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55 Best Lateral File Cabinet In 2022 55 Best Lateral File Cabinet In 2022

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55 Best Lateral File Cabinet In 2022

Written by: Samuel Turner

Easily keep your documents organized with these sturdy lateral file cabinet options! Save space at home or work and boost productivity levels today.

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Things can get chaotic quickly if you don’t get on top of your paperwork. Without the proper organizational tools, your stationery and files could simply become a hindrance to your productivity. You wouldn’t want to work at a desk full of clutter, right?



A lateral file cabinet is one of the best pieces of furniture you can get for both your home and office. Sure, digital storage is all the rage right now, but having drawers and cabinets will keep all your files and other physical documents safe and easier to access. What makes a lateral file cabinet unique is its shape as it can hold more files than other types of file cabinets.



Much like any piece of furniture, there will always be one that will be suited to your preferences. You have to look at several factors to find out if that lateral file cabinet is for you. How big is the space you’re working with? Do you need to have your documents safely locked? How many drawers will you need?



These are just some of the questions you need to mull over before making your purchase. Luckily for you, we’ve sorted out this list of the 55 best lateral file cabinets in 2022. Take a look and make your pick!




This sleek lateral file cabinet comes in four different shades: espresso oak, harvest cherry, heather gray, and white. It contains has accents of Chrome-finished hardware that gives it a classic and elegant appearance.


The Bush Furniture Cabot can accommodate documents of any size (e.g. letter, legal, A4). Expect easy access up to the back of your drawers as this lateral file cabinet is equipped with full-extension and ball bearing-slides. The cherry on top is its design that is simple enough to fit perfectly in any home or office without standing out too much.



2. Sauder Clifford Place Lateral File Cabinet

lateral file cabinet

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Are you mostly working from home because of today’s unfortunate events? If so, you might want to look for a lateral file cabinet that could fit in the aesthetic of your home more than an office.


This Sauder Clifford Place lateral file cabinet has a grand walnut finish to give your working space a homey and comfortable setup. Moreover, it has a safety mechanism that allows a single drawer to open at a time. This particular feature is especially important for those who are working from home with their little ones running around the house. That, coupled with its solid wood feet, you’re sure to be in good hands with this durable lateral file cabinet.


3. Sauder International Lux Lateral File

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Lateral file cabinets can be more than just drawers. The Sauder International Lux Lateral File is designed with open storage located above the top shelf. It’s big enough that it can hold documents and other stationery that you would need to grab in haste.


Similar to the Sauder Clifford Place later file cabinet, this one also has the same interlocking safety mechanism to keep one drawer open at a time. As for its overall design, it offers optimal durability and versatility. Thus, you can place this lateral file cabinet anywhere in your office or home as it is finished on all sides with metal and engineered wood.

4. Z-Line Designs 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

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This black lateral file cabinet comes with a locking top drawer to ensure the security of your documents. It accommodates paperwork of any size, such as letter-size and legal-size hanging files. Additionally, there are metal rails that come with it as well as full extension glides for the easiest filing experience.


To top it all off, its sleek, black finish makes it a versatile piece of furniture that can fit both in your workspace at home and the office. If you’re looking for a reliable lateral file cabinet to keep your documents safe, you might be interested in this.

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5. Bush Furniture Salinas Lateral File Cabinet

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Bush Furniture has done it again with their Salinas lateral file cabinet! This one is especially perfect for any home with its vintage black finish coupled with a distressed touch for texture. If black is not your thing, Bush Furniture offers two more distressed finish options which are cape cod gray and a cream antique white. Adding to its casual aesthetic, its elegant metal drop pull hardware is there as a finishing touch.


Moreover, this lateral file cabinet can store both letter and legal-sized files as well. It is featured with full-extension and ball-bearing slides to make things easier for you. Given that, you can reach for the farthest document in your drawer with complete ease.

6. Bonnlo 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

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Do you have huge piles of documents sitting in your workspace? It’s high time that you buy a cabinet like the Bonnlo lateral file cabinet. Although it only has two drawers, they’re both spacious enough to accommodate hanging files of any size. Rest assured that these documents will be kept safe as Bonnlo also offers a high-quality lock system for your security.


