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37 Interesting Office Supplies To Make Your Office Vibrant 37 Interesting Office Supplies To Make Your Office Vibrant

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37 Interesting Office Supplies To Make Your Office Vibrant

Written by: Sophia Turner

Spark up your home office space by adding cool office supplies. We've listed down 20 super COOL ideas that you can use to decorate your office.

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Despondent watching the aesthetics of your costly office furniture being ruined by the cluttered items occupying valuable space? Those rush hours become even more hectic if you can’t find that specific file among the plethora of jumbled supplies. What you need is to bring about a workplace Renaissance! We aim to present some of the modern and cleverly designed office gear. These items will not only help keep your stuff neatly organized; it promises to upgrade the overall appeal. You’ll never have to panic or rush in to clear the mess at your workplace whenever your boss pays a visit.



The solutions have been prioritized based on usefulness, cost-effectiveness as well as being environmentally friendly. All you’ll need is to visit your nearest office supply store, an office supplies wholesale market or office supplies online. You could instead equip yourself with these capable arsenals via purchasing online too.




1. Winsome Wood Halifax Storage




No office is complete without the presence of essential office furniture, the storage cabinet. So bring in this elegant woodwork, designed to store your necessary files and documents safely. Crafted with a spacious set of five drawers with a two-compartment based cabinet to organize your office supplies. Tidy up and secure your classified work within this storage facility to make sure you work with ease and efficiency. The sturdiness and durability are a guarantee thanks to the high-quality composite wood used. Also, the black finish will blend well with any décor.




2. Mini-Humidifier




First things first are overall health. Keep a Mini-Humidifier on your desk if you’re feeling a cold coming. Mini-Humidifiers add moisture back into the air, keeping irritation down and morale up. It’s a pretty satisfying bargain since it’s as cheap as about $20. They’re usually USB powered, which makes them even more convenient to use. So bring one to your workplace as it’ll keep the air around you clean, which will ultimately keep you fresh. It promises to protect you from many all sorts of infections and save you skin from dryness.




3.  Mini Desk Vacuum Cleaner




The smartly designed, compact, and a portable vacuum cleaner is your ultimate desktop tidiness solution. From removing dust and dirt to vanishing eraser residue and other debris. This cordless hardware will surely come in handy. Here’s the fun part; it can even clean your keyboard and remove the dirt stuck between the crevices. All you’ll need is a pair of AA batteries to fit in. This cute little cleaner will take care of the rest. You won’t have to undergo the inconvenience of those loud, conventional vacuum cleaners.




4. Japanese Stapleless Stapler



The Japanese coined this idea. What they did was, they cleverly designed the blade that punches out and tucks an arrow-shaped flap through a slit. It stitches the paper sheets together without ever using actual staples. It’s eco-friendly, too, since you’ll never have to refill staples in your life! A pretty smart idea to ensure keeping things “Green,” isn’t it?




5. Rose Gold Office Supplies Set




Are you running short on your essential office supplies? Can’t manage the time to visit your office supplies wholesale market? Well, you’re in luck! The Rose Gold Office supplies set is just one click away from reaching your building’s doorstep. This set is well equipped with all the necessary items. This includes: about 1000 rose gold staples, tape dispenser, staple remover, and binder clips. The clear acrylic, premium quality metal, and transparent appearance add a subtle touch to your office aesthetics. So look no further as this office supplies set will surely fulfill your work needs.




6. Flex Sensor



These innovative sensors will do the trick to ensure you don’t start to droop or slouch while working. It’s a 4.5-inch sensor, which can be easily fixed with the shirt you’re wearing. It includes a vibration motor as well. Once you deviate from the correct posture, the sensor detects it. It sends the signal to the vibration motor and ultimately generates the vibrations. Consequently, it makes you aware that you need to fix your posture. This device is gaining popularity due to the overwhelming results it has shown in posture correction. So make sure you add this in your office supplies list.




7. DecoBros Desk Supplies Organizer




For all the workaholics out there who dive deep into their work, keeping their arsenal organized is of paramount importance. Hence, this cleverly designed mesh oval pencil cup will prove to be useful. So de-clutter your way by keeping your hardware neat and upright.




