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60 Best Wooden Cabinet Options For Your Office 60 Best Wooden Cabinet Options For Your Office

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60 Best Wooden Cabinet Options For Your Office

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

Stunning wooden cabinet products that are guaranteed to elevate your home office. From rustic to sleek, this list has something for everyone!

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Working from home has become the norm for a significant number of people who are fortunate enough to still have a stable source of income amid the COVID-19 crisis. If you’re like us, it’s likely that you’re also looking for ways to improve your current working situation by turning your home office into a space where you can feel relaxed and, of course, be productive.



One of the best ways to keep your mind focused and clear is to remove any clutter that can distract you. This is where having a trusty wooden cabinet comes in handy: you can think of it as a toy box to keep unnecessary items for the task you’re about to do. Nothing beats a clean workspace where there’s just you, your computer, and maybe a charming little houseplant for decoration.



Wooden cabinets come in various styles that can provide ample storage for whatever you need organized. Read on to find out what the best wooden cabinets for your home office are!



60 Best Wooden Cabinet Options For Your Office - Infographics





Starting with something basic but timeless, the Elite 32″ Storage Cabinet by Prepac is the definitive wooden cabinet that will make any minimalist happy. You can place a few of these side by side to create the illusion of a luxurious cabinet set or simply use it on its own. This wooden cabinet features four evenly-spaced shelves that can accommodate not just files but larger objects such as household appliances as well. Its beautifully simple silver hardware gives it a sense of understated elegance. Apart from brown, this cabinet also comes in white, grey, and black.





As illustrated by this stunning wooden cabinet, good things do come in small packages. Despite its compact size, it offers plenty of storage space. Its four drawers are contrasted with a cabinet door on the other side for an interesting asymmetrical look. The drawers are perfect for storing documents and smaller items while the cabinet is able to handle taller and larger objects. What’s more, you can decorate the top of the cabinet using your favorite scented candle or a cactus! 





Irregular corners and small spaces restrict the type of furniture that can be placed,  which is why we particularly like furniture that can be stacked like this piece from Hodedah Import. This wooden cabinet is perfect for the bookworm who likes to keep what they’re reading a secret from others. It can also serve a terrific storage space for a variety of items ranging from documents to shoes. Sold as a stack of four, you can experiment with different configurations to make your space more interesting and usable.





Wall-hanging cabinets are made not just for use in the kitchen, but they’re also great for smaller spaces where it’s crucial to take advantage of vertical real estate. This wooden wall cabinet from Elegant Home Fashions complements both modern and traditional interiors due to its simple but robust look. Wall-mounted options save precious floor space and make excellent go-to choices for apartments and smaller homes.





Are wood shoe cabinets viable for use in an office? Yes, definitely. The product above is a gorgeous wooden cabinet that not only can store many things with its four equally divided shelves, but it is also a chic console table. Hang a simple round mirror above it and buy some ornaments to complete the overall look.





For a rustic and moody wooden cabinet to complete your interior, the Farmington Wide Cabinet might just be the wooden storage option you’re looking for. In these modern times where a majority of people go for small and unassuming wood grains, it’s quite refreshing to see something more textured that makes a statement all on its own. Apt to contrast this with delicate and light finishes like the ones pictured above!





There’s a lot of beauty in simplicity. For those looking for a wooden cabinet that’s not overly imposing, this floor cabinet by Tangkula is a  great option. It features a minimalistic yet fully functional design and is divided inside by a single shelf. A versatile space that can be segregated further by baskets or used simply as it is.





Classic but lifeless gray metal file cabinets don’t have to be part of your home office when you can opt for this beautiful two-drawer wooden file cabinet. One thing about wood is that it appears to be full of life and vitality, which is why it’s widely used in homes and restaurants to give those spaces a cozy feel. This particular cabinet can easily be made even more beautiful by adding a vase full of flowers on top and a wireless landline for important business calls.





Clean lines and a dark wood finish create a modern and sophisticated look that can go with almost any space. The Adalwin Cabinet is the perfect example of furniture that never goes out of style: it’s versatile and boasts plenty of storage space all while looking super chic.





