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10 Brilliant Ways To Add The Plaid Pattern To Your House 10 Brilliant Ways To Add The Plaid Pattern To Your House

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10 Brilliant Ways To Add The Plaid Pattern To Your House

Written by: Chloe Davis

10 brilliant plaid pattern ideas that transform your environments from cozy to lush and classic to country. DO NOT MISS THESE!

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Plaid pattern can transform environments. From classic to country, from cozy to lush, the pattern goes well with different styles and can make a difference in clean, neutral rooms.



Undoubtedly, the plaid pattern in the interior is now undergoing a rebirth. Tartan is relevant in elements of upholstered furniture, home textiles, decoration of floors, walls and what not? Whereas the modern checkered pattern in interior design has undergone characteristic color changes.



In addition to the familiar chess pattern (black and white cells), designers are increasingly using bright, saturated colors – pink, red, green, etc. But how can we efficiently add these plaid patterns to our house? What are their implications? How does this plaid pattern contribute to our home decor? To find out the answers, read further!



10 Brilliant Ways To Add Plaid Pattern To Your House?



There are many ways to add plaid patterns to your home décor. Here we have listed 10 of these.





When it comes to home interior design, the first idea we think is a wallpaper. The wallcovering bends to all our desires and allows us to decorate without doing too much work. We can put it a little (or a lot), passionately!



So yes, to add plaid pattern to your house, choose a nice wallpaper with the tartan theme or checkered pattern and let your wall be the focus of everyone’s attention.





If you do not want to touch the decor of the walls, but still want to bring plaid pattern in your decor, there comes the solution of curtains. It’s a bolder choice than the plain curtains that are usually found.



Audacity is not a bad thing, especially when you want to customize your home decor.



3.     Incorporate Checkered Pattern Into Kitchen’s Credence

Your kitchen seems a little bland with its plain walls and its uniform furniture right? So, why not energize your space with checkered patterns on credenza?



Unlike curtains or wallpaper, changing credenza requires a little more work, but the game is worth the effort. It costs less than changing your furniture, but mind that adding plaid patterns give a new life to your kitchen.



If you do not want to do deco work, there is the alternative of stickers to put on your existing credenza.





In a plain room, plaid patterns on duvet covers can be stunners. The idea is super cool because we regularly change the covers and therefore we do not get tired.



One week, we have the bed covered with buffalo plaid. Next week we change it with the tartan themed bed linen. The following week, we move on to a Scandinavian universe with simple geometric patterns and pastels… And these are just three examples among the wide range of patterns in bed linen.





We started by talking about plaid pattern wallpaper, but if you like the idea of ​​paper without opting for wallpaper, there are deco posters and paintings.



The choice is vast, as are the reasons for these decorative accessories.





One option to add plaid patterns to your house is by using cushions with the flannel patterns.



It is quick to put in place and you don’t have to break your wallets to regularly change the patterns that make up your living room or bedroom decor.



To play around with creativity, try mixing plain covers and flannel patterned covers to give volume and comfort to your sofa.





The chemistry between the plaid pattern and the carpets are great.


Whether in the living room, the bedroom or at the entrance – carpet with plaid pattern is a subtle way to bring some pep into your home. Not only that, it also gives dynamism to your floors. It’s a very warm way to decorate your home.




8.     Stenciled Checkered Patterns on the Walls (or elsewhere)

checkered wall



If you like painting and if you like to make your own, stencil can be a good idea to create a plaid pattern on your walls.



Obviously, it’s not easy to have a perfect rendering. It depends on your tools, the quality of your wall and your stencil, etc. But with determination, it’s not impossible to put it in place.



9.     Checkered Pattern on Wall Hangings

Decorative wall hangings can also be a solution to bring a plaid pattern into your interior. They are totally trendy and quick to set up.



They can be found hanging on the walls, but also on the couch or as a bedspread.





A checkered pattern-based chair or sofa in combination with modern furnishings can add the necessary dynamics to the interior or, conversely, emphasize restraint and a certain conservatism.




Use these ideas and decorate your house with the plaid pattern. Also, note that it is very important not to overload the cellular interior with other trifles. If the checkered pattern is sufficiently present in the decor, it is important to leave the walls plain.

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