Of course, something as big as this lateral file cabinet is built with durable metal construction. It can withstand up to 330 lbs! You can place printers, stacks of books, and the like on top of it without having to worry about dents or damage.

7. Storex Plastic 2 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

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The majority of the lateral file cabinets in this list are on the heavy side of the spectrum However, certain circumstances would require you to only have something lightweight and affordable. Look no further as this Storex plastic 2 drawer file cabinet might just be the perfect one for you!


Although it’s entirely made of lightweight plastic, it still gets the job done and pretty well at it too. Like the other lateral file cabinets in this list, it can also store letter and legal-sized files. Each drawer has a separate lock so expect to have two keys upon your purchase.

8. Lorell 14341 2 Drawer File Cabinet

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Whether you’re at home or the office, going back and forth on your lateral file cabinet can still be a frequent thing. For that, you would need something that’s built with a smooth glide suspension for easier and quicker access.


This Lorell 2 drawer lateral file cabinet has what you need! Plus, it’s also constructed with steel together with a baked enamel finish for optimal durability. You also don’t need to worry about it taking too much space in your work area. It has an 18-inch depth which makes it a slim fit in any space you want it to place.

9. Bush Furniture Stanford 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

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Of course, we can’t help but put another Bush Furniture lateral file cabinet in this list. This Stanford model is constructed to accommodate other pieces of furniture of the same model. Its height matches with its computer desk counterpart for a wider work area when you place them side by side.


Another one of its notable features is its scratch-resistant surface that can also withstand up to 50 lbs. Its drawers are also pretty heavy-duty as it has a 70 lb-weight capacity each. You can put many of your files in here without breaking a sweat!


This Lorell SOHO file cabinet has an even deeper depth of 22 inches. Given that, it can only accommodate letter-sized files and documents, unlike most lateral file cabinets. Before making your purchase, always consider the amount and size of the documents you’ll be storing for your convenience.


Despite that, however, this file cabinet is still constructed with materials such as baked enamel and steel giving it a strong and durable finish. It is also equipped with one lock for both drawers for your files’ security.

11. DEVAISE 3 Lateral File Cabinet Wood

lateral file cabinet

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The DEVAISE 3 drawer lateral file cabinet offers both mobility and versatility. The top two drawers are smaller than the third one, which makes for a perfect space for your stationery and other small items. The third one is reserved for hanging file folders fit for A4 or letter-size documents.


It’s built with five casters with two in the front equipped with a braking feature, and another one in the center to avoid tripping. Adding to its reliable construction is its sturdy and durable material including an eco-friendly board that’s both water and scratch-resistant.


12. Calico Designs 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

lateral file cabinet

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If you’re looking for a mobile cabinet that offers security and versatility, this Calico Designs file cabinet might be the one for you. The first two drawers provide extra storage space for smaller items, while the third one keeps your papers organized at all times. There will be two keys provided for the security of all three drawers.


Expect for this lateral file cabinet to last long as its metal construction proves to be durable as compared to laminate file cabinets that usually chips off. Plus, its compact size makes it easy to fit in any space in your work area.


13. Hirsh SOHO 3 Drawer File Cabinet

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This Hirsh SOHO 3 drawer lateral file cabinet is a bit different from the previous ones. Instead of having two smaller top drawers, this one provides two bigger ones for your hanging documents. However, do take note that this one only accommodates letter-size files.


While there are two bigger drawers at the bottom, you don’t have to worry about them getting stuck. The Hirsh SOHO has a patented glide suspension for that easy access all up to the back of the drawer.


14. Bush Furniture Key West 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

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Yep, another Bush Furniture made it to the list! This 2 drawers lateral file cabinet comes in three colors: Washed Gray, White Oak, and Bing Cherry. Whichever you pick among these three, it will blend right into your home and even your office, especially with its casual aesthetic.


Both file drawers can hold letter and legal sized files. As expected, it also has full-extension ball-bearing slides for a hassle-free experience. Plus, if you have the Bush Furniture’s Key West models, this filing cabinet will match the height of the desks in this lineup. Now that’s a whole package!


15. DEVAISE 2 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

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DEVAISE has done it again with this 2 drawer file cabinet. Featuring a total of five casters, it offers a braking function as well as safety. This one’s a little bit on the heavy side as it is made of solid steel. However, in exchange for that are its certified durability and capacity as it can load up to 330 lbs of documents.


