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100 Best Storage Closets That Are Space Savers 100 Best Storage Closets That Are Space Savers

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100 Best Storage Closets That Are Space Savers

Written by: Bella S.

There's no denying the convenience storage closets bring to our lives. Compartmentalize your items with the best storage solutions on the market!

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Large or small, short or tall, there’s no denying the convenience storage closets bring to our lives. Be it clothes, accessories, or even toys, these storage options are perfect for compartmentalizing your items, making for easy and almost instantaneous access to them. What are the best storage closets out there, and how can you maximize closet storage space? Let’s find out.



Top 3 Storage Closets Ideas


Why You Need Storage Closets

Like how you and I live in houses, clothes and miscellaneous items need a home of their own: storage closets make the perfect choice for that. Apart from ensuring that items don’t pile up (and subsequently create a “war zone” of sorts) , closets often come with many drawers/sections, thus allowing things to be sorted by category.


What We Need To Consider Before Buying Storage Closet?

There are 3 main types of storage closets: walk-in closets, reach-in closets, and wardrobes/armoires. Before buying a storage closet, here are some factors you should take into consideration:


1. Space

Without a doubt, space is one of the most important aspects to consider: how much space do you have at home, and how much of that are you willing to give up?


If you have limited space, it’s best to go for a reach-in closet or wardrobe. Reach-in closets are space-saving as they are built directly into walls, whereas wardrobes are often modestly sized and can fit in most corners/areas of your house.


If you’re lucky enough to live in a large house, though, a walk-in closet can be a truly dreamy place: it doubles as both a storage closet and a dressing area, and can serve as your own private beauty retreat. Sweet.


2. Size

Size is almost entirely dependent on the number of clothes/accessories that you have: if you’re a minimalist and own just a few pieces of clothing, a small closet such as the Sterilite Shelf Cabinet would probably suffice. Those with an ever-expanding clothes collection, on the other hand, should look at larger options (we can’t stop gushing about the versatile Kousi Portable Closet) or even custom make their own closet for greater flexibility.


3. Quality Of Materials

While storage closets are usually made from wood, they can also be made from materials like aluminium, bamboo, and steel. When it comes to wood, go for hardwoods over softwoods as the former tend to be more durable. Some examples of hardwoods are mahogany, red oak and birch.


4. Price

A good closet doesn’t have to be pricey – most storage closets will set you back $50-$150. For an excellent pick under $100, SONGMICS 59 Inch Closet is your best choice. Sturdy, spacious, and quick to assemble, it’s an all-rounder boasting an affordable price-tag.



Types of Storage Closets


From cherry wood to hickory wood, wood storage closets come in a variety of different variants and finishes. They’re sturdy, durable, and affordable in general. Wood storage closets are perfect for minimalists due to their connotation to nature, and the sheer simplicity of their designs.
An extravagant closet variant, walk-in closets are for those who value an all-rounded experience: people who enjoy dressing up as much as they enjoy picking out clothes. As a pre-requisite, you’ll need to ensure that you have ample space at home.
These closets allow air to circulate freely, thereby discouraging the growth of mold, mildew and the like on your precious clothes. They tend to be light and can be moved from place to place easily.
Choosing and installing that perfect storage closet gets tricky when it comes to sloped ceilings, but there are ways to work around it. Instead of buying just one closet with uniform height and width, you could opt for closets of different heights and sizes.
Make the most out of your house with these hanging storage closets: they hardly take up any space when set up, and can be folded neatly away when not in use.
Arguably the most common type of storage closet there is, these options are typically cheap and come in a wide variety of colors and designs.
Easy to dismantle and set up, portable storage closets are a dream come true for the domestic traveler, those with transferable jobs, or even people who frequently seek change within their houses.
The most common type of storage closet, reach-in closets balance functionality with style by means of adjustable shelves, drawers, hampers etc. As its name implies, all items are laid out, so all you have to do is “reach in” to get what you want.



100 Best Storage Closets That Are Space Savers

When it comes to organizing your stuff, storage closets are your best bet. Here are some closet storage ideas which not only offer space for stowing away all your essential items, but they’re also an organizer’s best friend. Storage closets come in various shapes, sizes, and arrangements; thereby, you can select the most suitable ones for your needs. There is a wide range of closets, including closet organizer products, closet storage bins, and closet drawers that have the potential to make your life tremendously easy. Check out some of our top selections that you can purchase online.