8. DIY Wall Calendars




What’s the harm in customizing your office to resonate with a professional appeal? The best way to utilize this is to optimize your wall space to add aesthetics while also making it useful. Make sure to bring in some posters, markers, and whatever you feel you need to infuse your creativity. The next time you visit the office supplies wholesale. This makes sure you don’t miss out on important deadlines, but you’re also going to love how well managed you’ll become.




9. Smart Thermostat




While you’re revolutionizing the overall interior of your workplace, you’ll probably pass through the aisle containing these smart thermostats. This 3rd Generation device is essentially the modern solution for your temperature control and well-being. You could regulate the settings without the need to get up from your comfortable seat. All you’ll require is a single screen touch on your smartphone. You can also monitor how much your thermostat is consuming energy.




10. Meeting Owl Pro – 360 Degrees




The hot product found in almost every meeting is the Meeting Owl Pro. This state of the art device is used in conference rooms and offices. It’s equipped with a high definition, 1080p resolution, and a 360° smart video conferencing camera. In addition, an advanced 18-foot radius microphone and a powerful sound system are well integrated within this compact device. Since it allows the ease of plugging to your laptops via a USB port makes it even more convenient to use. Experience the ‘smart’ meeting room venture by adding this device in your arsenal of office furniture.




11. Smart LED Lighting




Step into the modern living and bid farewell to the times when offices were seen as concrete blocks. Set the perfect changeover for your workplace by adapting to an LED lighting system. Not only does it escalate the overall aesthetics of your office. The lighting adds an elegant appeal to your expensive office furniture. You could opt to purchase the setup from the office supplies wholesale market or your nearest office supply store. Above all that, the system offers flicker-free light without and troublesome halos. Step up by adopting smart configuration to adjust the dimming and color temperatures, ensuring eye care.




12. Ergonomic Office Chair




Are you tired of working on those uncomfortable chairs? An inefficiently designed chair can result in significant health issues. This Ergonomic office chair is here to end those miseries. The latest high back mesh chair features the ergonomic-human-curve designed backrest and headrest. This ensures you’re free from the wicked posture problems. Also, the sleek exterior makes it a compelling seating choice, proving to be essential office furniture. The synchronized tilt mechanism provides you with the best working experience and maintains your posture upright. So bring in this elegant office partner and enjoy working.




13. Creative Wall Art




It doesn’t hurt to add a little creativity to those dull and dead walls of your workplace. In fact, even the slightest of decorations can significantly uplift the aesthetics of your office space. From hanging inspirational quotes to the creative canvas. There’s no limit, customize your place according to your satisfaction, and you’ll love working even more. Try matching the color combinations with your office furniture and see how others will be amazed by the appeal. For young enthusiasts, editing the walls with some creative graffiti would make your office vibrant. 




14. Amazon Echo




Bring in your very own virtual assistant with one of Amazon’s top sellers. This futuristic digital assistant swings into action with just the use of a few keywords. Serving as one of the essential office supplies, your rush hours will flow by smoothly with this device. The sleek exterior with compact smart speakers would allow you to play your work-friendly tunes to keep you motivated. It doesn’t just end there. This digital assistant will update your calendar, follow up on specific news updates, and even take notes. This elegant and simplistic office furniture is definitely worth every penny.




15. Customized Office Name Board




No office is complete without proper recognition of its name and essential details. That’s technically the first thing your customers and potential business partners notice. Leaving the wrong first impression isn’t really healthy for business. So waste no more time in thinking and start infusing your creativity into conjuring the most elegant and sleek name board for your workplace. Don’t worry; there are tons of websites that’ll help you through. If you’re still unsure, you can always opt to buy off the shelf boards from your nearest office supply store.




16. Smart Desk




Originating in 2015 by the brand Autonomous, with the initial campaign running on AI. However, since 2016, the company has shifted towards designing futuristic work desks compatible with the latest technologies. They have focused on becoming a low priced leader in their field. The flexibility due to its adjustable height, footrests with commendable adjustment speed makes it worth every penny. The elegant exterior can’t be ignored since it complements the overall appeal and hence becomes vital office furniture. Even though the company offers the most competitive prices, it also comes along with a five-year warranty. Given all of the perks this desk provides, it’s not only a smart choice but also a healthy one.




