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12 Dorm Room Decor Ideas To Give Positive Vibes 12 Dorm Room Decor Ideas To Give Positive Vibes

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12 Dorm Room Decor Ideas To Give Positive Vibes

Written by: Noah Bennett

Catch hold of these dorm essentials & turn your college dorm room from a bland space to an exciting and vibrant space like never before, HURRY UP!

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Figuring out your dorm room decor can be a challenge – dorm rooms are usually not the cosiest of rooms in the first place, and without some key décor, you only have the bare essentials to work with.



Moving into your new dorm room for the first time is an exciting step, and decorating it is a rite of passage for any new college student. While the change of moving away from home can be overwhelming, decorating your dorm room shouldn’t be.



With just a few key pieces, you can transform your room into a cosy and inviting place to study, relax and hang out with your friends.



Steal a few of these simple dorm room decor ideas to turn your room from bare and boring into a colourful, homely sanctuary.



1. Fairy Lights Add A Touch Of Magic







Fairy lights are the ultimate dorm room decoration. Not only do they give off a cosy, homey vibe, but they are also perfect year-round.



They add some warmth and magic to your space and are super easy to put up. From golden glow to colourful twinkling bulbs, draping a few strings of fairy lights are sure to liven up any room, no matter the size.



Find out more about these lovely fairy lights here.



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2. Comfy Bedding Makes For An Awesome Night’s Sleep




Comfy Bedding Makes For An Awesome Night’s Sleep



One of the most important yet underrated essentials in a dorm room decor is to have comfortable bedding. Having quality bedding can be the difference between getting an average night’s sleep and getting a great night’s sleep.



And let’s face it when you’re busy socialising with friends, studying late into the night or partying into the early hours, getting into bed will be all the more rewarding.



3. Hanging Stars And Paper Lanterns Add Charm And Character



Hanging Stars And Paper Lanterns Add Charm And Character



For a unique dorm room decor idea, try hanging paper stars or lanterns around your bed to create a sort of colourful canopy.



This simple DIY décor can help transform your room and sleeping area instantly, making it feel more homely and exciting.



They also do not take up any useable space, which makes them perfect for smaller dorm rooms too.



Check the latest price of these beautiful hanging stars here.



4. Add A Cute Doormat For Some Colour Beneath Your Feet



Add A Cute Doormat For Some Colour Beneath Your Feet



A full-sized rug could be a bit overbearing in a small dorm room. A colourful doormat or mini rug, however, can help cover up shabby carpet or tiles while not crowding your floor.



A small doormat can also help make you feel like your room is now truly yours. It can also come in handy when the floor gets cold in the wintertime, especially if your floor is tiled.



Click here for more information on the best doormats



5. Plants Add A Homely Touch





Plants Add A Homely Touch



Adding some easy-care plants to your room does more than making your space feel homely. It also benefits your health by improving air quality.



Some beautiful, low maintenance plants such as succulents, bamboo and aloe vera are perfect for dorm rooms, and keep you close to nature at all times. Place your plants on your shelves, windowsill or desk, and you’ll begin to feel calmer in no time.



Check out this cool terrarium here



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6. Keep Your Clothes On Show



Keep Your Clothes On Show




A cute clothes rack can be both a dorm room essential and a way to add some more colour to your space.



Using clothes rack to show off your clothes will also encourage you to hang your clothes up – instead of piling them on the floor and creating a floordrobe. It also gives you easier access to your clothes and saves you time rummaging in drawers for your favourite outfit.



Check the latest price of this comfortable clothes rack now



7. Photo Collages Add A Personalised Touch




Photo Collages Add A Personalised Touch



Keep your family and your high school friends close with this personalised DIY photo collage.



Not only will some photos of your favourite people and moments brighten up your room and bring a smile to your face, but they can also help you feel less homesick when times get tough. For a cute “frame” to your photo collage, try draping some fairy lights around your pics.



More information on this great polaroid camera is available here!



8. Throws And Cushions In Every Colour




Throws And Cushions In Every Colour



A few soft, bright throws are perfect for the winter months and to add some colour to your room. Boost the cosiness factor and chuck in some fun cushions too.



Once those cold, winter nights roll in or if you have company, you’ll be grateful for these simple, multi-functional additions to your room.



Check out this funky pillow here



9. World Map (Or A Map Of Your Country)




World Map (Or A Map Of Your Country)




Having a map of the world or your country in your room is a great way to liven up empty wall space.



As well as decoration, your wall map can be used for planning future adventures and for marking where your new friends are from.



Using stickers or pushpins to pinpoint which region or country your friends are from is a great way to personalise your map. Not to mention it’s also a unique conversation starter.



Get more information on this lovely world map here



10. Peel And Stick Wallpaper For A Mini Wall Makeover



While you probably won’t be allowed to totally makeover your room, you can always get some sheets of temporary wallpaper to brighten up blank and dreary walls.



Choose from a range of different peel and stick wallpapers, and you’re good to go! The best thing about decorating your room with peel and stick wallpaper is that it’s super easy to put up and remove.



Click here for amazing wallpapers that are sure to complement your house



11. Bluetooth Speakers For Great Music Vibes





Bluetooth Speakers For Great Music Vibes



There’s nothing like some cool and colourful Bluetooth speakers to create any atmosphere you like in your dorm room.



If you’re a music lover, this is a dorm room essential. But even if you just want to pump some chill study beats or listen to the radio while you’re getting ready, some Bluetooth speakers never go amiss!



Check the latest price of this brilliant waterproof bluetooth speaker here


12. Organiser Boxes Are Both Cute And Practical




Organiser Boxes Are Both Cute And Practical



Keep your dorm room looking neat and organised with some decorative storage boxes.



To avoid your room getting messy, simply store away things you don’t need in these boxes, which you can hide in your wardrobe, tuck away in a corner of your room or under your desk.



Get organized with these handy storage boxes now



What are you waiting for? These dorm room essentials double as a cute piece of decoration. You’ll be able to save some much-needed space while adding some flair to your room at the same time.

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