Let’s start with a traditional looking floor standing storage closet that is versatile and sturdy in its construction. The grey two-door storage closet easily fits into your garage or basement area to make organizing items a breeze. The resin construction adds a layer of toughness to the build quality; meanwhile, it easily supports up to 44 pounds.



This storage closet from AmazonBasics is what all minimalists dream of. The steel manufactured closet has a wardrobe section in the middle flanked by two storage racks. It features ten adjustable shelves with five on each side of the middle wardrobe closet. The closet is easy to assemble and graces your living room or the bedroom with its simple design.


AmazonBasics’ next item is the linen closet storage which is a triple storage drawer made of fabric. The fabric provides some beautiful aesthetics to the ensemble. The three-drawer organizer can be used standalone. Moreover, it provides extra organizing capabilities to a large storage closet. Whatever the use, the storage organizer is a near way of stowing small to medium-sized items.



The YOZO plastic storage closet is a great storage closet organizer. Clothes are one of the hardest things to manage and probably the most difficult to organize. This cube-shaped closet is a chic-looking closet that you will instantly fall in love with. The steel frame and plastic sheets enable a sturdy load-carrying capacity. There are hangers and shelves for folded clothes, so all your cloth storage needs are met.



The AmazonBasics 6-tier hanging shelf is a classic example of an excellent storage closet that saves you a lot of space. The closet drawers on this are removable if you want to showcase the items placed on the shelf. Moreover, the closed drawers are perfect for storing clothing accessories such as sweaters, socks, and undergarments.


The Whitmore storage closet features five strong shelves that you can utilize for storing clothes. Two compartments allow you to store hang ironed clothes while the shelves provide enough space for storing folded clothes. This convenient and portable storage closet can be moved easily around the house. It also has a zippered exterior that can be closed to ward off dust and protect the clothing inside. It can also be used as a closet shoe storage. 



One of the most effective space saving closet organizers happens to be the storage closet drawers. These closet drawers utilize vertical and horizontal space effectively by shielding all your daily-use items from plain sight. The Romoon 5-drawer closet is your perfect companion to make your living space more organized. The fabric texture of the closet drawers adds more style and panache to the whole cabinet.


Nightstands aren’t your run of the mill space savers when it comes to closet storage, but they do provide excellent utility. Bedside tables do not store much material, but well-thought-of nightstand tables such as this HOMFA Nightstand with two tiers efficiently organizes your stuff. The top of the table keeps your personal effects, while the roomy space below can store books and other small items.



If you’re looking for a simple modular structure with no great fuss, the AmazonBasics closet storage organizer with fabric bins should be the logical choice. This storage closet is a minimalist structure with a steel frame supporting loads over ten pounds. The two fabric closet storage bins act as an additional storage option for when things you want out of sight.



The Furinno closet storage is divided into five compartments and is a small yet elegant storage solution for your bedroom. The small space required to install the closet makes it ideal as a living room or bedroom addition. Books, small decoration pieces, and personal belongings easily fit into the five shelves of this white storage closet.



The storage organizer cabinet by George & Danis is a perfect way to adorn your children’s bedroom with an aesthetic storage option. The pink cube-shaped drawers present a beautiful set up for kids’ storage. All their clothes and even toys can be efficiently stored in this storage closet. It also comes in various combinations; thus, you can select according to space available.



The Closemate all-purpose storage organizer is a versatile installation to grace your living room. The top shelf is free to use without any compartment and acts as a tabletop. Meanwhile, the lower portion has box-like shelves to store different items separately. The bottom layer can also be left alone or placed with closet storage bins to utilize the space available further.



If you’re looking to store all the cleaning supplies or just the janitorial stuff, this Sandusky Lee storage cabinet is the most prudent choice. The steel body of the closet provides maximum durability. The sturdy build quality also allows the cabinet to withstand the wear and tear that may come with storing such janitorial items. It is an excellent space-saving broom cupboard and a supply storage unit, all in one.



The Whitmore hanging storage option is another outstanding space-saving unit as it utilizes much of the vertical space available in a bedroom or living room. The hanging storage closet lets you store your shoes conveniently and without any fuss. Shoes take plenty of storage space; hence hanging them vertically makes for an efficient solution.



