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25 Small Kitchen Storage Ideas For Your Tiny Kitchen 25 Small Kitchen Storage Ideas For Your Tiny Kitchen

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25 Small Kitchen Storage Ideas For Your Tiny Kitchen

Written by: William Harrison

Grab some of the best small kitchen storage ideas to declutter your kitchen. Witness the magic happening and make heads turn like never before!

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A kitchen is the heart of a home. It is where food is prepared and fed to the loved ones. Generally, people prefer having a large-sized kitchen which caters to a modern lifestyle. However, there are several houses that feature a small kitchen. But when it comes to storage capacity, a small kitchen can be the biggest nightmare. Therefore, we have some of the best small kitchen ideas for those who find it difficult to organize a small kitchen. Moreover, these smart storage cabinet ideas work great if you live in a recreational vehicle.  If you can’t get enough of storage, check out these exciting storage ideas.






A wall pegboard helps organize almost anything in the kitchen. This is the best kitchen wall storage idea you find these days. From large pans to serving spoons, you can hang different utensils to make space in your small kitchen. This one right here is ten times stronger than other wall pegboards. It comes with different slots to secure pegs and hooks. Furthermore, the steel panels prevent the holes from wearing out and are constructed with a flange that separates the panel from the wall. Apart from that, pegboards are mounted directly into studs. 







With a wire rack, you can easily manage kitchen storage cabinets and shelves. These are used to organize and store multiple items even in congested space without requiring an installation. Put your plates, cups, fine china, or bowls and create space anywhere at any time. Moreover, wire shelves are easy to clean and serve the purpose for a long period of time. 







Clear Tupperware is the perfect fit to organize your pantry. These durable plastic containers keep the content visible; therefore, you always know how to arrange them in your pantry based on what you require the most. This is the perfect fit for small kitchen storage cabinets. Moreover, you can stack multiple boxes together and maximize the space in your kitchen storage cabinets. With a comfortable grip, you can easily transport these containers from one place to another as well.







A kitchen drawer organizer is an ideal fit for kitchen drawer storage and kitchen cupboard storage ideas. It incredibly helps in storing maximum stuff in the drawer. Moreover, it is specifically crafted to fit any size of the compartment along with providing an attractive and sleek look. Keep in mind that the material should be durable and also clean up well using soap and water. In addition, you can store spoons, forks, and other little small things easily in the drawer. 







Pans take up most of the space in the lower as well as upper cabinets. Large pans can hinder you from storing stuff and keep you from managing everything nicely, which creates a mess. With a pan organizer, your life will be sorted. Not only it helps you create more space; this organizer helps you locate pans more easily. Additionally, it is one of the best small kitchen storage ideas.







A hand-woven utility basket is great to keep your most loved wine bottles in your reach and organized as well. You can very well hide it inside a small kitchen storage cabinet. Not only that you can also store your delicate plates, bowls, and mugs wrapped neatly in these baskets. Place them in the upper-most counters of your kitchen or above the fridge and make space for other things. 







This item is perfect for storing small cleaning brushes in the tip-out trays that clutter all over the sink if you aren’t very careful. Furthermore, tilt storages can be installed easily without any professional help and are one of the ideal small kitchen storage ideas. Make the perfect use of the tip-out trays, which otherwise would be of no use!







Make use of the space between the fridge and wall by adding this rolling cart in your kitchen. Store spice boxes and other small containers and use it as a kitchen drawer storage. Moreover, you can also stack necessary food items in this cart and roll it in the space between the wall and the fridge. Make room for more and more stuff in your small kitchen with these smart small kitchen storage ideas.







Store fruits and vegetables in wall-mounted storage. Usually, the baskets in which you store fruits and vegetables take up a lot of space. Therefore, make sure this basket is in your kitchen and help you save some great deal of space.  







Above all, a dish drying rack will save so much space in your small kitchen when you install it. While washing the utensils, you won’t have to worry about placing them on the counter with the help of this rack. Whether it is your plates or glasses, you will just have to wash them and let them dry and later keep in their respective places.







Your beautiful collection of mugs should have a perfect place to be store and not just any cabinet for that matter. A mug tree is an ultimate solution to hang your mugs while they are not in use. Apart from that, it also adds more to the beauty of your kitchen as you display some of your most used and favorite mugs to everyone else. Moreover, it also helps to keep the clutter away and acts as an alternative to kitchen storage cabinets. 







