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40 Best Service Carts To Help Anyone Serve Better 40 Best Service Carts To Help Anyone Serve Better

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40 Best Service Carts To Help Anyone Serve Better

Written by: Emily Roberts

Check out these unique service carts that are USEFUL around the kitchen! Invest in one & transform your kitchen to a beautiful space to cook good meals in.

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The utility cart may just be the most underrated piece of equipment you can own in the kitchen. Almost every kitchen needs to have one of these service carts, but most homeowners often tend to overlook its importance and instead opt for a random option. Many don’t put enough thought before going ahead and buying one. In this guide, we go over a few of the things you absolutely need to take into account when opting for a food service cart on wheels. By the end of this post, you’ll know whether you should opt for heavy-duty service cart options or more humble ones like regular automotive service carts. 



Things To Consider Before Buying A Food Service Cart

There are several models of food service carts available for purchase online such as service carts with drawers, steel service carts, wood service carts etc. Most of them differ slightly in terms of how they are designed, the storage space they offer, and the overall material that they are built out of. You need to narrow down your options by taking a look at some important aspects: 


  1. How much weight can the service cart hold? 
  2. How many shelves do you require in the service cart? 
  3. Do you have a small kitchen space that may require a small to medium-sized food service cart? 
  4. How durable are the wheels on the foodservice cart that you are opting for? 
  5. What is the service cart built out of? 


Knowing the answer to these questions can bring you closer to understanding your personal storage needs and make a more informed decision. Let’s take a look at the 40 best service carts available online that will help you serve your family and guests better. Who knows, you might even find something you like. 



We’re gonna kick off this list with this beautiful wooden kitchen cart by Winsome. Made out of walnut, this service tool cart features three different shelves. Moreover, the cart also comes with two removable trays that are excellent for serving. 



You can never go wrong with a Rubbermaid product. These guys are practically a household name in the storage products world. If you’re looking for a plastic food service cart on wheels, this beautiful service cart by Rubbermaid is a good option. Made out of high-density plastic, the cart features thermoplastic castors that are non-marking in nature and great shock absorbers. Moreover, this food cart is any homeowner’s dream with three different shelves. It also comes in four different colors: black, red, white, and gray. 



This food service cart is ideal for kitchen use because it features three polypropylene shelves to make them a breeze to clean. Besides the shelves, this service cart also has aluminum legs that are rust-resistant and long-lasting. 



Chrome and plated steel are the two beautiful colors that you can pick this Seville Classics service cart up in. With a removable steel handle and three different shelves, this food service cart is a kitchen must-have. The wheels on this thing are made out of heavy-duty steel to handle plenty of surfaces. Unlike most heavy-duty service carts, this one does not have a rugged construction, even though it can handle up to 500 lbs of foodstuffs. 



Hubert kitchen cart features a lightweight stainless steel top with two bottom shelves for additional storage. Like most mobile service carts, this one also comes with swiveling casters that have locking capability for extra stability. 



This beautiful food service cart on wheels comes with four heavy-duty commercial grade wheels, two of which come with brakes in case you want to stop the cart immediately. The three shelves on this cart are removable. Moreover, the cart also comes with a wooden top and four chrome hooks where you can hang items. 



This Hubert Kitchen cart comes with lightweight shelves. Moreover, the top is a lightweight stainless steel surface that provides additional space for storage and kitchen prep. It is also easy to clean. 



If you don’t mind a rather bulky or chunky look, this bus cart is a good option for any kitchen. It comes in two different sizes, large and small. This cart has an elegant design in spite of its wide size, making it an ideal vehicle for house serving and busing. The food service cart features thee different shelves that can support a weight of up to 300 lbs. 



You can store this cart flat thanks to its unique foldable design. This service food cart on wheels features beechwood and a light oak finish. The solid countertop on this service food cart can serve as a knife block. Moreover, the cart also features a towel holder at the side. Additionally, it comes with two shelves that can store all your kitchen or food-related items. 



Heavy-duty service carts are rarely this elegant. This particular one by Safco Products features a combination of commercial-grade steel and polycarbonate that is shatter-resistant to give your items extra protection. One of the best amongst automotive service carts, this trolley features four swivel wheels, with two that come with breaks. 



Here’s a great option if you are searching for serving carts with drawers. With a two-tier shelf and two separate drawers, this mobile island kitchen of sorts beats most food service carts on wheels in terms of design and ease of use. Moreover, it also comes with a towel rack. 



If you really want to up your foodservice game, the Linon Austin Kitchen cart is a great buy. It features a very rustic and almost vintage design, and it comes with bottle and wine storage. Moreover, its three-tier shelving offers ample storage for kitchenware and food items. 



This one is a gorgeous black food service cart that is easy to move around. It features four wheels with two that come with breaks. This cart is lightweight and sturdy to handle long-term use. Furthermore, the top of this food service cart features eco-friendly rubber wood.



With this three-tier wire rolling kitchen cart, you get an oak top and four chrome hooks that offer extra storage space for your kitchen utensils. The chrome hooks are great for hanging cups and other kitchen essentials. Moreover, the second shelf on this cart is easily removable to allow easy access to things you store there. 



This rolling cart is an eye-catcher for sure. It comes in three different vibrant colors with gray and white being constant across all three options and pink, black, and white being the ones you could choose from. The cart features a very modern design and comes with three mesh baskets to store your utensils and tools in.



Finding retro-styled food service carts on wheels is very hard. If you’ve always wanted a wine serving cart but never found an elegant option, this one by WGX might just be the perfect fit for you. The cart features a wooden design which adds to its classiness. Check out the full details on Amazon. 



