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20 Best Flat File Cabinet Options Of 2022 20 Best Flat File Cabinet Options Of 2022

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20 Best Flat File Cabinet Options Of 2022

Written by: Noah Bennett

Effortlessly secure important documents using these flat file cabinets. Versatile and affordable, it's never been so easy to get organized.

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Whether at your company or at home,  I’m sure we all understand the importance of having the best storage options for your files. There are just some documents that we can’t afford to get damaged, wrinkled, torn, or stained. Certain documents, like your birth certificate, need to be kept safe for years, and this is where a flat file cabinet becomes a handy tool.



So what is a flat file cabinet? Essentially, it is a type of specialized cabinet that has short but wide dimensions. Like most cabinets, flat file cabinets come in different materials and finishes but are specially designed to accommodate papers and documents. Here are our recommendations for the best flat file cabinets you can buy this year!



20 Best Flat File Cabinet Options Of 2020 - Infographics



First up is this classic-looking metal flat file cabinet. Since it is made from metal, it’s a bit pricier than the ordinary cabinet. However, it is very secure and has a large storage capacity of 0.33 lbs per drawer.




If you need a flat filing cabinet that can move as much as you do, this one from IKEA would make an excellent choice. A sleek design makes it seem weightless, and its smooth white finish will go with any of the furniture in your office.





A vertical flat file storage cabinet is always a good idea to maximize any limited space. This metal one is wallet-friendly and features a classy design. If you just need a place to store your files and don’t require a lock, metal mesh file cabinets make great alternatives to heavy-duty enclosed flat file cabinets.





For a classy touch, matte black is the way to go. It’s not difficult to picture this particular flat file cabinet belonging to the luxurious mansions we see on television shows. Its silver hardware gives it a modern, sophisticated look.




If you’re not particularly keen on metal file cabinets, consider going for a wood flat file cabinet instead. Compared to its metal counterparts, it’s a nice way of breathing a little life into your office as wood can give warmth to any space.


Another casual approach to a flat file cabinet is this metal-mesh number from HUANUO. Apart from having two drawers where a variety of items can be placed, this can also double as a stand for your desktop monitor/laptop. This is a very smart method of keeping everything within an arm’s reach!


Curved elements are rarely used in office design because they don’t feel as serious as rigid lines and hard corners. However, you could give your flat filing cabinet game a little twist by choosing a sleek curved mobile file cabinet, such as this one from INVIE.


If you only have a few documents that need storage, try a desktop document organizer. Contrasting heavier finishes and complimenting lighter tones perfectly, the whitewashed finish of this product makes it a beautiful centerpiece for your desk.


Cabinet hardware that’s integrated into the design itself? Yes, please. Instead of having separate hinges, the pull hardware of this steel cabinet is built in. This way, you won’t have to worry about the inevitable wear and tear of screws loosening the handles, as is the case with typical file cabinets.


Well-known in the office file cabinet business, you can expect the prices of Safco products to be on the higher end, price-wise. However, their metal file cabinets are of top-notch quality and worth every cent. These pieces are going to be long-term investments you’ll never regret!


11. Dimond Home 4 Drawer Flat File Cabinet


If you’re looking for a flat file cabinet that isn’t boring nor heavy, Dimond Home offers this wooden flat file cabinet that won’t feel the least bit pretentious. This handcrafted option is great for lovers of the contemporary design style.



12. Adeptus 6 Drawer Wide Roll Cart

Adeptus 6 Drawer Wide Roll Cart

Sometimes, even the color and grain of wood can seemingly transport us to an earlier time in our lives. This mobile file cabinet features a modest, simplistic design that evokes a retro vibe. Who says flat file cabinets have to be grey?



13. Haodamai File Cabinet

Haodamai File Cabinet

If you have files that need extra protection/care, this lockable desktop metal flat file cabinet will meet your needs. Its handle is large and easy to pull. and its key lock will keep your personal documents secure. Best of all, you’ll get all of these benefits in a compact package.


14. Exerz Desk Organizer



In contrast with the former, a small mesh metal flat file cabinet can also earn its place on your desk if you require casual storage. It allows air to be better circulated, thus preventing musty odors from forming. Not to mention, this is also a cheap flat file cabinet!


15. Monarch Specialties White Hollow Core 3 Drawer File Cabinet

Monarch Specialties White Hollow Core 3 Drawer File Cabinet

Classic office furniture is a winner in any book, and this mobile file cabinet from Monarch Specialties is no exception. You can turn the large compartment at its bottom into a more efficient flat file storage by purchasing document organizers to hang papers.


16. CMmin Desktop File CabinetCMmin Desktop File Cabinet


It’s good to do research before purchasing a product, but you don’t have to overthink things in order to choose the perfect file cabinet. A plastic, all-white, and sleek flat file cabinet like this is an easy winner for your desktop storage needs!


17. Primo Supply Home Office Desk Organizer

Primo Supply Home Office Desk Organizer

Maybe you’re in the mood for a vintage flat file cabinet? If that’s the case, Primo Supply offers this antique wood flat file cabinet that promises to add character to any room instantly.


18. Intriom File Organizer

Intriom File Organizer

If you enjoy customizing your furniture, this open flat file cabinet has shelving that can be adjusted to suit your needs. As an example, you could have a thesis that takes up a quarter of the bottom-most level and bill invoices on the upper compartments. Easily make adjustments with this file cabinet!


Continuing the theme of open flat file cabinets, this stacking tray design by Safco is also a smart way to personalize your vertical storage cabinet. Not to mention, the glossy white finish makes it look chic that would easily go with your existing furniture.


If you require a lot of storage, you could opt for this file cabinet by PACON. It’s simple, affordable, and, most importantly, effective at keeping your documents in place.


Your flat files deserve a nice home because you need them for an incredibly long time, so it’s worth buying storage solutions that are tailored to accommodate them. Ditch that cardboard box and go for one of these today!

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