17. Vibrant Carpets




While overhauling your office, carpeting is a highly recommended idea. Flooring is an integral part of any design project, encompassing a significant percentage of office space. Smart utilization of this space could convert your lame, mainstream workplace into an elite workstation. Not only would you enjoy the comfort and insulation carpeting offers. You’ll be amazed how well your carpet would complement the rest of the office furniture. You could even place bulky office supplies neatly, and it won’t even look bad. You’ll be relieved off to know your office won’t get dirty that often either.




18. DIY File Holder




Tired of those never-ending piles of files occupying precious desk space? Unhappy of the cluttering folders that are just too time-consuming to arrange? Well, don’t worry! Just collect some essential tools and materials from your office supplies wholesale. Reserve your weekend for this fun-filled activity. Use your creativity and build your very own file holder set; you’re going to love the outcome.




19. DIY Floating Shelves




Running low on floor space? Feel like the empty walls could be utilized? Gear up and start crafting your very own floating shelves. It might seem like a hefty task, but don’t worry, all you’ll need is the zeal and creativity. Your precious office supplies need there designated space, and what better way to solve this task than utilize your office space smartly. Match the aesthetics with your workstation’s theme, and you’ll find this to become excellent office furniture.




20. Artificial Plant Desk Décor




Reflect a refreshing site by decorating your workstation with this artificial succulent. Not only do these face plants avoid the hassle of maintaining like real-life plants. It adds a delicate touch to office furniture. So add greenery to your office with these cost-effective office supplies. You’re bound to get admiration from your colleagues and customers.





After spending countless hours of hard work, relieve mind from the stress built up by indulging with this exquisite magnetic sculpture. It consists of about 221 variously sized magnetic balls, which triggers your creativity and sharpens your brain. Hence, it becomes a healthy practice while taking a break, both for your mind and body. Apart from that, the simplistic and sleek design makes it decent office furniture that goes well with your desk.




22. Customized Daily Planner

It’s quite inevitable that you’ll forget one of the dozens of critical tasks you’ve set to achieve for the day. After all, we’re all forgetful, so why not build a personal daily planner to organize your plans and meetings. Infuse your creativity and your office’s prestige to make the planner classy and representable. You’ll find this handy tool to be among the essential office supplies once you become a regular user. It’s much more convenient than posting sticky notes all over your place.





Those rush hours could drain out your energy and make your sweaty and dizzy. Don’t worry, that’s what work does to you! All you’ll need is this personal fan to keep you well-ventilated and fresh. This compact and sleek air circulator is well equipped to provide the perfect breeze and prevent your office from becoming stuffy. So save yourself from the hassle of roaming around for a ventilation solution at your office supplies wholesale market. 




24. Automatic Air Freshener



A dull, stuffy office space can hinder creativity and exhaust you physically. Since it keeps your workspace fresh, vibrant, and positive, an air-freshener falls among the essential office supplies. You can bring home one of those floating, battery-powered air purifier. It’s preferable to pick one that deodorizes the room with your favorite scent while simultaneously killing the bacteria. This way, you’ll stay healthy, fresh, and ready to engage in the working whirlpool with all your zeal. The electric fresheners sprinkle the delights at your desired intervals, may it be hourly or bi-hourly. It’s all up to you!





This isn’t just a conventional mouse pad; it’s a mouse pad you can write on! How creative is that? This innovative idea works best for the workaholics who continuously revolve between manual and digital work. This two-in-one idea allows these hard-workers to save valuable desk space and enhance work efficiency. They can work around their computer-based design while interpreting their schematics via this notepad. This one’s a guaranteed work-friendly tool you won’t find in any mainstream office supply store.




Never miss out on the delicate details with the prism magnifying glass by your side. This exquisite office furniture works as classy glassware and enhances the visual appeal of your work-desk. Besides, its usefulness as a magnifying glass is remarkable. Small things matter, and as it is well said, the devil lies in the details. This glass crystal will hence make sure no anomaly passes unnoticed, be it text or images.





The elegance of an office is rendered incomplete without the presence of a business executive pen. This exotic stainless steel body fountain pen delivers the perfect precision nib and weight optimization. The unparalleled writing experience it offers in the form of excellence in calligraphy ease proves it being among the essential office supplies. The real writing could be experienced when you sign those cheques in class with this sleek metallic body. Surely an item of office furniture worth every dollar.





