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Under Deck Storage: 25 Brilliant Ideas To Try Under Deck Storage: 25 Brilliant Ideas To Try

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Under Deck Storage: 25 Brilliant Ideas To Try

Written by: Olivia Parker

Discover all the information you need about under deck storage! Easily create and use this option for your various storage needs.

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Creating an under deck storage is a good way to save space, but it can be really challenging. In creating an under deck storage, the first thing to do will be to decide if you want wet or dry storage. In wet storage, you’ll need to follow a guideline of things to store inside and things you shouldn’t store inside. With dry storage, you can store anything you wish in it without caring if it is waterproof or not.



Owning an under deck storage is a really great idea because you don’t require an open area like the storage bench, box, shed, etc. You can decide to create it inside or outside your home. Plus, the best news about this storage is that you don’t have to spend much money to get it done. Here, you’ll find ideas that will help you create the perfect under low deck storage for you. Continue reading so you’ll know all the tips and tricks in creating storage under your deck.



These waterproof under deck storage options are one to marvel at since you get to prevent your items from water damage, and it’s versatile too. So keep your outdoor essentials in place while keeping a haven for your outdoor items, just right below your patio or deck storage extension.



These practical tips will prove to be effective, straightforward, and worth your time. When it rains, it pours. Read on to find out why it’s important to organize your under-deck storage, and how waterproofing your storage, compartments, and deck will save you time, unnecessary expense, and effort in the long run.



Why should I waterproof my storage?

Under Deck Ceiling

Photo by DunnDIY

This doesn’t have to be a question with an obvious answer. Because the answer is, you don’t. However, if you think about it, there are consequences should you decide not to. Water damage is a real thing, and the average American spends about $1,141.00 to $5,000 per year.


So, in the long run, if you’re looking to create your own under deck storage area, have a contractor waterproof it. Otherwise, you may just want to stretch out your budget for damage control costs. Notwithstanding this, are possible issues that may arise. Such are, development of mold, mildew, and contaminants, as well as cracks, peeling and rotting of wood material.



How do I waterproof money under deck storage?

Under Deck Ceiling

Photo by DunnDIY

Oftentimes than not, waterproofing is considered a tedious task rather than a critical concern. Waterproofing your under-deck storage is a serious undertaking, especially in most cases where typhoons and calamities strike. Hence, you can’t be too prepared for what comes.


However, waterproofing your patio and deck storage is not as easy as it may seem. But with consistency and a little bit of patience, it will prove to be a worthwhile task. Let’s take a look at how it’s done, and we’ll guide you through how to do it. The more you know how to navigate your way through it, the more it’s less of an anxious activity to complete.



Installing Barriers and Drainage

Waterproofing doesn’t mean just coating your storage with membranes. It’s so much more than that. First, you have to ensure that you have a barrier or a drainage system within the space underneath your deck. Whether you install it in the middle, or to the side of the gutter along the deck rails, this will depend on the structure and design of your home.


Thus, you may want to incorporate a single day or multiple ones. This will depend on the relative size of the space. Installing membranes, barriers and a draining system will delete the accumulation of water. Whether it be from the rai or a snowstorm. As a result, you will prevent your under-deck storage from getting water damage and other issues. 



Downspouts, Gutters, and Membranes

Meanwhile, barriers like membranes and downspouts will allow water to flow, to prevent flooding and water to accumulate. Moreover, the area beneath the deck should be built slightly slanting downwards, to drain the water away from your house to a trough or collect in a downspout or gutter.


Meanwhile, you can choose to cover the underside of your deck area with a membrane and roof material. Thus, it will allow you to see through space, to make it look attractive. Apart from this, you get to know when to clean the gutter or drainage system you’ve installed from a vantage point. 



Building a waterproof roof for your under deck.

The roof will serve as a drainage system as well as protect your under the deck space. Because of this, the roof will act as a barrier to water damage and the elements. If you’re not a handyman or experienced with it, it might be best to employ the services of a contractor.


Also, it would be best to prepare yourself with a blueprint as a guide. So, this will give you an idea of how much to spend, and what materials you need. However, here’s one method you can use to build a waterproof roof for your underdeck storage.


7 Steps To Waterproof Your Under Deck Storage

There are simple ways to waterproof yours under deck storage. Here are five simple steps to follow to ensure that you prevent water from seeping from your deck wood flooring to your under deck storage.


First Step – Dimensions, Dimensions, Dimensions.

The first thing to do before installing your waterproof ceiling is to measure the area. Thus, you want to make sure that you have enough clearance. Next, you have to measure the support joists, count how many there are. Then, you’ll need to know how much space there is between them so you’d know how many flashings you will need as well.


Knowing the dimensions of your space allows you to identify how much material you’ll be needing to build your ceiling. Apart from this, you do get to plan out how to strategically place all the materials into the space you intend to use.


Second Step – Just The Right Amount

Companies that sell the materials you need, have calculators and tools that estimate how much material you need for your space. Thus, you may want to check how much material you need as opposed to buying a bulk of items, ending in a surplus of these that you no longer need.


