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8 Music Room Ideas For The Budding Beethoven 8 Music Room Ideas For The Budding Beethoven

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8 Music Room Ideas For The Budding Beethoven

Written by: Lily Evans

These brilliant music room decor ideas can transform a simple room to a magnificently stunning studio. They are 100% ECONOMICAL, SIMPLE & UNIQUE!

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Music is the universal language of the world. It’s not the words inked on paper that matter here – it’s the tunes that evoke emotions out of us.



Since music has become such an intrinsic part of our lives, it’s no surprise that hardcore music aficionados actually have personal music rooms in their homes. Some of them are designed with regards to specific instruments while others are quite generic.



If you’re planning on designing one in your own homes, here comes the 8 ideas that will inspire you to no end:



1. Turn Your Musical Instrument Into A Centerpiece

Music room interior


If you play a large and dramatic instrument like the piano, then you’ll love making it the centerpiece of your music room.



Typically, the sheer size of such instruments is enough to make them the focal point, but you can definitely drum up the drama of the ambience by adding subtle undertones. For example, a plush ottoman and luxurious accent chair can ramp up the striking visuals of the instrument. Similarly, music-inspired artwork in the backdrop can add a tasteful and elegant resonance to the entire space.



(Pro tip: don’t use any reflective surfaces – especially glass – as they’ll distort the sound of your music!)



2. Add Music Inspired Wall Stickers

music stickers wallpaper


One of the best music room ideas you can incorporate is by going for music wall art. This doesn’t have to be the typical frame or gallery wall design – instead, you can opt for oversized wall stickers.



They’re highly unique, can be customized according to your tastes and space – plus you can make an amazing statement wall out of them. If you need some inspiration while working on your instruments, the wall art can also be a total motivator. You’ll love the quirky eclectic vibe these would bring to your space!



3. Make Music Themed Décor Your Best Friend

Armchair and poster


Sometimes, nothing quite works better than some stunning themed décor. So, while designing your music room, you’ll have to put some effort in curating the best décor.



You can go for vintage vinyl records, artsy frames, wall décor, unique trinkets, and other music related paraphernalia that you love to geek about. Don’t be afraid to let your personality or music choices shine – the music room ideas should showcase your preference, so don’t undermine your own opinions.



4. Bring Out The Technical Side Of Music

music room


If you love the technical side of music – all the modern gadgets and tech that goes into making catchy tunes – then you’ll want to design your music room accordingly.



You’ll have to aim for the studio-style aesthetic and make room for your mixing equipment and computer. You’ll essentially be creating a DJ’s haven, so don’t worry about the pretty décor or relevant music wall art. Just the presence of all your equipment can have a great visual impact that will inspire you whenever you come in!



5. Unleash The Creative Side Of Music

Bedroom every music lover needs


A great music room idea is to incorporate a chalk-board wall within the interior design. More often than not, people forget that written music is an actual thing – that you can actually pan out the tunes running rampant in your head!



Paper and pen are not the only outlets you can go for here. Instead, a large full-sized chalkboard wall can help you unleash your inner Beethoven more creatively. And if not for scribbling out actual music, you can simply use this wall as part of your décor and sketch out some instruments or write some of your favorite music-inspired quotes on it. It’s the perfect way to personalize your music room!



6. A Wall of String Instruments

Wall with instruments

Wall with instruments


String instruments are some of the most fun to work with while designing your music room. They come in many shapes and sizes – guitars, bass, ukulele, etc. They’re great to play, but you know the best part? They can be wall mounted! So, instead of just letting your instrument lie about untended where it can easily slide down, get stepped on, and be damaged, you can mount it on your wall as music wall art!



In fact, if you’re a collector who likes to experiment with various string instrument types, you can even design an entire accent wall of your favorites. Whenever you get the hankering to play one, just pluck one, play your heart out, and put it up again. This music room idea is simple, artistic, and organizing genius!



7. A Jamming Nook

Jamming nook


The great thing about music is that it’s limitless – so must be your imagination while designing your ideal music room!



Designing a single instrument space can be a bit boring, so if you like to hold regular am sessions with your buddies, you’ll love having a small stage for your band within the room. You’ll definitely need a larger space to make this happen, because larger instruments such as amplifiers, percussion kits, and more take up a lot of room.



Moreover, you’ll also need to design good acoustics. Playing music is no fun when you’re just hearing echos of your output instead of a good full effect. Therefore, you should use absorbent materials (wood & fabric!) and relevant ceiling designs to make sure you have the best sound effects! You can even go for concert-style spotlighting if you want to go all the way!



8. Have A Feature Music Gallery Wall

Guitar player photo in vintage wood room.


The most fail-safe music room idea: a gallery wall!



When all else fails, you can simply put up a classic gallery wall. It can contain your favorite music graphics, sheet music, images of your favorite bands, singers, classical musicians, or even you while playing your own instrument! A gallery wall can be as personal as you want. It can also be a reflection of your musical tastes and preferences, so having one in your own music room can be really inspiring!




These are some great ways you can design your own music room. As the Jonas Brothers once belted out, “Music’s in my soul – I can hear it every day! Every night! It’s the one thing on my mind!” Similarly, we hope these ideas can be your be-all, end all of the musical décor!

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