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25 Best Steel Cabinets To Last A Lifetime 25 Best Steel Cabinets To Last A Lifetime

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25 Best Steel Cabinets To Last A Lifetime

Written by: Oliver Mitchell

Here are some durable steel cabinet options you won't regret buying. Invest in one for furniture you're unlikely to replace.

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Steel cabinets have been around forever and there’s a very good reason why: they are able to withstand the test of time. They feature simple and clean designs and tend to be incredibly durable. Let’s also not forget the fact that steel cabinets are quite versatile when it comes to which rooms it can serve. From garage to kitchen, a steel cabinet will work wonders on securely keeping your belongings right where you want them.



Although a lot of people prefer wood furniture, it does tend to be on the more high maintenance side and this is where steel cabinets shine the most. They can stand getting a little banged around and you don’t have to worry about chipping or termites. It also comes in a lot of pretty colors that can suit your tastes; from simple and minimalist neutrals to even the most vibrant shades. There’s a common misconception that steel cabinets are only for rooms where you conduct business but given the right setting and the right color, a steel cabinet can be just as cozy as any old wooden cabinet.





Starting with something compact but super durable, a mobile cabinet can be your best friend especially if you have limited space or maybe you just need a cabinet that can move around with you as you do some repair work around the house. Artists also find this particular type of cabinet useful because everything you need is movable but organized in a handy little metal cabinet.




Most cabinets in this format tend to be tall and quite imposing but there are times when you just don’t need the giant steel cabinet to keep your things in. Also, it’s important not to buy oversized cabinets as they can make your room feel more claustrophobic. There are options such as the one above which provide the same depth of storage as most steel cabinets but without taking too much vertical space. The area on top can be a makeshift work surface or you can put some decorative items!





This particular steel cabinet was designed for the outdoors especially if you like to have barbecues or you just enjoy grilling. It can be tedious to think of where to store your tools and utensils so this comes conveniently into the spotlight. It’s a simple 2-door metal cabinet that’s incredibly durable and will definitely last you a lifetime.




This stainless steel cabinet is a quintessential utility furniture that not only goes well with your garage but also virtually anywhere you need the storage. It can also work great as your pantry cupboard in the kitchen or even a trusty file cabinet in your home office. Wherever you decide to put this classic, it’s bound to serve you incredibly well. It also has casters to maximize on mobility and ease of storage if you have tighter spaces. Simply roll them into a nook whenever it’s not needed.




If you’re tired of just grays, browns, and blacks, why not go for this fire red accent for your garage or home space? The beauty of shiny metal is its ability to really be vibrant, shiny, and unapologetic. You can instantly fill your room with a strong active energy with this piece from Craftsman and not only is it a sight to behold, but it’s also the heavy duty mobile cabinet anyone would fall in love with.




Metal file cabinets are also timeless in an office setting for a good reason. They’re lightweight but super durable. This particular steel cabinet design is perfect for storing smaller objects or documents thanks to its slim but numerous compartments. Each level can easily accommodate and organize your small items like pens and markers while other levels can sort your printing papers and documents.




If you want your kitchen to look like a total professional kitchen, you can invest in a metal cabinet that looks chic like the one above. One look at it can already tell you that it means business and it only aims to please. It has wheels so it’s going to be so easy to move around with it while the metal framing and hardware ensures a pleasurable and smooth experience packed in a lightweight frame.





Another classic steel cabinet design is this single lock double door format. This can be your vault for your more sensitive documents and items in your office. It’s simple and flush too so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your other furniture. Inside, it’s spacious with a few tiers to accommodate various types of items.




Let’s not forget wall cabinets whenever we shop for storage as they can sometimes serve you better than a gigantic full cabinet. Compared to tall cabinets though, wall cabinets tend to have less depth so they’re more suited for storing smaller objects like medicine or even your keys. This particular wall cabinet is designed towards storing power tools like drills and nail guns.




Rubbermaid is pretty much known for releasing various types of durable furniture and their wall cabinets are no exception. They integrated rubber edging to minimize scratches from accidental hits as well as general wear and tear. The doors on this cabinet unit are also well designed as they are integrated hand grabs onto the surface of the cabinet itself. This is certainly a design feat you can only achieve with steel.




Everything about this steel cabinet screams of a classic rugged look and I’m sure a lot of dads will fall head over heels for the cool steel pattern they’ve incorporated. Simple horizontal or vertical lines can be quite boring and overdone so it’s quite refreshing to see the spark pattern on the doors which give this mobile cabinet a welcome little accent.