With 24 drawers of various sizes, this quirky and statement-making wooden cabinet is made for those who do a lot of arts and crafts at home. It’s more than able to store everything from bottles of glitter to scissors, and its smart vertical design allows it to fit onto any desk. It is a must-have for all the artists out there.





A little transparency helps keep things looking light, so you could consider going for one that has glass panels instead of a wall cabinet made from 100% wood. This is perfect for those who like their delicate items to remain accessible without exposing them to the air too much that could compromise product quality. A glass wall cabinet is more than just for storing your mouthwash and medicine in the bathroom, though. With its dark wood finish and elegant hardware, this wooden wall cabinet will surely fit effortlessly into your home office.





Portable furniture is especially great for smaller spaces as you can tuck them away in the nooks and crannies of your home whenever they’re not in use. This wood file cabinet from Devaise is not only elegant to look at, but is also great for storing your files and whatever other items that need to be put away into a compact and mobile frame.





Possibly one of our favorites from the list, this file cabinet from Bush Furniture is the perfect addition to an otherwise stuffy workplace with its rustic and visible wood grains. Its simple but clean iron finishing touches evoke an almost Asian-inspired touch to its design and appearance. Mixing this wood file cabinet with sleek and modern pieces will make for an interesting home office!





A great way to give furniture more texture and character is to add paneling, and this wooden storage cabinet from Sauder is a great example of this concept. The choice of light-colored wood gives it a less formal and uptight feeling while still feeling sturdy and rustic. This one is great for those looking for a more textured look but don’t want the roughness of a large wood grain pattern.





Deconstructed furniture is a great approach to interior decorating because it can create a feeling of lightness that doesn’t feel as stuffy nor rigid as boxed-in forms. From exposed metal framing to the textured wood finish used on its drawer panel, this mobile wood file cabinet exudes so much character. Modern elegance at its best!





For those looking for a more old-school touch to their home office, this storage option looks like it could belong in the backdrop of a fancy office from Mad Men. But make no mistake: this undoubtedly has a place in today’s modern office! The enclosed space below is great for putting away things you don’t want seen lying around the office while displaying your prized possessions via the exposed shelving at the top.





This cabinet design was all the rage for quite some time. Initially made popular by Swedish furniture designers, it is now accessible worldwide. Since it is a mobile cabinet, it is easy to move files around and is perfect for professionals who need their tools near them at all times.





This simple two-drawer wooden file cabinet is a great example of wood injecting a breath of fresh air into an office. Contrary to the typical cold and rather unfeeling grey metal, the use of wooden cabinets are great for creating a cozier feel (just like the one shown above). Simple, useful, and beautiful to boot! This wooden cabinet also has a top drawer which you use can use to secure confidential documents.





If space is tight but you need a safe place for your important documents, this mobile wooden file cabinet might be the one for you. We’re always a fan of varied storage solutions in a single package. Here, you have a large bottom drawer for storing more sizable objects, a locked drawer for things that require more privacy, and an open compartment suitable for storing plain papers among others.





No matter the type of furniture, white paint coupled with a natural wood finish always makes for a light and fresh look. This simple but modern design by Giantex is versatile, functional, and will probably go with most of your existing furniture. As illustrated in the photo, it has plenty of exposed storage for displaying your favorite books or knickknacks with some cabinet storage at the bottom for more items.





Another trend in interior design nowadays is to give wood furniture a full coat of paint for a flat and unimposing look. The only depth this product has lies in the finely carved detailing on the wood underneath. This four-drawer wooden cabinet gives you a generous amount of storage and is easy to incorporate into any space.





Incorporating fabric into wooden cabinets is a good way to soften its overall look for a more casual feel. With its loose fabric drawers, this cabinet from Kamiler can give your office an airy feel while its exposed minimal wood shelving accommodates your books and decorative items without trouble.





Mobile wood file cabinets also come in more expanded frames such as the one above. You can enjoy more private storage with the three-door lateral file cabinet portion while making use of the exposed storage spaces with varying sizes to fit your needs! The black-and-white motif also makes it very chic that could work as a nice console for your foyer or living room.