It’s designed to accommodate papers and folders of all sizes, such as A4, letter size, and legal size. With that amount of documents you could put in this cabinet, DEVAISE offers security for all of them. This one has an interlock system wherein one lock already secures both drawers.


16. Scranton & Co 4 Drawer Letter File Cabinet

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Don’t be fooled by this file cabinet’s slim structure. It is still made of high-quality materials ensuring its durability, especially when used in a professional office setting. You can put as many documents as you see fit in each drawer without worrying about anything.


All four drawers are equipped with full-extension ball-bearing slides for smoother access. Moreover, it also has aluminum label holders and handles to complete its strong front. You can also pick a black lateral file cabinet or its putty-colored counterpart.


17. Stockpile 3 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

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If you’re looking for something sleek and modern, this Stockpile 3 drawer lateral file cabinet might just be the one for you. It comes in a wide array of colors you can pick from. However, its rounded corners and minimalist design will still keep its modern aesthetic regardless of color.


The bottom file drawer accommodates both letter and legal size hanging files, while the top two drawers offer extra storage space for your smaller items. Upon your purchase, you will also receive a drawer divider and pencil tray along with the entire file cabinet.


18. Cooper 3 Drawer Letter File Cabinet

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Not every workspace is large enough to house several huge file cabinets all in one room. If you’re looking for something that could be the perfect fit for your office, this Cooper 3 drawer file cabinet fits the criteria!


Despite its compact design, its high-side drawers can still hold letter-size files as well as other stationery and office essentials. It also has features that rival other bigger file cabinets such as its patented glide suspension, built-in lock, and a non-porous steel surface. Given all of these, this file cabinet offers more than one would expect from its size.


19. Ameriwood Home Core 2 Drawer File Cabinet

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The Ameriwood Home Core file cabinet has a simple design that makes it the perfect fit for any home and office. You can pick any of the four options of color to get your preferred style for your work area. Because of its laminated particleboard construction, each design boasts a classic sleek look.


You can fit both your letter-sized documents in either of its drawers with each one holding up to 25 lbs. Aside from that, you can place other objects such as a printer or a decorative vase on top of it with no worries. It can blend into your workspace seamlessly!


20. Storex 61259B01C Single Drawer Mobile Filing Cabinet

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Sometimes, all you need is a single drawer to keep your most treasured documents. This mobile filing cabinet offers the same features as the other ones in this list, but with only one file drawer. It has built-in rails for both letter and legal-size hanging file folders


The good thing about this is that you can buy more than one and stack it to make multiple drawers for extra storage. You can just remove the casters in the drawers then you’re all set. With all of that said, the Storex single drawer filing cabinet provides both quality and versatility for your office space.


21. Lorell 60558 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

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You can always trust Lorell to release some of the most reliable lateral file cabinets out there. This one is a testament to that. Both drawers can accommodate all A4, letter, and legal-size documents as it’s also accompanied with hanging file rails for better organization.


Taking into account all of its features, this lateral file cabinet is definitely worth the price. With an interlock system, ball-bearing slide suspensions, a core-removable lock, and adjustable guides, how could we not think so?

22. HON 682LQ 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

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Of course, we can’t leave out a HON lateral file cabinet on this list. This model is specially designed for heavy filing whether at home or in a professional office setting. Its 36-inch width provides sufficient space for both your letter and legal hanging file folders.


Even when either of the drawers gets full and heavy, you wouldn’t have to worry about it toppling over. This HON lateral file cabinet has a built-in counterweight to prevent that from happening when the drawers are pulled open.

23. Lorell LLR69603

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While most file cabinets are designed to be mobile, there are some with fixed pedestals that offer the same high-quality filing experience. Take a look at this Lorell model.


The bottom file drawer has the standard hang rails for both letter and legal-size hanging files. The two drawers at the top serve as extra storage for other items you want to keep organized in your work area. In terms of its material, you can also expect high quality. It’s made from a laminate construction that also comes with cam-lock connections.

24. Bindertek 3-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet

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Any file cabinet with a modern design would blend right into any office space. An example of that is the Bindertek file cabinet. You can choose from five different colors: Blue, Charcoal, Light Grey, Red, and White. The matte coating also adds overall texture and style regardless of color.


