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20 Best Outdoor Cushion Storage Bench To Buy 20 Best Outdoor Cushion Storage Bench To Buy

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20 Best Outdoor Cushion Storage Bench To Buy

Written by: James Anderson

Pretty and practical, an outdoor cushion storage bench is an essential accessory in every home. Here are some picks you mustn't miss out on.

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An outdoor cushion storage bench is the perfect accessory for every home. For people that want extra storage for their toys, shoes, blankets, bags, and other unsightly items, an outdoor cushion bench is a terrific idea. Not only does it provide extra storage space, but it also serves as a cushioned area for people to sit on while waiting, tying their shoelaces etc.



There are a wide variety of outdoor cushion storage benches available out there. We selected the top ones based on factors like user experience, customer feedback, ease of use, and durability. Here are our picks:





For people that need an outdoor storage bench kit, Haotian white storage bench is a terrific choice. It is the ideal storage solution for people that need a place to put away their toys, shoes, and other items. It features a comfortable cushion seat that can be removed and two drawers that take care of all your storage needs.



If you do not mind outdoor bench storage with a bit of DIY, this is the right choice for you. The product comes with a detailed instruction guide on how to assemble it from scratch. Choose this product to add beauty and class to your outdoor space.




ClosetMaid 3258 is a classic storage bench for people that need extra space outside their homes. It’s a superb choice for home and offices as it comes in several colors that will blend perfectly into any space. 



With three storage cubes, you have everything you need to organize your outdoor tools and items. A cushion foam provides a comfortable place to sit, and you can use the bench vertically (without the cushion) or horizontally to suit your storage needs.





Merry Products’s shoe bench storage that comes with cushion and storage. There are plenty of reasons why you should get one for yourself. Firstly, it is the ideal outdoor storage for everyone that needs extra space to store their things. Secondly, it can comfortably store up to six pairs of shoes. Thirdly, there is another storage space for toys, scarves, hats, and toys. Lastly, you also get a cushioned seat that will make waiting in your entryway a more comfortable process.




This storage bench is beautifully designed with a dark espresso theme that will blend perfectly with your outdoor space. A mahogany finish giving it a luster finish for ultimate classiness. For those of you who are short on time, you’ll be glad to know that minimal assembly is required.





Also in our list of the outdoor cushion storage benches is the IWell Rustic Storage bench. This storage bench is recommended for anyone that needs an extra storage space to beautify their outdoor space. Its individual parts are all labeled clearly, making the assembly process a breeze. 




This storage bench will fit perfectly in your entryway, living room, or outdoor space. Furthermore, it provides a comfortable meeting point to entertain friends and catch up with family. You get three cubes with the storage bench. This is ideal for holding your bags, books, toys, shoes, and others. You can also designate it as a storage box for everyday items.




This 400-pound cushion storage bench is the perfect solution to hide all your clutter from plain sight. Constructed from high-quality melamine veneer, this product is sure to withstand the test of time. 





The perfect outdoor storage bench will add elegance and class to your outdoor space. This is where the Baxton Studio Macklin storage bench comes in. It gives the entire home a superb atmosphere with a bold and classic color. Additionally, the dark-brown finish will give elegance to your patio, helping to blend with your outdoor decoration.




While this is a shoe storage bench, you also get drawers for extra storage capacity and dark-brown faux leather cushion on the top that serves as a seat. All the tools and instructions you need for the assembly comes with the storage bench. It is strong and can withstand the elements.





Ameriwood Home Penelope is another great outdoor cushion storage bench that works with every entryway, patio, and outdoor space. You get a large roomy cushion that can hold toys, bags, blanket, books, and shoes. We are confident that many homes will find this storage bench useful. Furthermore, the storage bench features a warm espresso finish that will beautify the entryway of every home.




You will love it as extra seating in your hallway or living room. Additionally, the top is large with a cushion for comfortable sitting. All you need to assemble the unit comes with it.





