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6 Mobile Craft Cabinet with Table to Keep You Inspired 6 Mobile Craft Cabinet with Table to Keep You Inspired

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6 Mobile Craft Cabinet with Table to Keep You Inspired

Written by: Sophia Turner

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So you finally found the time and the motivation to finish the sweater that you started knitting a few months ago. The not-so-exciting part, though, is all the mess that you have accumulated while doing it. You can’t help it because there is only so much that your limited crafting storage can handle. Lucky for you, there is a convenient craft cabinet with storage or a table to suit all your creative needs! Keep reading to find out.



Factors to Consider When Selecting a Craft Cabinet with Table


There are a lot of factors to consider first when choosing a storage cabinet, especially when selecting one for your crafting needs. Here are few things to keep in mind:





Every crafter knows how important a storage cabinet’s quality is when it comes to all the tedious tasks that you need to do.



An ideal craft cabinet with a table should be able to keep up with your needs. You need a craft cabinet that will let you get into the zone, without the constant worry of things breaking apart. With this, you should invest in items with high-quality materials like wood and steel. You can also opt to try some synthetic materials such as plastic because of their durability. Always remember that an ideal craft cabinet must be sturdy enough. It should have the capacity to handle the weight of all your crafting materials and tools. 





A single crafting project may take plenty of room. Therefore, you will need an accommodating workspace and a lot of storage for all your necessities. That is why you must look for a craft cabinet with a table that you can also transform into something else. It needs to be multi-functional and versatile.



An excellent example of this is to get a craft cabinet that can function well in your working area. If you have a small space and need to conserve some of it for other purposes, then craft cabinets with tables work just right. They also usually come with wider craft storage drawers and extra side tables. Take for example craft cabinets with foldout and dropdown tables. They are helpful because they will give you more room to work on without taking up too much space. Their simple mechanism is effective in helping you become productive and get things done faster. This way, you are getting the most out of what these craft cabinets can offer.





With functionality comes convenience. This is why the ideal craft cabinet with a table must be able to keep up with you. At the same time, it must also be able to give you comfort and fuel the endless possibilities of your creativity.



In choosing one that offers great convenience, craft cabinets with tables are the best option out there. As mentioned, this certain feature makes it more convenient for you. But some can still can go the extra mile – quite literally. This is what mobile craft cabinets and rolling carts can do. Aside from the presence of tables, they have a motor and steering mechanism that is effective for mobility. This allows for easy transport which is suitable for other creative tasks. 



Now that we’ve established some of the essential factors to consider in searching for your ideal craft equipment, why not take a look and try these six excellent mobile craft cabinets with tables? 



If you are into sewing and embroidery, this is a brilliant new addition to your craft room. The Arrow Bertha Sewing Cabinet is well-made and a pretty manageable piece. It has a flexible airlift mechanism for your sewing needs. Additionally, Bertha is not just ideal for sewing, but also for other craft activities like quilting and even ironing. You can also trust its endurance. It is sturdy and designed to accommodate large sewing machines. This is convenient because it will give you the freedom to upgrade your sewing machine to any size once the need for it arises.



Furthermore, it has a generous storage area through the numerous trays attached to its doors. This is where you can conveniently place your sewing materials and accessories without the worry of them spilling and falling out. Its drawer and foldable leaves also serve as an expanded table, providing you with a much-needed greater surface area. Investing in it will surely make your sewing experience more pleasurable and relaxing.

Key Features

  • Quilt leaf
  • Airlift mechanism
  • Laminated finish


  • 8 storage trays and 4 wheels
  • Airlift mechanism weight capacity: minimum of 40 lbs
  • Overall dimensions: 23 x 43.5 x 31 inches


  • Has stylish clean-style and finish
  • Hydraulic lift works great
  • Sturdy


  • Magnets are weak
  • Difficult to assemble

If you are looking for a simpler and classy type of sewing cabinet, you can have it with Sullivans Portable Sewing Table and Drawers. Like Bertha, this portable sewing cabinet caters to your needs and makes an efficient tool. It is handy and dependable and features a wide fold-down table for its easy storage. This craft cabinet is most suitable for those with small rooms and limited spaces, or if you want to save some.



It is also equipped with five drawers where you can have the freedom to store all your sewing supplies. What’s more, it is great for working on other craft projects such as embroidery, dressmaking, and papercraft. It also comes with a contemporary look.

Key Features

  • Portable sewing table
  • Supply storage


  • 5 drawers
  • 6 wheels
  • Overall dimension: 49 x 19 x 30 inches


  • Portable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble


  • Screws tend to get in the way
  • Overpriced

The possibilities are endless with storage carts. Take for example this craft storage rolling cart from Honey-Can-Do. This craft storage cart is perfect for your crafting projects. It has flexible features like dependable storage compartments and tables which makes it an ideal gift-wrapping station. The cart can also be useful for other crafting projects like scrapbooking and beadwork. In general, the Honey-Can-Do cart can keep your crafting station organized and clutter-free.

