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Top 30 Outdoor Toy Storage Box Ideas To Try Top 30 Outdoor Toy Storage Box Ideas To Try

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Top 30 Outdoor Toy Storage Box Ideas To Try

Written by: Olivia Parker

Easily keep your kid's toys safe, secure, and tidy outside the house with the help of these clever outdoor toy storage box ideas.

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Maintaining a tidy environment is difficult when you have children. However, with some creativity and basic DIY skills, you can create a set of outdoor toy storage boxes that will safely and securely store the toys of your kids. Try the following outdoor toy storage box ideas to restore calm and order to your outdoor space.





Designed from polypropylene resin plastic, this toy storage box is sturdy and highly durable. Its weather-resistant features prevent fading, rusting, peeling, and denting. It also comes with a lockable lid for additional safety and security. Furthermore, this handy weatherproof box comes with ventilation openings which will keep your things dry and free from mildew growth. The Keter Novel 90 Gallon Resin Deck has an extra bench seating with a weight capacity of 485 lbs. 





This deck outdoors box has a 124-gallon capacity that’s ample for any yard, porch, patio, deck etc. Its water-resistant poly resin design is resistant to fading and rust. Rainwater flows off from the surface of the box to prevent water from pooling.  Also, the lid flips open on hinges to provide easy access to your items. Suncast 124 Gallon Extra Large Deck Box box measures 52.75″ x 29″ x 26″, which is the ideal size for your outdoor space.




The 110-gallon Borneo deck box by Keter keeps your kid’s toys and other essentials tidy, dry, and organized. Made from polypropylene resin, you can rest assured that it won’t peel, get rusted or dented, even with prolonged exposure to the elements. Other noteworthy features include an automatic opening mechanism and lockable doors that work with standard padlocks (sold separately).




This high-quality outdoor storage product from YardStas is longer-lasting, more versatile, and more portable than typical plastic deck boxes in the market. Made entirely from weatherproof, tear-resistant, and UV-resistant vinyl tarpaulin, the YardStash Outdoor Deck Box Medium won’t warp, leak, or crack. Its portable, space-saving build (31 “long x 25” wide x 28 “tall) is ideal for storing toys, patios, outdoor furniture, pillows, garden tools, camping gear, and more. 




Not only does this product function as an outdoor storage bench, it also has the ability to store up to 70 gallons of items. Unlike real wood, it’s made from weather-resistant resin that is peel-proof, rust-proof and dent-proof. The Keter Eden 70-Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box is lockable, stylish, and versatile. It can be used to store a variety of items like outdoor toys, and can hold up to two or three people at a time.




The Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box boasts the largest storage capacity and has the longest warranty period of all the horizontal sheds we’ve found. This 130-gallon lifetime deck box has ample storage space for all the items you want to store. It also comes with a strong, lockable spring-hinged lid that opens at over 90 degrees for easy access. This weather-resistant deck box is designed to withstand elements with its UV-protected high-density polyethylene (HDPE) build and a waterproof seal. To top all of that, this strong and durable storage unit comes with a 10-year warranty.




The Keter Circa Round Deck Box is made from resin and has a 37-gallon internal storage capacity. It’s quick and easy to set up, with no tools required in the process. This sturdy and durable outdoor storage bench is an ideal place to store pool accessories, toys, and much more. One interesting thing about this unit is that you can use it as a patio table, storage ottoman, or side table.




This deck box was designed with aesthetics in mind. It is elegant, multi-functional, and a great addition to any outdoor space. Made from solution-dyed, woven polyester fabric, the Ravenna deck box is more than ready to take on the elements. Designed to meet your needs, its powder-coated steel frame is lightweight, making it more portable than most resin models.





The 66486 Keep Box caters to all household storage needs. Its transparent bottom allows you to identify the contents in the box instantly. Also, its lids are fixed with steel-hinged pins for durability, while its ergonomic handles makes carrying even a full load easy. The unique design of its ribs prevents jamming when nested on store shelves. This nesting feature allows the easy storage of any household item such as toys, clothes, tools, etc to take place.




