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What Is a Loveseat: Your Ultimate Guide What Is a Loveseat: Your Ultimate Guide


What Is a Loveseat: Your Ultimate Guide

Written by: Ethan Hayes

What is a loveseat, you ask? Check out this quick guide on the ultimate two-seater and learn about how a loveseat can spruce up your space.

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If you’re planning to sit Valentine’s Day out again, best do it on a loveseat! What is a loveseat, you ask? Well, it’s a cute furniture item that will steal your heart and make you grateful for the space you’re not sharing with anyone. But, it will also have a saved seat ready for whenever that special one comes along. So, if you’re looking for a reliable couch that will fit you and your partner just right, a loveseat might be your perfect match.


What is a Loveseat?


What exactly is a loveseat? Is it furniture you take out only on date nights or special anniversaries? No, you can definitely enjoy this quaint lounger anytime, regardless of your relationship status. It looks exactly like a sofa but has a smaller seating capacity. A sofa usually seats three or more people, while a loveseat is intended for couples or two individuals.



Loveseats are perfect for small apartments and spaces. They can easily dress any room and still provide enough space for all your living room storage. If you want your studio apartment to feel more like home, a loveseat is just right for your small family.

ZINUS Josh Sofa Couch

Grayson Love Seats

Edenbrook Lynnwood Upholstered Couch


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Why is it Called a Loveseat?


The loveseat gained its name from the old tradition of courting in the 17th century. During this period, the loveseat provided an intimate yet still appropriate setting where couples can spend time getting to know each other. As years passed, however, the loveseat has evolved from being an instrument of dating traditions to a cozy fix for tiny homes.


What is the Difference Between a Loveseat and a Sofa?


In a living room, a sofa is a centerpiece that brings the whole room together. It provides a welcoming vibe that encourages people to gather. So, what is a loveseat compared to a sofa? At first glance, they might seem the same, but they differ in three major categories: size and seating capacity, purpose, and cost.


Size and Seating Capacity


A sofa is no doubt much bigger compared to a loveseat. The latter is a humble couch for lovers or one person that enjoys his or her personal space. If you’re the type of person who prefers company most days, a sofa would be more appropriate because its seating capacity is for three or more people.




Everybody knows a sofa is for game nights, relaxing, and sprawling out. A sofa is usually placed in a large space like your living room or basement for multiple people to gather. It can even be used for sleeping, thanks to its sheer dimensions.



A loveseat is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture. Its compact size opens a lot of potential for small spaces. In fact, adding one in a small room can make it look more spacious. You can use it to accent your master bedroom or just transform it into a comfy reading chair for your home library.


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The difference between a sofa and a loveseat’s cost is not too significant because they essentially have the same materials. But if you’re like us where every dollar counts, a sofa is usually $20 to $50 more expensive than a loveseat.


Loveseat vs Settee


If you’re on the lookout for the perfect couch for your small space, a loveseat or a settee are your best options. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what they can do to liven up a place. Their compact builds can be perfect accents that are both stylish and functional. In the furniture business, a loveseat and a settee can be interchangeable. Of course, they still have key differences in seating capacity, upholstery, and overall frame construction.



Settees can seat two or more people compared to a loveseat. They are usually made of solid wood construction that resembles a deacon’s bench, but there are upholstered settees available too. One of the main qualities of a settee is its portability because it’s more lightweight than a loveseat. However, a settee is more often used as a decoration than an actual seating. If you want to elevate your bedroom, adding a settee at the edge of your bed can give you an enhanced sense of luxury.



On the other hand, a loveseat almost exclusively seats two people. However, because of the trend of studio apartments and tiny homes, this nifty furniture has embraced its sofa qualities without compromising the little space you have left. Most loveseats are upholstered and made comfortable like a daybed.



If you’re unsure of what to choose, it all comes down to what you’re going to use it for. Both of these pieces of furniture are compact, so you can easily place and move them anywhere in your home. Here are some guide questions that will help you decide on whether your space calls for a loveseat or a settee:


  • How many seats do you need?
  • How big is your living room?
  • Are you prioritizing aesthetics or comfort?


Types of Loveseats


What a loveseat can offer is variety and there are at least three types you can choose from!


Upholstered Loveseats


Upholstered loveseats provide you with a soft and comfy seating option. If you plan to sit and lounge on your loveseat for long periods, make sure it’s padded for your comfort. Upholstered loveseats are perfect for small living rooms and outside patio furniture. You can place this furniture anywhere you want an extra cozy vibe.


Christopher Knight Home Bridie Modern Couch

Christopher Knight Home Bridie Modern Loveseat

Dumont Mid-Century Modern Fabric Couch

Dumont Mid-Century Modern Fabric Loveseat

Edenbrook Parkview Upholstered Two-Seater

Edenbrook Parkview Upholstered Loveseat


Tufted Loveseats


Tuft is a classic furniture style, and it comes in loveseat form too! Complete your office space with a chic tufted loveseat that provides a balance between design aesthetic and function. There are a lot of tufting designs you can choose from with both modern and traditional styles.


Christopher Knight Home Faye Lounger

Christopher Knight Home Faye

HONBAY Tufted Velvet Fabric Couch

HONBAY Tufted Velvet Fabric

Rosevera Hermosa Tufted Couch

Rosevera Hermosa Tufted Sofa



Reclining Loveseats


When people ask what is a loveseat, a reclining chair won’t be the first thing on their minds. While a reclining chair is usually a bulky piece of furniture, don’t let your small space keep you from reaching peak comfort! Furnish your place with a reclining loveseat that will allow you to lounge in the best way possible. You don’t have to worry about the space it’s going to take up because it’s still as compact as a standard loveseat. However, you need to account for some extra room, being that these are still recliners.


Flash Furniture Harmony Series LeatherSoft Recliner

Flash Furniture Harmony Series LeatherSoft Loveseat

Signature Design by Ashley Double Recliner

Yaheetech Home Recliner

Yaheetech Home Recliner


What to Consider in Buying a Loveseat


So, what is the perfect loveseat for your place? Here are some factors to consider in buying the ideal model for you. A piece of furniture requires a lot of commitment. So carefully heed these considerations, so you don’t end up breaking up with your loveseat sooner than expected.


Space Available


Consider the space available you have in your room. If your main reason for getting a loveseat is that you don’t have much space, make sure to choose one that fits. It is already a compact piece of furniture for two, but it still comes in a variety of sizes depending on the design and additional parts.


Own Style and Aesthetic


Like we’ve said, a loveseat vastly varies in its designs. So, keep in mind your house’s overall style and try to match it for a more coherent visual. You won’t have any trouble finding pieces because there are a lot of different loveseats available that can fit any aesthetic.


Function in the Home


What is a loveseat in your home for? That’s another question you have to ask yourself. Are you going to use it for your kitchen? As a comfy couch in your living room? Furniture for your walk-in closet? Or as a designated lounge area in your mansion’s bathroom? The possibilities are endless, and there’s a perfect loveseat for all.


Benefits of Having a Loveseat 


There’s more to a loveseat than providing a comfy place you can sit. They say looks can be deceiving, and that is especially true with this dainty seating! Here are some of the many benefits you can get from equipping your home with a loveseat:

  • Make a room seem and feel larger
  • Compliments other furniture
  • Lightweight and easy to rearrange
  • Useful beyond the living room
  • Compact and saves space

A loveseat can help you make the most of your space and spice things up. We hope you’ve learned everything you needed to know and finally understand what this ultimate two-seater is. So, when someone brings up the question: what is a loveseat? You can impress them with your surface knowledge! Help us help you furnish your homes in sweeter ways with a loveseat.



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