dusty pink tones for a more elegant effect. The sandy undertones will ground the room, and give it a more homely feel.



Millennial Pink Color Codes: #e4a199, #ce897b, #fbd2d7, #ecb7bf, #ead3d7



Bottom Line: Go Live Out Your Millennial Pink Fantasy

millennial pink

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash



TL;DR: Millennial Pink doesn’t necessarily have to be soft and feminine. It can be loud, bold, and striking too. The key takeaway is to compliment Millennial Pink rooms with contrasting masculine elements for a sophisticated look. Pink colors adapt effortlessly to different décor styles: think Industrial, Scandinavian and of course the whimsical, flirty Bohemian. While pink is a beautiful color, be careful not to overdo it. We’re going for the chic millennial look – not pink overload. If in doubt, always remember: just look to nature for inspiration!

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