It also comes with a pencil tray where you can put all your stationery, supplies, keys, and the like. Whatever you put here will also be kept safe as it features fold-out keys for your belongings’ optimal security.


25. HOMCOM 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet Wood

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Due to today’s circumstances, the majority of us have resorted to working from home in the meantime. This means paperwork that would have been at the office are now at home. Fortunately, there are lateral file cabinets that can fit the homey vibe.


This HOMCOM model has a rustic style available in two colors, such as gray and brown. Not only does it have a gorgeous design, but it also does its job quite excellently. Both of its file drawers can hold both heavy letter and legal-size files. Plus, its spacious surface at the top can also serve as extra space for your other belongings such as books, a telephone, and the like.


26. Lorell 60474

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Having piles of paperwork can get quite daunting. When you have too much at your hands, you’ll need to have a lateral file cabinet like this Lorell model. All four of its drawers include the standard high-quality features such as a ball-bearing slide suspension, a core-removable lock, an interlock system, and even a magnetic label holder.


You’ll be getting your money’s worth with something as exceptionally practical as this 4 drawers lateral file cabinet. Although it only comes in medium tone color, its sleek design makes it a flexible piece of furniture you can place anywhere.


27. HON Brigade 600 Series Lateral File Cabinet

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Another HON lateral file cabinet made it to our list and it’s for many reasons. Starting from its exterior, its double-walled base can withstand heavy filing activities in any work setting. All five drawers are also equipped with ball-bearing suspension for a smooth and quiet filing. Moreover, for a file cabinet with this many drawers, it’s best to have an interlock system that allows only one drawer to open at a time.


To make its price even worthwhile, you’ll be getting it in a classic, straightforward design that especially works among other workstations and office equipment. It comes in black and putty white shades, two of the most versatile colors you can find.


28. Lorell 43516

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Adding to the high-quality 5 drawer lateral file cabinets in this list is the Lorell 43516 model. Its structure is unique as compared to the standard file cabinet. The top four cabinets all have roll-out shelves and receding fonts for even easier access to your documents. Meanwhile, the bottom drawer is built as a standard file drawer with a fixed front.


Although it may seem expensive, rest assured that you’ll get the high quality that you paid for. Along with the usual lateral file cabinet features, this one is designed perfectly for those with files they need to access quickly and frequently.


29. Global Office 5 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

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Who doesn’t love a sleek, black lateral file cabinet? This particular Global Office model has seamlessly welded corners as its exterior for long-lasting durability. You even also have the option to pick either receding or fixed doors for all the file drawers. Depending on your preference, you can pick out the file cabinet that could meet your filing standards.


30. DEVAISE Lateral File Cabinet Wood

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Lateral file cabinets don’t have to be the usual rectangular shape with drawers. This DEVAISE model proves how versatile a file cabinet can be. It’s designed to be multipurpose so not only can you store your hanging folders of any size, but you can also put a printer, computer, and other documents with it.


It has enough space for you to be creative with how you want to utilize this lateral file cabinet. If you’re someone handling more than just the usual paperwork, this might just be the one for you and your workspace.


31. Tribesigns File Cabinet

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Most pieces of furniture can be used in many ways if you’re creative enough. For instance, you can use this Tribesigns file cabinet as more than just that. It has enough space and shelves for you to place documents, a scanner, bookstands, and more. Don’t worry about having to move this big furniture because its base comes with casters for easy mobility.


Such a multipurpose file cabinet definitely must be made from high-quality materials. This model is made from an environmental particle board which makes it extremely durable, stain and scratch-resistant, and consistent.


32. Scranton & Co 3 Drawer File Cabinet

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For something that is relatively cheaper than the majority of the file cabinets in this list, the Scranton & Co model still proves to be one of the best this year. The first drawer serves as a pencil drawer where you can store smaller office essentials.


Meanwhile, the last two drawers are meant to organize your letter-size hanging files. To prevent tipping, it also has a three-quarter extension for your safety. For this price, you’re getting more than what you paid for given its features.


33. Realspace Magellan Collection 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

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Tired of the same old monochromatic lateral file cabinet? This Realspace model comes in an Espresso shade with sleek lines that can add character to your office space without being too overbearing. Aside from its aesthetic, its performance as a file cabinet is worth its price. Each drawer can accommodate both letter and legal-size files so every paperwork can be organized.