Rarely do we see a steel cabinet make use of different tiers of doors instead of just one large pair that reveal the contents of the cabinet instantly. Here, the spaces are more subdivided which will allow for more organized storage because it’s better than just being a large open space. You can store smaller things and organize them further into baskets. Its looks can also make it look stylish and contemporary in a home foyer.




A ton of clutter might require more than just one steel cabinet, but you can also order these in sets now such as this one from Prepac. The design for the cabinets themselves are nothing short of universal and versatile so it would look great in your garage or even used as a storage system for a walk-in closet. Today, even store-bought furniture can look super chic and custom-made.




Customized furniture is agreeably one of the most pricey things to ever be done for your home. Like dresses and suits that have been perfectly designed to fit our needs, personalized furniture can also tend to be a luxury. However, this isn’t the case anymore with this ready-made steel cabinet set with gorgeous wooden work surfaces. The combination of the cool gray with the warm wood tones are positively to die for!



15. REALROOMS Shadwick 2 Door White Cabinet in Metal


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to use a locker as a design accent for your interiors, here’s how you can get in on the trend and decorate your space like a pro. This metal cabinet looks dainty with its white coat of paint but is then balanced out with its rugged little metal details such as the vent holes. This will definitely become somewhat of a conversation starter in your home while it freshens up the look of your space at the same time.



16. LONABR Industrial Style Storage Cabinet Low Display Cabinet

LONABR Industrial Style Storage Cabinet Low Display Cabinet with Double-Door Glass Doors Adjustable Shelf Metal,Gray

Although metal furniture is probably the last thing we think about including in a home space like the living area or foyer, they can also make their way into the fray of warm wooden pieces by alternating the metal frame with some glass panels to soften the look. Just like that, you can have the delicate look of a foyer cabinet that you’ve always wanted but in a durable metal frame!



Your documents and larger flat files also deserve their own specialized home that will keep them safe no matter what happens in your home or your office. This design from Sandusky is a flat file cabinet classic and has gained international acclaim for its level of quality as well as its gorgeously timeless look.




This vintage inspired office cabinet is perfect to store your documents with all of its old-world flair. It’s slightly contemporary though with its matte black coat of paint. It falls uniquely between the world of vintage furniture but brought to a more current aesthetic with its non-shiny finish.



Modern design is all about embracing curved forms and challenging what is more than the four corners of a box. Here, we have more rounded file cabinet with a handy lock that’s not only super stylish but also equally useful. Surely, anyone who is in the market for a useful little mobile cabinet will fall in love with this design.

Completely contrasting the previous mobile cabinet, this design celebrates the beauty of precise edges and gorgeous minimalist details such as the integrated grab handles as well its sleek overall look. This type of mobile cabinet would easily go with even the most sophisticated office interiors.




Although they are small and easy to put away, your keys can also have their own little upgraded mode of storage by getting them a nice little metal cabinet that’s perfectly designed to securely house your keys. There’s nothing more satisfying than a one-stop station for all your keys so you’re also less likely to lose them because they’d always just be in one designated spot in your home.




There’s nothing quite like a pitch black cabinet that speaks volumes about elegance. This black cabinet is easily imaginable in the office of a high power executive or even the kitchen of a stylish celebrity. It will no doubt give your space a touch of mystery and sophistication that it’d be hard not to get one for every room you can think of.




Stainless steel is also pretty useful in a bathroom setting because it doesn’t rust. This means you can also have a beautiful steel cabinet to keep your bathroom essentials neat and organized. This also provides transparent sliding panels so you can clearly see the contents without need to open the doors.




This petite little steel cabinet packs a wallop all on its own. Not only does it sport a sturdy metal frame, but it also comes with a gorgeous wood working surface that is functional but also incredibly stylish. Mixing wood with metal is always a good idea as the two balance each other out quite nicely.




Finally, we have a timeless classic which is the tall steel cabinet that’s easy to assemble and most importantly, provides a ton of storage options inside. In terms of appearance, it has a nice little color-blocking aesthetic that looks so simple but is also so very chic. There’s really nothing like the effect of a good black-and-white combination that catches they eye but still remains to be very friendly in the context of other furniture in the room.



Of course, it’s always important to first consider where you’re placing the steel cabinet and also what you plan to do with it. Some people may want a more mobile cabinet that can follow them around while doing tasks around the house while some may want a more permanent cabinet that stands tall in the corner of the room. There’s also so many finishes and metal variations that you can choose from that it’s impossible not to find one that you’d like. Once you’ve determined your own criteria and what is exactly that best suits you, all that’s left is to browse this list and get your hands on the most beautiful steel cabinet for you.

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