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25 Best Thumb Drives That Can Never Disappoint You 25 Best Thumb Drives That Can Never Disappoint You

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25 Best Thumb Drives That Can Never Disappoint You

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

Looking for a power packed thumb drive? Here are the top rated, high performance thumb drives that will store your data in a smart portable medium! Read On!

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Thumb drives are called that for a reason. They are conveniently small and lightweight while offering loads of storage space for your essential data. But you might not be aware of the best options out there.




So here we are with the carefully chosen thumb drives that offer excellent storage with performance. Thus if you are looking for the best thumb drive/ best USB flash drive for music or the best thumb drive for Mac or PC, we have all the right options down here. Just have a look!





SanDisk is one of the best thumb drives that deliver massive storage space as well as portability. The device also features 128-bit AES encryption that allows you to password protect your data in this thumb drive. Besides, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and features a USB connectivity 2.0 port. Other storage capacities beginning from as low as 16GB to 256GB are available as well.  This device is better than the Sandisk extreme cz80 USB flash drive. 





The best thumb drive for music with an enormous storage capacity of 128GB is all that you need to carry your music collection in the palm of your hand. You will get a USB 3.1 port on this thumb drive with backward compatibility. Additionally, the drive features a sleek metallic design that makes it durable, and the inbuilt hole makes it easy to carry in a keyring. And though it has a five-year limited warranty, this pen drive is resistant to effects of shock, temperature, water, magnet, and x rays as well. 





The ultra-fast SanDisk flash drive is compact yet powerful, making it one of the best thumb drives for mac and windows alike. The lowest available storage capacity is 16GB, while 256 GB is the highest. Additionally, it will allow you to carry a bulk storage of data on the go. It offers a read speed of to 130MB/s, as well as a data recovery software within the package. It is so fast that you can transfer a complete movie in half a second. 





The Enfain multicolor 4GB USB2.0 Flash Drives come in a swivel body. Besides, it is simply plug-and-play, and you do not require to install any software for using these. With 4GB of storage, you may store almost a thousand songs making it the best thumb drive for music. Besides, 1.5 hrs of video or over a thousand photos can be stored in it at once. The swivel is 360-degree rotatable and protects the USB from damage. And the indicative LED light informs you of the thumb drive being in action.





This USB 3.0 thumb drive is almost fifteen times faster than the USB 2.0 variants. Apart from this 16GB storage capacity, you may also choose up to 128Gb of storage limit. The sleek and durable metal casing is damage resistant, while the 128-bit AES encryption allows for password protection of your data.at the same time, you will get access to RescuePRO Deluxe Software that allows easy recovery of accidentally deleted files. 





The Kingston 100 G3 DataTraveler series thumb drive is best for all hardware platforms like PC, Mac, Linux, Chrome, etc. Additionally, it is also the best USB 3.0 thumb drive as it offers faster data transmission capacity. The black on stylish black cap makes it look stylish as well. On top, the free tech support and a five-year warranty are additional benefits. 





The Corsair Flash Survivor is counted among the best thumb drives, thanks to its high performance and durability. It is encased within aircraft-grade hard-anodized aluminum, making it a tough nut to crack. While the molded shock damping collar also contributes to its structural strength. Besides, the EPDM waterproof seal keeps it safe from water as well. The Flash Survivor Stealth, with its USB 3.0 compatibility, offers high-speed transfer of data within seconds than minutes with other drives.





One of the best USB 3.0 thumb drives, the PNY Turbo, is almost ten times faster than the 2.0 variants. It also allows for storing and transferring large files with better convenience. The capless sliding collar design eliminates the possibility of losing the cover. Besides, this thumb drive is available in memory capacities ranging from 32Gb to 256GB. 





How about a thumb drive that directly connects with your Apple devices? This SanDisk iXpand will be the best thumb drive for you! Besides, it has an easy plug and play feature and is ready to free space from your Apple device as soon as it is installed. It comes with a two-year manufacturing warranty as well. Just so you know, it also has a USB 3.0 port, and you may transfer files into your Laptop and PC as well. 





With 128 GB capacity, this is the best thumb drive for Mac and Windows PCs. It features a USB 3.0 port along with backward compatibility USB 2.0 as well. You may store and transfer videos into the tunes of thousands. Besides, since it comes from a trusted brand, you may rest assured of its performance. 





The Transcend JetFlash is also the best thumb drive for music and video storage. It is available in memory capacities ranging from 8Gb to 128GB, while a white variant is also available. The design is capless with a slide-out memory stick using a simple button press and drag action. The Transcend Elite data management software will rescue you from space management woes on your thumb drive.