Wrap boxes take a lot of space in the drawers and cabinets. This perfect kitchen accessory is here to save your day as well as kitchen space! Place it in the cabinet and arrange the different sizes of these packs. Furthermore, you can even place it on the shelf itself as it doesn’t take much space while being a perfect addition to all the other kitchen accessories. A perfect example of a smart storage cabinet idea!







Declutter your cabinets and drawers and put your tea bags in an arranged manner with a tea bag organizer. It organizes around 100 tea bags in a compact space and keeps them in one place. Moreover, it fits almost anywhere and can be set up in just a couple of minutes! 







Towel bars are a great addition to a small kitchen. These bars keep hand and dish towels within reach when storage is limited. It is a perfect example of a smart storage cabinet idea. In addition, the installation is hassle-free with the requirement of any tool. Furthermore, it can be fitted to a standard drawer or a cabinet door. To clean the bar, wipe it with a damp cloth. 






The front-side of a fridge has ample space. You can easily attach a magnetic fridge rack. Moreover, the rack plays multiple roles while storing different stuff in the kitchen. Whether it is the tin cans or your favorite bottle of wine, there is enough space to keep everything within your reach. Apart from that, you can also hang your hand towels on this rack. 







You can make use of your living room by keeping a small cabinet to store some crockery that isn’t used often. It will help you clear some space from the kitchen storage cabinets and make room for other stuff. Furthermore, the small cabinet will make a cute addition to your living room while helping you create storage. Make sure the cabinet matches the rest of the furniture so that it doesn’t look out of place. 







Knives take a lot of space in a drawer. For this reason, you must store your knives on a magnetic strip attached to the wall. This allows you to grab and keep the knife in place very quickly whenever required while saving a lot of kitchen drawer storage. With this magnetic strip, not only your knives have a designated place, but your serving spoons can also be attached here. 







Any leftover food should not be kept in a bowl and then transferred to the fridge since bowls take a lot of space. You can make use of small storage containers that are not only compact but also stackable to be kept in the fridge. Moreover, they do not take much space and make sure your kitchen counters remains neat and clean.







Cutting boards also take a lot of space in the cabinet, just like any other utensil. This cutting board hanger is perfect for you to store the boards and also keep them within your reach. Apart from cutting boards, you can also keep your baking trays in this hanger. Make way for other big utensils in the cabinet when you store your collection of baking trays and cutting boards in this hanger.







A rolling cart is an ideal storage saver perfect to be placed in your small kitchen. The shelves can provide more space to store things from your pantry. Moreover, you can arrange the small objects and contents stably without a worry. With its tiers, the cart is easy to move from one place to another. Furthermore, you can place small bowls or mugs and put the space in the cabinet for some other use. 







Cleaning supplies take enough space and need to be stored at a place where you can easily find them. Furthermore, with this cleaning supplies storage basket, you will be able to keep everything in order and make use of the space with ease. Additionally, it is perfect for storing various bottles and brushes and can be hanged on a cabinet door. 







A sink cover, when placed over the sink, makes extra room to keep your stuff on the counter. Moreover, it is an excellent kitchen accessory to make extra space in a small kitchen. Furthermore, you can easily place your utensils or bowls when they are in use on this part of the counter. Don’t worry about the installation as it barely takes a few minutes. Also, it is easy to clean and works like a true charm. 







Get rid of that polythene bag from your kitchen which has hundreds of other bags, and hang a trash bag storage on the wall. It will help you in keeping your kitchen neat and store all the bags in one place. However, even though it is small but one of the most important small kitchen storage ideas. 







A revolving spice rack helps you store spice containers with maximum ease and saves a lot of kitchen drawer storage. Apart from being super handy, it fits even in the most narrow spaces. Furthermore, you won’t have to go on looking for some specific spice with this amazing product! 







If your kitchen lacks a lot of space, you can place an additional cabinet to store every extra stuff in the kitchen. It comes handy in many ways and stores your kitchen supplies with ease. Additionally, it is compact; therefore, it won’t take much space in a place that is already small. 





In conclusion, these small kitchen storage ideas are a perfect solution to anyone who has a small kitchen in their house. These ideas also work well if you own a studio apartment and find it difficult to store the supplies and other stuff in your kitchen. Apart from that, if you are always on the road in an RV and find it difficult to store your stuff in the kitchen, these small kitchen storage ideas will work wonders for you. Furthermore, each product is selected, keeping style and utility in mind! We hope these products help you turn the face of your tiny kitchen and make it a haven!

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