Hanging closet organizers are an excellent way to utilize the unused vertical space available in most rooms. The MAX houser hanging closet organizer has three hooks that can be used to attach it to the existing closet support or though using nails on the wall. Moreover, besides the two open drawers, the organizer also has a lower steel rod to hang clothes on, thus making it even more efficient at space-saving.



These closet storage bins by Songmics are an excellent addition to any household’s storage cabinet. The storage bins are made of fabric but they possess an iron frame to hold the ensemble together. The textured fabric look is pleasing to the eyes. The closet storage bins have removable lids from being stackable, making them even more convenient to use.



Are you tired of the mess of tools and items in your garage? The Sandusky Lee steel-built cabinet is here to make your garage a more organized space. You can easily store your tools in the safety of this durable cabinet. Meanwhile, the convenient sectioning of the cabinet allows for efficient space utilization.



The twelve-cube storage cabinet by TomCare is another suitable option for users looking for a large storage unit. The 12 cubes can hold plenty of items, including various things such as clothing, books, decoration pieces, shoes, and toiletries. It makes this versatile cube-structure suitable for many locations, including the dressing room, bedroom, and the living room.



This seven drawer dresser storage is ideal for people looking to store a range of items in their storage cabinets. The drawers vary in size and usage hence they can easily store all kinds of items regardless of shape or size. The top of the drawer is free to be used as a table, allowing you to place your belongings or perhaps even decoration pieces. The steel frame holding the drawers is sturdy and also hosts the storage bins inside.



Storage, storage, and more storage is what you get with this heavy-duty closet organizer. The metal frame is capable of handling almost 400 pounds in weight. The two large compartments act as the wardrobe organizer, while many small shelves can be used for clothes and shoes. The top of the frame is also capable of handling more items in case you need them.



The Yitahome 7-drawer storage cabinet is a fabric made storage solution for your laundry and clothing needs. The sturdy metal frame at the heart of the cabinet provides much-needed support for it to stay upright. Meanwhile, a wooden top ensures space for your decorations and reading material. The size of the drawers is divided into four small drawers and three small ones for added utility.



The TomCare 9 cube storage solution features an innovative design. This DIY storage cabinet can be made into several arrangements. These arrangements depend on the way you put the nine cubes individually. You can opt for a descending order of 2, 3, and four cubes stacked side by side or other suitable combinations based on your personal preference.



The ClosetMaid 4104 features laminated wood that is perfect for those of you who love the fine wooden aesthetic. The cabinet is divided into six boxes with three closed at the back. The cabinet is versatile in terms of its usage. It can be used horizontally or vertically, depending on your need. Place it in the kitchen or the living room, the bedroom, or even the dressing room, it is the perfect space-saver you could possibly ask for.


If you’re looking for a minimalistic piece of storage solution for your wardrobe, then this Seville Classics storage organizer is a good option for you. The double rod expandable clothes rack provides ample space for worn and pressed clothes while the side shelves are suitable for placing miscellaneous items. The top surface of the closet can be used to store heavy items seldom used.



This beautiful dark cherry colored storage organizer is sure to spruce up any part of your house you wish to place it in. The three drawers are aptly sized for storing small to medium-sized items. The simple design makes it look super graceful and you can get more than one such organizer if you need more space. The shelves are adjustable so you can make room for larger items when needed.



The Furinno storage closet with six staggered shelves is a classic example of how to aesthetically store your book collection. Not only does it store your books but the staggered appearance makes for a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing design. Placing decoration pieces in tandem with books dials up the style factor of any living room up a notch.



This wire mesh design of a storage closet comes in handy as it can house the more rugged items such as outdoor sports ones. Moreover, it is suitable for a children’s room as it can withstand the higher wear and tear of children’s playful nature. The simple wire mesh design makes it suitable for storing just about anything – from books to footballs, and from laundry to stackable storage bins.


Got a large collection of CDs and DVDs at your disposal? Worry not for the Atlantic Oskar media cabinet has twelve adjustable drawers and four fixed ones to sort out all your media storage needs. The espresso themed media cabinet is a chic looking storage solution for avid collectors of records, CDs, and DVDs.



An excellent way to enhance your storage options is to use multipurpose storage solutions. The ClosetMaid 1570 is a great example of just that – a bench that has the added utility of acting as a storage cabinet. The three drawers beneath the bench are extremely useful and convenient for storing items such as toiletries or shoes.



