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8 Beautiful Shades Of Purple For Any Room 8 Beautiful Shades Of Purple For Any Room

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8 Beautiful Shades Of Purple For Any Room

Written by: Olivia Parker

Our experts reveal 8 fantastic shades of purple proven to enliven your home instantly and effortlessly! Exclusive tips inside.

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Mamma Mia! A vibrant color that can instantly brighten up your mood, purple is a beautiful and versatile hue that you can use on a myriad of applications.



This gorgeous color was once extremely difficult to source: it was so rare, in fact, that only kings and queens owned purple-dyed clothes and textiles.



Fast-forward to today, however, and shades of purple can be found virtually everywhere. This means you can now add a touch of royalty to your own home.



If you thought there is only one type of purple, you’re in for a surprise! From dark purple, amethyst to mauve, there are many beautiful shades of purple that you can use to spruce up your home.



Read on to know what they are:




What Colors Make Purple?

What Colors Make Purple?


To understand what colors make purple, it is important to know about the RGB color model.



As you may know, there are three primary colors – Red, Green, and Blue. These are the basic colors; all other colors are made by mixing these three colors in different ways. This is known as the RGB color model.



In the RGB color model, purple is a mix of red and blue colors. The standard purple you see on TV, your monitor, or mobile device screen is a 50-50 mix of red and blue.



Purple vs Violet – What Is The Difference?



Since they look so similar, it is easy for people to mistake purple and violet as the same color. However, one big difference sets them apart.



While violet is a distinct color in the light spectrum and has a wavelength of its own, purple is a color that is derived by adding red to blue (or vice versa).




8 Beautiful Shades Of Purple For Any Room


1. Classic Purple


Classic Purple



Classics never go out of style – the same goes for the color defined as the standard purple. This is a cheerful shade which is an equal mix of red and blue color.



Since this is a rich shade, it can quickly become overwhelming if used too much.



Purple table mats, decorative bowls, or throw pillows will look great against a backdrop of neutrals such as beige or white.



2. Imperial Purple

Imperial Purple


One of the redder shades of purple, imperial purple oozes seduction at first glance. Also known as Tyrian purple, it has been in use since 1570 BC.



Use this vivid shade on a feature wall in your living room to add some drama to the ambiance. Having imperial purple on your bedsheets and pillow covers can make you feel like a king or queen.



3. Amethyst



A color that’s calming to the senses, amethyst falls in the bluer end of the purple spectrum. Inspired by the precious stone of the same name, this shade can work well when paired with bolder colors too.



Go for an amethyst sofa set in your living room. Use it on kitchen cabinets to add a subtle yet impactful pop of color to your kitchen.



4. Mauve



Mauve is a bright and unique color that can make any space look youthful. Pick translucent mauve curtains for your bedroom – the sunlight filtering through will fill the room up with good energy.



Since it is one of the lighter shades of purple, mauve can be used more liberally compared to the richer, darker shades.  Go ahead and get that big mauve bedroom rug, bathroom mat, and more!



5. Opera Mauve


Opera Mauve


We love the subdued yet luxurious look of opera mauve. This color appears to be a cross between dusty pink, mauve, and tones of light brown.



This shade of purple will look beautiful as dining chair upholstery, a full-sized carpet, or on an ottoman. Pair it with muted golds and beige for a sophisticated flair to your space.



6. Cyber Grape

Cyber Grape



Name sounds unfamiliar? Well, we bet you’ve seen this color before!



Cyber Grape is a medium-dark variant of blue-magenta. It’s one of the rich, deep shades of purple that contrasts beautifully with light and pastel backgrounds.



As pictured above, adding this shade to your home decor will make any space an eye-catching one! Get a Cyber Grape throw pillow or throw blanket to add a rich pop of color to your room.



7. Wine



While wine color is usually known as a variant of red, it also has slight purple hues. It’s due to this that we decided to add it to our list, so don’t tell the color police! This shade is rich, full-bodied, and stylish like the drink it’s named after!



The wine color can look beautiful as bedding or curtains if the rest of the room has light colors. It can also look lovely as decorative accents – think wine-colored table lamps, clocks, vases, and more.



This color is so easy to fall in love with, but try not to go overboard. With rich shades like wine, less is often more.



8. Dark Purple

Dark Purple


One look at this photo and you just know that dark purple has a royal heritage.



This regal shade can look fantastic on a sofa set, ottoman, or an accent chair in your bedroom or on the baskets and bins serving as storage spaces for your living room.



As per the picture above, you can even pair this color with lighter shades of purple. Go for amethyst or opera mauve throw pillows against a dark purple sofa set. We promise it will be a sight to behold.



This color falls between red and blue in the color spectrum, and its many types are made by mixing different proportions of red, blue and green.


From dark purple, opera mauve to amethyst, there are many delightful shades of purple. Depending on the kind of atmosphere you want to create in your home, you can use different shades of purple to spruce up your home.



For a rich, deep color, go for imperial purple, wine or dark purple. For a brighter, youthful look, go for amethyst and mauve. If subtle warmth if what you’re after, then opera mauve might do the trick.



Power to purple, we say. The possibilities are endless – happy decorating!

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