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10 Benefits Of Using An Outdoor Bike Storage Locker 10 Benefits Of Using An Outdoor Bike Storage Locker

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10 Benefits Of Using An Outdoor Bike Storage Locker

Written by: Sophia Turner

With an outdoor bike locker, you will be able to organize your yard properly. Here are some important benefits of using outdoor bike storage lockers.

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A bicycle can be an affordable investment, from being an easy option for commuting to other health benefits. However, you also need to invest in a bicycle storage locker to keep it safe. Outdoor bike storage lockers may not look like the most attractive addition to your backyard or garden, but they have certain perks. Using an outdoor bike locker, you will be able to organize your whole garden/yard, which will ultimately transform your house’s outdoor space. In this blog, we shall be spilling some tea on the multiple benefits of using outdoor bike storage lockers. 



Reasons Why An Outdoor Bike Locker Is A Useful Addition 

Mountain bike lock



From safety to organizing, an outdoor bike locker is exactly what you need for your outdoor space. Let us have a detailed look at some of the benefits below.



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1. Perfect For Additional Storage

Outdoor Shed



Outdoor bike storage lockers come in plenty of shapes and sizes. Not only are these useful in storing your bike, but their ability to keep all the outdoor belongings organized also makes them a perfect choice. Keep all your equipment and tools in one space with this outdoor shed. Now, when the temperature is starting to change, there are so many things you would require in your house’s outer space. Summers calls for more time outside with friends and family. Keeping that in mind, different activities call for different stuff and equipment which need to be stored as well. 




From surfboards to skates and bikes, outdoor bike storage lockers can give you plenty of space to store all your things in one place. Your stuff will also be easy to access, and you will be able to find whatever you are looking for faster!



2. Outdoor Storage Shed For Bike Can Also Be Used As Workshop

Outdoor shed



Turn a small space in a large outdoor bike storage lockers workshop. Keep this little corner to carry out your DIY projects or even use it for other hobbies. You can add your hefty tools and safe space in the garage to dedicate to parking your vehicle only. Build your furniture and carry on your DIY projects in this convenient space. 



3. Bicycle Storage Locker Adds Style To Your Garden





Some of you might think that a bicycle storage locker may not look beautiful in your yard or garden; however, they are far from what you might have imagined. Add outdoor bike storage lockers and sheds to spice up the style of your garden or backyard. These come in different styles and colors, so you can choose one that can easily blend with your property. Apart from that, these sheds accommodate very little space to give your outdoors a more aesthetic look. Decorate the area by adding flower beds and beautify it even more. 



4. Instills Discipline In Your Kids When It Comes To Their Belongings





It can be frustrating to see your children making a mess in your yard or garden. With all the stuff lying around, the onlookers or passersby can have a bad impression. Therefore, to instill a parking discipline in your kids, you can easily add an outdoor bike storage shed or locker. This way, you will encourage them to park their bicycles in the locker and save yourself from the headache of cleaning their mess. In addition to this, they can also use the outdoor bike storage lockers to store the toys in one place. 



5. They Are Versatile





As told earlier, sunfast bike sheds have become very popular nowadays, and bikers are finding more ways to use them. When you put a storage shed in your garden or yard, you can certainly use it in many other ways. You can set your child’s toy here and also use it to store additional equipment. Just as your needs change, the storage options also vary. As your children grow up, you can turn the same into a shed that your children can use for their projects.



6. Store Your Gardening Tools Safely

Garden Tools



You can use an outdoor bike locker to store your gardening supplies. Land mowers, spades, shovels, and leaf rake can easily be put inside the shed when not in use. In addition to this, in winters, you can use the shed to store wood that can be used in the fireplace. With drama bike sheds, you will have plenty of space to store your outdoor stuff. 



7. It Keeps The Yard Clean




Most of the drama bike sheds are weather resistant. This means that you won’t need to wait for summers to add them to your outdoor space. Therefore, clean up the mess even during the winters and store everything inside these sheds to keep your yard neat. You can also use an outdoor bike storage tent to store your children’s lightweight toys. In summers, you can use the sheds to store gardening tools and bikes. Since these will not come handy in wintertime, store your bike inside your garage and, in its place, keep your snowblower or sled inside the shed. Free up all the used space in your garden and spend quality time with friends and family. 




While outdoor bike storage lockers help you clean up the extra mess, you can also turn large sheds into a play area for your pet. Trust me; they are a great addition to your outdoor space no matter what is the weather!



