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20 Best Portable Tool Box To Try Today 20 Best Portable Tool Box To Try Today

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20 Best Portable Tool Box To Try Today

Written by: Grace Wilson

Big or small, effortlessly organize your tools with these portable tool box options. It's never been easier to work on the go!

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If you are a carpenter, mechanic, plumber or simply someone who likes to fix things, you’ll know how important a good portable toolbox is! The thought of lugging all your tools with you might seem tedious. On top of that, if they are not organized properly, moving them around becomes even more difficult.



The right toolbox can always make work easy and enjoyable.  So, the best solution is to get toolboxes that are sturdy and portable – even better if they have compartments to organize your tools! Here are 20 amazing portable tool boxes worth buying.



20 Ingenious Portable Tool Box Ideas To Try Today - Infographics




This is a versatile tool case that is especially ideal for storing small parts. It is made of strong plastic and has a carry handle for easy portability. Moreover, the 4 pullout drawers with dividers can be segregated into a maximum of 13 compartments. The top section provides ample storage space for large tools, and can be secured using a locking clip.




Seeking a good alternative to typical metal options? Then this toolbox could be the one for you. Made of polypropylene, this plastic option offers the same level of protection as its metal counterparts at a lower price. It is resistant to dent and rust, making it perfect for long-term usage.



Inside, there are 2 trays that sit above the main compartment. You can use this space to organize smaller things such as adapters, nuts and bolts. The design of the box is small and narrow: when not in use, simply stack and store these boxes!



This unit keeps tools neatly organized and makes instantaneous access to your tools possible. With its solid construction, rest assured that items will be kept in pristine condition for a long time to come. Thanks to the toolbox’s compact size and wheels, it can be carried around with ease.



This is a strong and sturdy rolling tool box that can be used on any terrain.Since it has wheels you can easily take your tools to any site. It features 2 big storage boxes that can be detached .On top of that, it has two removable trays, and a total of 24 small compartments. In short, considering the features and quality this is definitely worth the price.



If you are looking for a toolbox to store power tools, this might help: it is loaded with a ton of amazing features like a telescopic handle and a removable tray. Furthermore, the front and side latches are made of metal, making the rolling workshop easy and convenient to use. You can use this rolling workshop as a middle organizer, a top tool box or even a large storage bin. The best part? It won’t take up much space.




This toolbox provides users with separate compartments to store and organize tools respectively. The bottom drawer is perfect for larger tools, while the top ones are greater for smaller items such as ratchets and adapters.



In total, you can carry around 70 pounds of tools with this box: it has 2 big rubber wheels to support this weight. Moreover, a convenient handle makes it easy to move the box around while working. Additionally, the box is stable even on uneven work surfaces, making it perfect for outdoor use.



This is similar to the retro style of toolboxes that give you a single compartment to work with. However, this toolbox takes it up to the next level by offering extra protection in the form of a durable thick foam wall that is its exterior. Since it is waterproof, you can use it outdoors as well. Additionally, the box is compatible with its metal carrier, so you can take it with you wherever you go. 



This portable rolling tool storage features rubber wheels and a telescoping handle that make it easy to port around. Not only is this stainless steel box handy, it also boasts a very trendy appearance. This tool case has two slide-out drawers that will help you to neatly pack all your tools for use on the go. Apart from being resistant to rust, it is also lightweight and sturdy.



This is a top-notch toolbox for both its looks (it’s painted in a shade of loud red that instantly commands attention) and features. With multiple compartments and wheels, this tool storage box is arguably value for money: it features 3 small drawers, 3 large drawers, 2 trays and one big cabinet at the bottom.



If you are looking for a simple yet sturdy portable toolbox, this affordable option is sure to serve you nicely. Its metal surface is coated with powder paint, hence making it both anti-scratch and resistant to chemical wear. The easy-grip handle will keep the box secure in your hands as you carry it around. Furthermore, the piano hinge along with the latch will prevent the lid from flying open. 



This mighty product is made up of three separate toolboxes, each of which can be stacked and locked so they move as one unit. It is made of durable, high impact resin, and features heavy-duty metal latches and integrated water seals (which keep moisture and dust out of the interior). Additionally, you can lock everything on to the cart and easily move them on any terrain.



If you prefer suitcase-style toolboxes, try this one out. The case is made of textured aluminum, which is resistant to rust. Its interior walls are segmented and the panels can be adjusted. Other than that, it has four sleeves for housing hammers, screwdrivers, and other hand tools. Last but not least, this case has a molded plastic handle and a removable shoulder strap.



The selling point of this highly versatile toolbox lies in its size: its small body makes it a convenient option to carry around. For easy organization and access to tools, it features separate compartments for tools of different sizes: a larger compartment at the top, and 4 clear pull-out compartments for smaller tools.



These toolboxes are popular as they are both convenient and durable. It has a relatively wider opening, so you can easily access your tools. It features 2 small clear openings at the top. This way, you can store and access small screws without opening the whole box.



This is a highly durable tool case to start with. This is compact compared to the other Dewalt toolbox that was discussed earlier in this list. Basically, this unit has 2 cases. The top case can be attached or detached according to our needs. This can be done easily with the help of the yellow push button at the front.



This is an elegant tool case made of steel. Apart from a large upper compartment for heavy tools, it has 3 sliding drawers for small screws and miscellaneous items. Furthermore, this box has a key lock system that makes sure your tools are safe in place. Black powder-coated wipes make it easy to maintain.



This is a well-built tool box that comes with wheels for greater portability. With its solid construction and high grade handle, this tool box is definitely worth the price. On top of that, it is sealed from water, making it perfect for the outdoors.



This chest like trolley provides ample space to store your tools. Not only the rubber wheels but the pull-out steel handle also improves mobility. Furthermore, the handle has a soft pad for a better grip. In addition, it features metal latches coated with nickel for safety.



This versatile and compact tool box is made from steel. Its powder coated finish and black color enhances the look and quality. Other than that, it has 2 drawers that can be easily pulled out to organize your tools.



Its design makes it unique and most convenient to use. To begin with, it has 3 layered trays offering more space to organize your tools. Moreover, with this design, you can see the tools at a glance. The top part with transparent cover can hold small things. In addition, it features stainless steel latches that will last long.




Portable tool boxes are available in all different models and sizes designed for different requirements. However, these requirements may vary from person to person. Make sure to get the tool case that can meet your needs the best.

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