Key Features

  • Folding side table
  • Storage compartments


  • 3 dowels
  • 4 wheels
  • Overall dimension: 22.05 x 13.23 x 30.2 inches


  • The sidebar is useful for hanging gift bags
  • Sturdy
  • Inexpensive


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Not of standing height


Another item to keep you motivated for your crafting projects is the drawer and table rolling cart from Adeptus. This multi-purpose storage on wheels is suitable for many areas in your home such as your kitchen, garage, and home office. It also serves as an excellent choice for a dedicated crafting area. With a lot of storage, Adeptus can help you keep your crafting materials and necessities arranged the way you need them.  It has a flexible table mechanism that may help you maximize your space. Additionally, its solid wood will guarantee you durability and strength. You can also find the appeal in its mobile capacity and flexibility. It does not take too much space and is exceptional for scrapbooking and sewing.

Key Features

  • Medium pine finish
  • Gate leg extension


  • 7 drawers
  • 5 wheels
  • Overall dimension: ‎15.35 x 41.6 x 29.17 inches


  • Lovely color
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble


  • Screws are difficult to fit
  • Has an initial chemical odor

You can find more inspiration for your craft projects with the Essex rolling storage cart. This is a multi-functional storage item with six easy-to-pull drawer sets and a two-tier shelf with an extended table. Its sturdy design ensures accessibility. Additionally, it is efficient and can cater to the needs of busy and working individuals. You can also rely on it for mobility with its heavy-duty detachable caster wheels.



All these features make it a perfect platform for crafting machines, tools, and even vinyl products. It may also be an awesome means of comfort in your activities.

Key Features

  • Extendable table
  • Easy-to-pull drawers
  • Wheels with locking mechanism


  • 6 drawers
  • 4 wheels
  • Overall dimension: ‎27.56 x 15.24 x 31.3 inches


  • Drawers are large enough
  • Easy to assemble


  • Poles need better tagging

Versatility is one of the most important factors when looking for a craft cabinet. That, and some unique features that may elevate your crafting experience. South Shore can offer you some of these. Their mobile craft table has vast storage options to choose from. It has a spacious top surface area, sliding shelves, and drawers.  You can use this as a traditional desk and storage supply and also as a crafting facility. Additionally, its sliding storage module has a centered wheel. This will allow you to slide heavy machinery with minimal effort. It also comes with scratchproof and water-resistant properties which ensure its quality. With all these features, you can make this storage your all-in-one crafting workspace.

Key Features

  • Scratchproof and water-resistant surface
  • Metal sliding tracks


  • 1 sliding shelf with removable dowels
  • 3 drawers and 4 wheels
  • Overall dimension: 23.75 x 58.25 x 29.75 inches


  • Ample storage space
  • Sturdy


  • Heavy
  • Difficult to assemble


Why You Should Be Doing Crafts


Whether you are a longtime crafter or a beginner, crafting comes with great benefits that might inspire you to do it more.



It Makes You Creative and Productive


Delving into crafts makes you creative and productive. Whenever you try to create something from your ideas, you are becoming a master of your thoughts. You are allowing yourself to materialize something out of nothing.



Not only that, but this activity also makes you do more things at a given time. Through arts and crafts, you learn to become aware of your pace and capabilities. This can make you more organized and focused so that you may reach your expectations. You are letting yourself meet the goals that you have set up for yourself.



It Uplifts Your Mood


There are A LOT of things that could affect our daily mood.  The atmosphere of our homes, of our work, the traffic, even the weather, and oh – the ongoing pandemic right now. Yup. All of these factors can dictate our moods and perspectives.



Fortunately, dedicating some of our time to doing crafts is a great way to brighten the day. You can always count on these things (or your other hobbies) for a pick-me-up. Allotting your time in doing crafts will ease your stress level by keeping you entertained and relaxed. You may also get a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment whenever you finish some of your projects. Doing arts and crafts on a regular basis can give you something to look forward to each day.



It Allows You to Know Yourself Better


Experience is the best teacher. We’ve heard this countless times, but the truthfulness of its meaning remains the same as ever. This same truth applies when we do our craft-related activities. As these are stimulating activities, they can give you time to gather your thoughts. This will give you the opportunity to reflect on yourself. It is here that you will get to see and test your capabilities. In turn, these can also let you discover more about your strengths and weaknesses. Arts and crafts also provide an excellent opportunity to see how you might respond to other people’s feedback and criticism about your work.



Your Creations Add A Personal Touch to Your Space


Imagine this, you have created something. It might have taken you a great amount of time and effort to be able to finish it, but you did it still! Now, what are you going to do about these creations? You will decide, and let it serve its purpose. They may be there to enhance your space or act as an everyday object.



Being able to produce something that comes from your imaginative skills, impacts you as an individual, and as an artist. It may sound sentimental, but it will let you be able to add a profound element to your personal space. Seeing your creations will add meaning to your space. At the same time, it may also remind you of your abilities and passion.



It Helps You Connect with Others


Some of the crafts that people practice intend to reach a certain audience, if not consumers. Some also do it as a tradition or as a homage to certain beliefs and principles. When someone does any of these, it lets them build connections with other people. It is because every time people decide to share something, communication happens. So, when you do share your craft, you are allowing yourself to connect. Your craft may serve as a form of universal language. It can be something that may bring people together.



Doing arts and crafts is indeed relaxing and can keep our creativity burning. So, whenever you find yourself having a bad day, take time to work on some project with mobile craft storage like the ones we mentioned above.  You have an endless source of inspiration to start your crafting project, and it is best to make the most out of it!

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