Before you begin your waterproofing activities, you do need to make sure that you have the installation guide with you. The reason being, that most companies have specific instructions on how to effectively build or install their product. Last, ensure that you have a physical copy that you can go back to, so you have a guide. So that when you encounter a problem or miss a step in the process, you can always go back and see how to fix it.


Third Step – Check If Your Drainage Pitch Is Level 

You need to ensure that you have the right amount of clearance, space, or area for your under deck ceiling. So, you have to measure the clearance between your deck and your drainage pitch, before marking it with chalk. Besides, this angle will serve as space at which you install the under deck ceiling. 


As a result, you’ll know how flush your installation will be, and you maximize the space. Not having the correct measurements might mean that you build a structure with incorrect specifications. Thus, this will affect your drainage system and might cause you further issues in the future.


Fourth Step – Close the gaps with sealant.

After you’ve done the third step, you need to attach the water-diverter in the angle you created marked with chalk. Next, you’ll need to create caulking, in which each flashing meets a joist to where it is attached. The caulking is used as a sealant for joints and seams.


Thus, this will make the connection between the flashing and joists stronger, and prevent water from seeping into it. Last, it will prevent insects, dirt, water, air, pests from entering the gaps and prevent the destruction of the structure.


Fifth Step – Put the joist rails securely in place.

Install the joist rails to the joists, at each angle marked. Next, make use of galvanized steel screws to fasten them in place, one should be placed every three feet. This will provide a foundation for the ceiling panels. Apart from this, there are different ways to install joists. Some woodworkers like to fasten the boards, then install the joints later.


Meanwhile, others would install the boards, hangers, and the joists last. It depends on your preference, and how you go about this. Do consider, which method will best fit your project. Also, traditionally galvanized nails or stainless steel ones are used to put these together. So do take note that it varies and depends on your preference.


Sixth Step – Secure the screen panels 

You may attach the ceiling panels by sliding them through the joist rails. Further, make sure that you keep the shape of the central bend to drain water properly in the long run. Do take note of how to properly install the panels, and how to fasten nails to keep them in place.


Seventh Step – Fasten the joints and gutters within the perimeter.

To keep water from your house and into your drainage system, you have to be strategic. Placing the gutters surrounding the outer edge of your deck will allow water to flow in a different direction, preventing your house from flooding and water damage. Next, install the joist gutters to the edge of the beam, supporting the deck. Then, you must put sealant in between them to ensure that no moisture or water seeps through.


Waterproof Storage For Your Under Deck

Here are a couple of under deck storage items you can use with ease. So that you have the peace of mind that your essentials are safe from water damage, may it be hedge trimmers for your garden, sports equipment, or power tools, you know your items won’t waste away.


Even in the middle of a flood, typhoon, or snowstorm. Protecting these items from the elements will allow you to maximize the use of such items and ultimately save you on costs and effort in the long run. Not to mention, you get to keep yours under the deck space well-kept and spotless.





Lifetime products have been known to do well even after years of usage. This 60059 outdoor storage box can withstand exposure to sunlight, it is waterproof too. When in doubt, you may check customer reviews for this heavy-duty storage. Moreover, you have plenty of space to put all your essentials. It’s multifunctional too, you can load bags of fertilizer for your plants, pet food, rice, or even your power tools inside.




 Also, the frame is made of steel construction and will last you for years to come. Next, the UV protection panels and water-resistant seal will prevent water damage to your prized possessions. Apart from this, you need not worry about exposing it to high temperatures. It also has controlled hinges that will not slam shut, when you try to load multiple things at once.







Compare this deck box with almost any other outdoor storage you can find in the market. It is heavy-duty, reliable, and durable. Further, it is easy to assemble, so it won’t take hours to set up. With 120 gallons and 50 cubic feet of space, there’s plenty of household items you can place inside. Also, this will not crack, leak, or warp over time.




Therefore, no flood nor extreme sunlight can stand in your way. Also, it is made of lightweight material, as it is only 11 pounds of total weight. So, now you can lug it around for a camp out in the woods, or keep it under your deck for storage. Be mobile, and organized wherever you go.






Whether it’s for patio storage or the space underneath your deck, this Keter Novel 90 is a storage item that is the most suitable deck box for you. Moreover, you get to store all your items in it such as a watering can, a hose, and even a few garage items. Besides, you can even keep all your waterproofing items in it. Therefore, it is your all-around storage deck box that will keep you aligned with your everyday tasks, and accomplish your much-needed waterproofing activities.




 Next, it is extremely weather-resistant, made of polypropylene construction that makes the box heavy duty. Therefore, it prevents peeling, rusting, cracking, or denting. Last, it has a lockable lid that allows you to secure your items from lurking neighbors for protection. It’s your all-around storage item that won’t let you down.








This water-resistant deck box has 124 gallons of capacity! Thus, it can store all your items for your deck, patio, yard, garage, and shed. Moreover, the poly-resin construction of the box will resist fading and rust, so you know that it’s durable. Also, you can keep pool toys, gardening items, sports equipment, and pool items inside.





Next, it features flip-open hinges that allow you to access all your items quickly, without any issues. Further, the beautiful wicker pattern suits any sort of exterior or interior finish, so integrate it seamlessly to any furniture set or setting. Last, store all your items in one go such as firewood, garden supplies, cushions, and it’s great for outdoor seating as well.







