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25 Best Low Cabinet Picks To Save Space 25 Best Low Cabinet Picks To Save Space

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25 Best Low Cabinet Picks To Save Space

Written by: Amelia Brooks

These are the best low cabinets to maximize any space today (100% guaranteed)! Organizing clutter at home can be much easier than you think.

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More often than not, we find ourselves owning too many things in our homes or offices. Our possessions may include gifts we’ve received through the years or impulse purchases that were used once and tossed aside afterward. Whatever it may be, clutter in our space isn’t beneficial because they’re known to becoming sources of mental stress that will decrease your productivity levels.



Cabinets are the best storage solutions you can take to keep away anything you don’t want just lying around. However, a big problem for this option is that cabinets can make a room feel smaller and more cramped than it really is as they take up vertical real estate. 



To solve this problem, you could opt for cabinets that won’t take up your entire wall and will instead give some depth to make your interiors more interesting. This is where low cabinets absolutely shine! Low cabinets, also known to many as credenzas or console tables, tend to be more decorative compared to tall cabinets. However, this definitely doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve a place in your house. Read on to discover the best low cabinets of 2020!



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When it comes to coordinating colors, grey goes with a lot of palettes. Its neutrality means that it can easily complement or even bring out more vibrant colors that it’s paired with while keeping the overall look in check. Thanks to its neutral gray tone and minimal detailing, this wooden low cabinet will easily go with your existing furniture. Although its ringed silver hardware gives it a bit of a retro look, this low cabinet with doors can be used in both modern and classic decor schemes.



2. American Furniture Classics Low Cabinet White



Simple but eye-catching, this classic design for a low glass cabinet is easy on the eyes with its fresh coat of white paint.  If you don’t mind displaying your items but would like to keep them neatly organized, display cabinets such as this are the most ideal choice! You can make the set-up more stylish by placing accents and accessories on top of it, like the vintage telephone in the photo.





A sophisticated and contemporary choice, this modern low cabinet would definitely serve as a focal point in any room. Whether you use it as a stand for your television or a credenza in your office or living space, you’ll definitely get compliments on this beauty. Its minimalist silver hardware keeps its design sleek, and it’s packed with various storage options.





Another great choice for minimalists, this low cabinet with drawers is probably one of the most versatile pieces you can find on the market. Thanks to the six sizable compartments, you’ll have tons of storage space. Meanwhile, its crisp white finish will instantly breathe some life into your space.



5. Better Homes And Gardens Bookshelf Square Storage Cabinet 4-Cube Organizer

Better Homes and Gardens Bookshelf Square Storage Cabinet 4-Cube Organizer

Low-profile cabinets can double as seating areas for your space. Multi-purpose furniture is a fantastic choice when you are working with limited space at home or at work. Not only is this product a fantastic storage solution, but you’ll also get a bench to sit and relax on. Get creative with this low cabinet by standing it on its narrow side to create a bookshelf. Its nooks are designed in a manner that you’ll be able to use it vertically or horizontally.



6. LONABR Industrial Style Storage Cabinet Low Display Cabinet

LONABR Industrial Style Storage Cabinet Low Display Cabinet with Double-Door Glass Doors Adjustable Shelf Metal,Gray

Metal can be a cold material that doesn’t feel inviting at all, but it’s been softened with glass panels and a coat of light grey paint in this case. You can make this LONABR product even cozier by placing a vase of flowers or colorful throw on top of it. The varied shelf heights also give it a more interesting look.




Combining different neutrals is a smart way to be less monotonous with furniture. Though its easier to match a completely white cabinet with everything in your space, choosing a low cabinet with drawers in different neutral tones can produce the same result. This design from ROMOON has wood handles that act as the color accent in the white-and-gray motif. This way, you end up with a more playful look.



8. Baxton Studio Wholesale Interiors Fernanda Modern Storage Cabinet

Baxton Studio Wholesale Interiors Fernanda Modern and Contemporary 3-Door Oak Brown Wooden Entryway Shoes Storage Wide Cabinet

There’s something about dark-toned wood that evokes a classy and mature feel. This low cabinet with doors tells other people that you are a person that means business. The slats on its doors give you a peek of what’s inside without divulging everything. It is very mysterious but sophisticated, just like its owner.



9. Costzon Low Cabinet KitchenCostzon Kitchen Storage Sideboard Dining Buffet Server Cabinet Cupboard



A low cabinet with an open shelf on top is an excellent way to display your belongings in a clutter-free manner. Styling the contents of a bookshelf can oftentimes be tricky, and you could potentially end up with a mess. With this cabinet from Costzon, you could store memorabilia on its top layers while the large bottom cabinet can house miscellaneous items.



10. GOOD & GRACIOUS Farmhouse Coffee Table

GOOD & GRACIOUS Farmhouse Coffee Tables


You can give your space a ton of character by opting for an industrial low cabinet with a sliding barn door design. Everything about this piece epitomes contemporary interior design. Throw in some modern furniture to create an interesting composition for your space.



11. P PURLOVE Console Table Sideboard With Storage Drawers

P PURLOVE Console Table Sideboard with Storage Drawers Cabinets and Bottom Shelf


If the items you wish to display are on the heavier side, you could opt for a low cabinet with a bottom shelf such as this beautiful piece by P PURLOVE. Its paneling and almost-vintage finish gives it a distinctly 40s vibe. If paired with modern decor like the ones shown in the photo, it can easily earn its place in your apartment.





