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8 Best Coffee Table Designs That Will Excite You 8 Best Coffee Table Designs That Will Excite You

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8 Best Coffee Table Designs That Will Excite You

Written by: Daniel Carter

Are you on the lookout for unique coffee table designs that will transform your living room to a whole new level? Read on for the best tips!

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A coffee table is an essential part of the living room. It is more than a place to put your coffee cups, books or TV remote. It actually brings the whole room together, and can help create a sense of cohesion in your living room.



Without a coffee table, you’ll have an awkward empty space. So it is important for you to get one for your living room!



If you’re looking to get one, you may be interested in coffee table designs that are out of the ordinary. After all, the more unique, the better! So read on to discover the best coffee table designs for you.




Foosball is a fun game to play and is suitable for all ages. Do you occasionally hold game nights with your friends or family? Since the living room is a comfortable space to hang out in, why not add some fun to it and have this dual-function coffee table? This table is large enough to put several cups, remotes, table decorations, and more.



Make your living room more fun with this one simple added feature!



Now, it doesn’t get more unique than this. This aquarium coffee table design will surely catch everyone’s attention when people visit your house. Add life to your living room by having some of your favorite fishes here! The aquarium beneath the table is made from clear acrylic and beveled glass which gives you and your guests a wonderful view of the fishes swimming around.



Amazingly, the coffee table is also equipped with feeding slots and some cool decorations such as a plant, bluegrass gravel, and glowing lighting feature. Even if you’re not planning to have an actual fish in there, it’s still a beautiful furniture to have in your living room.



Are you looking for a sleek and modern coffee table? Look no further because this square rotating table is made of beautiful black oak wood that will definitely add character to your living room. The multi-layered rotating tops allow you to have extra space when you need it.



If you love animals, why not have them as a part of your coffee table? Adding wildlife to your house is always a good idea. They are an exotic and creative feature to add to your living room. The dolphins’ glass table is one example of a nice-looking animal-themed coffee table.



What’s your favorite animal? There are plenty of choices for you online. Maybe you’ll find your favorite animal to accompany you during moments of relaxation in the living room.



Do you like spending time working in your living room? Some people like to do their work while watching TV. If that’s the case, then this one is perfect for you! This modern lift-up coffee table can be turned into a multifunctional tool. For example, the top can be lifted high enough for your laptop to still be in reach while you sit comfortably. The table also has plenty of extra storage space hidden beneath the surface for added convenience.



It’s no secret that wooden furniture is a favorite for many. If you’re a fan of rustic furniture, this rectangle coffee table design is a must-have. It is versatile, looks aesthetically pleasing, and will for sure add character to the room. It also provides extra storage space for you to safely put your things.



Not many coffee tables come with a chair. But with this one, you can literally have your coffee time in any room with four of your friends or family members. When you’re done, you can put the chairs back in their original position, which fits right in with the shape of the whole table.



If you’re looking for a modern-looking coffee table with storage, here is one for you. The open shelf design allows you to keep your favorite books stacked very neatly. This extra storage space can also be used to keep small cushions or blankets for added comfort. Ultimately, this type of table is revered for combining practicality and beauty.



If you need more insight on attractive, simple coffee tables check out this article on Attractive Coffee Tables To Brighten Up Your Living Room!

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