Dealing with loads of paper-work can become havoc unless they’re properly organized. To mitigate this ordeal, this heavy-duty stapler provided an elite clutter-free solution with its high-quality staples. It can comfortably staple about 100 sheets in a single go. That’s something you won’t find among the regular staplers at your local office supplies store. With its unique paper guide system, eco plastic facility, and the robust staples used, it guarantees a reliable paper-work solution.




29. Stress-Relieving Punching Bag

Every hard-worker deserves a break from their exhausting routines. So the cheap office supplies available at your disposal should never be ignored. The mind and body require their fair share of relaxing and refreshing by indulging in some sort of exercise. The punching bag might seem somewhat hardcore, but it guarantees that your muscle and mind release all their accumulated stress. This activity has gained significant popularity among the young workaholics, finding themselves pumped up even after a five-minute session. Besides, it works well as a piece of office furniture for the enthusiast too!




30. Wireless Earpiece



Within the business domain, every second count. You don’t want yourself stuck in a time-consuming nightmare due to the obsolete gadgets. When tons of clients require your attention, be sure to bring home a Bluetooth supported, hands-free to enhance work efficiency. That’ll surely make your work routine more productive. You can even enjoy listening to your favorite tunes while working; this makes this gadget among the beneficial office supplies.




For nature enthusiasts, convert your office into a tranquil workspace by adding plant life into your office supplies arsenal. The Devil’s Ivy is among those evergreen vines which can grow and prosper in your workplace conditions. Even if you work with low light, the evergreen leaves will still adapt to these conditions and freshen up your environment. They take minimal space to have the freedom to place them wherever you like and enjoy working in a refreshing ambiance.



Begin your clutter-free days by bringing home this simplistic desk-organizing set. It includes matching pencil holder, letter tray, and a trash can to aid in maintaining a neat workspace. The sleek and subtle hardware provides durability and efficient space utilization. From assembling your stationery to dumping your trash, these storage bins are spacious enough to fulfill your needs. They’re easy to clean as well; a few swipes of clean cloth will have these storage bins look brand new. The sleek exterior makes them elegant office furniture as well.



Amidst the hardcore work routine, your body inevitably suffers exhaustion. Unless this fatigue is timely dealt with, your limbs, especially the hands, can undergo severe medical issues. We suggest you bring in this eccentric hand massager built to stimulate all parts of your hand and eliminate stiffness. The genuine ABS based construction, combined with a variety of work modes, makes this hardware among the necessary office supplies. It doesn’t require any complex functionality while offering a comforting and times-saving solution allowing your body to regain its strength.




Office meals could become cold and soggy, ruining your mood when that hunger strikes. To enjoy your lunch break to the fullest, this conveniently made USB powered microwave oven will be your savior. It can heat your snack to hit the perfect temperature, even on those icy cold winter days. It doesn’t use up much electricity; neither does it occupy significant space. This makes it handy office furniture that is gaining popularity among the urban dwellers.




Never run low on your smartphone’s battery when this standard wireless charging stand is here to save the day. The sleek, anti-skid rubber pad will ensure your expensive hardware doesn’t keep on falling. Also, the smartly crafted desk organizer comes with sufficient storage space for your frequently used items. Store your essential office supplies such as scissors, pens, staples, and various miscellaneous items in the area provided. It comes with safety guaranteed temperature-controlled operation and makes it an element of essential office furniture.




Every workaholic needs a drawing board to brainstorm. The seeds of creativity are sowed only when an idea clicks your mind. Hence, the presence of a whiteboard becomes vital to bring those ideas into existence. So don’t compromise on your critical thinking and hit the office supplies store bring in one of these brainstorming boards. If you’ve got limited wall space, craft a customized board by stocking compatible supplies from your office supplies wholesale.



Save valuable ground space by purchasing these sturdy file storage compartments, which will end your cluttering days. Being equipped with deep pockets while the polyester fiber construction aids durability, makes worth your money. The folding design is smartly crafted for easy access and storage. The best this about this hardware is its chemical inertness and water-proof nature. This allows it to be washed comfortably to make it look brand new even after years of usage.



Now that you know what can make your office really vibrant and positive, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, get some cool stuff for your office space right away!

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