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Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas on a Budget Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas on a Budget

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Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas on a Budget

Written by: Amelia Brooks

Is your kitchen falling apart too soon? These small kitchen remodel ideas on a budget are great for enlivening your space effortlessly. Read here how.

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Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas On A Budget


Remodeling your small kitchen can create big transformations. But with such changes, does it mean big costs, too? Refurbishing the heart of your home doesn’t have to be expensive. Following the right steps and techniques can help you come up with amazing small kitchen remodel ideas on a budget. Read on for some tips and tricks to beautify your small kitchen and max out every inch of space efficiently and economically.


Why Should You Remodel Your Kitchen


Budget kitchen ideas are great solutions when looking for kitchen upgrades that won’t cost a fortune. Instead of massive tear-downs of walls and rooftops, small kitchen remodel ideas focus on improving overlooked elements even when on a budget. Hence, they’re easy transformations you can do on a whim.



If you’re a new homeowner, renovating an outdated kitchen space does more than just create a nice-looking room. It adds value to your home and makes your cooking space functional to meet your family’s lifestyle needs.



If a baby’s on the way, your small kitchen might need some room for appliances used for baby food prep. Maybe you just had a sudden change of personal style. Changing the color scheme can improve the mood of your family and guests when enjoying food in the kitchen.



Overall, upscaling your kitchen offers the convenience you never thought you needed. So without further delay, below are small kitchen remodel ideas on a budget that are worth trying.


Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas on a Budget


You can breathe new life into your space instantly by replacing old backsplashes in your kitchen. It’s a simple, straightforward, and cheap solution without breaking the bank. If your backsplash looks beaten up, then now is the right time to replace it.



Generally, backsplashes accumulate stains and grime over the years. It degrades over time due to moisture buildup caused by splatters of water and other liquids. Luckily, there is a number of ways to modernize your backsplash inexpensively.



Meet the peel-and-stick backsplashes. They are an absolute game changer for both homeowners and renters for practical reasons. First, they’re cheap; second, they’re easy to install and remove; third, they’re available in a wide variety of designs.



Thanks to advanced technology, peel-and-stick backsplashes can mimic the appearance of marble, glass, stone, and even wood. Not only would you have the perfect backsplash that is stylish and equally durable, but you’ll also save up money from the cost of material and labor.


Change Countertops


A countertop is another overlooked element that most homeowners tend to skip during the renovation process. If you scoured the internet for budget kitchen renovations, you’d see how they all share the same opinion on countertops. With the right design, this can create a high visual impact in the room since people tend to notice them first.



Since they’re built for storing appliances and preparing food, countertops are made of long-lasting materials. These materials include wood, thick slabs of marble, quartz, and even concrete. But just like any other man-made material, they can develop wear and tear over time.



Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with scratches or costly repairs any time soon since you can use contact paper to cover up such flaws. Aside from that, contact paper can waterproof your countertops and offer endless opportunities to change the design at an affordable price. Just remember that it requires a meticulous application to avoid air pockets and wrinkles.


Repaint Cabinets and Cupboards


If you’re looking for another cheap kitchen remodel idea, why not repaint your cabinets and cupboards? For sure, using them for years may yield the presence of chipped paint and scruffs all over. A way to brighten up your cabinetry without knocking them down is to repaint them with colors that complement the vibe of your kitchen.



Take note that this DIY kitchen remodel can get pretty messy, so be sure to have the essentials first before proceeding. However, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a professional for a paint job, especially when you prefer a polished, error-free coat. Just note that hiring a professional will raise the renovation costs in the short-term, but will actually save you more money in the long run.



The exteriors should not be the only ones that get to freshen up. You can install cabinet liners for added style and security. These protect your cabinet from moisture, preserving its lifespan. Shelf liners are also great for eliminating water rings, oil spots, and stains that can ruin your cabinet’s interiors.


Dress Up Floors


Floors are the foundation of a room’s overall design. It has a significant influence on the functionality, aesthetics, and performance of your kitchen. That’s why floors need to be in tiptop shape at all times.



So when you see nails sticking out or stains just won’t budge anymore, it’s time to dress them up. However, replacing tiles or professional refinishing can cost thousands of dollars. If you don’t have the money for that, you can try vinyl planks. This type of flooring works great for places with heavy foot traffic and is easy to maintain and clean. It’s also durable and moisture-resistant so you can effortlessly wash stains and spills from cooking.



