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50 Best Home Office Furniture & Storage Ideas 50 Best Home Office Furniture & Storage Ideas

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50 Best Home Office Furniture & Storage Ideas

Written by: Emma Thompson

Capitalize on the work-from-home opportunity by customizing your dull room into a vibrant workstation! Read this guide to find out what you need to do!

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If you’re finding it difficult to cope up with the changeover this pandemic has brought about, it’s time to level up. It’s pretty natural to feel anchored by the stress of forced lifestyle changeover. Instead of letting you sink into a dark, dreadful place, seize the opportunity to overhaul your site.



Keeping your home office clean and tidy is easier said than done. Some home office furniture ideas would surely help you become productive and work more effectively. Working from home has its share of challenges and opportunities and these challenges can be greatly reduced if you have proper and effective storage. A clean workplace will surely help to get in the mood and start your work with a positive attitude especially during the lockdown, which has given work from home a boost.



The set of solutions presented here have been carefully worked out to help you optimize whatever space you’ve got. By following this guide, you’ll start enjoying your work-from-home routine in no time. From adjusting your seating arrangement to the smart organization of your home office desk space. The best part is that there’s no limit to how you’d want your workspace to look. So why not build it as you’ve always imagined using these home office furniture! We aim to keep you on top of your work game, so we bring you 50 fantastic office furniture and storage ideas for your workplace. 





Whether you’re enjoying the perfect coffee cup in the cold or refuelling while you stay up late for work. Coffee mugs are essential to keep you sane and awake when you’re catching up with the deadlines. What gets pretty annoying is when the soulful coffee mugs turn cold. So bring home these elegantly designed ‘smart’ coffee mugs that keep your fluid at its optimum temperature. You can simply control it using your smartphones and keep those drinks at the temperature you want.




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2. DIY Collapsible Fold Down Desk

Folding Table



For the workaholics finding it challenging to deal with limited room space and cluttering issues, get crafting! This idea has gained popularity among the city dwellers since it’s a fun-filled activity. All you need is the zeal and some essential tools; you’re all set then. You can tailor your home office desks the way you want, and even customize the exterior to add aesthetic. Construct the perfect theme-matching home office furniture to enhance the overall appeal of your workstation.






Although you might be missing your office, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring your office to your home. This elite modular home office furniture is the optimum workstation to accomplish your objectives efficiently. Not only is spacious enough to organize your office equipment effectively, but the sleek design also blends well with your décor. The sturdy wooden structure promises to withstand the weight of all your computer essentials. Hence, this executive office furniture will guarantee to enhance your work performance.





The common problem most city-dwellers face while working from home is due to the wrong posture while working. No matter how well designed your chair might be, you’re bound to start slouching as you go deep into your work. This would inevitably result in back pain, spinal dysfunction. So it’s vital to bring home these modern flex sensors. The device can be conveniently clipped with your shirt, and the sensor will detect whenever your posture is incorrect. The vibration motor installed will make you aware, and so you’re bound to fix your position.






Many people focus on setting expensive home office furniture while paying little attention to their working chair. Neglecting the fact that its where you’re going to spend your time. As a result, we advise that you avoid using chairs available at your home. Instead, bring in this essential office equipment, which might be a bit more costly. But it’ll save valuable bucks that you’d spent on your checkups. Modern chairs aren’t all focused on providing comfort and ergonomics. They’re crafted to compliment your home office furniture.






While working for hours, it’s pretty natural that your room could get stuffy. In addition, your office could be filled with a large variety of airborne particles like dust, pollen, and many other allergens. Hence, the advanced 3-Stage filtration system ensures the removal of 99.97% of airborne contaminants. The fact that it’s fully assembled and does not require any advanced setup makes it a piece of valuable office equipment. The compactness, lowest noise levels, and top-notch filters surely make it worth your investment.






While you focus on your work for long periods, it puts a lot of strain on your lower body, especially your feet. Buying a footrest can give you the much-needed relief. When you’re buying this home office furniture, it’s a balance between being too soft or too hard. The optimum footrest would have a durable and comfortable cushion, which would be easy to clean. As a result, your work from home experience would be free of any bodily discomfort.






Say goodbye to the days when your precious desk-space was occupied by tons of cluttered files. This executive office furniture is a must whenever you’re planning to begin your work from home journey. The deep cabinet space will make sure your essential folders are kept secure and organized. The sturdy steel structure mixed with the perfect blend of office themed aesthetics will surely compliment your home office furniture.