For everyone that needs an already-assembled modern outdoor storage bench, Ravenna Home upholstered is a great choice. It is perfect for the patio, entryway, or living room with two big cubicles to house your bag, books, toys, blankets, etc.




It comes pre-assembled with a one-year warranty. Its sleek and clean design means that it is guaranteed to blend with most decor styles. Furthermore, it is sturdy enough for two people to sit on at the same time.





For everyone out there that needs a perfect storage system for miscellaneous items, this traditional storage system is a terrific idea. This is a beautiful piece that you can use indoors or outdoors to organize your stuff. The dark Chestnut Brown stain gives it a beautiful finish that will spice up your space. It will fit perfectly in the hallway, family room, or living room.



Users get three storage compartments to organize their things. This storage box is versatile, large, unique, and striking. The glazed finish, sealed with a premium lacquer coating, will surely give it a fantastic appearance. Additionally, it is completely safe and strong enough to stand on. This storage bench will suit your needs and solve your storage woes.





If you need a cheap option for your outdoor space, you will love this Keter outdoor storage bench. This is a high-quality, multi-functional bench that can be used as storage, decor, and a chair. It is made from wood that will resist termites and most types of damages.



There is a padded seat with white cushion fabric, offering a comfortable seating experience. Additionally, the open shelves give enough space to organize your things. This storage bench will definitely beautify your entryway, passage, or patio. 





Here is another terrific solution for your outdoor storage needs. A Haotian storage bench will add beauty and color to your space. It is the perfect solution to take care of your shoes, bags, books, and toys. You have two large drawers that you can pull out to store your things.



This is a great storage solution and perfect outdoor bench with storage DIY for people that are handy. It comes with a  detailed instruction manual that will guide users through the assembly process. With a massive capacity is 330 pounds, you won’t have to worry about running out of space any time soon.





Haotian Faux leather storage is one of the top outdoor storage benches with cushions. This is a beautiful storage bench coming in a beautiful white finish that will beautify your living space. It is ideal for the patio, entryway, or halls.




The storage features two drawers that can hold household items. You get both a traditional and natural feel thanks to the classic padded bench. In addition to storage, this bench can comfortably provide sitting space for two people. Moreover, the wood is strong, stable, and cannot be destroyed by a termite invasion.





Mr IRONSTONE is not only a shoe storage bench but an entryway storage system with a hidden storage compartment. The storage bench comes with various compartments to hold various types of shoes – boots, flats, and heels. This is a pretty versatile bench that fits your hallway, foyer, entryway, and balcony.




You can easily assemble as it comes with everything you need – instruction manual, tools, and assembly materials. Additionally, this outdoor shoe storage is made with high-quality medium density fiberboard, strong and guaranteed to stand the test of time. Moreover, the cushion, as well, is made of soft and comfortable cotton that accommodates two people without any trouble.





Benjara wooden storage is the ideal solution to give your interior and exterior the touch it needs. Users will love this classic storage bench made of wood with a gray fabric seat. The structure is incredible, and it will surely blend against your space. Moreover, this is an incredible storage solution for shoes and other items. Not only is it suitable for outdoor use, but it can also accommodate two or three people in your indoor space.




You get a two-door cabinet and four open shelves all to store various items. Users are assured of a high-quality storage bench that will stand the test of time. Furthermore, it is durable and will not be easily destroyed by insects or water.





Better Home’s three-cube organizer is a fantastic addition to any home. The gorgeous style will add color, style, and class to any outdoor space. It comprises of three cubic storage spaces that will hold toys, gadgets, books, magazines, bags, etc. Moreover, it features a top cushion layer made with polyester – durable and comfortable to sit on.



This home organizer is ideal for the den, patio, entryways, dining rooms, etc. It comes in various colors, giving you the opportunity to choose something that blends seamlessly into your space. 





The right outdoor cushion storage bench is essential in every home. Not only does it help get rid of clutter, it also creates the perfect area to organize your stuff and  “get your act together.” You can neatly arrange your toys, media, magazines, bags, and many others within Living Better Storage bench’s cubes.