We don’t really see enclosed bookcases on the market right now, so this piece from Hodedah could be a cool new addition to your home office. It features a simple but functional design with enough divisions to maximize its height while also storing a variety of items.





Industrial-inspired designs are definitely here to stay, especially in the context of interior design. The almost-raw wood finish of this cabinet from Homfa lends it a lot of character, which is then balanced out by the clean and smooth steel legs. This compact wooden cabinet packs a punch as well in terms of storage space – it’s perfect for almost any spot in the home!





There’s something very satisfying about shelving options with a checkerboard pattern. This cabinet offers a good variety of storage solutions with its two exposed compartments, two drawers, and a swinging door – almost as if telling the user to get creative and customize the cabinet according to their needs.





This floor cabinet by Yaheetech is perfect for those looking for something simple and non-imposing. It features a handle that’s easy to grab without any protruding hardware which could hook onto clothing fibers. Its dark tone will also go with most of the existing furniture in your space, making this an easy pick for those who don’t want to overthink their cabinet choice.





Contemporary furniture is all about mixing modern touches with classic techniques, and this design by Walker Edison perfectly captures the essence of the style. Apart from providing you with tons of storage, it can also act as an eye-catching accent console for your home office.





If you have a little more room to spare, the Wood Halifax Storage is a great combination of five drawers and a larger cabinet compartment for storage of boxes or even small machines. Its handles are clean-cut and non-obtrusive, and it looks super chic overall.





Another great choice for industrial-inspired wooden cabinet designs, this fabric dresser offers a ton of storage space with a decidedly no-nonsense look. Thanks to its natural wood finish paired with minimal black metal detailing, the simplicity is a statement in and of itself.





The combination of natural materials is always a safe choice to create a cabinet with a softer and less uptight feel. Consider this wooden cabinet that makes use of rattan baskets for a more relaxed approach to home office storage.





This wooden wall cabinet is perfect for people with a more classic taste. Sometimes, all you need for your cabinet is a few simple paneling details and a lot of storage inside!





Featuring a country design with a slight twist, this wooden cabinet from the Walker Edison Furniture Company is a less heavy interpretation of an actual barn’s rugged design with its glossy white sheen. 





Some of us may also have memorabilia or items that we’re proud of and want everyone to see. It’s in these situations where wooden cabinets with display panels shine. Not only will you be able to keep your valuables safe, but you’ll also be able to admire them anytime you like.





Metal dominates the composition of this wooden cabinet’s design, creating a heavy but very interesting industrial feel. Unconventional, chic, and affordable, this cabinet will give your home office a lot of personality.





Instead of combing shelving with baskets, you could choose wood boxes for a more natural and rugged look to your interiors. It’s super gorgeous and roomy, making it a viable storage option for people with files and clutter that don’t really need to be kept away from prying eyes.






The design on this wooden cabinet is almost reminiscent of exposed plumbing pipes in a New York City apartment. The curved metal framing gives this design a slightly more feminine touch instead of the brutalist aesthetic that’s characteristic of industrial designs.





Painting over old wood furniture is the easiest way to breathe new life into them. With its vibrant blue coat, this wood cabinet could definitely be something that can be featured in an interior design magazine!





Go retro with a sleek wooden cabinet like this one from Homfa! The jutted thin legs give it a more playful look, proving that your home office doesn’t have to be about business all the time.





If you’re looking to bring nature into your space, this mobile file cabinet might be the one for you. A distinct and stunning accent piece, this little guy has one large drawer, one medium drawer, and one locked drawer for your most important items.





Horizontal lines are considered calming and relaxing design factors, which is why they’re widely used in homes and places of rest. However, diagonal lines represent progress and action which is what makes them suitable for use in working spaces. Why not incorporate diagonals in your wooden cabinets by getting this number from HOMECHO?






Applying a barn door system on a tall wooden cabinet like the one above can give your home office a more playful look. You can also style it like a pro by pairing it with smoother materials such as the vase and leather armchair in the photo!





Complete wooden kitchen cabinet systems are best for those who don’t want to get into the finer details and just want a fully functioning go-to station. Here, you have both upper and lower cabinet storage and a small nook for a mini pantry in your own home office.