The Keter storage box holds up to 55 gallons of items. Due to its build of polypropylene resin, it requires no maintenance, and it’ll never need re-painting/touch-ups. If it gets dirty, just wipe it with a damp cloth. This versatile deck box can also double as patio furniture and serve as extra seating when guests come to visit. It is of the perfect size to accommodate one adult or two kids.




The AmazonBasics 22-Gallon Resin Deck Storage Box is made from long-lasting, weather-resistant resin. It neatly contains and protects patio accessories and other outdoor tools. This storage box is perfect for holding pool toys, gardening supplies, work tools, seat cushions, and more. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or pulling off your gardening shoes, it can also double as that perfect hangout spot. 




This versatile storage unit is suitable for storing outdoor toys, outdoor patio furniture cushions, pool accessories, and beach towels. It is easy to lift, and features a soft closing mechanism that pulls the top completely open and shut slowly with little effort. This durable unit can support a maximum weight capacity of 660 lbs and can store up to 150 gallons of items.




The Furinno FG17685 is an outdoor storage unit that features a beautiful design which makes this compact piece of furniture an ideal choice for homes and dorms. This durable, decorative, and functional storage organizer is both easy to maintain and assemble. Made from hardwood and marine plywood, this storage box is not only affordable but can also satisfy all your storage needs. Its dimension is 44. 49(W)x23. 43(H)x20. 55(D) inches, and it can hold up to about 395 lbs.




This waterproof outdoor storage box from Suncast is an incredibly versatile solution that will accommodate all of your storage needs. The design of the chest and its hinged lid allow you to gain easy access to your tools and accessories. The box features a durable and waterproof resin build that’s guaranteed to last for ages. Furthermore, it boasts a generous capacity of 83 gallons (46″ x 21″ x 24″). 




Sturdy and durable, the Tangkula Outdoor Wicker Storage Box has a frame made from powder-coated steel. With a storage capacity of about 88 gallons, it is great for storing things such as gardening items, toys, tools, sports equipment, and so on.  You can place this deck box in your outdoor space to provide extra storage space. Additionally, the storage box comes with a shelf to hold more things and allow the full use of vertical inner space.




The JOIVI Outdoor Storage Deck Box can accommodate items such as tools, pool toys, grill supplies, gardening items, sports equipment, patio furniture, and many more. It is supported by a durable aluminum frame and features water-resistant wicker/rattan look. This 120-gallon box also features an inner liner that is  water-resistant and removable. 




Go for this Premier Tall Shed if your yard/garden is short of space. Apart from providing enough space to keep your belongings organized, this option is great for keeping your lawnmower out of the rain and the kids’ toys out of the yard. With a storage capacity of 62. 05 cubic feet, the Premier Tall blends aesthetics and functionality and is a solid shed to consider.





CrownLand storage boxes tend to have larger capacities compared to similar products from other brands. Their large storage capacities can satisfy your needs and accommodate plenty of goods. This particular outdoor storage box does not take much time to set up. Made from durable and high-quality materials, it can withstand the test of time. Besides serving as a form of storage, you can also use it as a bench. Its exterior dimensions of 47.3 L X 24.0 W X 24.8 H inches make it the ideal product for outdoor use.




This water-resistant poly rattan outdoor storage box is suitable for storing toys, extra blankets, garden furniture cushions, pillows, towels, and more. This storage box is very durable, easy to clean, and perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. Apart from a sturdy, powder-coated steel frame, the Festnight- Outdoor Wicker Storage Shed also features a water-resistant liner with zipper closure that protects its contents from moisture. 




The 120-gallon storage capacity of this storage box allows it to hold a wide range of household items. It is perfect for storing yard tools, outdoor toys, grill supplies, gardening items, patio furniture, and many more. Made from water-proof polyresin, this durable storage unit is fade-resistant and rust-proof. One feature you will find interesting about this brand is its lockable lid. This protects your items from theft and ensures that they’re always safe and secure.





This outdoor storage unit is spacious and consists of an extra-large trunk that can accommodate garden tools, outdoor cushions, pool toys, and more. You will find this deck storage box strong enough to be used as a bench. Furthermore, this unit has a 113-gallon capacity for use in your porch, garage, patio etc. Owing mainly to its durable and sturdy PP build, it requires little or no maintenance. Its lid flips open smoothly for easy access to your items.