With adjustable shelves and a bamboo cutting board top, this kitchen cart will maximize your storage and meal prep space inside your kitchen. Whether you use it to serve food, transport utensils, or simply store kitchenware, its heavy-duty steel wire racks will hold everything comfortably with a maximum weight storage capacity of 200 lbs.  



A classic amongst heavy-duty service carts, this food service cart by Rubbermaid has a rugged construction. It is ideal for carrying heavy loads and items that generally weigh a lot. The push-cart is ergonomically designed to allow for easy maneuvering. 



This cart is made from high-density plastic with aluminum rods and legs. Like most food service carts on wheels, this one also features an ergonomically designed handle that allows for easy movement. Furthermore, the cart features four non-marking thermodynamic swivel wheels. 



Luxor might not be a familiar name to you, but their service tool carts and utility carts are worth every penny. This elegant black one is multipurpose in nature. Like most automotive service carts, this one also features swivel wheels with 4” ball bearing wheels. Two of these wheels feature brakes to provide greater control over the cart’s movement. 



A highly unique design, this food service cart comes with three shelves that can hold your spice collection without much problems. The cart features a sturdy construction and you’ll notice steel throughout its build. Additionally, the wheels on this thing are easy to maneuver. 



From AmazonBasics comes this gorgeous kitchen rolling microwave cart that can serve equally well as any of the popular food service carts on wheels out there. It features a minimal design with three-tier chrome shelving and hooks. 



Even if a bar service tool cart isn’t something you are after, consider giving this one a chance. The design for this product is an instant eye-catcher. The food service cart features a dark silver metal frame. Moreover, the two shelves come in a rustic brown hue that instantly complements the frame’s silver tone and gives the cart an overall vintage look. This kitchen cart will easily store all your snacks and keep your utensils in place. 



Automotive service carts honestly don’t get any better than this. With three different color options to choose such as black, light walnut, and dark oak, you can match the tones of this cart with your kitchen interior. Like most food service carts on wheels, this one also comes with three shelves and a sturdy design that is sure to last you a long time. 



This service comes in two different colors: black and white. The metal handle and the four durable premium quality rubber wheels provide extra stability on uneven grounds so its contents won’t spill. The service cart comes with three basket-type shelves that provide ample storage space for your items. 



With several different color options to choose from, this serving cart is ideal for those of you who frequently find themselves eating outdoors. This particular food service cart features a very compact design so it can easily fold up when not in use. Additionally, this food service cart comes with two different shelves that can hold a maximum weight of up to 75 lbs each. 



If you are looking for heavy-duty service carts, check this Metro Deep Ledge Series polymer utility cart that features a very gray industrial look. The wheels offer easy mobility, and the cart can store heavy loads easily. 



You can choose two different colors for this service cart, yellow and white. Moreover, it comes with three large removable mesh baskets. Each shelf can hold up to 20 lbs so you can easily store multiple items on a single shelf. 



This foldable service trolley cart features powder-coated steel with wheels that offer great mobility. You can use this cart for storing goods, serving food, or moving items from one location to another. 



There is something very appealing about completely black service carts. If you are a fan of the color, check out this beautiful food service cart option by OEM Tools. This cart can also serve as a service tool cart as it is multipurpose and offers diverse usage. Moreover, the cart features four easily moveable wheels and two shelves of storage space. 



Another black utility cart on our list, this service tool cart features three different shelves that can sustain a weight storage capacity of 300 lbs. This service cart actually comes in white color as well in case you want to opt for something brighter. Go check the full specifications out on Amazon. 



This kitchen trolley has a robust metal frame that is durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, the service cart comes with two shiny shelves that can be used to store food items and other essential kitchenware. The cart can also be folded down so that it takes up less space. Foldable automotive utility carts are a great option for small homes or kitchens that have limited space. 



This it the ultimate stainless steel serving cart that puts all other serving carts to shame. The cart features all stainless steel construction and offers a gorgeous smooth look that catches the attention. In fact, the design makes this serving cart look like it would fit perfectly in a restaurant setting. 



Another service cart by Rubbermaid makes our list. This three-shelf rolling service cart features high-density plastic and aluminum, as is common with most Rubbermaid products. Additionally, the cart can easily sustain heavy loads. It is super sturdy, and each of the three shelves is large enough to hold heavier items easily. 



This service cart features a natural finish and a granite top. A unique feature of this rolling cart is that it comes with four wine storage racks as well. The heavy-duty casters provide stability to the cart overall. 



Another Maxworks service cart on our list, this black-and-grey food service cart features two shelves or trays that provide ample storage space. The assembly takes less than five minutes and requires no hardware to set up. 



A rather unusual design, this service cart comes in plain black and black-and-blue colors. The cart is made entirely out of metal and features a freestanding cart that provides extra storage for food items. Moreover, it features heavy-duty casters that ensure proper movement even on uneven or rough floors. 



For those of you who need a sleek and elegant looking portable service cart, check this option out. It is a portable bar that is not only stylish but also multipurpose and versatile. 



Finding four-tier food service carts is a tough task, but we’ve done our research and found the perfect one. Mind Reader offers this rustic-looking service cart that comes with four different shelves that are simple to use and offer sufficient storage. Additionally, the service cart also features a removable wine rack. 



We’d like to conclude our list with this extremely elegant white service cart that is any minimalist’s dream. It is easy to assemble, comes with three shelves, and also features a center drawer and a towel rack. Snag this service cart right now by heading on over to Amazon. 

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