Another one from Lifetime, this 60089 deck storage box is a necessity for those wanting to keep all their belongings in the right place. Further, it has controlled hinges that won’t slam shut, and keeps open at a 90-degree angle, for easy access. Moreover, you can expect extreme durability and strength, just like other storage models from the brand.




Also, it has a weather-resistant seal that keeps the interior dry. Apart from this, you get a ten-year warranty that comes with this outdoor storage item. So you know that it is made to last you in the long run. Last, you can use it as a bench that carries 600 pounds of weight! Now that is an impressive storage item that doubles as outdoor furniture.







Protect your outdoor storage box with this waterproof deck box cover. Thus, it provides you more protection from rainfall, floods, and typhoons. Because of this, your items are meant to stay dry even when calamities hit. Besides, there are different sizes to choose from large to extra extra large. Also, it features a rip-stop and UV protected material, so your deck box withstands direct exposure to sunlight.




Moreover, it prevents your deck box from warping, cracking, peeling, rusting, and other forms of damage. It’s easy to slide on, with it’s pull tight design for hassle-free usage. Last, it is made of thick polyester with taped seams for extreme durability. So go ahead and cover up your deck box, and clothe it in this sleeve because you know it’s made to last.







This 120-gallon wicker deck box from Leisure is a great addition to your under deck storage. Not only do you get to store your important items inside, but it’s also easy to install too. Thus, easily put it together in three quick steps. This deck box is the ultimate one as it can withstand any form of weather, thus it will protect your items from the elements.





It is made of solid PP plastic, for maximum durability. Apart from this, it measures 46.85 x 24 x 24.4 in so that you have all the space you need for your grill, pool, and garden needs. Last, if you encounter any issues, you can contact the seller directly and have them resolved in no time. Now that is a company that backs its products.






Although quite more compact compared to the others, it will not fare less in terms of performance. The Suncast 83 gallon medium deck box is great for smaller spaces, so it’ll surely integrate into those closed spaces unlike it’s larger counterparts. Furthermore, it measures 18″ x 46″ x 24″, so you can fit in in any living space. May it be an apartment for two, or a house with three bedrooms.




Next, it’s a versatile storage deck box, so keep all your grill tools, gardening materials, and pool accessories inside. Last, you’re sure to keep your items from rust and mildew as this box is water-resistant, and made of polyresin construction. Hence, you can have peace of mind that it will not warp, dent, rust, or crack.






Stackable storage anyone? This one from Bergan Stack-N-Stor is capable of handling eighteen gallons of dry food. Thus, you know the drill. Keep your pet food, fruits, seeds, or even some of your important deck storage inside for safekeeping. Apart from this, if you have a small space, there will not be an issue keeping your items in place. Besides, it comes in different sizes to choose from.




Now you can keep all those items in your deck box, and easily organize them so you don’t lose sight of the essentials. Moreover, the storage is made of high-density polyethylene that will not rust, dent, warp, or crack over time. Last, it’s compact design is easy to situate, and the dual-tone will make it easy to spot. You’re under deck storage will surely be neat and tidy with this in tow!







A monster in weight capacity, this deck box from HYD-Parts has colossal benefits to bring to the table. Not only does it double as a bench for your patio furniture, but it will also blend seamlessly with the outdoors with it’s neutral, yet minimalist design. It’s the most substantial outdoor storage box idea there is.




Thus, you can keep almost anything inside, may it be your heavy-duty power tools. This deck box is weather-resistant, so it can withstand exposure from the sun, rain, and the elements. Further, it has a lock mechanism so that you can keep your possessions safe in the confines of your outdoor deck storage. Last, it’s quite easy to assemble, and no tools are required to put it together.





The Rubbermaid ActionPacker takes after its namesake. Rightly so, because you’ll be able to enjoy how you’ll be making use of this interesting storage bin. Thus, this storage is not just for keeping in your desk storage. Its heavy-duty construction is made for disaster preparedness and actual calamities. It can withstand extreme temperatures of 100F°.




Further, this storage bin comes in different sizes, so you can choose one that suits your needs. Also, it has a double-walled lid for extra protection from water damage, critters, mildew, dust, and pests. Apart from this, it has lockable hatches that will prevent your items from getting stolen, or broken into. It’s the perfect box for the outdoors, as it is portable, so bring it with you when you go camping, fishing, hiking, or even bungee jumping. Thus, attach a bungee cord to it, and you’re all set.




This deck box consists of a steel frame, and fade and water-resistant fabric. Furthermore, the waterproof tarpaulin bottom prevents water from seeping in. Besides, you can quickly assemble and take it apart, whenever not in use. Apart from this, you get 162 gallons of storage that measures 21.6 cubic feet of space (61 inches L x 28 inches W x 30 inches H).




Thus, you can keep all your pillows, pool toys, garden tools, grilling essentials all in one place. However, do be careful with sealants, membranes, finishes, or waterproofing materials as this may react with the PVC bottom. The advantage of this deck box over its resin counterparts is that it is made of powder-coated steel and fabric, making it lightweight and easy to move.







