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Top 20 Space-Saving & Stylish Indoor Bike Rack Options Top 20 Space-Saving & Stylish Indoor Bike Rack Options

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Top 20 Space-Saving & Stylish Indoor Bike Rack Options

Written by: William Harrison

These indoor bike racks are guaranteed to make heads turn like never before. Catch hold of them to help you display the two-wheeled pride of yours!

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Bikes are arguably a central part of childhood: that thrill and joy of riding a bike on your own for the very first time is just out of the world!





Collecting bikes may be a joy, but maintaining them can arguably be quite a chore. The big question is: where do you store your bikes? Read on for great indoor bike options to keep your bike collection pristine.



Top 20 Space-Saving & Stylish Indoor Bike Rack Options - Infographics



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Wall-Mounted Bikes




Simple, gorgeous and efficient! These are 3 words that describe this bike storage rack perfectly. The Ibera Bicycle wall hanger is a great tool for storing and displaying your bike. The most noteworthy feature of this bike rack is that it is fully adjustable to suit most bikes, including road bikes and mountain bikes. Lightweight and space-saving, this solidly-constructed rack is one of our all-time favorites.





This bike rack is specially constructed for the heavy & complicated. But its mechanism is actually very simple. This bike wall hanger includes a wall tray which keeps your wall clean by protecting it from tire marks. It can accommodate any wheel size at a maximum load of 40 pounds, and is great for apartments with limited space.




Made from bamboo, this wall hanger features a simplistic  design and is environmentally friendly. Pureboo Wood Wall Mount Bike Rack is a perfect fit for mountain, road or BMX bikes. It can be used to hang bikes inside apartments or in garages. Installation is simple and the bike rack looks so  amazing aesthetically, we can’t resist getting one for ourselves.





The main highlight of this bike hanger lies in its efficiency in saving space when not in use. Want to know how?



This product can be used to store and elegantly display your bike, not unlike a work of art. When not in use, it is easy to fold up and as such takes up very little space. The arm hanger has padded soft rubber to protect against paint damage. The Dirza bike hanger weighs 3 lbs and has a carry weight limit of 38 pounds. Its large holder fits mountain bikes, road bikes, and children’s bikes, among many others.





If you are on the lookout for something simpler than a hook hanger, the right choice for you would be a pedal hanger! We’re confident that you will be happy with this trustworthy Venzo product. Its hook is made of high-quality heavy-duty steel that is rubber-padded to guard the pedal, and the screws included are of good quality too.



The maximum loading weight for the hook is 20kg or 45 lbs. You can mount this hanger on a brick, wood stud, or even on drywall with a particular anchor.





Talk about simplicity at its best and here you have it! This one is just a hook on the wall. You can fix the bike onto the wall and remove it within seconds (no hassle at all). The anti-scratch rubber hook prevents the bike rim from getting scratched. Its maximum hanging weight is up to 65lb. A worthy investment for mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bike or even kids bikes.





Have more than one bike at home? Why not keep them all at one place to avoid confusion? Get this vertical bike hook system and leave all your bicycle storage worries behind.



With WallMaster Bike Rack Storage System, you can easily mount your bikes on the wall. It has 3 hooks for bicycles, with each hook can holding up to 60lb of weight. Our heavy-duty bike stand fits bicycles of most sizes. The hooks on top are rubber covered and will protect the tires of your bike from incurring any scratches.





For those grappling with bike storage issues, here’s the-all-in-one answer for space-saving and efficient storage! The features of this rack are fully customisable. It also comes with adjustable attachments that can fit virtually any type of bicycle. The storage shelf for overhead shelving can be used to hold bike helmets, shoes, and more. Perfect for heavy-duty use.





This one is for proud bike owners who’d like to display their bikes with a rather modern flair. Unlike other bike racks, this one has a hemp rope covering that serves as protection from scratches.





This amazing piece is another sleek wall mounted bike rack with an angle adjustable rack. The Sportneer Bike Wall Mount Hanger allows you to store your bikes in a tidy and organized manner. Designed with a thickened neck cradle and wide mounting base, it supports up to 55lbs (25KG) of weight. The aluminium alloy is also fireproof, waterproof and rustproof so you’ll be sure to get yourself a long-lasting deal.





If there’s no more space on the floor for your precious bike, why not take things to the ceiling? Store your bike more efficiently with the innovative Zero Gravity Bike Rack.



Its patented gas strut system makes it easy to boost and lower heavy bikes with minimal effort. This rack is easy to install and mount. It provides solid support, can be set up in less than 20 minutes, and holds up to 50lbs.



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Floor Bike Racks




The best qualities of this parking rack are that it is simple, portable and space-saving. Known for its quick & easy effortless push-in system, this stand’s front holder will tilt once you push the bike into the rack. A simple one-pull-knob allows the stand to be folded flat within a second. This will save storage space when not in use, or make for easy transportation when you’re out and about.





A compact and light bicycle storage system, the RAKK bicycle storage stand is one of the most versatile bicycle storage options for home, garage or bike shop. Its spring-loaded arm easily holds the front or rear wheel of your bike without the risk of scratches. Base footprint measures 13.5 by 16 inches (W x D); 3.2-inch folded, and it’s best for easy storage when not in use.




If you’re looking to keep your bicycle in a fixed position in the garage or storage room, here’s a parking rack that is small enough and fits all your requirements. After reviewing and testing many designs, EasyGo has come up with what is arguably the strongest and most compact bike rack ever. Manufactured from heavy-duty steel, the EasyGo bike rack can be used both indoors and outdoors, will last for years without the slightest hint of rusting.





One of the most economically priced floor parking racks, this product is also very easy to set up and use. All you need to do is lift the bike gently and put the quick release in its designated position. The bike parking rack will hold your bicycle steadily, and you won’t need to worry about it toppling over (ever).





Save space in an efficient manner by storing your bike vertically without mounting it. This is a portable bicycle parking rack that is both easy to assemble and maintain. It is a multi-functional bicycle parking rack that can be parked either vertically or horizontally. It has a bracket that forms a triangle with the bottom of the merchandise. When the bike is pushed in, it protects the bike from tilting or falling.



Bike Storage Racks




This multi-bike parking stand for your storage room can hold up to five bicycles (good for 12” to 26” bikes). You needn’t worry about assembling it because the process is simple, and adjustments can be made without any hardware. It is made of fine powder-coated steel that is able to withstand the test of the elements.





If you need a freestanding bike rack for your garage or storage room, here it is! This rack can hold up to two bikes. The freestanding unit lets you vertically suspend bikes in your garage or shed.



This is the perfect bike rack for your house because it saves a tremendous amount of space. It can be easily moved from room to room if required. It is super durable thanks to heavy-duty, shock resistant supports and braces.




A bike rack that doubles as your sport’s room organizing shelf, this product is great for holding up to three bicycles. You can store your helmet, gloves or knee pads on its highest shelf basket, and hang accessories on its hooks. Made with high-quality steel with a powder-coated finish. 





This stunning 4-bike vertical hanger is great for displaying your collection. With this, you can stop the painstaking process of drilling holes around apartment or garage walls. The freestanding bike floor stand is sturdy enough to hold 4 bikes (max 55 lbs per bike).



Another great feature of this bike is that it is portable, so you can move your bike storage around easily. The simply designed “Y” shaped base saves precious floor space and is extremely stable, thus preventing the bikes from falling over.




There you go – some of the best, efficient and stylish indoor bike racks you can buy today. These wonderful products will surely help protect and display your bikes. Who knows, they might even help bring back some wonderful memories!

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