34. Sauder Harbor View Lateral File Cabinet


This Sauder Harbor lateral file cabinet takes versatility to another level. It’s structured with cubbyhole storage with shelves that you can adjust to your preference. The actual file drawer has a full extension slide so you can reach for your hanging files with no hassle.


Moreover, a wood lateral file cabinet is also a classic just as much as a black model. You can also pick from three types of finishes to fit the style of your office space, such as Antiqued White, Curado Cherry, and Salt Oak. Lastly, it’s constructed with engineered wood giving it lifelong durability.

35. Sauder Edge Water Lateral File Cabinet

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If you have the option, you can pick a lateral file cabinet that not only gets the job done, but is also aesthetically pleasing to look at. The Sauder Edge Water model does just that. With a patented interlocking safety mechanism and full extension slides, rest assured your filing experience will be pleasant for as long as you have this one. On top of all that, it has an Estate Black finish, which adds style to any office space.

36. Bush Furniture Refinery Lateral File Cabinet

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This particular Bush Furniture model isn’t your ordinary lateral file cabinet. Its open industrial steel frame coupled with some rustic touches will organize your belongings while complementing the industrial design of your preference. You can place this in a home, office, or any creative space and it will blend right in. Nothing tops a piece of furniture that has a balance of both function and aesthetic.

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37. GREATMEET Mobile 3 Drawer File Cabinet

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You can never go wrong with a classic 3 drawer lateral file cabinet like the GREATMEET model. The bottom one is a high capacity drawer for all of your hanging file needs, while the two above it are reserved for stationery and other office tools.


Expect to use this file cabinet for quite a while because of its proven durability and the security it provides. It has an all-steel structure and commercial metal filing that fulfills its promise of durability.

38. Sauder Costa Lateral File Cabinet

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Increase your storage space while also leveling up your decor game at the office with the Sauder Costa model. You can choose to put either your letter or legal-size hanging files to organize for both drawers. Its slat-front detailing makes this particular model unique and will add a stylistic touch to your work area.


39. Pro Series 4 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

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If you’re the type of person who always handles different kinds of paperwork frequently, you’re going to need a spacious lateral file cabinet. The Pro Series model has a width of a whopping 42 inches ensuring that you’re getting the sufficient space that your hanging files need. Each unit you purchase comes with magnetic label holders, hang rails, and four adjustable leveling glides.

40. Rockjame 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

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This Rockjame model is as exactly as durable as it looks. Its cabinet is made up of sturdy metal that came from high standard welding and electrostatic spraying. While it keeps your files and documents inside, it also does its job well with its exterior. Its construction keeps the surface rust-resistant and smooth to the touch.

41. Tribesigns 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet Wood

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Tribesigns has come out with another versatile file cabinet perfect for any home and office. It has multiple functions that go beyond just the usual document filing. You can organize your printer, letter-size files, and decorations all in one cabinet while also making it easy on the eyes. Don’t worry if you want to keep moving this big piece of furniture. It’s built with four casters for added mobility and stability despite its size.

42. Bush Furniture Buena Vista 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

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File cabinets aren’t exclusive to the office and its many pieces of paperwork. It also serves a purpose inside the home for any personal documents you might have. This Buena Vista model is a 2 drawer lateral file cabinet that blends in perfectly with any piece of furniture you have at your home. Its beveled edge and decorative base add a traditional touch creating a homey atmosphere.

43. HON 794LS

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Of course, we can’t miss out on another HON lateral file cabinet in this list. Similar to the Pro Series unit, this one also has a 42-inch width to accommodate heavy filing. Adding to that is its double-walled base that ensures its durability and strength from the outside.


Regardless of the finish and color you choose, its design will still stand out as classic office equipment that will fit right in with the other office essentials. It comes in Black, Charcoal, Light Gray, and Putty.

44. Teeker 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

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Are you looking for the perfect mix of style and practicality in a lateral file cabinet? Look no further because this Teeker unit is exactly that! Its simplistic design seamlessly blends in with any workspace, whether it be at home or the office. It’s constructed with high-quality steel with either a black or white finish.


