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25 Best Christmas Tree Storage To Make Cleaning Hassle Free 25 Best Christmas Tree Storage To Make Cleaning Hassle Free

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25 Best Christmas Tree Storage To Make Cleaning Hassle Free

Written by: Emma Thompson

Catch hold of these super cool Christmas tree storage that will make your post Christmas cleaning and tidying up super convenient and hassle-free!

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With Christmas upon us, many are in search of the perfect tree to adorn their homes. Whether you opt for an organic or artificial tree, one often overlooked factor this season is Christmas tree storage. After all, efficiently storing this integral decor is almost as important as displaying it. Proper storage will ensure that your Christmas tree looks just as luscious and luxurious as it did in the store.



So, in order to keep them alive for many holidays to come, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite Christmas tree storage options that you can check out. We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best Christmas tree storage containers and Christmas tree storage boxes, to provide you with the best picks.


Best Christmas Tree Storage Options


What we liked about this Christmas tree storage container is how sleek and modern it looks with a black canvas body and red trimmings. You’ll be happy to know that you get a 5-year warranty with this Christmas tree storage bag. Moreover, these Christmas bags features Oxford 600D material that is highly durable and sturdy. You can easily store a 9ft tall white Christmas tree in it without a worry.


Wheels make everything better, easier, and more functional. When you’re hauling artificial Christmas trees around your house, wheels make it easier to carry. Zober makes some great Christmas tree storage with wheels options, and this red stunner is no exception. This is the best waterproof Christmas tree storage bag you can get your hands on. Available in black and green, this heavy-duty bag features waterproof canvas material that will protect your tree for many years to come.


Umardoo might not make the most festive-looking Christmas tree storage options, but they do make some affordable and durable storage bags. This nylon Christmas tree storage bag has the ability to store a 9 foot disassembled Christmas tree. What’s more, its zipper which closes fully shut ensures nothing affects the quality of the tree. It is easy to carry around with the handles and is under $14.


When looking for Christmas tree storage ideas, you’ll often find options that don’t have additional space for other items. Thankfully,  Brosyda’s sturdy and rectangular storage bag not only has space for your tree but Christmas ornaments as well. It looks like a Christmas tree box and is waterproof, dustproof, and will keep your items moisture-free all year long. Plus the canvas material is tear-proof and extra thick for maximum durability.


Coming back to Christmas tree storage bags with wheels, ProPik definitely made a container that has holiday spirit written all over it. This red-colored storage tote with wheels has an extra-large capacity to store a disassembled Christmas tree and a front zippered pocket to store fairy lights or other Christmas knick-knacks. While it may be on the pricier side, this bag is a worthy Christmas tree storage organizer that will last you for many years.


This Christmas tree bag is slightly less expensive than the one mentioned above and comes with 3 rubber wheels for easy transport. There is no assembly required for this bag, and that blue color is a nice break from all the reds and greens if you want a storage option that is more neutral.


Priced at just under $26 this storage option by Verapin features a combination of canvas and PVC. These materials ensure that it protects your Christmas tree from dust, moisture, and insects. Complete with tear-proof qualities, this bag can last for years.


Made from waterproof polyethylene plastic this affordable storage bag comes in a pack of two and is perfect for Christmas trees that are smaller in size. Not all artificial Christmas trees are 9 ft high, and this one will easily hold a 7.5 ft high disassembled tree. What’s more, the material will ensure that it keeps both mold and moisture away from your tree.


To give you more size options for Christmas trees of varying heights, this storage option is not only fit for trees under 8ft high, but has a very structured look to it. This structure ensures that the tree remains intact and does not lose its shape. Complete with a durable 600D Oxford canvas fabric, this storage unit is an absolute steal worth under $18.


We’re mentioning AerWo storage bag because although it may look similar to the ones we’ve already featured, the combination of canvas, polyester, and plastic adds more reinforcement for durability. Even though this bag can only fit an 8ft tree, it features extra space to store Christmas garlands and tree skirts.


This storage tote most notably features an unstructured appearance that promises flexibility without compromising on quality. Despite its short width, this bag showcases a length of 65 inches. It can also easily fold up when not in use.