The 1000Gb storage space flash drive by GINAOZ is an excellent pen drive. Externally, the case is made of metal, which is also dustproof, shockproof, and even resistant to water, shock magnetism, and X-ray. The sleek design is internally powered by A-level NAND flash technology and high-speed USB 2.0 port. It is lightweight as well and is compatible with almost all software operating systems. Best USB flash drive for music in car since its very compact. 





Another best USB 3.0 thumb drive, Samsung FIT Plus, has ample storage space. The USB 3.0 fastens its data transfer to almost 200MB/s while you may store all your photos, videos, and files into a secure space. Without having to overload your PC or Laptop storage space. It’s also reliable as it comes with a five-year limited warranty that covers damage due to water, dust, shock, and extreme temperatures, among other reasons. 





The Samsung DUO Plus series of best thumb drives are both reliable and fast. They offer 200MB/s of data transfer speeds through the USB 3.0 connectivity. It is, in fact, two thumb drives in one due to removable adapters, one of C-type and another A-type. Besides, it is simply plug-and-play and requires no additional software for use or management of the storage space. 





Another premium thumb drive by Corsair, the Voyager GTX version is spot on when it comes to performance. It is available in storage capacities of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB, as shown above. Besides, it offers high data transmission speeds similar to a solid-state drive, that too, through its USB 3.1 port. The drive is also physically durable with a rugged zinc alloy body and aluminum encasing. 





One of the best thumb drives for Mac and PC, the SanDisk Ultra Dual thumb drive allows for secure backup of your essential data. It has an easy slide design, with USB 3.0 on one side and USB C-type on the other. So you may connect with your PC as well as your Android devices at the same time a well. 





Another Ultra DUal design Pen Drive by Sandisk, it is also the best thumb drive for faster action. You may use this drive to back up your photos or free space on your PC or Mobile devices. You may install the SanDisk Memory Zone application on your Android phone for easy management of storage on your thumb drive. The retractable design with micro-USB and USB 3.0 connectors on either end makes it super convenient. 





iMicro Access Manager flash drive is a little known but high-performance device that has higher storage and performance. It is specially designed for the Windows Operating system, though it supports many others as well. You may choose to password-protect your data. Besides, your data will also be protected from auto-launch malware attacks. 





One look at it and you will know that it is the most unique and best thumb drive for Mac and PCs. Though the encasing is handmade to perfection, it internally contains a quality Sandisk machinery.along with the USB 3.1 compatibility that offers higher transfer speeds. The item weighs only 1.76 ounces and is available in many more storage size options. 





The Kepmem 8GB thumb drive is enclosed in a unique wooden cork design. It features a USB 2.0 port as well as keeps your data safe in a concealed storage. The drive is still lightweight and shockproof and is compatible with multiple operating systems. However, please note that it has the FAT32 system as the default drive format. And thus, for storing files more substantial in size than 4GB, you will have to reformat the drive. 





The Apricorn Aegis Secure Key thumb drive hands more power into your hands regarding the safety of your data. Based on FIPS 140-2 Level 2, it offers a safer storage solution. Besides, the case features traditional password protection keys. And comes with separate User and Admin modes of usage. It also has a data recovery along with a brute force defense mechanism as well. 





The Supersonic thumb drive series from Patriot offers a high level of data transfers, with a speed of over 150MB/Sec. This means that your movies will be transferred within a couple of minutes while smaller files in a fraction of second. It is USB 3.0 compatible, with plug and plays compatibility with many operating systems.  





Micro Center also offers an amazingly best USB 3.0 thumb drive with a storage space of 128GB. With USB 3.0, you get better data transfer speed while a rear LED indicator informs of data reading. The unique tinted and transparent design looks cool to carry. And it can be plugged into multiple devices from laptop to TV and connect on the go.





The Supersonic rage Elite by Patriot comes with an immense storage capacity of 256GB, which offers ample space for backing up your files and freeing the space on your other devices. The USB 3.0port of this thumb drive claims to deliver 400MB/sec data transmission speed while the rubber encasing protects it against fall and water action. 





The MOSDART thumb drive is both economical as well as a high-performance data storage solution. With a default exFAT file format, it is compatible with an array of operating systems. Though the cap is removable, it can be buckled at the end to avoid misplacing it. Moreover, the LED light indicator provides easy monitoring of data transfer through its USB 2.0 port.




So these are the best thumb drives in the market right now. Since most of them come with a variety of storage space options, choose the right size that fits your storage needs. Besides, also take note of the warranty periods and the add on benefits offered by these. We wish that these prove the best thumb drive for Mac, PC, and other compatible devices. Also, read on the most common problems encountered by thumb drives to be aware about certain mishaps that may occur in future. 


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