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5 Best Grandfather Clocks For A Vintage Feel 5 Best Grandfather Clocks For A Vintage Feel

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5 Best Grandfather Clocks For A Vintage Feel

Written by: Ethan Hayes

Tell the time in style with these classic grandfather clocks. Purchase these for ultimate vintage feels and give your house its finishing touch.

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Your home decor is never complete without a grandfather clock inside. Conservatives and lovers of traditional artifacts have to add ancient grandfather clocks somewhere in their study or dining to give their house aesthetic appeal.



A grandfather clock is one of the most precious assets you can have in your house.



The famous grandfather clock, also known as a longcase clock, dates back to the year 1670. William Clement, a distinguished English clockmaker, invented the grandfather clock. Since the invention, the clock has certainly become famous in various households all over the world.



Grandfather clocks come in different varieties. However, the most common features of the clock are a pendulum and a clock face.



A typical grandfather clock covers a base area of 0.96 feet by 1.6 feet (12 by 20 inches). It is about 8 feet tall and weighs up to 250 pounds. This means that you will need enough space to put your grandfather clock.



Since their early invention, the traditional clocks have maintained their ideal look. Today, most contemporary homes have a perfect layout for a grandfather clock.



Grandfather clocks not only provides you with the proper time but also increase beauty with their decorated wooden swing and pendulums. Mostly, they are made of fine wood and come in different natural colors that match the furniture in your home.



The clocks are common assets in modern homes given the superb artistry and technology used to make them.



Below are five grandfather clocks that will certainly add a great vintage feel in your entire house. You can choose one that goes well with your house theme, but they are all great options nonetheless.



5 Incredible Grandfather Clocks

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Coaster Home Furnishings Grandfather Clock is an antique grandfather clock that you can go for in the online market.



The cherry colored clock is made of wood and comes with a west minister chiming movement. It is a combination of technology and artisanship designed to enhance the beauty of your dining room.



The clock is about 6.2 feet high and has a base area of 22 X 10 inches to ensure maximum stability. It weighs approximately 53 pounds.



The Coaster Home Furnishing grandfather clock has a decent brown-red finish that creates a relaxed and glowing palette. Thus, you can put the clock in the foyer, entryway, hallways, or any ideal space in your house with minimal commotion



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Quartz Wood Pendulum Clock is another great grandfather wall clock that you should certainly look out for.



The wall clock is designed for the office, kitchen, and living room. It also operates on a battery and comes with a study brass-swinging pendulum. It is non-chiming and therefore ideal for the office environment.



The clock has a perfectly designed rectangular shape. It is featherweight (8.5 pounds) and comes with hooks for ease of hanging on your wall.



Above all, Quartz Wood Pendulum Clock has a thick glass covering that makes it more attractive when placed in your living room. It has a natural dark wood appearance that marches the furniture in your living room.



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Seiko grandfather clock is an amazing clock that every homeowner should look forward to having. The clock’s making comprises the Kinetic Auto Relay technology that helps it to correct time.



Distinct features about this clock include the weight of 13.95 pounds, size of 30.0 X 6 X 28 inches, Dark mahogany material make and an I C battery.



If you are looking therefore for a grandfather clock that improves the decor in your living room, then Seiko clock is the best option. It has a decent ornate brass pendulum that adds to its beauty and elegance.



Due to this reason, it is a darling to lots of people. It includes all other features you can imagine including the efficient Whittington chime that strikes after an hour thus keeping you on time.



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Kendal Wood Clock is a stylish grandfather clock that everyone intending to add décor in their living room should look for. The device has unique features such as night silencer, adjustable volume, and automatic night shut off.



The clock features the best-handcrafted details that give it a natural look. It has excellent timekeeping abilities and uses two D batteries to run. The clock is, therefore, an embodiment of beauty that enhances the décor in your house.



It has an artificial cuckoo that comes out every hour to announce the time. Therefore, you’ll always keep track of time.



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If you miss the traditional grandmother clock and grandfather clocks, then Bulova Clock is the right selection for you.



The clock is designed with the Old World concept to bring out the ideal perception of a grandfather wall clock. Here are some of its unique features:



• Décor: Carved accents and screened glass
• Dimensions: Base area of 9” x 3.75 “; is approximately 19” in height
• Material: Veneer case
• Numerals: Roman



Bulova Clock is driven by an efficient quartz crystal timekeeping system that ensures it is always precise on timing. The clock adds elegance into your room while giving you a natural look you want in a grandfather wall clock.



Having a precious grandfather clock close to your living room staircase landing is the best way of reminding your visitors of your taste of interior design. Most people buy traditional grandfather clocks to improve the interior decoration of their homes.



Having a grandfather clock with mastery of modern technology is, therefore, an ideal way to ensure timekeeping in your home and boost the feasibility of your room.



Wall and floor grandfather clocks are rather suitable for spacious homes. If you live in an apartment with little space, then you might consider going for the grandmother clocks.



Whether you are looking for a traditional or a modern grandfather clock with decent pendulum, you must always search widely to find the ideal one that suits your specifications.



All the antique clocks highlighted in this article contain the essential grandfather clock parts that you need.



So, why not go ahead and purchase your favorite grandfather clock to boost the beauty and elegance in your living room?

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