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5 Ottomans To Give Your Living Room The Perfect Look 5 Ottomans To Give Your Living Room The Perfect Look

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5 Ottomans To Give Your Living Room The Perfect Look

Written by: William Harrison

Check out our list of ottomans that offer both style and practicality. Create a unique and beautiful corner in your living room by adding ottomans to it.

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While planning and decorating the living room, one of the most common furniture is Ottomans.



The backless couch is in trend and it can be a game-changer. Gone are those days when you needed to have a big couch in your room! Be it your drawing room or the fancy bedroom, it needs to look perfect and a big couch just doesn’t feel right.



Starting from placing the right thing in the right place, another most important decision regarding home decoration is which furniture has to be chosen according to the colors, patterns and the space your room has.



When it comes to the living room it needs to look perfect as it creates the first impression when the guests arrive. For this reason, an Ottoman is a perfect addition to a living room without overcrowding the space.


blue ottomans


Though it doesn’t have comfortable back or armrest, you can always place some cushions on the Ottoman and you are good to go. It can be the show stopper if you choose it wisely keeping in mind every other element of the room. And by the way, apart from just pattern, shapes and colors, you can also choose ottoman according to their categories.



You can always put some long chairs in your living room just beside the fireplace and put an ottoman in between them. The chairs, circling around the ottoman can serve as a makeover look instead of a big cliche couch.



Modern ottomans are not all for footrest these days. You can use its versatile nature as a center table, single sofa and what not! You can change the look of your living room in the blink of an eye with a simple ottoman. So, to help you decorate your living room we have picked 5 best ottomans that can totally change the mood. Here, have a look!


5 Ottomans To Beautify Your Living Room


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1. Tufted Ottomans


Tufted ottoman


Thanks to its tufted design, this type of ottoman can make your room look elegant and spacious.



If you are a person who always puts comfort way ahead of anything else, then you can always opt for this. This type of ottoman is perfect for putting a generous number of cushions on it. So you can always sit in comfort with the added benefit of elegance.


2. Storage Ottomans


Storage ottomans

Photo by Finallyhomefurnishings.com


Are you one of those people who always struggle with managing space in your living room? Do you have a lot of storage but don’t really have space in your room? If so, this ottoman is the solution.




The storage ottomans are good as a living room storage space as well as having a piece of furniture to rest your feet on. Perhaps you can even sit and do some light reading. Put your files, children’s toys and everything you want inside the storage ottoman.



You can always opt for a variety of patterns, prints, colors, and shapes when you consider having storage ottoman inside your living room. You can also put books, seldom used materials and easily manage a lot of space. Multiple problems, yet one solution!


3. Glider Ottoman


Glider Ottoman

Photo by Lucialighting.com


Glider ottomans are basically square-shaped ottomans. These types of ottoman work best with people who want their ottoman to glide as they move around. This is mostly famed for flexibility. Glider ottomans are best for footrest when you are just casually spending time, reading books or anything else that is a part of your own quality time.



You can always opt for different fabrics such as leather, pure cotton or anything else. If you customize, then you can also select a glider ottoman with a tuft.


4. Coffee Table Ottomans


Coffee Table Ottomans

Photo by Discountlivingroom.com


Having both a coffee table, a couch, and an ottoman is really pricey or space engaging. So if you are looking for something more cost-friendly and spacious, then obviously coffee table ottomans are meant for you. The flat surface is so firm and comfortable that you can easily sit on it or put some cushions and a designer cover to change the look and relax.



If you are in a mood for coffee, then it can serve as a stylish and handy coffee table as well. You can simply place a table of drinks on it and it looks just as good as a center table. Why buy more furniture when you can work with one? Coffee table ottoman is a one-stop solution for you.



You can also check out our article on attractive coffee tables to brighten up your living room.


5. Pouf Ottoman


Pouf Ottoman


Pouf ottomans are usually round in shape and are mainly used as a piece of furniture for a footrest. Put it in front of your chair or a single sofa and that’s it. Compliments will be pouring in from your friends and guests. You can always put covers according to your choice or select from leather-based, fabric-based varieties.



Nowadays, square ottomans are also trending in home decor and you can even make one all by yourself. It basically works as a knitted bean bag. From kid’s room to your living room, pouf ottomans are stars.



Ottomans are known for taking little space, but did you know it works as a whole for your everyday life inside your home. It is considered as an added sitting furniture, plus if you attach wheels, it can work as a movable serving table when you are planning to have a casual hangout in your deck.



Some outdoor ottomans are also offering an added cooler advantage which can be used as a portable refrigerator for your outdoor party beverages. This little piece of furniture serves so many different purposes that you can never simply say no to it.



When you know that your room is missing something, add an ottoman. If you can incorporate the balanced shaped ottoman with the color of your living room, there can be nothing better than this.



Admit it or not, you always need some souvenirs to decorate your home. A wisely chosen ottoman with an elegant look and perfect color blend can work as good as a souvenir. Besides, when it’s not needed, you can always keep it under your bed and then pull it out whenever the need may be.



This child-friendly furniture is a treat and a great addition to any living room. It does not only make the living room well-decorated but also helps you in various ways because of its practical nature.

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