This a simple and stylish storage option for your kids’ toys, gardening tools, accessories, cushion, pillows, and more. OVASTLKUY 120 Gallon Large Deck Box is made from long-lasting and weather-resistant polypropylene. It comes in an attractive rattan-style finish and is easy to set up. Built-in handles and rollers make transporting this box an effortless process.




HOMSPARK Horizontal Storage Shed comes with an odorless DPE resin panel which is UV-resistant, and doesn’t rust nor decay. As a result, it requires little or no maintenance. The unit is blow-molded with resin twin wall panels, effectively making the storage sheds strong and easy to clean. It is a multi-purpose storage shed ideal for storing kid’s toys, garden tools, BBQ grills, firewood and more.




This Barton Outdoor Storage cabinet offers a large capacity that can easily accommodate your most frequently used lawn and patio supplies. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) materials, this shed has a steel wall support for extra strength. It also comes with lockable doors which ensure that your items are kept safe and secure. 




Made from premium & durable materials, the size of this outdoor storage bench is large enough to accommodate yard tools, outdoor toys, grill supplies, gardening items, patio furniture, etc. It comes with a highly durable weather-and-UV-resistant resin finish. When sealed, this weather-resistant outdoor storage box keeps your items dry and ventilated. You can use this unit as a bench or as a table.






Made from polyester and wrapped in hand-woven weather-resistant PE rattan wicker, this sturdy and attractive unit features a lift-top storage area with a soft-closing hinged lid that stays open when lifted. It comes with a removable waterproof inner liner that keeps your items protected. Furthermore, this storage box is versatile and large enough to store your toys, cushion, pillows gear, etc. It’s easy to assemble and has an overall dimension of 51.2″ (L) x 20.5″ (W) x 31.5″ (H).





With its capacity of 105 gallons, this extra-large storage bin is perfect for keeping your cushions and accessories clean and mold-free. It is made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) all-weather wicker, which is infused with UV inhibitors that prevent fading and cracking that are typically caused by sunlight. This unit is easy to assemble and features an overall dimension of 47.2″ L x 24.01″ W x 24.80″ H.




This Outdoor Wicker Storage Bench has spacious interiors that can store a wide range of items and keep them secure. Constructed with cut-out handles on both sides, it’s convenient to relocate this bench to whichever place you want. This Multitone brown storage bench weighs 18lbs and blends in seamlessly with its environment.




Boasting 120 gallons of storage space, this deck box has enough space for all of your outdoor items, from yard tools to pool toys. It doubles as a seat that can accommodate two adults (supports up to 300 lbs.), and features double-walled construction that provides additional protection and stability. Besides being maintenance-free, it is also rust-proof, dent-proof, and leak-proof.




This patio deck storage box is a water-resistant PE rattan garden storage chest perfect for storing books, toys, blankets, and the like. Thanks to the weather- and water-resistant PE rattan, it is easy to clean, highly durable, and ideal for daily outdoor use.  The Unfade Memory Patio Deck Storage Box has a water-resistant lining, therefore making it a perfect outdoor toy storage box solution.



Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Toy Storage Box Ideas


1. How Do You Store Kid’s Toys Outside?

You can store your kid’s toys outside by using the storage ideas provided below:



  • Outdoor Utility Wagon
  • Round Outdoor Storage Table
  • Outdoor Bike Storage
  • Outdoor Sports Equipment Storage
  • Deck Box with Wheels
  • Garage Ball Storage Rack
  • Collapsible Storage Bin
  • Outdoor Pool Toy Storage


2. How Can I Organize My Kid’s Toys in the Garage?

One way to keep your garage tidy is to always ensure that the toys of your children are arranged and stored appropriately in a safe place. Here are some places where you can safely put your kid’s toys:



  • Wall Storage
  • Beach Bags
  • Pool Noodle Holder
  • Ball Storage
  • Wheeled Toy Parking
  • Bike Racks
  • Toy Bins

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