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10 Shades of Red for a Classy Atmosphere 10 Shades of Red for a Classy Atmosphere

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10 Shades of Red for a Classy Atmosphere

Written by: Samuel Turner

Put some color into your house by picking red! Here are ten shades of the beautiful hue that should make your home turn from nice to great.

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Wine, I mean red, has withstood the test of time through centuries of interior design and even exterior décor. The color red has the ability to convey a wide variety of moods: cheerful and vibrant, electrifying and fierce, etc. Whether used in an art deco space or on pieces reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn, each shade of red sets a different tone.



Today, we’ll focus on the latter by showing you the shades of red perfect for a sophisticated interior look.

10 Shades of Red for a Classy Atmosphere




1.  Breezy Scarlet




Scarlet is a shade of crimson red with orange undertones – almost as if the sun is permanently shining from within. It’s a very daring color and should be used wisely. Scarlet colors can shout and grab attention in a room even if the furniture is soft and comfy. Timber furniture pieces work especially well with scarlet red: play with rattan accent furniture pieces or experiment with simple yet elegant coffee tables.



Alternatively, if you prefer slightly darker shades, you could opt for chestnut wooden pieces. Do you own plump and solid furniture like a leather couch with no pin legs? Try adding a coffee table or accent chair that are lightweight and easy to move to balance the look.



If you want to go for Breezy scarlet in your home, try this amazing wallpaper here that can do wonders!




2. Crispy Sangria




Doesn’t Sangria just make you feel like summer is here? A tint of citrus orange and voila! Though not as loud as scarlet nor crimson, sangria is a really lovely color that can be used to add zing to any space. It is best paired with citrus shades like orange, yellow, and light, bright greens.



Tip – Buy a sangria acrylic paint and color a wooden coffee table with it. Get an orange sofa to compliment it and let the colors brighten your living room.




3. Hushed Blush

hushed blush



Blush is a muted shade of red that doesn’t fall under pastel colors that clash with red. Blush blends well with brighter red colors like scarlet and crimson. You can consider it as a wall color if you have a red throw pillow or couch. Even just red scatter cushions would do well with blush, and it will immediately anchor the room.



Even with dusty undertones, the pinker the blush the better. Millennial pink, the older sister of blush, also pairs beautifully striking with bright shades of red.




Buy these subtle blush curtains at home right away; there cannot be a better way to style your home! 




4. Romantic Rosé

romantic rose



The wall color in the picture above looks like scarlet at first sight, but it is in fact Rosé, a more suppressed shade of red.  As with Sangria red described above, Rosé pairs well with the same types of colors, but it works best with those which are more muted or darker.



This shade of red has a more sophisticated, serene mood than bright reds while still giving a room plenty of edge. Not finding the right way to use romantic rose color at home? Let’s help you!




Get these rose petals and spread them on your dining table or fill them in a glass bowl. 




5. Rich Crimson

Rich crimson


The author Munia Khan described this shade of red wonderfully: “Crimson twilight denies to fade away.” Crimson red is used for so many things in this world like indicating danger, showing that help is available, celebrating Christmas, and more. It definitely will not be going away due to its immense popularity. Crimson red is paired exceptionally well with darker colors like navy and emerald without looking festive. It also works well with bright ones like canary yellow and different blues (like turquoise and cobalt).




Another potential pairing is blue and red. Blue is specially paired well with this shade of red because they’re opposites on the color wheel. Blue is also a cool color so it doesn’t dominate like red. For a more stylish look, accentuate your space with gold accents/ornaments/accessories.




Tip: Buy a crimson red spray paint now and paint a wooden table or chair at home. It will look mindblowing!




6. Seductive Cherry

Seductive cherry



If ever you are in the mood for red but you want a more inviting shade, Cherry is the way to go! This darker red with its pink undertone can be used alongside golden accents and oak furniture, like in the picture shown above. Mahogany wood has a cherry undertone so this type of wood will blend with a cherry wallpaper, making it easier to have more than one type of wood in one room. Because Cherry is such a vivid red color, you can easily have old-fashioned fabrics in the room and not worry about the overall look being washed out or lifeless.



Buy this cherry color wooden furniture here NOW!




7. Frank Brick



Brick can mean more than one shade of red: some have orange undertones, some purple, and still others reddish-brown. The picture above shows a reddish-brown tone that can more than go well with medium to darker wooden surroundings.



It goes well with just about any shade of red too – muted or bright, dark or moody. Pairing it with muted or moody reds? Make sure your chosen colors have dusty undertones to better complement the brick color.



Tip: Using bare bricks as an accent wall is never a bad idea – it works fantastically for modern types of décor.

Buying a frank brick color wallpaper should more than do the trick.




8. Intimate Mahogany




The dark red of Mahogany is exquisite when used in furniture. It is complemented by a variety of greens like olive, green-grey, minty or bright greens, and even emerald. While lighter colors pop against mahogany, emerald tends to blend flawlessly with it (apparently green goes with all kinds of reds).



Buy Mahogany color dining tables to incorporate this idea right away!




9. Delectable Merlot


Delectable Merlot


This is what I’d call a delicious shade of dark red – and for good reason. A wine-colored red works with an unimaginable variety of colors when decorating your home. Some confuse this with the color burgundy, which is actually just a darker crimson red.



Pair wine colors with marble and gold accents for a vintage yet modern style. Pair it with musky, grey-blue, and oak furniture for a modern statement or aim straight for navy with patterned reds. Use it with medium grey tones and add greenery for a young, spring-like mood. Use a wine color as an accent wall in a barely beige-dominant room and accentuate it with black ornaments.



The options are endless! So just add merlot to your space, and drink up its beauty.



10. Alluring Burgundy




Burgundy is a dark shade of red with purple undertones. Navy and grey-blues are exquisite with burgundy for modern styles, and it can also be accentuated with gold.



For a more antique look, contrast is key: use only shades of barely-beige and oak/golden-footed furniture as accents. Velvety and thick fabrics work best here!



Buy these throw pillows to have strokes of Burgundy at home!



So there you have it – 10 shades of red for a classy atmosphere. Feeling inspired to incorporate red into your house yet? Try our tips today and be amazed by the results!


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