The AmazonBasics four cube gride wire storage shelves are a reminder of all things simple. The wire mesh of a storage box helps you stow away all the necessary items within view. The mesh design ensures you can see what’s inside the storage cabinet. The stackable design makes it convenient for larger storage needs as well.



The Furinno Turn-N-table is an excellent way of portraying your media collection and the TV set. The middle section is spacious enough to support a sizeable LCD or LED television. Meanwhile, the racks along the sides of this middle section provide space for decorations and books. The espresso color makes it a storage solution for all ages.



The Buena Vista storage cabinet brings traditional aesthetics to your living room. The two glass shelves divide the upper portion of the cabinet to make for a beautiful mantelpiece for decorative items. The lower concealed drawers are for storing items away from plain sight. The Madison cherry finish gives the whole ensemble a rustic feel.



The sleek and chic looking Coaster storage cabinet is the perfect way to store items that you want on display. These can include fancy crockery items or decoration items in the living room. Whatever the usage may be, this white two-door cabinet is an item that mixes style with grace quite well and is perfect for your storage needs.



Are you looking for an efficient way to utilize that unused corner space? This glass door storage cabinet is your stylish solution to utilizing that corner space and increasing the oomph factor of the living room. Designed like a tall wall clock cabinet, the glass door saves the stored items from dust accumulation while portraying the items in their full grandeur at the same time.



This two-drawer horizontal storage cabinet is another great organizing solution from ClosetMaid. The laminated construction and the dark cherry finish give the closet a traditional look. The design and color are simple and graceful so that the closet can easily complement any place in the house. From the bathroom to the living room, the stackable cabinet lends itself to extra storage if needed.



This eight cubed storage closet isn’t your run of the mill cubed closet. The exterior design is an abstract painted one making this an excellent décor item of its own. The semi-transparent glass doors are a nice touch as you can peek inside easily. The stackable cubes can be arranged in several ways which gives you more control over how you organize your storage cubes.


Going for a traditional look for your media center? This Ravenna media center is a simple yet elegant choice. The four hidden drawers complement the two middle ones with no doors. These are well designed and perfect to put any DVRs or decoders while the top 47″ sturdy base holds your television. The cabinet is made of solid pine thus guaranteeing a solid build quality.



This beautiful looking corner floor cabinet has an excellent curved design with smooth flowing lines. The white cabinet accentuates any living area and is absolutely perfect for utilizing the corner space that typically goes unused. The cabinet construction is that of high-class wood and tempered glass making it a durable choice for any household.



Many large storage closet options also double up as wardrobe organizers. The UDEAR portable closet is also large but quite well thought out of in terms of design. It is divided into six drawer shelves for added storage needs. Meanwhile, the division is so well-done that it accommodates the hanging clothes of varying lengths, thereby utilizing the space in the most effective manner.



The Bush furniture media center is your classic way of placing all the media decoders and audio devices into a neatly designed cabinet. The specificity of this cabinet may hinder mass appeal but for the audiophiles and users with many media devices, this is one of the most elegant storage solutions. The frosted glass gives a peek into what’s inside without being too transparent.



The modular construction of this closet storage option by ClosetMaid is a versatile choice for enhancing closet organization. The stackable closet shelves go above each other to form many combinations. Moreover, the drawers inside the shelf unit are three in number but can be further divided if needed. The white color of the closet is suitable for all types of closets so it won’t seem out of place.



The Prepac shoe storage bench is an excellent organizer for all things shoes. The eight by three design of the storage bench offers room for 24 individual pairs of shoes. Moreover, it also doubles up as a seating bench while wearing shoes, thus adding more convenience to the assembly. The MDF construction makes it a durable and long-lasting choice.



White is the go-to color for many closet storage options as it accentuates just about any surrounding. The Better Homes and Gardens six cube organizer comes in a similar aesthetically pleasing style. The cubes on this shelf are however middle-sized and will appeal more to the décor oriented storage needs of the living room. Moreover, the two hidden drawers can be used for stowing away all the clutter of the room.



There are many media centric storage units available on the market but this Atlantic Typhoon media unit is a rotatable long storage cabinet. Thanks to a ball-bearing base, the media unit spins for you so that you can easily access its contents while staying in one place. The 360-degree rotatable design means you get added storage capacity in a limited footprint.