A shed that has eighteen to twenty-five cubic feet of floor space, it is most certainly spacious! This one from Rubbermaid is a convenient outdoor storage item, and customizable too. Thus, you can add a wooden shelf to it, to divide the space and organize your items. Durable and weather-resistant too, will protect all your necessities from inclement weather.




Also, it is equipped with a double-walled and impact resistant floor. So have the peace of mind that all your essentials are safe from denting upon impact. Last, you can attach a separate lock as it has a hasp that can accommodate this. Now, all your belongings are safe within the confines of your under deck storage.







It has that wooden look, that gives you an earthy feel of nature. So that you don’t have to go far to be in touch with mother earth. The box is made of highly durable polyresin, with a lid that opens effortlessly. Also, assembled dimensions measure 61.22 x 28.52 x 27.34 so that you can store all your important garden tools, pool toys, cushions, and household items inside.




Furthermore, it is made of metal-reinforced construction, so you know that it is built to last, pass it on to the next generation. Apart from this, it consists of fully recyclable material, so that it has a less negative impact on the environment.






With molded handles for easy gripping, you can move it anywhere, at any time. Thus, it’s easy for you to put it away, or decide to put it strategically in place. Further, it comes with a weather-resistant seal, to keep the interior storage dry. Apart from this, assembly is made easy with straight-forward steps and instructions.






Therefore, cut down on time to put it together, and get to organizing your outdoor goods right away. Also, it consists of spring-controlled hinges that prevent the lid from shutting. Moreover, the lid swings open for more than 90°, so you can easily access your items all at once in one go. Thus, it’s a hassle-free operation, and you keep clean and organized even while under the deck.







A beautiful deck storage option, this one from Suncast is one of our best picks yet. Easily store all your essentials in it, be it garden shears, snow blowers, bicycles. If you have a significant area below your deck, this measures 80 x 58 x 52 inches.




Furthermore, there’s a lot of weight to it, so it won’t be blown away even in highly windy weather. It’s also resilient, due to its polypropylene walls. So you know that it’s one to count on, for heavy-duty loads. Apart from this, it’s reinforced flooring allows you to store large equipment in it. So keep your lawnmower, chainsaw, and other solid tools in it.







This taupe outdoor storage box may camouflage in the outdoors, due to its rather plain color. However, you won’t be pressed for space, as it is massive in size. For those who own a rather smaller space, this won’t be a problem as you can keep this outside.




The material is made of durable, lightweight polypropylene resin that is weather-resistant. So it doesn’t matter where you situate it, because it can withstand the elements. Aside from this, you won’t have to replace it for years to come. It is rot, peel, crack and dent resistant, so you can keep it under the deck for as long as you desire.







So long as we’re thinking out of the box, why not make use of other storage items? An icebox makes a great storage item for your under the deck, due to its waterproof qualities. Apart from it, this one from Koolatron is just the right size to keep your smaller sized belongings. It can fit 54 cans inside!




So load up on beverages, because you’ll have all the space you need to fit a month’s worth to quench your thirst. Besides this, the brand threw in a bottle opener, so reward yourself with some beers after a hard day. The best part, it’s leak-proof, rust-resistant. Thus, it won’t drain the contents, even when you tilt it. Last, it’s portable too, so load it into the RV when you’re out camping! Get one yours today!







What’s the most painful part of DIY? Well, if you enjoy the activity and work that comes with it, DIY isn’t a pain at all. However, for those who enjoy DIY but would like to make the process easier, then this shed is a match made in heaven. First, all parts are pre-cut, measured, and pre-drilled for easy assembly. Further, it makes it easy to put together 7×2 panels, and four shelves. It also has extra storage, as it has a tool hanger you can install inside it.




With 95 cubic feet on this baby, there’s virtually nothing you can’t put inside. It’s great under the deck option if you want to store a lather massive load. So, if you’re looking to DIY without the pain, getting this one from Arrow Sheds is the best choice on the list.







With an extra huge deck box and front-opening doors, Keter exceeds all expectations. This one has made a space in our list, and in our hearts, as the brand has been a reliable, all-around choice for years. In fact, it’s a household name for outdoor storage. The Keter 226814 is no different from the well-made products of its maker. No different in terms of excellence, that is. It has the trademark hydraulic pistons that define the brand name.




Thus, it has been a mark of Keter products for ages. It provides much mobility and maneuverability, to do multiple things at once. Next to it, easily access the contents within, as the doors swing open without a struggle. Also, it has the same polypropylene resin that gives it ample reinforcement, to keep heavy-duty items in it. Measuring 51.97 in. W x 29.92 in. DDx43.31 in. H, it’s enough to keep all your simple gym equipment, garage tools, or even gardening shears inside. Reliability is what Keter is all about. Bank on a Keter product, and you won’t regret it.






Ever wondered what it’s like to keep the kid’s clothes dry, even when everyone’s splashing around in the pool? If you don’t like getting things wet by the poolside, then it’s safe to get this one. It’s also awesome as under the deck storage. Mainly because it’s waterproof won’t accumulate mildew over time, and rustproof too.