Due to its incredibly sleek form, this small low cabinet is without a doubt a show-stopper. The combination of matte white and wood is a foolproof way to create furniture that confers a refreshing feel to any space. Although it’s designed with record players in mind, it is able to securely store virtually any other item as well.



13. Sturdis Shoe Storage Bench White

Sturdis Shoe Storage Bench White

In contrast with the earlier bookcase bench, this low cabinet was fully intended to double as a comfortable seating space. It doesn’t have to be limited to just storing shoes, though. Store your favorite novels underneath and you’ll have yourself the perfect reading spot instantly!





For a more personalized approach, opt for an open low cabinet such as this one from REALONE. You could customize and divide the existing shelves further by adding opaque storage options like boxes. Such boxes can give its simple design more character and even serve as a color accent.



15. Giantex Wall Mounted Storage Cabinet

Giantex Wall Mounted Storage Cabinet

This low wall cabinet was designed to hang high up on your wall, but who’s to say that you can’t keep it at floor level? Subtle changes in texture make this design more interesting while keeping it super cohesive in terms of looks. You can style it however you like and it would still look incredibly chic!



16. 7 Drawers Dresser – Furniture Storage Tower Unit

7 Drawers Dresser - Furniture Storage Tower Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Closet, Office Organization - Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Fabric Bins

If you don’t want to mess up your sexy dark motif of a space, this low cabinet with drawers will probably suit you best! Its simple black steel that is paired with textured gray fabric drawers will definitely go with any space for that sophisticated neutral look.





If you have to store plenty of small media items such as books or CDs, choose more specialized furniture. Down to the shelves installed on the doors, this product by Venture Horizon has been specially designed to hold a large volume of items. You can definitely store your whole collection in this compact little package.



18. Nathan James Enloe Modern Storage

Nathan James Enloe Modern Storage

White, gold, and wood are the perfect trio of elements to create an effortlessly luxurious piece of furniture. With its herringbone wood doors and visible grain, this low cabinet is all you need for high-end living. It represents the best furniture pieces that are able to combine different textures without any hint of awkwardness whatsoever.



19. Giantex Drawer Dresser Wooden Chest With Drawers

Giantex Drawer Dresser Wooden Chest With Drawers

Sometimes, a simple dresser design is all you need when it comes to choosing a low cabinet. Here, six equal divisions mean you have plenty of storage space to enjoy. The tone of the wood combined with its white drawer panels makes for a very versatile piece that will surely complement your existing furniture. 



20. Sauder Viabella Storage Cabinet

Sauder Viabella Storage Cabinet

If you want something more unique, why not consider this solid wood low cabinet from Sauder with its intricate bohemian pattern? All the elements in this low cabinet come together in an interesting look that’s bound to get the conversation going.



21. Zuri Furniture Hayes Modern Cabinet – Dark Oark With Glass Doors

Zuri Furniture Hayes Modern Cabinet - Dark Oak with Glass Doors

If you’re looking for the perfect modern low cabinet, you’ve probably found the one. This incredibly sleek design almost screams “luxury” from its subtle recessed carving detail to its unassuming handles and usage of alternating materials like wood and glass. You’ll be bragging about this low cabinet to your friends for years to come!



22. OS Home and Office Three Drawer Chest

OS Home and Office Three Drawer Chest, Ash

A low cabinet with wheels is ideal if you need your documents/items with you at all times. Thanks to how mobile the OS Home three-drawer chest is, you can stow your things away easily when they’re not in use. This product comes in a versatile wood build that will easily match your existing furniture and can serve as a centerpiece on its own.



23. Glitzhome Wood Rustic Wine Cabinet 2-Piece Bar Cabinet With Wine Storage

Glitzhome Wood Rustic Wine Cabinet 2-Piece Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Wine isn’t the only thing you can store in the crossed compartment of this storage option – rolled-up drawings are also an option if you’re a designer! It just goes to show that the functionality of a piece of furniture is limited only by your imagination. This beautiful low kitchen cabinet so incredibly stylish with its beautiful wood finish and barn door design, it’d be a shame to just keep it for your kitchen.



24. Sauder Harbor View Accent Storage Cabinet

Sauder Harbor View Accent Storage Cabinet

For a colorful punch that creates visual impact, you can opt for painted pieces like this one from Sauder. Its turquoise sheen will give your space a refreshing summery look while the mirrored panels add a touch of glitz. Altogether, it’s a feminine piece that provides a unique take on interior design.



25. Costzon 6-Cubby Kids Bookcase With Cushioned Reading Nook

Costzon 6-Cubby Kids Bookcase With Cushioned Reading Nook

Your low cabinet can also be a place for relaxation! By choosing this Costzon product, you’ll have dedicated and comfortable seating along with tons of storage space. You can choose to fill the latter with books, but an alternative option would be to decorate it with various cute items (like in the sample photo). To create the illusion of a furniture set, you could place larger bookcases that are of the same tone beside it. 




Your personality can shine not just through your choice of a low cabinet, but also in the elements you choose to style it with. What’s the story you want to tell with your low cabinet today?

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