Kids don’t require sophisticated storage options but this bench by RiverRidge is the simplest yet most convenient storage solution for storing kids’ supplies that you could find online. The large box-like shelves make it versatile as you can utilize them at your behest. You can add storage bins for more organization or simply tuck the toys in the open closet if you wish.



Do you have a large closet and no way to organize it? Then look no further because this 44” by 115” closet organizer is a real lifesaver. ClosetMaid 6106340 is an item that utilizes space in a chic and elegant manner. There are three wardrobe hangers, 6 box-like shelves, and two horizontal shelves to meet your diverse storage needs.



The Tangkula TV stand is a modern necessity in most households. The entertainment center is a chic display of fine craftsmanship where the closet can easily hold a 60″ television. The drawers beneath offer much-needed storage for media-related accessories or books if you want. Additionally, the walnut-coloured closet is a great way of expressing your aesthetics.



Do you have plenty of vertical storage but not enough horizontally? The Prepac shoe storage closet is the perfect way to organize your shoe collection with a convenient long-standing wooden cabinet. The white cabinet holds its own as it suits any environment and efficiently utilizes vertical storage with its three by twelve design.



Storage closets come in various shapes and sizes as well as functionalities. A table posing as a storage closet is not new but the Home Styles’ oak table is a classic because of its dual functionality. It acts as a sofa table where you can rest your legs or put things on the tabletop while enjoying your favorite show, or you can store essentials in its two drawers that have a rustic wooden look about them.




The classic wardrobe storage closet is back on this list with this simple and elegant white cabinet by Hodedah. The two-door wardrobe organizer is of optimum height to store away all your clothes. Moreover, all your undergarments, socks, and accessories can neatly be tucked in the bottom drawers.



This three-tier marble table/ storage closet is an excellent way of displaying some beautiful art and décor items to spruce up your living room. The table is a multi-dimensional storage solution with closed and open drawers that can be used for display and to keep valuable books. The black metal frame is elegant and so is the mesh-like door of the table’s drawer.



This classy TV stand is sure to appeal to contemporary users as it offers a smooth wooden finish with a graceful design. Plenty of storage options are available both on the side of the TV console as well as beneath it. The two closed drawers and one open drawer offer versatile storage capacity. Moreover, the side console is another great storage option where you can place audio devices or even your media centers.



If you’re looking for a minimum footprint with the maximum storage options, then the Benjara pier cabinet should be on top of your list. This wood and metal constructed cabinet has four shelves, all of which offer diverse utility. The lowermost shelf can hold your shoes while the top ones will keep all your books safe. Three studded closed drawers offer a clutter-free living space as you store all miscellaneous items in these.



The next item on our list is again a rather simple looking bookshelf. The Hodedah five-shelf book cabinet in black is a sleek and chic looking cabinet with a touch of grace about it. The doors ensure everything inside stays intact and safe, meanwhile the cabinet comes in 3 and 4 shelf variants. It translates into an excellent combination if used together. The standalone bookshelf is well worth your living space anyways.



The Baxton studio shoe cabinet is a neat way of storing your shoes without making the space look like a clutter. This small cabinet has a cool seating area over the two open drawers thereby making it convenient for your to put on and take off shoes The three closed drawers can be used for more formal shoes or other items if need be, for safekeeping.



Make your living room clutter-free by buying this storage cabinet by Bush Furniture. The antique white accent of the cabinet makes for an intriguing design choice as it cooly integrates into your living room space. The middle open section can be used for storage bins while the two drawers with doors are capable of storing items you don’t want dust to settle upon.


Another classy and traditional choice for your storage needs is the Sauder storage closet with a wardrobe hanger and shelves for assorted clothing accessories. The beautiful cherry finished cabinet would make a graceful addition to your bedroom or living room area. The bottom drawers can easily be utilized for shoe keeping or toiletries. All in all, this cabinet is your perfect wardrobe storage utility.



Multipurpose storage closets are the talk of the town and these three basket bins’ storage bench by Badger Basket is just that. It provides a multipurpose approach to storage as it also acts as a bench for a kid’s room. The drawers are large enough to hold kids’ items such as toys and collectibles. Moreover, the faux leather and the brown wood look make it an appealing all-around choice.



The KidKraft bookcase is a classic example where utility meets specificity. The bookshelf is specifically designed for kids to read more books. The reading nook in the center of the bookcase offers a comfortable place to read the books for kids. Moreover, the close vicinity of books makes it a well-thought-of design.