Further, it can host a multitude of items outdoors. Be it sports equipment or your favorite trousers. Also, you won’t need to paint it or fix it over time. It’s maintenance-free, so you can focus on doing the things you love. Also, it has a flat lid, with hinges that allow you to open without inhibitions. It mimics a wood-grain finish to give it that rustic appeal, and country charm. Last, you can’t go wrong with its ergonomic design, which allows ease of usage, and boosts efficiency.






A delivery box that works well, be it on the front porch or under the deck. This one from Keter is a state of the art compartment storage, that secures all your items inside. It has a padlock slot, so you can easily latch one on so only you can retrieve items inside. Further, anchor the box with screws that come with it. To prevent displacement or getting stolen.




What makes it unique is it’s 1 way, 2-tray design. Allows placement of packages inside the box, without accessing the storage compartment. Thus, only the owner can access the contents of the box. Tired of staking out on the porch to make sure the mail doesn’t get stolen? No more. Put this on your porch, and have the peace of mind that all your orders remain where you want them.







Tired of dragging dead-weight wooden boxes around your property? Well, Barton has heeded your call. This 663-gallon deck box is one of the most, if not the best choice on the list. It’s massive, measuring 43″(L) x 17″(D) x 20″(H), so keep everything you desire within, with space to spare.




Further, it makes it even more exciting to move your items around. Because it has wheels that glide effortlessly on any surface. Moreover, keep up to 250 lbs of weight on this hefty storage, without breaking a sweat. As far as ideals go, there’s no reason for us not to recommend this giant. With a sturdy frame, robust build, and durability that gives you years on end, what’s there not to like?







It’s the medium-sized box in the bunch, but it’s not pressed for size. However, it’s suitable for those decks that are of a rather limited area. This one measures 41″ x 21″ x 22″, so you can put all the essentials within, and prevent them from water damage if kept outdoors.




With a 50-gallon capacity, easily store all your food items, toys, sports equipment, gadgets, throw pillows o,r tools. As a result, all those essentials won’t ever be out of reach again. Moreover, this box will not chip, crack, roto, rust over time due to its polypropylene material. Besides this, the lid is easy to lift and flip open with a hinge for easy access. This most certainly will make a great fit on your underdeck, once you give it a try.







Make use of it as an outdoor storage bench because it can carry up to 300 lbs of weight! This sturdy outdoor storage solution can fit cushions, linen, towels, charcoal, dining accessories, grilling equipment, and more. Thus, store multiple items within it in style, without worrying about running out of space.




ItItsolypropylene material makes for easy installment with a snap movement. So now, you don’t have to use unnecessary tools to put it together. It measures 21 x 23.75 x 41 inches, so it’s quite compact and won’t hoard all your space. Last, it won’t crack, peel, rot, rust, chip o,r fade. Get to experience this piece for years to come when you get one today.


An Afterthought

So, waterproofing is a systematic process that will hone your home improvement and do it yourself skills. If you’re not prepared for the commitment, effort, and time it takes to do the job, it is necessary to get the extra set of hands to accomplish the task.


However, it is easy to learn how to get the job done, and even more doable to select the right tools and materials. Our recommendations will help you build your waterproof drainage system for your under the deck storage in no time.



Under Deck Storage Everything You Need To Know - Infographics



Things To Consider Before Building An Under Deck Storage


Determine The Condition Of Your Deck

deck of a house



It would be a rather foolish decision to invest time and money on an area of your deck that is unsafe, or in a very poor condition. Contact a qualified building inspector to assess your deck if you’re unsure of its state. The professional might be willing to give you informal feedback that can help the project for your storage space.



Settle On A Storage Plan

The next step would be to identify the things that might limit what you can do with your deck, as well as defining your objectives for the storage area under your deck. Some questions you can ask yourself to identify these things are:



  • What do you plan on storing under your deck?
  • What storage condition does it need so you can preserve the things you plan to store in a good condition?
  • Are you concerned it might get stolen?
  • Are there restrictive covenants in your neighborhood that might have an impact on your project?



How To Build An Under Deck Storage Space

under deck storage



Building an under deck storage depends on what you plan on storing in it. You can either go for an under deck storage that you can use to store items that have the ability to withstand exposure to moisture or semi-dry storage.



Under Deck Storage For Items That Can Stand Exposure To Moisture

This project is carried out when the headspace underneath your deck is limited like about 5 feet. Before embarking on this project, ensure that there are no equipment, vents, or exhaust duct terminations under your deck. It is a low-cost project, and you could even include an under deck storage door if you like. The steps for constructing this project are:



  1. The area under your deck should be graded towards the drainage point — usually located near the door — to about ¼ inch per foot. The drainage point should be extended to about 3 feet. Use a hand tamper to compact disturbed soil.
  2. Use a geotextile fabric to cover the graded area under your deck.
  3. A 4-inch thick layer of crushed stone should be spread on the geotextile fabric.
  4. The stone should be compacted with a hand tamper.
  5. Using preservative-treated lumber of about 2 x 4, build a frame that can support the lattice. This frame should then be supported where necessary with concrete blocks.
  6. The lattice to be installed on the frame should be done according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  7. Using the lumber and the lattice, build a door that’s about 3-foot wide.
  8. Use hinges and latch, install the door.