When looking for a heavy-duty Christmas tree storage bag it is important to make sure the material is strong and has a nice structure. This bag is the brainchild of a mom who loves the holidays and knows the mess that comes along when the season is over. So you can rest assured that this bag will help you clean up quickly and store away your 7.5 ft tree easily. Made from a flexible tarp material with handles on either side, this bag is portable and multi-functional.


Speaking of durable and easy-to-carry Christmas tree storage bags, Kyrieval has one that comes with nylon handles that don’t cut in your hands. This bag enables you to comfortably carry around a large 9ft Christmas tree for a price less than $13!


If you have a small Christmas tree around 6 ft high, then this storage bag is for you. You get the same structured construction with both top and side handles, and a metal zipper for secure closure. With a clear card slot, you can easily label the bag in case you have many trees of varying sizes and do not want it to get confusing. 


The most unique feature about this Brobery storage bag is its wide opening, which makes sure you’re not squeezing your disassembled Christmas tree to make it fit into the bag. Other notable features include the bag’s top and side panels which fully open to unveil your tree. Furthermore, this bag preserves the shape of your tree while protecting it from dust and water.


This is by far the most expensive and festive-looking Christmas tree storage on the list. This cranberry-colored duffle bag is decked out in an intricate snowflake design. It also has wheels and protective padding for extra safety during transport.


Christmas tree storage totes or duffels provide you with the flexibility and ease you require to squeeze them in your storeroom, especially if you’re short on space. Elfstor’s red storage bag is the perfect size to fit a 12ft high disassembled tree with no hassle.


If you prefer duffel bags over box-type storage units, then here is another option for you. Made with a breathable canvas material, this bag is tear-proof and is 60 inches long. This bag can also protect and shield your Christmas tree from damages, dust, moisture, and pests. Easy to carry with 3 stitch-reinforced handles, this storage option comes complete with two sturdy zippers for extra-secure closure.


This is the last duffle storage bag on the list. This bag is made from waterproof polyethylene plastic to protect your trees from mold and water damage. It features 4 handles – two on top, and two on either side – that make it easier to carry around.


Coming back to normal-looking tree storage bags, iiSport has an option that is perfect to store your tree in the attic or garage without worrying about it falling off or getting ruined by other items. Only 49” in length, you can easily store a 6-7ft” high Christmas tree, and still have some room left. What’s more, it comes in two colors: red and black.


When it comes to Christmas tree storage ideas most of the options we’ve shown you store the tree horizontally. If you want to store your tree upright, then this option by Whitmor is the best choice. Made from resin and polyester material, this bag can easily store your tree upright without the risk of falling. It also features a back pocket where you can place garlands, lights, or other ornaments for safekeeping.


This is another great Christmas tree storage bag! It is made with a combination of 600D Oxford canvas and coated with PVC for extra protection from dust and water. It will keep your tree jolly and merry all year long. Complete with high-density stitched handles, this bag is perfect for lugging the tree around the house.


This Christmas tree storage bag comes with a complimentary wreath storage bag as well. Both are made from waterproof material and can easily be stacked for a more organized look. For just under $16, you can get two storage bags for the price of one.


This cinch-style Christmas tree storage bag is perfect for more than just your tree. Thanks to its additional interior pockets, you’ll be able to store smaller decor and accessories as well. Complete with padded handles and a cinch belt, this storage bag boasts a complete vacuum seal that helps eliminate moisture. Available in 5 different colors, these bags are made with 600D Oxford canvas material for ultimate sturdiness and durability.


If you have many artificial Christmas trees to store, then you’ll need this set of 3 Christmas tree storage bags by Martha Stewart. These bags come in different sizes for trees ranging from 5 to 7.5 ft in height. While it may seem expensive, these bags are a one-time investment that can last you years to come.



Keep your favorite Christmas decors and trees in pristine condition with any one of these versatile and reliable storage options. The best way to save a buck during the holiday season is by making use of what you have. As such, don’t overlook the benefits of proper Christmas tree storage!

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