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10 Quick And Easy Deck Ideas To Try 10 Quick And Easy Deck Ideas To Try

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10 Quick And Easy Deck Ideas To Try

Written by: Sara Malik

Are you looking for deck ideas to incorporate into your house? We heard you saying yes. Hence, here we enlist 12 quick and easy deck ideas that you can use

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A deck is more than just a deck: apart from being a physical extension of a house, it speaks volumes about the house’s owner as well.



Want to know how best to use your deck? Here are 10 quick and easy deck ideas that you can use.



Read on for some major deck inspiration!





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Types Of Decking

1) Wood – Hardwood and Softwood

Wood – Hardwood and Softwood



Wood can be classified into two main categories: hardwood and softwood.



Hardwood is known to be highly durable. Most types of hardwood are insect and weather resistant, robust and can last for decades. Examples include Ipe, Teak and Iroko – all three materials give a clean look to terrace surfaces.



Softwood, on the other hand, tends to be cheaper but less durable than hardwood. Pine is the most commonly used type of softwood for decking, but others like spruce are used as well.



2) Synthetic Materials – Plastic, Aluminium, etc.

 Synthetic Materials – Plastic, Aluminium, etc.



For greater durability and easier maintenance, consider using flooring made of materials other than wood.



Wood-like, light-resistant synthetic materials like plastic serve as excellent alternatives to the more conventional wood.



Tip: Make sure that you take into consideration the architecture of your house as well. The right deck design will make the structure look more like a natural extension of the house.



10 Quick And Easy Deck Ideas To Try

1.  Elevated Deck

 Elevated Deck



Elevated decks are common because most houses sit on foundations that position the flooring of the ground floor several feet above the ground.



They require a guard railing and stairs to make the deck accessible to the yard.



To personalize your elevated deck design, you can choose a railing from a variety of deck railing ideas and customize the staircase as per your desire.



One downside of this particular design is that foundation posts are visible even after the structure has been completed.



That being said, worry not: these rather unsightly load-bearing elements can be easily concealed with foundation plants (such as shrubs).



Stand on your elevated deck and enjoy the view!



2. Deck With A View

Deck With A View



When planning a deck, one of the most important considerations is to place a deck in a location where the scenery is beautiful.



For those who live amongst nature already (as pictured), the process is fairly simple.



But for people who live in the city area, the view could well be garbage and/or the overgrown backyard of your neighbor.



So it is important to choose a nice location and install an open deck that provides you a seamless view.



Enjoy good times with a deck the offers you a great view and pleasant experience.



3. Deck With A Pool And Hot Tub

Deck With A Pool And Hot Tub



Installing a pool and hot tub in the deck area iterates the true meaning of a deck.



Using the pool and hot tub deck design, you not only extend the area, but also the comfort of your house. To make this happen, make sure that the deck and floor are integrated together seamlessly.



Also, ensure that the shape and the steps of the deck correspond to the shape and architecture of the house.



4. Deck Combined With A Patio

 Deck Combined With A Patio



If you are stuck deciding between whether to install a terrace or build a deck, the solution for you is to combine the deck idea with a patio. You can do it quite effectively if you have a small outdoor area.



Install a wooden deck design for eating and relaxing, with the elevated courtyard surrounded by densely planted containers of various plants such as small trees, vines, and shrubs.



The idea can also work for backyard, with the lower level being a patio/garden area and a raised deck for sunbathing and dining.



5.  A Deck With Dining Area

A Deck With Dining Area



The deck idea that incorporates the dining area is always preferred as it adds flavor to the food.



With this, the dining deck idea provides excellent views that surround the courtyard below and the surrounding countryside.



6. Deck With Wooden Steps

Deck With Wooden Steps



If you like to have outdoor seating plan within your deck design idea, you should opt for beck with wooden steps. To make it look stunning, give your steps a square shape and place box-shaped cushions on it.



For deck ideas with wooden steps, ipe wood, a hardwood that is very similar to teak wood and resistant to rot and termites is recommended.



7. Rustic Beauty

Rustic Beauty



To bring rustic beauty to your deck idea, add boulders – either real or artificial round your pool area to give it a rustic, natural look with walls for privacy.



This way, the pool becomes a warm, inviting outdoor area with a lush wooden deck.



Due to its non-slip surface, poolside decking is also a smart choice.



8. Screened-In Deck

 Screened-In Deck


In regions where rain falls frequently, or those which are prone to mosquitoes and other insects, a closed deck fulfills the desire for an outdoor space without having to battle external elements.



Fiberglass is the most popular and cost-effective screen material for porches and outdoor spaces. Other options include aluminum, stainless steel, copper, bronze and sunscreen.



Add an indoor/outdoor ceiling fan for extra comfort in hot areas (we approve!)



9. Sideyard Deck Idea

Sideyard Deck Idea



Side courtyards are often used as passageways to go from the front to the backyard or vice versa. With wooden deck ideas, a side yard becomes the destination in itself.



Bamboo is used as a privacy screen and the terrace leads to a small garden and seating area that is a secluded spot for reading, eating or sunbathing.



10. Tree Wrap Deck Idea

For an unusual, bizarre outdoor area, consider incorporating a large existing tree into the raised deck design.



The upper level of the deck can sit in the middle of the treetops. It will stay shaded most of the day and the flooring can be wrapped around the tree trunk.




And there you have it – 10 quick and easy deck ideas to try! Whichever type of deck you choose, you can never go wrong with one.

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