Semi-Dry Under Deck Storage

This under deck storage project helps ensure that water doesn’t enter into your storage area and it’s also very secure. This project is a medium to high-cost type since the drainage system that helps reduce the level of water intrusion costs a lot. These are the steps for constructing this project:



  1. The area under your deck should be graded towards the drainage point — usually located near the door — to about ¼ inch per foot. The drainage point should be extended to about 3 feet. Use a hand tamper to compact disturbed soil.
  2. Use a geotextile fabric to cover the graded area under your deck.
  3. Spread a 4-inch thick layer of crushed stone on the geotextile fabric.
  4. Following the manufacturer’s instruction, install the water drainage system.
  5. Using preservative-treated lumber of about 2 x 4, build a frame that can support the lattice. This frame should then be supported where necessary with concrete blocks. Ensure that any wood you plan on using that is not preservative-treated should be at least 6 inches above the soil.
  6. Install the corner boards and siding on the frame according to the instructions of siding manufacturers.
  7. Using the lumber and siding, build a door that’s at least 3-foot wide.
  8. Use hinges and latch, install the door.
  9. Following the siding and paint manufacturer’s instructions, you’ll need to caulk and paint the corner boards, the siding, as well as the door.



Decks in every house differ which means that the way with which you convert it to a deck would also be different. These under deck storage construction steps should only be carried out on a deck that’s in good condition, one that still has years of service life to offer.



If your deck is not in a good condition, it’s ideal that you replace it before embarking on this project. Please note that you might need a building permit in some jurisdiction before starting this project so you need to confirm the requirements of your building department before starting.



How To Use An Under Deck Storage

Neat garage tool hanging storage



Here is the list of things you can use your under deck storage to store:





How To Waterproof Under Deck Storage



Use Of Deck Membranes And Downspouts

The best solution you can go for to achieve a waterproof under deck storage is to form troughs by draping plastic membranes within the joint spaces below your deck. A downspout will be positioned near the joist header so that runoffs from the trough can be diverted into it. This is used to achieve a mostly but not totally dried area for under your deck. It is ideal for new decks or ones being renovated since you need to install them before installing your deck floor.





Use Of Under Deck Ceilings

This system to achieve a waterproof under deck storage is for those who need a mostly dry area under their deck. Done on an already existing deck that’s in very good condition, it is all-in-one drainage and ceiling finish best fit for areas under your deck high enough off the ground to provide below sheltered outdoor living space. Made of either corrugated plastic or aluminum panels, it is designed to help catch the water that drains through your deck. It also channels it away from the area you constructed your storage.



Use Of Waterproofing Decking Flanges

This method is the simplest way of diverting water that would probably drain through your deck boards that were conventionally spaced. Some flanges act as spacers between your deck boards or as mini-gutters that helps in channeling water towards your deck’s edges.



Things You Shouldn’t Store In Your Under Deck Storage



1. Food

kitchen ingredients in containers


An under deck storage box or shed is the worst place to stash your food staples since they are prone to inviting rodents and other pests. Exposure to heat and humidity is capable of causing your groceries to spoil. The temperature of an under deck storage is usually unstable and since it’s not ideal for food to stay in a room hotter than 70°F, it’s shelf life will be shorter.



2. Musical Instruments

Fragment trumpet closeup



Heat or humidity tends to damage your instruments depending on their type of material. Wooden instruments usually get affected by both heat and humidity. When exposed to moisture or humidity, instruments made of brass — like trumpets, french horns, and so on — corrodes. It’s best you store them in a place with controlled temperature.



3. Artwork



Artworks are vulnerable to heat and moisture, this means they need a place with climate and humidity control. Discoloration occurs in your paintings when they’re exposed to the sun. Moisture has the tendency of causing molds. It can even be warped due to expansion and contraction.



4. Electronics



Electronics also have the tendency of getting damaged by heat. Pests can damage their cords as well by chewing through them.



5. Cardboard

Cardboard moving boxes


Storing things in a cardboard in an under deck storage is a terrible idea because the items inside will be vulnerable to insects, pests, molds, water, or even moisture damage.



6. Photos

picture ledge


Pictures tend to grow molds and even stick together due to moisture and extreme temperatures. It is advisable to ensure that wherever you store your picture must be a dark, free humidity, and well-ventilated area of below 75°.



7. Important Documents

important documents


It is advisable that you do not store important documents like birth certificates, death certificates, and others because moisture can easily damage papers. There are also chances that the under-deck storage will be broken into and your documents stolen.



8. Paint

Cans of paint with brushes and palette samples


Paints, refinishing solvents, and stains tend to get spoiled when stored in under-deck storage because they tend to get too cold in winter and in summer, too hot. In short, extreme temperatures can ruin leftover paints. Exposure to moisture will cause the paint to separate leaving a curdled mess behind. When the paint bucket is placed on a cement floor, it will rust.



Why You Shouldn’t Store Certain Things In Under Deck Storage



1. It Isn’t Always Dry

Even if underneath your home might not be visibly wet, it could be damp and this could lead to your items developing molds over time. Moisture also has the tendency of causing materials to rot.



2. Pipe Systems

During the process of constructing an under deck storage, there’s every possibility that you might end up tearing open or scraping a pipe. If the pipes start leaking after you’ve started using the storage pace, your items could get destroyed and later on cause mold which can lead to health risk if everyone is living with you in your home.



