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10 Best White Christmas Tree For A Very Special Xmas 10 Best White Christmas Tree For A Very Special Xmas

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10 Best White Christmas Tree For A Very Special Xmas

Written by: Sophie Thompson

Hohoho. These stunning white Christmas tree are guaranteed to make Xmas awesome! Add some festive joy to your house this year.

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Undoubtedly, the White Christmas tree is more original and elegant than classic green trees. First, because they bring us the classic winter image of the Christmas party, evoking a snow-covered natural tree. And secondly because, white combines almost everything and gives light to the room or space where it is placed, if you choose well the accessories and colors.



If this Christmas you have decided to buy a white Christmas tree, we give you some tips and ideas to shine with your own light.





Now that you have purchased your white Christmas tree, it’s time to decorate it! Its hue makes a reference to snow, which already makes it clear that it suits everything! In addition, it also gives you the ability to choose flashy, vibrantly colored items.



But if that’s not your style, of course, you can also bet on simpler and more discreet embellishments for Christmas tree decorations. A colored gradient is a great arrangement for balls, and a white Christmas tree with ornaments will add style to any room.


If you have limited space, you will probably only look for small models. But having a small-sized Christmas tree doesn’t kill its charm. You can place a small white Christmas tree on a piece of furniture, in a pot, or on your desk. Of course, if you choose this model, you should also pay attention to the size of the Christmas tree decorations that will accompany it.


LED lights are essential in any Christmas decoration and look beautiful when used to light up trees! LED lights can be combined with colorful elements, but they also look amazing when used as protagonists.



If this is your choice, make sure that the color of the cable should be the same as that of the tree itself to camouflage with the branches and that only the lights be appreciated. You can only use the lights or increment with balls that have tree-like colors such as white, ice and silver.



As in classic trees, the cable is green, and for these elegant trees, it must be white. Do not exaggerate with the number of lights; it is about creating points that illuminate the Christmas accessories. Consider getting yourself a white Christmas tree with LED lights.


Break the harmony of color by playing with different textures or sizes: large balls with small dolls, soft tinsel with a solid star on the edge of the tree. If you want a sober style put all the accessories in a single color, better opt for a primary hue (red, blue, yellow). So that it is not boring you can play with the tones, softer or more intense, and with ornaments in the same color, plain and patterned. 



If you want a contrasting and elegant decoration, it is a good idea to choose golden ornaments for your white Christmas tree. Golden is among the amongst cherished Christmas colors. They can appear in the shape of balls, hearts, ribbons, bells, stars or in other shapes.


For those who like cold tones of Christmas colors, how about using blue ornaments? This color is great for reference to the sea, so in addition to traditional items, you can include fish, boats, shells, seahorses and even whales in the decor! You can also use ornaments in different shades, such as tiffany, baby, royal, navy, and many others!


And now, as close to the traditional model as possible! The white tree with red balls is the face of Christmas, with the white one reminiscent of snow and the red one reminiscent of Santa Claus. Red color can be present in balls, bells, artificial fruits, canes, or bows. It can be the protagonist or appear alongside other Christmas colors, such as gold, silver, and even green. If used alone, this element contrasts perfectly. But it can also be combined with LED lights and even pine cones, painted or not!


This color is a bit out of the ordinary but can make your white Christmas tree super modern. By choosing this tone, you can go two ways: flashy and discreet. Of course, the first one involves the pink rose. In this case, you can combine the ornaments with other purple elements, for example. But be careful not to overdo it! If you prefer the more discreet way, you can bet on light pink and even pastel. It looks amazing with the white of the tree and also blends very well with gray, silver and gold.


Another color that is all about Christmas is green! In this case, it can appear in the tree itself. For example, if you want to renovate the piece you already have at home, you can keep some green leaves and cover the edges in white using paint.



The effect will be identical to snow and will still make your tree into one piece! If you chose to do so, it is best not to use very divergent color elements. White and silver ornaments already make your Christmas tree decorations amazing!


If you want a super discreet and elegant item, you should bet on a white Christmas tree with silver ornaments. This tone can appear on balls, bells, stars, and any other type of ornament. In addition, silver also looks beautiful when combined with a light blue.



Nothing is worth a beautiful white Christmas tree adorned with beautiful accessories if the rest of the room is not consistent. For example, if you decide on balls and golden tinsel for your white tree, the plates, candle holders and gold details will be great.



After so many amazing examples, it’s hard not to want to use a white Christmas tree this year, isn’t it? Let us know which idea hooked your interest. And if you have any questions or suggestions, then leave us a comment below!

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