9. DIY Floating Shelves

Floating Shelf



For the city-dwellers running low on ground space, there’s no harm in adding some creativity to your workstation. All you need are some necessary woodworking tools, some plywood, paints and the zeal to work! Why purchase mainstream shelves when your office equipment can be neatly kept on your hand-made shelves. By customizing the aesthetics, you can turn this storage facility unto a sleek home office furniture.






If you’re running low on precious desk space, time to bring home this desk organizer. Your office equipment comes in all shapes and sizes; their proper maintenance and organization are quite essential. This handy organizer is well equipped with a plethora of compartments designed specifically for your office tools. The sturdy exterior and the compact design makes it suitable for all sorts of home office desks. It’s a pretty beneficial bargain if you ask us!






A good desk lamp is vital for your eye-care, which, otherwise, becomes vulnerable to countless problems. Hence, this LED desk lamp aims at directing a flicker-free, soft beam of light while working, even while it’s dark. It’s well-equipped with modern features, including a USB port charger, brightness control, and compactness. The futuristic design, along with the classy aluminum body makes it an integral home office furniture. It can even charge your smartphones via the USB port.






Increase work productivity by equipping your workstation with nature’s inspiration! Even the smallest set of greenery present at your home office desks can relieve stress and calm the mind. The positivity that mother nature spreads can enhance your working capacity and keep your account fresh. So, set up some of your favorite plants and add natural beauty to your home office furniture collection.




13. Vintage Décor

Office Space



For all the old school enthusiast, it doesn’t hurt to add some class to your workstation. You could utilize some vacant desk or shelf space to fill it with your precious collectible. Your family’s old typewriter or that vintage atlas could enhance your workstation décor. These relics will add style as they join your collection of executive office furniture. Some of the antiques might even become useful office equipment. So, have a look in your attic, you’ll be amazed by the treasure hidden there!





Drench your workstation with your favorite set of colors to match your décor. The dullness of your workspace can make it difficult to find the motivation to work. However, a healthy changeover can provide the push to roll up your sleeves. Even if you simply overhaul your wall appearance, it could make a huge difference. So bring about a Renaissance and enhance your working capacity by customizing your wall appearance.






If you’re in dire need of some work motivation, or simply craving some personalization on those plain walls. Time to bring home these inspiring frames. Creative artwork and posters have become an integral part of the modern home office furniture. These wall hangings provide the motivational force that you might lack sometimes; it resonates positivity and high spirit. You could even opt to build your very own set of artwork; the sky’s the limit!






Modern living includes the installation of smart technologies that allow efficient energy consumption and health satisfaction. One of Amazon’s top sellers living in the limelight of this domain is the smart thermostat. Compatible with Amazon’s Alexa (sold separately), this modern temperature regulating device relieves you from the havoc of maintaining the right temperature. Its ‘learning’ ability adjusts the temperature according to your liking. This makes your workspace, a productive and peaceful venue to work for hours.




17. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant



It doesn’t come out as a surprise that meeting up with so many deadlines can make you forget important meetings. If you’re feeling the need for an assistant, bring in a virtual one! This isn’t just a piece of modern home office furniture gaining rapid popularity. Products like the Amazon Echo are well equipped with a voice-controlled sound system. You could enjoy your favorite tunes while working. This faithful assistant will organize your daily tasks, control your electronics, and even read the news for you.  






Bring those ideas into reality by placing this essential home office furniture at your workstation. Every workaholic craves a drawing board where they can brainstorm brilliant ideas or solve a critical problem. The firm aluminum frame with a shatterproof acrylic door adds durability and security. So your countless hours spent crafting out the perfect plan is kept safe and sound. The smooth surface allows hassle-free working, and the magnetic wall mount adds ease in usage.






We all know how forgetful we could become while working through the rush hours. Posting sticky notes around your home office desk might create a little mess. But it makes sure you remember every essential detail which you’d otherwise forget. This vertically mounted note dispenser hence becomes valuable office equipment. The active mechanism allows convenient usage of the post-it note, one at a time. A handy tool for your work from the home station!






No one likes a messy workstation, cleaning and maintenance are a must. With the right equipment at your disposal, it doesn’t have to be an ordeal. This lightweight vacuum is pretty easy to use and ensures your home office furniture is kept tidy. The removable floor nozzle increases its utility as it can be conveniently mounted up to clean your desk.






Time management is an essential trait required for competing in today’s market. Your workstation is incomplete without a clock. So why not utilize this opportunity to decorate your workstation. Bring home an aesthetic clock as part our your executive office furniture. If you’re in the mood for some customization, there are plenty of sites that’ll help build your very own clock.






