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16 Different Things You Can Do With An Outdoor Bike Storage Box 16 Different Things You Can Do With An Outdoor Bike Storage Box

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16 Different Things You Can Do With An Outdoor Bike Storage Box

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

A spare outdoor bike storage box can come handy while storing various household items. Here are the 16 different ways you can use them conveniently!

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An outdoor bike storage box is the best place to store your bicycle when it is not required. It keeps it safe from getting stolen and makes sure that your bicycle stays away from dust and dirt. If you have a bike closet or even an outdoor bike storage tent that is of no use, we have come with some of the best ways to utilize it. 



Having a spare outdoor bike storage box at home is one of the most convenient ways to manage your outdoor stuff. From organizing your garden tools to craft supplies, this storage box has various benefits. Besides that, you can also use an outdoor bike storage tent as a play area for your kids. Well, there are many uses, and you will have to dive into this article to unfold each of them. 




1. Store Trash Cans

Trash Can


Every household has trash cans on the front side of their house. They may not always go with the aesthetics of the home and look unpleasant. A simple outdoor bike storage option is the perfect solution.



You can store your trash cans inside the outdoor bike storage box and make your yard or front look neater. Due to its huge size, you can fit at least two large cans and ward off the unpleasant vibes from the outdoors! If you think that bicycle storage has no use other than storing your bike, you are wrong. 




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2. Keep Your Gardening Equipment

Garage tools


Since the weather is changing and getting brighter every day, you won’t mind spending some quality time with your family in your garden. However, summers also call for allergies and rashes since the tall grass may be home to various insects. To get rid of the same, you will have to use a land mower every once in a while. 



Now, it may be exhausting to get the land mower from your garage to chop off the extra grass and then keep it back when you are done. To avoid all the hassle, we have a permanent solution for you! Since you already have a spare outdoor bike storage box, why not utilize it for your gardening equipment? Store your land mower inside the box and use it conveniently whenever required. If you love gardening, you can also fill the box with the supplies that you use regularly.




3. Store Poolside Stuff

Swimming Pool Equipment.


This storage idea is for all those who love dipping in the pool on a hot sunny afternoon. Make use of your simple outdoor bike storage and keep all the stuff that you require while swimming inside it. This may include convertible pool chairs or umbrellas that you use while sunbathing. Apart from that, if you have kids, keep their rubber tubes inside the bike closet so that they can access it whenever they want. If you have underwater fountain lights used during summer/pool parties, give them shelter with an outdoor bike storage box.




4. Organize Your Kid’s Toys Conveniently



Scold your kids as much as you want, but they will still end up making a mess in your backyard with their toys all scattered. Can’t think of anything to organize their toys? Consider using bicycle storage. Due to the large capacity, you will be able to put all the toys in one place, including their hula-hoops, bats, racquets, and balls.



Apart from making the whole area mess-free, it will also instill a sense of discipline in your kids, and they will be more responsible while keeping their toys in one place. Forget about carrying their stuff back inside and use an outdoor bike storage box. This one storage option clearly has different solutions!




5. Build A DIY Tent For Kids



Children love to play in tents, and there’s isn’t any other better way to utilize an extra outdoor bike storage tent! It comes with plenty of space that can be turned into the most fantastic play area for your kids. 



For starters, you may want to give it a cozy little touch. It can be done by adding a rug inside and then popping it with some colorful cushions. Add a few fairy lights and voila! Your DIY play area is all set! Not only that, but the bicycle storage tent can also be converted into a dollhouse. It also comes with a zip; therefore, all the stuff can be stored inside the tent conveniently.




6. Keep Your Patio/Garden Furniture Safe

Garden Patio


Lovely evenings call for a lovely time with the family. For the same reason, you need to add outdoor furniture to your garden. However, when not in use, the color of the furniture may fade due to the sun’s overexposure. In addition to this, the metallic chairs in your garden may have a slight chance of rusting. 



So, if your backyard or garden has a bicycle storage shed, it can be doubled as a patio furniture/ garden furniture storage area.




7. Make A Comfy Pet House



Here another super convenient idea on how you can use your bike closet. If you have pets at home and require a cute little spot to chill, a spare bike closet is a perfect option. It comes in different colors and patterns; however, you can easily modify it by using paints and cute rugs. 



Add colorful cushions to make the pet house more welcoming, along with your pet’s favorite bowl. It will instantly become its favorite spot to chill without you having to spend any extra money or effort on a new pet house. 