A well-cushioned bench with a PU cushioned top and a chic brown exterior makes for an exquisite storage option. The bench is a perfect commodity to be placed in the hallway for people to sit and change shoes on, or for the living room for storing small essentials. Apart from essentials, it can also be used for décor items and books.



Do you want to organize your belongings efficiently? This Winsome wood storage organizer is what you should look out for as it has five drawers and a top cabinet that offers ample storage solutions for all things big and small. It is efficient in storing small items such as socks, undergarments, and collectibles into different drawers for easy access later.




The espresso-colored media stand by Ryan Rove is a work of art in contemporary terms. The four shelved storage cabinet consists of top quality materials such as MDF wood and tempered glass. The glass offers an exquisite look to the arrangement and so does the black wire mesh that runs the length of the cabinet. This mesh has circular holes for efficient cable management.



Not many storage closets can boast a specific function but the Sauder Craft Pro series craft cart is one for the art and crafts lovers. The ingenuity and the thought behind the execution of this cabinet are unparalleled. It speaks of a design made by an art lover, especially as it features dedicated trays for supplies, a tabletop to act as your drafting area, and plenty of differently-sized drawers to secure the supplies.



The Homfa kids cabinet isn’t your average kid’s storage solution, it packs a touch of simplicity with great utility all in one. The three detachable drawers are designed to imitate cubes that store kids’ toys and other belongings. The detachable portion is easy to maneuver around and fill it up with collectibles and toys around the room. The space above the drawers acts as added storage for placing toiletries or more kids’ toys.



If you’re looking for a long term solution to your storage needs, then the Sterling Home Ballintoy antique storage cabinet may be the right option for you. The galvanized steel, iron, and wood construction afford the maximum strength to this mid-sized cabinet. The unique antique look of the cabinet is a crowd puller as more and more home-owners prefer this type of vintage look.



A classic three-compartment wardrobe closet comes from CozyCasa with all the typical trappings of a traditional powerhouse. The middle section boasts a mirror as the storage closet becomes a complete solution for your grooming and storage needs. It is especially useful in small bedrooms that lack the space for full-sized tables just for mirrors.



When you’re looking to utilize the space in the corner of your room, the mind usually wanders off to a small storage solution product. The Manhattan Comfort Rockefeller bedroom closet offers the exact opposite. Providing the luxury of utilizing space as well as stowing away all your wardrobe is a big feat. The two-door closet offers excellent space for all your wardrobe to be tucked away.



A mahogany finish with three wardrobe hangers, three closed drawers, and plenty of shelf space is what you get from John Louis wood closet organizer. The organizer is a perfect way to utilize your closet space and to arrange all your belongings without the need to buy individual shelves, or wardrobe storage units. This closet organizer does all for you including stowing away your clothes, shoes, personal effects, and even toiletries.



If you don’t mind the clunking voice of steel and iron, then the Nitetronic steel wardrobe is an excellent choice. The wardrobe organizer is for those who like to go with their minimalist tendencies. The standalone cabinet is a chic looking product with minimal design elements to easily fit in with the environment of your living space.



Another bench-like design for storing shoes comes from SEI furniture in the form of this Chelmsford Entryway storage bench. The ten cubes act as your storage holders for shoes while the top three drawers can be used for multiple purposes including socks, undergarments, and so on. The design follows classic curves instead of sharp edges for a more refined look.



The Seville Classic expandable closet organizer is the simplest way of organizing your wardrobe. The heavy-duty steel construction of the rack makes it durable and long-lasting. It is also corrosion-resistant thanks to a satin-bronze finish. Moreover, the two side racks consisting of the shelves are separated by adjustable metallic rods. The length of the closet can be adjusted between 5 to 7 feet depending on the space available.



A steel frame, wooden top, and fabric storage bins turn into this unique combination of a vertical storage tower. The soft fabric provides a comfy feel while storing items safely, the steel frame provides sturdy support and load-bearing capacity, and the wooden top extends the storage capacity of the storage closet even further. It can be used in the hallway, bedroom, and entryway. Its espresso brown color makes for a rich and rustic look.



There are many ways of utilizing the vertical space of a room. One such way is to use the space behind the doors of a room. This over the door pantry organizer allows you to do just that with its six baskets made of steel. The strong frame structure provides for an impressive storage option for your pantry items. Moreover, it can easily be used for toiletries or cleaning supplies.