This modular wooden cabinet will give any home office a modern touch. The asymmetrical storage compartments give you a lot of variety in terms of items you can store, while the top of the cabinet can be utilized like a console table to put your favorite scented candle or houseplant!




If you want a more unique approach to your office cabinet, using a metal gate instead of wooden panel doors can definitely freshen up your space!





Who says industrial designs have to look rugged and unpolished? Given the right color selection and forms, it can actually be incredibly elegant like this wooden cabinet from WE Furniture.





Rustic furniture can be very refreshing against simpler decor. In this case, pairing it with softer elements such as houseplants on top can make it a focal point in your home office.





Tall wooden cabinets can also provide interesting storage divisions: case in point, this sturdy option from HOMECHO. You can store your files and easily take them out because of the pull-out box on top. Its topmost level can also be used to display your favorite decorative items like figurines!





For more casual storage needs, consider opting for a simple chest. This straightforward wooden cabinet sports one large drawer with one exposed compartment that you can customize with baskets or boxes. The space on top can be occupied by your printer or a vase with flowers for a softer touch.





Wood can be a very heavy-looking material, but the legs on this cabinet make it appear to be almost weightless! Put it against a dark or soft pastel wall (shown in the photo) and it’s bound to be a beautiful addition to any space.





Incorporating louvers or slats to anything can give it a resort-like feel. A light and refreshing vibe is brought out by the natural wood tone and the varying transparencies that this wooden cabinet by Modway possesses. The end result? A very interesting piece of furniture.






The natural pattern of wood planks can be rearranged to form larger interesting patterns that can elevate your wooden cabinet game! This particular design by the Walker Edison Furniture Company provides an almost psychedelic effect to prevent a feeling of monotony from setting in.





Sleek, dark, and super chic, this modern wooden file cabinet would definitely go with even the fanciest home offices. Though it’s nice to have a lot of contrast with furniture, this nearly monotone interpretation of a timeless design is a great example that single-color furniture can be striking, given that there is some variance in textures!





There are truly some special pieces of furniture that one can instantly tell how premium it is with just one look. Your files will enjoy being securely placed in this lockable wooden two-drawer file cabinet. From its smooth walnut finish to the sleek metal hardware, this is a solid wood cabinet that can be enjoyed on so many levels!





If your work requires the segregated storage of various types of small materials such as craft materials, drawers like this might be the most suitable for your home office. Its vintage hardware gives this wooden cabinet an antique feel that’s reminiscent of a card catalog from your old high school library. Pieces like this can instantly add a “wow”  factor to your space. 





When modern furniture pays homage to more retro touches, the result can be astounding like this wooden cabinet. From its simplicity to the choice of wood tone, everything about this is very contemporary. The sliding door and its handle are quite reminiscent of furniture you would find in your childhood home.





Supported by four pairs of super slim legs, this tall wooden cabinet is a choice that’ll withstand the test of time. The wood used has a tone that isn’t too neutral or warm – it is beautiful on its own but will blend in harmoniously with your existing furniture pieces.





This affordable wooden cabinet takes a similar approach to the barn door design. It never completely covers the inside of the cabinet so you can selectively display items while hiding the more unattractive clutter.





A retro feel can easily be achieved with the black-and-brown color combination and the jutted legs of this wood file cabinet. Even the grain of the wood is similar to old station wagons with a stripe in the middle!





In complete contrast with the previous cabinet, this wooden cabinet is probably among the more unique and contemporary cabinet designs we’ve seen. Who knew slanting the cabinet door could create such an impact? A nice contrast is provided by the white panels to lighten the overall look of the cabinet. It can definitely pack a punch as an accent piece for any room.




The best wooden cabinets for your home office don’t necessarily have to be limited to file cabinets or bookcases. A great rule to remember when shopping for furniture is how well it actually suits your needs. That’s why this list includes wooden kitchen cabinets and wooden shoe cabinets!



Generally, any cheap wooden cabinet with drawers would make the ideal storage solution for your home office. Luckily, the varieties of wood cabinets available are endless and these beautiful pieces are just waiting to significantly enhance your work-from-home lifestyle.

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