8. Store Barbeque Grill



If you are a fan of hosting the famous barbeque parties in your group, you would surely have all the essential grilling tools at home. But wait! Where do you keep them when they aren’t being used? Inside the garage or in your basement? Well, why don’t you store them outdoors and avoid the hassle of shifting them back to the house whenever the party is over? 



A bicycle storage shed is exactly what you require to store your barbeque grilling tools. A spare shed will keep the tools away from rain and be the perfect idea for storage. 




9. Stock Unused Clothes



Just when the seasons change, you need to make a huge change inside your closets and wardrobes all well. However, extra and unused clothes also need a safe place for storage so that they aren’t affected by moisture or pests. 



If there is an extra bike closet at your place, you can store all your clothes inside it. Before shifting them to a bike closet, make sure each cloth is kept inside a plastic box, ensuring maximum safety and cleanliness. After you have dumped all your clothes inside an outdoor bike storage box, keep it away, along with other essential items that may be of use for the other season.




10. Organize Your Books

Stacked Books


Books can take up an enormous space inside your room, especially if you are a hoarder. The best way to store your books is by using an additional bike storage box at home. Yes, it is one of the most convenient and safe options when it comes to storing items apart from a bike. 



Turn it into a DIY book closet by adding different shelves inside the storage box. You would require very few supplies like wooden planks and a drilling machine. To make it most aesthetic, you can also paint the outer part and give your study or living room an additional storage option for all the books that keep lying around. 




11. Arrange Your Shoes

Outdoor Shoe Rack


A small bicycle closet can act as a perfect shoe rack. Want to know how? Read along.



If your mommy isn’t a fan of shoes inside the house, you may want to surprise her with the perfect shoe rack that hasn’t been used in a while. Just how you may be thinking of adding shelves to your outdoor bike storage box to store all your books, you can keep it outside your main door to store all the shoes. It will make the front area look neater besides making your mom proud of you! Keep a sign that indicates that it is a shoe rack. You can also add more color by surrounding it with different flower pots. 




12. Store Craft Supplies

Man pushing his bike into a shed for storage


Do your kids like organizing their stuff as much as you do? Well, we can’t blame them, it’s in their genes! However, we can only help them become more responsible by adding a bike storage box inside their play area that holds everything in place. From indoor toys to their craft supplies, make sure they know where everything goes with a cute little storage box. It will also make them more organized and help them clean up their playing space without getting a scolding from you. 




13. Outdoor Storage For Parcels


Parcels are always welcomed in a household. There are days when you are not around, and your parcels are due. The delivery person may keep it somewhere, making it difficult for you to find it when you return home. Therefore, we have something for you to use as outdoor storage for all your parcels. Yes, a bike storage box! 



Not only will it keep the stuff safe, but it will also help you find everything right on the spot. 




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14. Avoid Rusting Of Electric And Metallic Equipment

Electrical Equipment


Electric and metallic equipment that keeps lying around your backyard should have a safe storage area to avoid rusting or damage. Apart from that, keeping the equipment within reach of your children isn’t safe either. So, to avoid any mishap, store the necessary items inside an outdoor bike storage box. It may also include items like a garden hose and electric saws.




15. Store Firewood



Since the heating season has just left, you may still have a stock of firewood at home. As you start to clear up your garage of all the logs, you must know how to store it safely so that it can be used in the next season. Firewood storage should be done in such a way that the logs remain dry even if they aren’t being used since the wood may lose its potency to burn efficiently. Apart from that, wet firewood is also prone to molds and the growth of fungus. 



Therefore, when it comes to firewood storage, we suggest using an outdoor bike storage box or bicycle storage shed. Not only will it store the firewood at a distance from your house, but it will also keep it safe so that you can use it efficiently. 



Pro Tip: Even though a bicycle storage box is waterproof, keep it on a sunny spot. 




16. A Perfect Hobby Spot

Music garage band


A large bicycle storage shed can easily be turned into a spot where you or your kids carry out their hobbies with peace. If you like carrying out DIY projects or if your children need a quiet spot to read their favorite books, you can turn the shed into a hobby spot. 



All your equipment like a saw, drilling machine, and other things can be stored here. However, make sure it is not within reach of your child, and there are some boundaries. For your kid to feel comfortable in his/her hobby spot, add colorful lights along with rugs and cushions! Keep a DIY bookrack around the rug and make it the coziest corner for your child.



There are various experiments that you can carry around your unused outdoor bicycle storage boxes. We have efficiently compiled a list of things you can store inside these durable boxes and make your outdoor or living space cleaner. From storing your shoes to your clothes, this option is very convenient. Apart from that, you can also ensure maximum safety of your belongings since most of the bicycle storage boxes come with a lock.

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