Another storage option aimed at a specific target audience is the folding sewing craft table by Giantex. The table is an intuitive way of storing and managing all things related to sewing. The sewing machine goes atop the table while shelves and trays hold your sewing supplies. Even if you don’t have a sewing machine, it can still offer valuable storage for small to mid-sized items.



Simplicity at its finest is what you get when purchasing this freestanding closet organizer from Little Tree. The metallic frame structure with particle boards to hold your stuff makes for a sturdy combination. The load-carrying capacity of this closet exceeds 350 pounds meanwhile the garment rod has a 50-pound capacity. The portable racks assembly can be moved around easily and is also easy to assemble.


The Guoxn coat rack is the dream of every minimalist as its design just oozes simplicity and elegance. The top garment rod can be used to hang clothes and coats while there are two layers of hooks for placing different things. These hooks can be used for hats, bags, or even for storing your keys in plain sight. The lower shelves act as traditional storage for keeping your toiletries or everyday use clothes within easy access.



The ZPEE plastic storage closet consists of another storage solution with modular construction. A cube is the individual unit of this closet and it can be interchanged to form many combinations. The present one has six cubes with a wardrobe rod as well. The plastic doors of the cabinet are cool with stickers to make them extra appealing for kids’ use. The cabinet is waterproof and dustproof thereby protecting your belongings from dust and humidity.



Storage options behind your door greatly increase the utilization of vertical space. The Kesitis over-the-door pocket organizer is a great tool for storing small and lightweight items. Typically these items cause the greatest clutter in any bedroom or living room. Storing these items out of sight and in the safety of this pocket organizer, you can have an organized space at your disposal.



Wood is an excellent choice when considering durability and style for your storage options. The Homfa bamboo rack offers these qualities and then some. The bamboo rack is lightweight and minimalistic due to its frame structure. The storage closet contains three straightforward divisions which act as shelves. So you can put your daily use items on them. Furthermore, there is a hanger just beneath the top shelf for wardrobe storage.



Multipurpose in design and multipurpose in performance, the HEMFV storage closet has it all. The steel frame holds the ensemble together while the resin material used for shelf construction is also durable and long-lasting. It contains wardrobe hangers, individual shelves of varying sizes, a showcase shelf, and shelves at the bottom for storing your shoes. All in all, the HEMFV storage closet is the all-rounder of storage solutions for your bedroom.


A contemporary minimalist approach towards storage meets the vintage wooden rustic look with this Sauder storage cabinet. The construction of the cabinet is that of engineered wood therefore guaranteeing excellent durability. The aesthetics are improved by painting the cabinet in antique color. Solid wooden knobs are a traditional touch to the cabinet that adds a bit of class.



The mDesign combined shoe and drawer organizer is a perfect mix of utility and elegance. The dual utility is afforded by the closet as it stores shoes in conveniently divided sections while the drawers help you tuck away all the clutter from the bedroom or living room. This storage closet can be placed in the hallway or the living room or even the bedroom and it still won’t look out of place.


The five-tier bathroom utility shelf by Costway is a simple way of managing plants and décor items for the dressing room or large bathrooms. The simple bamboo frame structure has minimalist tendencies and simple decoration pieces look splendid atop this elegant bathroom rack. It may be designed predominantly for bathrooms, but this storage closet can be used in the hallways or the living rooms as well. And you don’t even have to store plants or decor items alone, you can style towels, clothing items or toiletries.



This display cabinet can be an excellent addition to your living room or bedroom. The cabinet can be used to display fancy kitchen utensils as the shelves with a glass display showcase the products stored inside the cabinet with some grace. The particleboard construction makes it lightweight and durable.



Another organizer for the bathroom is this Homecho storage cabinet. The long cabinet is a classy way of storing all your toiletries, towels, and necessary hygiene items. The top two shelves have a frosted mirror door to display the products. The cabinet can be stacked with similar cabinets to increase storage capacity. Alternatively, it can be used to store books, liquor, and other décor items if needed.



The ACME 97328 dubs cabinet is the quintessential display cabinet for showcasing décor items or fancy crockery. The espresso-colored cabinet boasts a traditional design with versatile drawers and shelves. There are two open drawers in addition to two regular drawers and two glass door compartments. All these divisions make for a compelling storage cabinet that perfectly adds some elegance to the living room.