Furthermore, thanks to technology, vinyl flooring can mimic other floorings by creating realistic visuals for a much fairer price. Though they can be quite hard to remove, it certainly is cheaper to use vinyl. Plus, the installation only calls for some patience and elbow grease.


Update Hardware


Most of the time, it’s the little things that make a huge difference. By little things, we mean changing the hardware when there’s a renovation. It’s a small, affordable change that can help you seal the complete look of your kitchen interiors.



Depending on the style you’re going for, the three main colors for hardware are gold, silver, and black. Gold tends to accentuate dark tones and keeps the vibe elegant with a sense of opulence. Silver, however, can create a transitional, contemporary look that complements classic kitchen layouts. Lastly, matte black gives depth and elegance as well, so it’s the perfect sleek hardware for a modern and refined look.


Install New Lighting


Did you know that you can create the illusion of having a spacious kitchen with new lighting? From ceiling lights to undercabinet lighting, updating the light source of your kitchen can improve the visibility as well as the overall look and feel of the room.



This visually opens up space as it makes your place feel a lot lighter and functional simultaneously. If you need more than just task lighting, then pendant lights are eye-catching additions. These are the perfect dramatic lights when you’re looking for warmth and texture. You can buy DIY lighting kits to save up on labor expenses since they’re a cinch to install.


Swap Out Sinks


Sinks have seen the worst in the kitchen. On top of that, they’ve met harsh cleaning chemicals that made them lose their luster. So upgrade your sink to keep up with your needs and become more efficient in the kitchen.



If you’re clueless about the best type of sinks that are within small kitchen remodel ideas on a budget, opt for stainless ones. For starters, a drop-in stainless sink is durable and comes in different shapes and sizes. You can choose a different style or finish based on your kitchen layout and needs.



Plus, some sinks come with features like an integrated ledge, a drying rack, noise reduction, and more. These accessories streamline your workflow from meal prep to cleanup. Hence, optimizing your efficiency in the kitchen.


Customize Storage


There are tons of ways to customize storage even with the space you already have at home. Thanks to organizers and containers, you can make the most out of your kitchen space without doing a major renovation.



Having your kitchen cramped up with storage cases and bulky cabinets can quickly hinder your pace and productivity. To avoid your cabinets and cupboards looking like a total mess, try using bins, baskets, risers, and racks to get everything in order. These hacks not only make your kitchen look presentable but also effectively maximize space.



You can also install pull-out trays in your pantry to neatly stash your pots and pans. This minimizes the clanking while giving you room to store more. Hence, these storage add-ons help clear out the chaos in your kitchen and keep everything well-kept.


Refurbish Appliances


A broken appliance consumes more energy than normal. But before you send it to a landfill or a junk shop, why not take a look at it and see if you can still fix it? Some appliances can be fixed with a little internet knowledge. If you or someone in the house is a handyman, then you can save hundreds of dollars by doing so.



Instead of buying a new one, you can refurbish outdated appliances to make them good as new. But if the tasks seem way out of your expertise, then cost-effective choices like buying an energy-efficient appliance can do. So, before you say goodbye to faulty machines, run a test first and see if your hands can do wonders before paying even more money for a new one.


Frequently Asked Questions


How much should I spend when renovating a small kitchen?


The average cost of a kitchen renovation is around $10,000. But for small kitchen remodel ideas on a budget, you can spend $3,000 to $5,000, or even less. Depending on what needs upscaling, you can have a better view of the budgeting once you plan what needs to be done.



For instance, repainting your walls and cabinets can help you cut expenses on labor. Cheap finds from flea markets and online can also help save a few dollars. Who knows, you might find timeless cabinetry for half a price but still functionally capable of storing delicate ware and fine china.


How long should I wait before I renovate my kitchen?


It is recommended that you remodel your kitchen after 10 to 15 years. Kitchens are often the most heavily-used rooms in the house. It’s where you prepare meals, cook food, entertain guests, and more. Though it is exciting to refreshen the place every once in a while, it certainly would eat a chunk of your budget. This is why you should invest in quality materials and rely on great contractors. Though slightly expensive, leaving large projects up to the experts would actually cost you less in the long run. Truly, it pays to spend more.



These small kitchen remodel ideas on a budget will show you that regardless of size, there’s nothing that can stop you from designing the kitchen you love. So, read this guide when you decide to refurbish your kitchen without overspending.



Aside from DIY kitchen ideas, check out these kitchen runners that are sure to stun your guests the next time they visit. They don’t just tie the overall look of your kitchen together, but they also add comfort while you cook!

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