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30 Best Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets You Should Go For 30 Best Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets You Should Go For

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30 Best Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets You Should Go For

Written by: Benjamin Parker

Here are the best Outdoor kitchen cabinets that are the perfect solution to your storage woes. Get one INSTANTLY and forget all your worries in no time.

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Outdoor kitchens are a new delight for hosting BBQ and grill get-togethers or only quality family time. But if you are still setting it up or thinking of renovating, here are some cool DIY outdoor kitchen cabinets. 




The variety we have here will suit a wide range of outdoor kitchen ideas, and update you with all the options. Have a look at the best outdoor kitchen cabinets you must go for, and select the one that suits you best. Good luck!





Sunstone double door kitchen cabinet is made of 16 gauge steel and thus can endure a variety of weather conditions. Besides, it comes equipped with a stainless steel handle on each door that looks equally stylish. Moreover, the brushed finish of these cabinets also makes them ideal or all kinds of outdoor kitchens, vintage or contemporary. However, these cabinets are best fitted into concrete or veneer structures. 





The portable storage cabinet by Keter is another fantastic option for your outdoor kitchen. Besides, you will also get additional counter space, as the top is studded with stainless steel. Therefore this cabinet will be ideal for prepping for your BBQ or grill nights. Apart from the closed cabinet, an additional open shelf and hooks on the side make it convenient to grab things quickly.





Here’s another enclosed outdoor kitchen cabinet storage option that you can easily fit on your granite or vinyl kitchen structure. Besides, they come along with a lifetime guarantee. Additionally, the double door single shelf enclosure makes it easy to find items while you’re cooking outdoors in your open kitchen. Furthermore, the assembly requires minimal efforts as you seamlessly mount it into your space.





How about an outdoor kitchen cabinet that also doubles as a bar counter that accompanies your grill parties with friends and family? The standalone cart requires no installation but can even sit peaceably in any corner with the lockable castors. Moreover, it features adjustable shelves, and you’ll also get a cover to keep it safe from dust when not in use.




The Leisure season brand brings around one of the most beautiful outdoor kitchen cabinets with a fresh outlook. The stainless steel countertop is easy to clean and maintain. However, the best part is that it also has built-in cooler storage. Apart from cabinets, there are two drawers that can be put to use for storing cutlery. Though made of wood, the kitchen cabinet has been treated to be waterproof. 





If you are looking for taller outdoor kitchen cabinets just meant for the purpose of storage, here’s a good one. The BS lockable kitchen cabinet provides ample storage across various shelves for you safe-keep your cooking supplies. Additionally, the cabinet is crafted from heavy-duty plastic, which is naturally water-resistant. The inner shelving is adjustable so you can customize them as per your requirements.





It will surely be a smart decision to install the Mophorn pull-out trash drawer cabinet in your outdoor kitchen. The entire stainless steel construction keeps it safe from rusting, molding, or the need for painting or coating for maintenance. It’s easy to clean with a dry cloth or water and mild detergent. Furthermore, the drawer can be pulled out with ease thanks to the smooth supporting rails. 





These New age outdoor kitchen cabinets with sink come in the set of four built with aircraft-grade stainless steel. Therefore, there’s bare;y any doubt about its durability or maintenance. Besides, it also features impact tested tempered glass doors that impart a unique modern look. Moreover, the doors are soft-closing, and the height of the cabinet is adjustable. The built-in handles are additional space savers.





The Rubbermaid lockable storage cabinets are essential for storing essential items in your outdoor kitchen. The snap-together design makes it easy to get things pretty quickly. Besides, you can also lock it without having to bring in the outdoor kitchen items for safety reasons. Furthermore, the resin construction makes it resistant to rain and dust. Besides, it will not fade away under the sun.





Here’s another fantastic prep station cum storage cabinet for your outdoor kitchen from Leisure Season. So apart from the storage space below the countertop, you get extended shelf space right in front. Besides, it looks aesthetic and is easy to clean as a protective coating protects the wood from losing its sheen. There are two larger drawers above the cabinet and four more in the extended height.





The BBQGuys enclosed outdoor kitchen cabinets are a delight to have in any kitchen. When installed, they automatically add class to the kitchen’s outlook, apart from being sturdy and durable. Besides, the manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. T requires no assembly. The best part? Furthermore, the doors get magnetically sealed and protect the storage from moisture and insects.





Suppose you are looking for outdoor storage cabinets with shelves to add space to small kitchens, here a compact option. Additionally, it is portable, as it has castors that are also lockable. However, the top of this cabinet can be expanded to convert it into a prep station. Or you could use it as a bbq or grilling station, or to store your cutlery and food for outdoor dining. 





A super portable cabinet, this one by Giantex, is meant for your campsite kitchen. It is foldable and features sturdy materials like oxford fabric, aluminum, MDF, and steel. Besides, there’s a large cooking table on the top and with coverable shelves below. If not on a campsite, you may also use it in your yard, if you don’t already have an outdoor kitchen but wish to use it for your bbq time.





The Homak wall cabinet is just meant to adorn the walls of your outdoor kitchen place. It comes with a couple of adjustable shelves and is easy to mount with pre-drilled holes. Moreover, these outdoor kitchen cabinets stainless steel, are highly secure with HMC tubular locks. Additionally, these are much better than DIY outdoor kitchen cabinets.