The Homcom storage closet for bathrooms is an elegant and sleek vertical storage option. There are two small shelves to hold towels or essential toiletries while the others are placed inside the two drawers on either side of these open shelves. The white long cabinet is a simple way of organizing your bathroom essentials and towels.



An efficient way to utilize kitchen space is by using the Kings Brand Furniture’s kitchen storage cabinet. The white finish of the cabinet ensures it complements any environment it becomes a part of. There are two drawers for cutlery and other kitchen items while there is a glass door to showcase the items on the three shelves inside the storage closet.



Looking for a sturdy storage option for your kitchen or bathroom? The Benjara wooden cabinet with sliding barn doors is the perfect combo for you. It offers reliability and durability backed by its solid wood and veneer construction. The sliding door is an added utility for keeping the stored items free from the unnecessary dust accumulation or humidity effects.



Give your bedroom a glamorous look with this turquoise jewelry armoire. It is the perfect way to store all your valuable ornaments and personal belongings. The exterior of the storage cabinet shows two large drawers but the inside reveals further compartmentalization into six pull out drawers. These pull out drawers are in various sizes to suit your jewelry storage needs.



The Walker Edison furniture company’s offering of a grey walsh hutch is a splendid example of an efficient storage solution. The cabinet has two glass doors, two adjustable shelves, and two drawers on metal glides. This comprehensive storage solution is an elegant storage provider for bathroom amenities, kitchen utilities, or the living room décor stuff.



This cabinet storage by Home Styles is a simple four drawer storage cabinet but it has the stylings of a true classic. The rustic cherry closet mixes the traditional rustic look with the contemporary minimalistic feels. Moreover, the cabinet is modeled with engineered wood and cherry veneers to give off an unforgettable rustic look. Additionally, the drawers can be pulled out to display the open shelves, which can be used in this combination as well.



The best way to enhance storage capabilities is to opt for small cabinet drawers that can be stacked to form different combinations. The Iris USA modular storage box may be a two drawer small storage closet but it doubles up as an interesting space utilizer. There are many other combinations and elements that this storage cabinet can combine to make interesting storage ensembles. The light grey color also gives the whole thing a cool and elegant look.



This three-door cabinet from Heather Ann Creations is a celeste design that looks graceful and elegant. The black contrast to the silver-grey drawer doors is a thing of beauty. The finishing touches add to the chic nature of the cabinet as they provide a versatile appeal to your living room. Moreover, the trellis patterns that adorn the cabinet drawers also add to the beauty of the cabinet.



The Vasagle bathroom storage cabinet is in a class of its own with a unique rustic brown finish that brings out a vintage look for the closet. Apart from this, the cabinet has louvered doors which add to the oomph factor of the cabinet. There is an open shelf as well as adjustable inner shelves hidden by the doors of the closet. It is an excellent addition to any living room with its excellent styling and the engineered wood offering the durability to last a lifetime.



This elegant clothes stand has a topmost rod for hanging every kind of clothing, and a 3-tier shelf starting from the top flat surface, then the hanging rod, mid storage and then the one in the bottom for shoes. The rack is made up of highly durable and sturdy materials that can withstand shocks and falls, and are dirt resistant.



This simple yet elegant 2-tier storage box is great for adding a contemporary touch to your house. The cube-like shape can fit anywhere, and provides ample space for storing books, magazines, towels, shoes; you name it! This unit is manufactured using the highest quality wood so you never have to worry about any breakage.



Another wooden masterpiece of a closet is this one by Sauder. The 2-door cabinet comes with a large central space and a drawer at the bottom. The cabinet has a rod for hanging clothes and other clothing items. Overall, the hardware of the unit is made up of wrought iron style wood that prevents any fall overs and makes the item scratch resistant.



This piece of sophistication is a must-have in your house if you are facing a lack of storage space. The closet is finished in ultra-black laminate and has two fixed shelves with one hanging rod. Additionally, there are metallic handles attached to both the doors of the cabinet, both of which are extremely durable and come in a nickel finish.



Want functionality and charm both at the same time? This Cates wall storage cabinet is the perfect choice for adding a hint of vintage charm to your house while increasing the storage space at the same time. It has a sliding barn door and the wood comes in a rustic finish. Furthermore, there are three shelves on the right and two on the left, each shelf providing ample space for storing every sort of household and/or personal items.



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