It has hanging file rails fit for A4, letter, or legal-size documents as well as smooth glide casters for easier access. It has a system that locks all drawers with just a single lock for your convenience. For its size and features it offers, it is relatively more affordable than the other ones on this list. Despite its low price, it will still guarantee you a smooth filing experience.

45. HON Brigade 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet

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Some file cabinets create a racket when being used such as loud crashes and bangs. Luckily, this HON lateral file cabinet is equipped with an excellent ball-bearing suspension that prevents such inconvenience from happening. This feature is especially important when you’re at the office with your coworkers focusing on their tasks. With this unit, you can open and close each drawer without worrying about the noise.


Deep lateral file cabinets make for great storage space when you have piles of paperwork to handle. You can fit up to 300 hanging folders with this INTERGREAT unit, which is more than enough to organize your documents. Accompanying these are two hanging rails adjustable to your preference. Whether you have A4, F3, letter, or legal-size documents, this unit ensures security and proper organization to every single one.

47. Giantex 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet Wood

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In comparison to the majority of the lateral file cabinets in this list, you would think that this Giantex unit is a mere desk. It’s designed in a way that allows you to utilize it in more ways than one that it can even be a TV stand table. Other than that, its wide tabletop offers sufficient space for you to place your daily essentials for easier access. Its multipurpose features as well as its overall classic design render this lateral file cabinet unique.

48. Alera 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

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When you have documents of various sizes, you would need a file cabinet that can accommodate them. Fortunately, this Alera model comes with side-to-side hang rails on each of its drawers for both letter and legal hanging files. Of course, we can’t forget the ball bearing slide suspension to smoothly support the weight of all those documents you’ll be organizing.

49. Stockpile 2 Drawer Mobile File Cabinet


There are tons of modern file cabinets in the market, but this Stockpile model is one of the best ones you’ll find. It comes in a variety of colors with different combinations to give you more options to choose from. Each drawer has its unique key ensuring that your belongings won’t be easily accessible for others. Adding to its versatile features is its base, which you can choose from either wheels or stationary feet.

50. HON 795LP 5 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet


A 5 drawer file cabinet can be quite scary to place because of its tall and slim structure. To prevent accidents from happening such as tipping, you should look for a unit that has adjustable leveling glides.


Well, this HON model has just that. Even if you place it on an uneven floor, you wouldn’t have to worry about it toppling over. Don’t mind that it’s 42-inch wide and 5-drawer tall. Rest assured that you’re getting a high-quality file cabinet that does its job while also being secured both inside and out.


The interior of a file cabinet isn’t just the important aspects you should look into, but the exterior as well. It should be strong enough to withstand crashes and banging especially when you’re in a busy setting.


Another Stockpile model has made it to this list exactly because it fits that criterion. Its exterior is designed with cold-rolled and powder-coated steel making it 20% more durable than your typical steel.

52. Martin Furniture Lateral File Cabinet


If you frequently move between your home and office, you’re going to need a file cabinet that won’t look out of place in any environment you place it in. The design of this Martin Furniture model achieves a mix of contemporary and traditional styles. You could put it in your home office, or even in your living room, and it would blend right in. The same goes for a professional office setting. Pick a lateral file cabinet that offers versatility and practicality.

53. HOMECHO 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet Wood


Most multipurpose lateral file cabinets are quite expensive, which is understandable given its design and the number of features it has. But this best seller HOMECHO model is significantly more affordable than the majority of its kind without compromising quality. It has a large storage space, a mobile file cabinet, and a printer stand to add the cherry on top. This just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a lot for the best after all.

54. Aurora FC-103BL


Mobile file cabinets can be quite tricky. Some are hard to navigate, while some easily topple over. It all comes down to the caster it has. Fortunately, this Aurora model is equipped with easy-roll casters with a crucial brake function.


You can never go wrong with wood lateral file cabinets. Although this TOPSKY model is made from the P2 class board and nylon, its wood design is still easy on the eyes. Plus, the bevel edge design on the drawers makes it look especially seamless. There’s no need to assemble a handle for each drawer.


There are so many types of lateral file cabinets with various designs and structures as you may have surmised from this list. Every single one of them serves a unique purpose that you may personally find useful depending on your preferences and needs. Given that, we’ve created a list of the 55 best lateral file cabinets in 2020 highlighting each of their strengths. Take a look at each one and choose the perfect fit for you.

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