Research shows that daily movement in the office is of paramount importance. So fashion your workstation to adds dynamics by equipping your favorite set of gym gear too. The smart choice includes treadmills, punching bags, or even a snooker table. Not only would they serve as a refreshing home office furniture, but it’ll also raise work efficiency and reduce sick days.




23. Get A Rug




Enhancing visual appeal and soothing sound absorption are just a few of the perks having a rug offers. Setting up a theme-matching carpet is the perfect way to utilize floor space. When you’re tired of working for hours on your chair, relax lying on your modern home office furniture. Adding a rug doesn’t just offer comfortable working space; the insulation it provides keeps you warm and healthy.




24. Coffee Station




For all the workaholics catching up on those deadlines, coffee is their ultimate remedy. Empty coffee mugs can severely hinder their work efficiency. So bring in a Coffee Station to keep refueling your coffee mugs in no time. Whether you’re a fan of cappuccino, latte, or an expresso, this machine will fulfill your cravings.






An integral accessory to safe keeps your home office desks is the desk pad. The waterproof surface protects your desktop from all sorts of fluid spills and scratches. The smooth and comfortable will remove the need for a mouse pad as well. So, organize your home office furniture neatly using this elegantly designed desk pad.




26. Keeping Your Storage Flexible

Office Storage



A perfect home office storage space is the one that changes as per your needs and requirements. Flexible storage space is something you should aim for and one such storage option is available in the form of adjustable shelves. The shelves can be repositioned which allows for maximum utilization of a space, without leaving any voids.




27. Modular Storage Option




A storage wall consisting of brackets and supports is one of the modular storage options you can implement in your home office. These open storage systems give you complete control over your storage space. One such office organization solution is the 5-Shelf Ladder Bookcase. The tall and modern bookshelf is a beautiful home office storage idea that can save you an ample amount of space with its tall and narrow design.




28. Mobile Storage

How about a home office storage idea with wheels? Yes, you heard it right, consider going for a mobile storage option for your home office. A storage option that can easily be moved from place to place is something super convenient and ideal for small office spaces. Plenty of mobile home office storage is available in the market. Our personal favorite is from metal mesh organizer from AmazonBasics, so do check it out.




29. Bespoke Home Office Storage

People who are not limited to tight budgets can go for bespoke office storage solutions for their home offices. Its a luxury to have a storage space custom made for you keeping in mind all your storage requirements. Furniture companies or designers hired to design the storage space ensure that every nook and corner of the place is fully utilized. People who can afford this should definitely go for this home office organization idea.




30. Box Your Belongings




One of the most popular home office organization ideas is to use office storage containers. A multitude of your office belongings and supplies can be stored inside boxes. Storage boxes will hide the clutter in your office space and make it look more clean and tidy. Remember to label your office storage containers so its easier for you to identify the contents of each container




31. Enclosed Workspace

Small home office.



A fully enclosed workplace is an idea you may never have thought of on your own, so be glad so you are learning new and creative solutions through this article. We recommend to totally covert a closet into a home office desk with storage compartments. The entire closet will act as your home office and all your office supplies will be present at a hand stretch. Moreover, closing the door of the closet will hide your home office from plain sight, which is quite refreshing, to be honest.




32. Fully Utilize Corner Desks




A home office desk is the main element of a home office, and most people out there prefer corner desks. The wall above the corner desk can be cleverly utilized for storage purposes. Putting up open shelves above the desk is an ideal place to store your office supplies which will always be in your reach. 




33. Open Shelves




Open shelves are a perfect home office storage idea to store your office supplies. Moreover, open shelves can bring beauty and functionality to your home office space. Additionally, open shelves can store just about anything from books, folders, collectibles, stationery, and other stuff. Furthermore, open shelves can even be used to display pictures or decorative items to increase the attractiveness of our shelf and office space. 




34. Glass It Up




Its time we discuss some unique and interesting storage ideas for your office supplies. Glass jars are a perfect option to store small stationery items such as pens, pencils, paper clips, and other smaller items. Old food jars or glass canning can do the job perfectly and are available in most kitchen cabinets, so you won’t have to spend a dime. Glass jars come in various sizes so use jars of different heights for the best effect.




35. Built-in storage




The ultimate home office storage idea is built-in storage with enclosed cabinets, cubbies, drawers, or any one of these. Built-in storage is usually made during the construction of a house and normally takes up an entire wall. People who plan on making an office space in their homes and are still in construction should definitely check out this option.




36. Hanging Storage




Hanging storages for home offices have been around for decades and are very popular for storing office supplies and documents. Furthermore, hanging storage can store your files, tablets, paperwork, and stationary; basically, all the stuff present in a regular home office. 




