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15 Ways To Increase Natural Light At Home 15 Ways To Increase Natural Light At Home

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15 Ways To Increase Natural Light At Home

Written by: Amelia Brooks

Bring more natural light to your house with these 15 brilliant ways curated by the industry stalwarts. See the magic happening within a few seconds!

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Natural light is an important component of interior design. This is especially true when you’re working with small spaces, but overall, even large rooms would feel small and constrained with zero naturally circulating sunshine. So, if you’re searching for some creative ways to increase natural light in your homes, here are 15 that will definitely help you:



15 Ways To Increase Natural Light At Home - Infographics



1. White Walls to Enhance Natural Light Effect

White walls in bedroom


You’ll love the natural way white walls can elevate the presence of sunlight in a home interior. This is because white color has the ability to reflect light. So if all the major walls in your spaces are finished in white, you’ll feel a marked increase of brightness within the room. Alternately, you can use light pastel hues if plain white hue seems too boring for your tastes.


2. Skylights to Enjoy Natural Brightness



Bold and evocative, skylights are a very literal way to improve the flow of natural light in your home interiors. But the thing about skylights is that they demand complete and total authority to be fully functional. For example, they look the best when situated on top of a double-height atrium-style space. So, you’ll have to be clever with the layout of your homes if completely natural and bright surroundings are your priority.


3. Picture Windows Enhances Natural Room Light

Picture windows for natural light

Photo by Arek Socha from Pixabay


Full-sized picture windows are the most evocative way to bring in an abundance of natural light in your home interiors. Not only are they a great way to break the boundary between the indoor and outdoor spaces, but they’ll help your interiors feel sun-drenched, fresh, and livelier than you can imagine. It’s the natural way to emulate sunshine in any modern home!


4. Lighting and Mirrors

Mirrors for natural light

Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash


An iconic and widely used technique to increase natural light in your homes is by using mirrors. Once again, the physics of reflection is used to amplify the beauty of interior designing. When you place mirrors next to even a small window opening, they’ll magnify the reflection of the light within your space. This way, your homes will feel brighter, more cheerful, and livelier in a natural way.


5. Adding Light through Terraces/Balconies

balcony for natural light



Since sunlight is a thing of the outdoors, you’ll naturally have to think of transitional spaces that can help you increase its presence inside your homes. Terraces and balconies are a conventional and totally natural way to do so. They’re partial outdoor areas whose portals (e.g. could be French windows, etc.) let in an abundance of lighting within the home interior.


6. Opaque Window & Sheer Curtain Treatments for Natural Lighting

Opaque window for natural light

Photo by Ben Protasio from Pixabay


If you feel like the amount of natural light in your homes is not on par with the size of your window portals, it’s time to invest in some new and improved treatments. Sheer curtains and honeycomb style blinds are an excellent way to filter or dilute the intensity of sunlight while still evoking a brightly lit aura within your spaces!


7. Transparency Adds Lighting

Open floor plan


The natural way to brighten up your home interiors with sunlight is to go with an open floor plan. This layout style heightens the sense of transparency within the room and helps travel the light more thoroughly throughout the space.


Alternately, you can use design elements like glass walls, bifold doors, and CNC cut partial wall-screens. They help maintain transparency while also providing physical barriers to promote privacy.


8. Tall Ceilings Increase Natural Lights


tall ceilings for natural light

Photo by khiem tran from Pixabay


Tall ceilings are also a great way to increase natural light within your home interiors. However, this trick only works when your ceiling is painted in light/white colors.


The tall space psychologically affects the way you perceive it. You’ll naturally start to feel like you’ve entered a spacious room even when the size and dimensions are medium at best!


9. Lighter Flooring – Lighter Surroundings

Light color flooring


Did you know that the floor takes up the largest surface area in any home interior? This is why it plays a huge role in whether you perceive the space as small or large. Darker floor finishes make space feel smaller than it is. Whereas lighter floor finishes help reflect the lighting in a better manner, thus resulting in a more thorough distribution of existing natural light within the space!


10. Supplement With Artificial Lights

Artificial lights in the room

Photo by khiem tran from Pixabay


Natural light, in and of itself, is pretty intense. But if you feel like it’s not enough, you can always supplement it with artificial lighting in the interior. Try not to go for decorative or focused accent light fixtures they’re more for transcribing different moods within the space.


You’ll need to do your research on proper ambient light fixtures such as ceiling and wall LED lights for this purpose!


11. Natural Lighting and Reflective Metal Accessories

Reflective metal accessories

Photo by p_kennedy123 from Pixabay


The natural way metal surfaces refract sunlight within an interior design is a handy way to increase the brightness of your homes. You can decorate and furnish with various metal accented pieces for this purpose. They’re a trendy and timeless way to emulate a gorgeous aura within your home interiors.


12. Low Height Furniture for Natural Brightness

Low heights furniture

Photo by StockSnap from Pixabay


Large furniture casts huge shadows and inadvertently makes space feel badly lit. This is why you need to invest in minimalist and low-height furniture when you’re trying to improve the flow of natural light in your home interiors.


Their small and beautifully scaled proportions help amplify the presence of the existing light with fewer shadows to darken the space.


13. Light Fabrics & Décor

Light fabrics & Decor for natural light

Photo by Jean van der Meulen from Pixabay


Light fabrics and decoration pieces are another way to manage the increase and flow of natural light in your home interiors.


This include oversized sofas and small tables alike, so you don’t really have to constrain yourself with anything.


14. Glass Block Designing Increase Light

Glass block designing for natural light

Photo by HeungSoon from Pixabay


Instead of typical partition walls and portals throughout your home, you can go for glass blocks as alternatives. They’re a natural way to stimulate the presence of sunlight within the home. They dilute the intensity of the light without ever taking away from its brightness, so they’re the perfect solution!


15. Stylish light stone surfaces

Light textured stones

Photo by PRAIRAT FHUNTA from Pixabay


Light hued stone surfaces such as engineered quartz and Carrera marble are a stylish and natural way to magnify the presence of sunlight within your spaces. They’re helpful in reflecting the existing light while also providing a nice backdrop to fall back on if you love stylizing your spaces.


We hope all of these tips and tricks help you make your homes lighter, brighter, stylish, and infinitely more cheerful!

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