3. Bugs

Bugs tend to gather in dark confined areas and since your under deck storage shed might be dark,  you’d definitely be getting timely visits from them.



4. Fire Hazard

Storing items in a confined space like an under deck storage box or shed spells danger. It would even be worse if those items you’re storing in it are chemicals or materials because a small spark could lead to your home burning up in flames.



5. Releveling

If at any point your home needs to be releveled, it would be difficult because you’ll have to remove all items you stored in your under-deck storage before starting work.



6. Difficult To Get Items

Since under deck storage space is usually short and dark, you’ll have a very limited space to crawl around when you need to get things.



7. Animals

If by chance an animal finds their way into your under deck storage shed, they’ll definitely destroy every item in it.



Under Deck Organization Ideas



Magnetic Bar

The use of magnetic bars is a great way you can use to organize tools for your under low deck storage idea. This organization idea for your under low deck storage has been used for years to store standard tools, garden tools, and so on. Go for a magnetic bar strong enough to hold all your tools you want to organize when choosing one.




In your under deck organization idea, the pegboard is the most underutilized yet common tool. The pegboard not only gives you easy access to each item you store but also helps free up floor space, thereby reducing clusters.



Hang Hose And Cord Organizers





Tangled cords can be a serious issue when organizing your under deck storage box. To avoid always ending up with tangled hoses and cords that end up taking up all your storage space, you’d need to use hooks, or shelving units, or even PVC pipe to organize them. The key thing is ensuring that your hose or cord can stay put on the hook. If in any case, you observe that it can’t, you’ll have to get a hook and loop extension cord organizer. The key thing is to ensure that your hook is fastened securely to the walls of your under deck storage.



How To Keep Animals Away from Your Under Deck Storage



Before You Act

Ensure that before you start blocking your deck, there’s nothing like animals, living beneath it. To test for this, you can place some sticks in the soil or sprinkle some flour over that spot or stuff some newspapers in it, then monitor that place for about three days for any signs of activity. After erecting whatever barrier you please, monitor the area for some days to be sure that you’ve not trapped any animal inside.



Evicting The Animals

Change whatever you think might be appealing animals to your under deck storage shed that way they’ll be discouraged to come to the area. You can try clearing vegetation since that can attract them. There are lots of other things you can also try to practice. Ensure that you do not use traps or poison cause it might end up killing other animals that are not your target or ones that you won’t be able to remove once it’s dead.



Trench-And-Screen Method

Along with the opening, dig a trench of about 12 inches then install a wire mesh or hardware cloth or strips of the lattice of about ¼ to ½ inch. Ensure that whatever material you choose to use for the installation is about 12 inches or wider than the area you intend on covering. The bottom 6 inches of the wire mesh should be bent in an L-shape to prevent animals from eventually digging their way under your screen. To ensure the trench is pointing outward, insert the mesh into the trench. If the material you ended up choosing to use is a lattice, ensure that you bury the bottom edge to at least 2 feet deep so that animals wouldn’t be able to dig under it.



When backfilling the trench, use soil then tamp it down to make sure that the mesh is snug. The top edge of the mesh should be secured to the structure’s underside with U-shaped fasteners to hammer it into the wood like nails or garden staples. Install a one-way door along with the wire mesh as a safety precaution to help ensure that animals can only leave but not get back in.



No-Dig Solutions

If you don’t like the idea of digging, you can use patio blocks instead to cover up the openings. Use hardware cloth to cover up the opening, then place patio blocks on top instead of just burying the edges that are bent. To ensure that water runs away from the blocks, make sure there’s a slight slope in the ground. If you have a problem with excessive moisture, blocking the opening would not let up enough airflow to help dry the area. Remove walls, panels, lattice, or plants to cover the area because animals usually avoid open areas that have too much light. Animals would look for a more secluded area if you allow light to flow through from all angles.



How To Kill Weeds In Your Under Deck Storage



Manual Control

You might be able to pull out the weeds depending on the height of your under deck storage. If you are able to crawl under the deck, ensure you pull out the weeds as they pop up. You can use a long-handled hoe as well. The manual control method works best for annual weeds, but not for perennial weeds since they grow back.



Spray Them

If water can easily get through the space between your deck boards, the same goes for herbicides. The best option of herbicide to use is a ready-to-use, nonselective one. A herbicide that contains glyphosate. Coat any weed leaves or stems that pokes between the boards and ensure that you continue reapplying the herbicide whenever you see any weed. Ensure you’re wearing protective clothing whenever you’re spraying the herbicide. Also, ensure that your children and pets are not near the area you sprayed until it is dried.



Frequently Asked Questions About Under Deck Storage Ideas



Under The Stairs

Deck With Wooden Steps



If your deck is somewhat raised, that means you have just enough room to create under deck storage space. The space might be enough for just a few under deck storage drawers that can only hold tools or pool toys, goggles, floaties, etc. There are tons of under low deck storage ideas you can use under your stairs.



