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10 Ways To Use Velvet For A Luxe Feel 10 Ways To Use Velvet For A Luxe Feel

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10 Ways To Use Velvet For A Luxe Feel

Written by: Chloe Davis

In love with velvet? We've got just the thing! Here are 10 ways to use velvet to enhance the elegance of your home, and give it that luxe feel.

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Oh, the soft touch of velvet! From the thick, regal robes worn by kings and queens in medieval times to the red velvet ropes at star-studded Hollywood events – this silky smooth fabric truly symbolizes luxury.


And if you want to add a dash of richness to your home, we’ve got just the thing!


Here are 10 ways to use velvet to enhance the elegance of your home, and give it that luxe feel. Read on!


What Is Velvet?

red velvet

First things first – what is velvet, and how is it made? You’d be surprised to know that it is not a particular type of fibre, but rather a technique of weaving fabric!



When creating velvet, the cloth is woven in such a way that the threads are evenly spread.



These threads pile on top of one another, giving the cloth a soft and plush look and feel.



This fabric can be made from a variety of fibers, be they synthetic or natural.



In olden times, it was only possible to weave velvet using silk. As a result, velvet was a very expensive cloth that only the nobility could afford, and served as a symbol of wealth and luxury.



However, with new techniques in production, it is now possible to weave velvet from synthetic fabrics like polyesters, and even create imitation velvet using cotton (called velveteen).



10 Ways To Use Velvet In Your Home


If you’re looking for ways to add a touch of luxury to your home, using velvet is sure to do the trick.


Its plush and heavy fabric looks beautiful on curtains, sofas, bedcovers and more.


Here are our 10 home decor suggestions to enhance your home’s elegance by using this magic fabric!


velvet infograph

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These lush curtains can instantly add a luxurious aura to your living room! Their weighted hem ensures that they don’t flutter, and in fact, hang beautifully.



Silky soft to the touch, these are available in a wide variety of colors.



The heavy fabric also makes them heat, cold and sound-insulating, so your space stays cozy and quiet.




The sight of lush bedding makes us want to dive under its covers!



Made of crystal velvet (a weaving technique that gives the fabric a soft feel), this bedding set includes a duvet cover and two pillow covers. The pleated detail adds to the elegance.



The fabric is super soft both outside, and on the inside – so you’re promised a restful, comfortable sleep every night.






Already have a sofa set but in a different fabric? Not to worry!



A sofa slipcover like this one can easily slip over your current sofa and add that plushness without you having to buy a new couch.



These are machine washable and oh-so-soft, so your afternoon naps just became even more relaxing!






With a velvet outer covering and a softer velveteen sherpa fabric on the inside, this quilt set is perfect for those chilly winter nights!



It’s lightweight, dries fast and keeps you warm without being stuffy.



The super-soft fabric is irresistible while making your bedroom look like one that’s fit for the kings (or queens).






An elegant velvet sofa like this one can make quite a statement in your living room.



The plush fabric, coupled with a minimalist silhouette, makes for a lovely mix of the vintage and the modern.



A tufted weave pattern combined with a deep shade of blue make this sofa a gorgeous eye-catcher.






The great thing about accent chairs is that they can add that pop of style and color to an otherwise simple space. This beautiful swoop chair is a classic example of that.



Be it your bedroom or living room, this chair can enhance the elegance of both spaces.



We especially love the way its arms gently curve, and its soft velvet fabric completes the look.






A crushed velvet throw like this one can seriously up the glam quotient of your room.



It looks elegant and is so soft that you’d love to snuggle in it while reading a book, watching TV or simply taking a leisurely nap.



It’s reversible and available in a variety of velvet colors, so you can pick the one that complements the existing decor of your home.






When thinking of slipcovers, why stop at sofas?



These dining chair slipcovers can make your mealtimes feel like luxurious feasts. Its thick and stretchable fabric can easily take the shape of most dining chairs.



Made of super soft fabric, these can be a great way to change your dining space’s look.




When it comes to throw pillows, we feel one can never have enough!



These plush throw cushions are a great way to spruce up your space with some velvety goodness. Place them onto your bed or your couch – they look great either way.



Available in plenty of lovely shades, the velvet fabric reflects light, giving the cushions a lovely bright sheen.






This unique ottoman deserves to be the pride of place in your living room. With a smoky grey color, handcrafted detailing and velvet texture, it looks absolutely splendid!



Apart from being beautiful, this ottoman is practical too: a glass table top makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.




From throw pillows, bedding sets, couches, and more, velvet can easily blend into your home decor and enhance its beauty.



You can pick the type that works for you based on your style and budget preference.



Our guide takes you through our top 10 picks for adding some velvety richness to your home decor.



Have any questions on velvet? Ask away in the comment box below!

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