The bench is made of laminated wood that will withstand the test of time. Its cushion (made of polyester and foam) is removable and washable, so you won’t have to worry about unsightly permanent staining.





Benjara brown wooden storage is a top-quality modern outdoor storage bench for everyone that needs extra storage space in their front yard. It comes in various colors that will bring out the beauty of your outdoor space or entryway. The bench consists of six storage cubes, a sliding door, and a flat top. The days of cluttering your space are over as this storage bench will easily  accommodate it all.





To get rid of clutter and other stuff in your space, you need a storage bench with enough space to organize your things. This is where the Classic Brands’s outdoor cushion storage bench comes in. With this storage bench, you can keep your books, bags, shoes, socks, and blankets while maintaining a state of perfect organization at home.



With the cushion seat, it will look great in your entryway or patio. It comes in various colors; hence you can choose the right color that will complement your space/existing color scheme. What’s not to like, really?





Furinno storage bench is the solution for everyone who needs to get rid of unsightly clutter from their living space. It is ideal for outdoor corridors and entryways. The storage bench is made from high-quality materials that are both durable and strong. 



The size is small, ideal for dorms, offices, lobby, and apartments. You can also use it in your patio, garden, bedroom, and home office. The design is simple and will keep your home and walkway tidy. Moreover, it comes with an assembly instruction that will guide users on how to go about assembling the bench.





Here is a neat and outdoor modern storage bench for everyone that needs storage space in their outdoor space. It is beautiful and can help organize things like shoes, keys, bags, umbrellas, and many others. It comes with natural smooth surfaces, which makes it safe for everyone to use. Additionally, the material features a high grade of completely natural bamboo, which is durable and environment-friendly.




Users also get a high density and original cushion that provides comfortable sitting space for two people when in use. You can remove the cushion cover if you need to clean it. Furthermore, the moonlight design makes it special, adding class and elegance to your space. 





Finally, on our list of the outdoor cushion storage bench is this Home Furniture Windham storage bench. This is designed to complement your entryway, outdoor, passage, and patio. Moreover, the design is beautiful and classic, so you will love the feel and aesthetic it will add to your space.




With three separate compartments, you can store everything you want out of sight in there. Furthermore, it is built to withstand rugged use. In addition, there is a cushion that can provide a comfortable seat for two adults.



Buying Guide For Outdoor Cushion Storage Bench

Wooden Storage Bench



There are some things you must consider before buying an outdoor cushion storage bench. We discuss them below:




When going for the best Keter outdoor storage bench, you need a product made from heavy-duty materials. With this, you will get prolonged use that will stand the test of time. We recommend a storage bench made from bamboo and water-resistant materials as it is suitable for use in all types of conditions.



Storage Capacity

In buying your outdoor storage bench, storage capacity is another critical factor to consider. For people with lots of items to store away, you’ll need a storage bench that will accommodate all their stuff. However, if you have fewer things to keep, consider a storage bench with smaller capacities since they occupy less space.



Ease Of Assembly

Some of the outdoor benches on Amazon are DIY, so you might require some form of assembly with your cushion storage bench. With this, you want a storage bench that comes with a detailed instruction guide and assembly tools in the package. With it, you should find it fairly easy to assemble the bench.




In other words, you need a storage bench that can accommodate a wide variety of items. Additionally, your storage bench should securely keep varieties of things like toys, books, bags, blankets, sports equipment, etc. Not only that, but your storage bench should also fit your patio, porch, passageway, office, garage, lobby, and many other places.



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This is an outdoor storage bench with cushion. It will mostly stay outside of your house. As a result, it should be able to resist natural/external elements, such as sunlight and rain. With this, you need a material that will stand the test of time. Additionally, it should also be able to repel insects which might affect its integrity. This is very important when it comes to selecting an outdoor storage bench.




You need a well organized indoor and outdoor space free of thrash and clutters. With an outdoor storage bench, you can make this possible. We have reviewed the top outdoor cushion storage bench in the market. We are confident that you cannot go wrong when you choose any of them.

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