Under The Deck

If you have a raised deck, then you’re at luck because there are tons of under deck storage ideas you can adapt. You can decide to put in some really large under deck storage drawers you can pull out or a good place for storing your lawnmowers, rakes, bikes, winter woods, etc.



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Hidden Spaces

hidden spaces



Hidden spaces are now a new trend because it’s actually common sense to give meaning or purpose to a dead space. This simply means creating something like a bucket to store items like drinks or hoses, gardening gloves, toys, etc. You can even decide to build small sandboxes for your children directly inside your deck. Then, put a lid that’s flush so you can use it to close it so that the sand will remain dry and out of your way when you’re not using it.



How To Clean Your Under Deck Storage

Prevent and Remove Mold in your Storage Containers



Oxygen Bleach

Oxygen bleach releases tons of oxygen ions to help break the mold, algae, and mildew apart. This is totally safe to use on the landscaping, lawn, or trees of your deck. Working with this solution is quite easy since you just have to add it to warm water and stir it until it’s completely dissolved. After mixing the solution, you’ll have to turn it into a regular garden hand-pump sprayer then saturate the wood deck’s underside to coat all surfaces.



Once this solution attacks offensive mold, mildew, and algae, it immediately starts foaming and bubbling. It is best for surfaces of dry wood since it takes longer to show results when the wood is wet. Allow the solution to soak on the wood for at least 10 minutes, then use a scrub brush placed on a pole to clean the surface lightly. Rinse the area you’ve scrubbed with clean water and the surface would be really clean.



How To Get Rid of Odors In Your Under Deck Storage



Determine The Cause Of The Smell

Identifying the source of the smell is the most difficult part when it comes to getting rid of smells. This is because the cause of the smell helps you know how to deal with it. Identifying it might involve you bending on your knees as well as some crawling with a torchlight. Here is a list of some causes of smell in your under deck storage:



Animals — Dead or Alive

There are tons of animals that love coming into your yards and patios in search of food like rabbits, possums, skunks, rats. Mice, moles, woodchucks, etc. These animals tend to leave excrement behind and even when they die, the smell that comes out when they begin to decay is extremely powerful and these smells caused are usually hidden out of plain sight.



Molds Or Mildews

Shade and damp conditions lead to fungal infestations that can create a really bad odor. You can usually observe the signs of this mold and mildew at the top of the deck but the real issue is usually in your under-deck storage. The serious issue is the buildup of fungal on the framing members of your under deck storage.



Cat And Dogs Urine / Pet Poop

It tends to create a powerful odor when it accumulates over time. It’s easy to identify which dog or cat is doing this and how to stop them since you’d definitely see them entering or exiting the space.



Food That Fell Between The Deck Boards

Rotting of food irrespective of the quantity or amount tends to create an unpleasant smell.



Removing The Cause

Removing the cause of the bad odor is the next step after identifying the cause. Once you’ve found the cause of the bad odor, you’ll have to remove it. Just hold your breath then put whatever the cause is in a plastic bag then tie the bag shut. If you’re scared or squeamish about the idea of picking it go with your hands even though it’s covered with a glove, you can use a garden trowel or any long-handled grabber tool.



Treating Of Animal-Based Odors

Treating odors caused by animals solely depends on the source of the odor.



Skunk Odor

You can use either a non-toxic deodorant or a homemade solution if a skunk sprayed in your under deck storage. Here’s a step by step guide in making of the homemade solution to eliminate the odor caused by a skunk:







  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and you’re done.
  2. Dip your sponge or brush for cleaning your deck into the solution then, scrub your deck with it.
  3. Once you’re done scrubbing your deck, rinse with water and voila! The odor would be gone as though it was never there.



Note: If for any reason the smell persists, repeat the scrubbing process.



Dog Urine

When a dog’s urine starts building up, the smell can be quite pungent. To eliminate the smell here are some things you can try:



Baking Soda

All you have to do is yo sprinkle it over the area where the smell is oozing off of, then sweep with a broom to ensure it fills all of the wood’s grooves and in between the boards of your deck. You can as well try this for concrete and other areas your dog might have urinated because it is very effective.



Vinegar Mixed With Water

You can either spray this vinegar solution in a rag or brush, or you dip your rag or brush into it then start scrubbing your deck. If the smell persists, reapply till it’s gone. You can purchase a commercial odor neutralizer or eliminator as well, then apply on your deck but this is not an advisable option if your dog tends to commit this offense regularly since it’s expensive.



Pet Urine Or Spray

Here are some substances that can remove this pungent odor caused by pets:





Molds And Mildew

Molds and mildew are usually found in cool, damp areas on your deck. This usually occurs when you’ve neglected your deck for a long time so it’ll need treating and sealing. You can decide yo do the treating and sealing by yourself or hire a professional. If you decide to do it yourself, you can use a bleach solution. All you have to do is mix your bleach with water them clean your deck with the solution. It will immediately kill off the molds and mildews. After killing them off, the next step would be to sand it then apply a wood sealer that’s oil-based (this applies only when your deck surface is made with wood).




This article features clear, detailed guidelines on everything you need to know about an under deck storage. The best solution for you if you’re having storage problems. If you need more guidelines on creating the perfect under deck storage for you, use the comments section. Found this article useful? Please share with those you think this might be of great help to.

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