The contemporary drawers by Mophorn are another must-have for outdoor modular kitchens. It is a triple storage solution with three drawers with a curved top that doubles as handles. Apart from the sleek design, these have a wide range of uses during your cooking time. Moreover, they also have smooth and noiseless sliding and will withstand rain and snow as well. 





Add a lot more storage space to your outdoor kitchen with this tall cabinet. It has one double door opening and one separate single door cabinet. The shelves are adjustable, and the polypropylene construction adds to its durability and strength. 





The Keter outdoor kitchen cabinets are super compact and portable. It has an elegant stainless steel countertop and cabinetry below. Apart from the offices, you will also get access to one open shelf and hooks for hanging towels and utensils.  And therefore, it is also a fully functional kitchen island that can be used indoors as well. Besides, the resin construction makes it extra durable and weather resistant. 





The reinforced double-wall doors of these New Age outdoor kitchen cabinets are impossible to penetrate for this rain and snow. This set of five includes a bar cabinet, a double door cabinet, and three drawer cabinets in addition to one prep station. Thanks to the use of durable aluminum, it has a load-bearing capacity of 425 lbs. 





If you are into more lightweight and portable options, the Rubbermaid outdoor kitchen storage cabinets are pure bliss to have. The rattan wicker basket weave pattern of this additional kitchen cabinet will look brilliant in the garden and patios. Besides, they have a high load-bearing capacity and can hold all your grilling accessories in place. The shelves are adjustable while the entire cabinet can be locked with a padlock. It has a ten-year limited warranty and is highly weather resistant.





The New Age brand also offers outdoor kitchen cabinets for sinks, apart from storage. Available in coastal gray, the fully assembled cabinets are manufactured with aircraft-grade aluminum frames. While there’s a sink on the top, it also has two shelves for storage hidden beneath double doors. The plumbing ports have been pre-punched, and thus you might install it with minimal assistance. 





The sleek and tall Sterilite cabinets can fit in most places, with ease. Though it has a heavy-duty construction, the doors swing seamlessly. Besides, it can be locked with an additional padlock. Besides, it has four shelves for storage that can be adjusted to multiple heights. Moreover, the titanium handles add to its outlook. It will take no longer than 15 minutes for you to assemble it. 





This outdoor kitchen cabinet can even hold your BBQ or grills in place if they fit in size. The Suncast commercial blow model features metal reinforced shelves that are ideal for heavyweight utensils and equipment. Besides, rain or snow; these kitchen cabinets will not rust, mold, or need much maintenance.





The sturdy and robust construction of the stainless steel cabinets by Stanbroil is just what you need to install it and forget it kind of use. And that’s because they will hardly need any maintenance as you use it daily or occasionally. Besides, it has a combination of cabinet and drawers, which enhances its versatility.





For the lovers of vintage furniture, here are the most epic outdoor kitchen cabinets for you. This piece of furniture has a double door cabinet with a single shelf. However, there’s an additional open shelf apart from the countertop. And since it is completely made from Eucalyptus, you may rest assured for its w=quality and premium outlook. The craftsmanship is excellent.





TheBold Series of New Age outdoor kitchen cabinets have leveling legs that can be adjusted to stay still on the outdoor pavements.  Besides, it comes in crisp red color and thus grabs attention like a pro. Meanwhile, it also heightens the aesthetics of the outdoor kitchen with inbuilt doors and design.





The aluminum and wicker outdoor kitchen cabinets are another lightweight option for your external cooking space. At the same time, this cabinet can also be exclusively used as a bar counter, when outdoors. The handwoven wicker material is resistant to all kinds of weather and time adversaries and will, therefore, last for years to come.






The resin made wicker like the cabinet is so versatile that you can put it to endless use outdoors and indoors. From garage storage to string your grill and BBQ tools, it’s a pro. It has a 97-gallon capacity and is robust against all weather conditions. Besides, it has adjustable shelves and is safe from molding and rusting as well.  





If you are looking for a tall kitchen cabinet for the sole purpose of organizing your stuff, this one from Keter will suit you best. Its durable polypropylene construction ensures that it can undergo all weather conditions without wearing or fading off. Besides, it is super compact in width, so your jars of spices will be held in place, without cluttering your kitchen. 





Here’s another tall steel storage cabinet for your outdoor kitchen. It is only 17.7 inches wide but offers a lot more storage space across its shelves. Besides, these outdoor storage cabinets with shelves will keep your stuff organized and safe. An additional perk is that you can also move it around, thanks to the attached castor wheels. 






When you need a cabinet for storing your food and utensils, the food waste also requires a separate compartment. So here it is – a neat and chic trash can cabinet for your outdoor kitchen. It is weather-resistant, waterproof, and can survive prickly heat and the freezing temperatures.it is ideal for 30-39 gallon trash bag sizes, and the rim is removable as well. The sleek metal handle and hinged hood make it easy to use. 




So these were the best outdoor kitchen cabinets. Stainless steel, resin or wood construction, each has its own set of pros and cons and slight variations in their durability and usage. But at least one or more shall suit your outdoor kitchen ideas. However, the most in-demand are the outdoor storage cabinets with shelves, coupled with the feature of adjustability. However, your buying decision must depend on your personal requirements. 

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