37. Use Coffee Mugs

Color pens in a cup



Coffee mugs offer functionality which is quite similar to the one a glass jar provides. Additionally, coffee mugs are the perfect choice to store your pens, pencils, and markers. Moreover, multicolored pencils in a white cup placed on your home office desk will surely bring a smile on your face. It’s a convenient and cheap solution which makes it one of the best home office storage ideas.




38. Bring Colour To Your Files




No home office is complete without documents and to store these file covers are used. File cabinets may feel too monotonous and industrial for many, so why not use file covers of different colors. Multicolored files will give a whole new vibe to your file cabinet and it’s easier to differentiate between documents making it easier to locate. It is one those unique office organization tricks which can bring a new vide to your office space




39. Chalkboard Wall




It’s another idea that utilizes the wall space and can be interesting for many, especially the kids. People who have empty wall space in their home office can paint it in a chalkboard style paint. You can use this space to write notes and even use it during a fun time with kids. A pro tip is to create proper boards around the board so so it can actually look like a chalkboard.




40. Matching Furniture

Matching Furniture



It is not actually a product or a storage solution but rather a concept. Professional working spaces usually have matching interiors so it’s a no brainer to keep your home office storage options in matching colors. It will give a professional look to your office space and will look apart from the rest of the house interior.




41. Extra Storage Space On Desks




Working space on desks is always limited and sometimes it is not enough to store your belongings. An office organization idea for your desk is to use risers which create a tiered storage solution. Shelf risers are mostly used in kitchens but can work fine on your office desk. Just be sure to choose material and color which complements the desk.




42. Printer In The Drawer



Most home offices have a printer that may serve multiple purposes such as scanning, printing, and photocopying. It’s a bulky office gadget that can easily interfere with your home décor. People with a home office desk or a chest can remove the bottom drawer and house the printer in that space. By doing this, the printer with not cause sore eyes every time you look at the office space so do try this hack and thank us later.




43. Hook Up On Peg Board




Magnetic or wooden wallboard is quite a common sight in several home offices so it’s definitely an option worth looking. The board is mostly used to hold up photos, notes, keys, important dates, and even inspirational quotes. It varies from person to person on what documents they put up on the board. The ideal place to put is behind your desk so give this idea a thought, you just might like it.




44. Get Control Of The Spare Room

A spare room in a house is always a luxury, even if it’s a tiny one. People planning to create an office space in their homes should put their dibs on that share room. A spare room for your office space gives you the luxury to design and utilize it as per your requirements. You can covert it into storage filled the office with a desk, shelves, and cubbies and give it a complete makeover.




45. Beautiful Storage Boxes




Sometimes all you want is a clean working space rather than extra storage space. As per experts, a clean, tidy, and organized workspace can greatly enhance your productivity. One way of keeping things tidy is by using storage boxes. Beautiful and innovative storage boxes can give a completely new look to your office space. The boxes can be easily hideaway under desks for those who don’t want these messing with their interiors.




46. Recycle Filing Cabinets




Filing cabinets are a perfect place to store your home office supplies. You can easily get your hands on some from your local flea market or junk shops. A coat of paint on these cabinets and turn them into something beautiful to store your belongings. It is one of those office storage solutions you will be proud of.




47. Use Interesting Shelves



In times when there are thousands of options available in the market choose something exciting and unusual. An out of the ordinary shelf is a perfect storage option for your home especially is it’s in the center of the living space. Search Amazon or check out your local big-box store for interesting ideas to jazz up your home office environment.




48. Vintage Industrial Storage




People who have some idea what office storages looked like fifty years can imagine what we are going to suggest. A couple of these storage items will give your home office a complete vintage feel. Stack trunks, wall-mounted wire baskets, and old wooden desk are all the things needed for an industrial looking storage. The only thing to remember is that more the things mismatch with each other, the better it looks.




49. Get Creative

Plenty of home office storage ideas are easy to implement and all it needs is a bit of creativity. Every office space is unique and each individual has their own home office organization ideas. You just need to look around the house or flea markets and find products that do the job for you. One creative home office storage idea is to stack up wooden crates and turn it into a bookshelf.




50. Keep Your Desk Clean

Clean table


The perfect home office desk is the one that is not cramped up with office supplies and has minimum storage items. The idea can only be achieved if you have other storage solutions. A practical and functional storage space frees up space on your desk and keeps it clean while in use as well as when not in use.




Lastly, we really hope that you had a great time reading this article as we certainly did while writing. Don’t forget to use some of the ideas next you are revamping your home office storage. Till next time, I hope you have a good day.

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