8. Easy On Pocket




Buy an outdoor bike storage tent or shed without having to worry about your budget. You can choose from some of the most affordable options which ease your need perfectly. In addition to that, you can follow numerous Do It Yourself ideas to build a simple storage option for your bike with just a few supplies! It is the best idea to make sure your purchase stays budget-friendly.



9. Keeps The Bikes Safe And Secure

Bike Storage Shed



When it comes to storing your bicycles in a shed or storage tent, their safety and security should be your number one priority. Since there are people who are always waiting for a chance to steal anything that comes their way, store your bike inside a locker. It lowers the risk of a bike getting stolen since most of the lockers come with an inbuilt lock that gives access to the owner only. 



10. Keeps The Bikes Safe From Rust And Dirt

Bike Parked in front of shed

When you park your bike out in the open, they are prone to be covered in dirt and get all dirty. This affects the quality of the bike, which gets eroded with time. Apart from that, you will also need to clean it every time before using it. Getting an outdoor bike storage lockers makes it easy to use the bicycle whenever it is required. It also cuts the maintenance cost with time and protects the bike from dirt and dust. During the rainy season, your bike will have fewer chances of rusting if you store it inside a shed or locker since most of them are waterproof.



What Is A Bike Storage Locker Or Shed Made Out Of?

Cycle sheds and lockers are easy to install and can be used by everybody who owns a bicycle at your home. These come in several materials and are installed according to the need and requirements. Here are some of the materials that you can choose from. 



1. Wooden Shed

Storage Shed



Talking about bicycle storage sheds, the first material that comes to the mind is a wooden shed. It has been used since the start of time. A wooden shed is one of the most aesthetic options, which adds to the whole space’s attractiveness. Since it is made up of wood, it can easily be customized to complement the rest of the area. Apart from that, you can even maximize its storage capacity by adding shelves or hooks. You can also improve the security features of wooden sheds by adding stronger locks. There are plenty of options for you to choose from, but we would suggest buying one with double doors to ensure the maximum safety of your belongings. 




A wooden shed is secure and is also resistant to weather changes when you compare it to other sheds. Not only that, but a wooden shed is also environmentally-friendly. The only drawback of a wooden shed is that it requires maintenance with time. You might feel like the paint is coming off since it gets exposed to the different weather conditions. It is also susceptible to rot and insects; therefore, you need to be very careful while taking care of the outdoor bike storage lockers made from wood. 



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2. Metal Bike Lockers





To store the bikes, metal bike lockers come out to be very useful and handy. These have also been around for quite a while now since they are very secure and provide more protection to your belongings. A metal storage unit is very durable and prevents the infestation of insects or rodents. They are made from galvanized steel; therefore, you won’t have to worry about corrosion.




Strong and sturdy like wooden sheds, metal bike lockers don’t need much maintenance, and you won’t have to waste your time or money on repainting the surface. A metal bike storage is difficult to assemble due to all the tiny parts and weight. Also, if the material you choose is cheaper, then be ready to deal with rust since it can weaken the structure in just a matter of days. 



3. Plastic Sheds





A plastic shed is the lightest option than the other two. Not only is it easy to assemble but you can single-handedly transport it to the place where you want it to be. Unlike the wooden and metal storage option, a plastic bike shed won’t rot or rust. In addition to that, they are also insect and rodent proof. To maintain the outer surface, you will only need to clean it with soap and water.




To prevent the color from fading away, try and place them somewhere near the shade. Another option in the same category is an outdoor bike storage tent, which comes with a zipper and is the perfect addition to any backyard or garden. It is waterproof and keeps your outdoor equipment safe from getting dirty. However, due to its lightweight, it can be less sturdy than the other two options and is less stable in windy or rainy conditions.




Apart from these, there are other storage options available for a bicycle in the form of racks, floor stands, and ceiling hooks. One can use them to maximize their outdoor storage space even more if used together. 



Final Thoughts

Adding an outdoor bike storage locker to your yard or garden is one of the easiest ways to make space for all the essential outdoor things. With maximum durability, these lockers ensure the safety of your bikes as well as other stuff. They come in various sizes and styles, making it easy to blend with the surroundings and beautify it. A large shed can be used to store heavy garden tools like land movers or crafting equipment like a table saw. Its versatility is what makes it the best choice for people who don’t want to invest in an expensive storage unit. Easy on the pocket and multipurpose, outdoor bike storage lockers are what you need!

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