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15 Awesome Laundry Room-Beautifying Ideas 15 Awesome Laundry Room-Beautifying Ideas

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15 Awesome Laundry Room-Beautifying Ideas

Written by: Chloe Davis

15 FREE and proven ways to spruce up your laundry room immediately! Laundry day (or night) will never be a boring affair again.

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The laundry room is one of the less frequently used rooms in your house. Maybe, like Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, you go there and wash your clothes only on Saturdays.



However, that doesn’t mean you should overlook it while doing a whole house make-over. Remodeling and decorating it becomes doubly important if you have a small, cluttered laundry room. A neat and clean house that includes your laundry room keeps your mind fresh and peaceful.



Here are 15 incredible laundry room décor ideas. They make the laundry look so stunning that even Sheldon Cooper would be forced to break his rigid schedule and go there more than once a week!



First, visualize what an ideal laundry room means to you: Before proceeding to renovate your laundry room, make a plan for how you want to re-decorate it to suit your needs and taste. Only after that, you should go ahead and make the necessary re-arrangements. You can use the below-mentioned tips.



1. De-clutter


Enough of the chaos that has been ruling your laundry room so far. Bring it to a close. Remove those orphaned socks, missing-button shirts, over-torn jeans, dryer sheets, and the dirty, empty detergent bottles. You don’t need them anymore. Now, proceed to decorate the room as per the new blueprint.




If there is already a shelf in the laundry room, chances are it is not placed in a space-saving and aesthetic way. So, you need to purge the laundry room of that ugly shelf or shelves to make way for some cupboards and laundry room cabinets that will make the room pretty as well as occupy less space providing more storage. However, take care while removing the shelf as you might peel off a significant portion of the drywall that is attached to the shelf by screw or glue. You have to fill those peeled off portions so as to make it look consistent with the rest of the wall.



3. Repaint The Wall

repaint the wall



Since you are remodeling the laundry room, you must have taken out the washer and dryer along with the laundry room cabinets and shelf. Now that you have the whole wall of the room to work with, why not paint it? With time, water and moisture spoil the paint of the walls in the laundry room that can make it look super-ugly. You can use two different colors – one for three walls and the other for the remaining one – making it the accent wall. Accent walls are very popular these days. The new coat of paint will breathe new life into your laundry room.



4. Rework The Floor


rework the floor



If your laundry room is old, chances are its floor has developed molds and blemishes. You might want to change the floor tiles or re-polish the existing ones and re-grout if they are not severely damaged.



5. Use Space-Saving Cabinets



After removing the old shelf, you can, instead, put up two light cupboards against the wall that extends all the way to the ceiling. Leave some space between the two cupboards. Now in the space between the two cupboards, set small-sized floating shelves. This way, you can utilize the space in your laundry room optimally.





Now that you have painted the walls of the laundry room, why not compliment that with painting the cabinets too? If you have painted the walls white, you can paint your cabinets lime green. Pick dryers and washers in pop colors from the market to make the décor more fun.





Is your laundry room looking too artificial with all the machinery? You can put some unbreakable vases and keep some indoor plants in them. This green touch will be mesmerizing to behold. Plants like aloe or pothos plant can be kept in the laundry room.





There are some clothes that are too delicate to be washed in a machine. For that, you need a sink. So, if it’s not there, get one installed. – A big one this time.



9. Place The Machines In A Cemented Bracket

If you want your washer and dryer to be placed in a more compact way, place them within a cemented bracket and utilize the top of the bracket by putting a wooden countertop that can act as a folding board.






Improper or no vent can harm the machines and walls in your laundry room. The high moisture content of the indoor air, in the absence of sufficient sunlight and air, will lead to humidity and dampness. Big windows are always the first choice in improving ventilation. If it is not possible to install them, put an exhaust fan in the laundry. It will help remove the musty smell of damp and detergent.






Upgraded lighting can do wonders for your laundry. Add an overhead fixture, pendant lights, or under-cabinet lightings to make the entire space look interesting. It will also help you find spots and stains on your laundry items easily; so you can pre-treat them before putting inside the washing machine.



12. Use Vertical Space

One clever way of utilizing the narrow space in a small laundry room is by placing the dryer above the washer. That way you can use the vertical space effectively. You can do the same thing with laundry room cabinets also.





You can attach innovative racks or hook hangers to the door of the laundry room to utilize the space in a smarter way. Hang lighter items, which you need to wash the next day, from those hangers. But do not leave like that for too many days.





With a cloth dryer on the floor, you can dry many clothes at once. Putting an old ladder technique to hang clothes for drying is too main-stream. Don’t go for it if you want your laundry room to look different.



15. Check The Drainage

If ever your washing machine malfunctions, it might lead to the overflowing of water. Proper drainage must be ensured to let the water go out of the laundry room. Also, check the floor slope. Incorrect sloping may lead to water stagnation and accident.



Bonus Tip – Be Practical: Design is not the primary thing while planning for your laundry room decor. Comfortable washing and drying of clothes are. And so is ventilation and drying. Buying energy-saving machines and lightings, ensuring that the electric sockets are not too low to avoid any danger in case of water overflow, etc should be on your priority list.




We wear clothes to make ourselves look beautiful. We wash these clothes in laundry rooms. Thus, it would be an injustice to your laundry room if you don’t make it look beautiful as well.

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