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8 Home Library Ideas to Cherish the Reading Experience 8 Home Library Ideas to Cherish the Reading Experience

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8 Home Library Ideas to Cherish the Reading Experience

Written by: Sophia Turner

Give your home library a super decorative touch by applying simple yet very practical ideas. Fetch these top quality ideas and transform the space INSTANTLY

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The question I’m about to ask is something a lot of bookworms can relate to: have you ever felt frustrated by the seeming lack of space for reading at home? Having a home library can be challenging thing to maintain nowadays. Historically, we have lived with the perception that a library has to be quiet, calm, well-ventilated, and spacious. It’s hard to imagine a home library being otherwise.



The truth, however, is that any part of your home can be transformed into a fantastic library without much effort. The only thing stopping you from achieving the library of your dreams is your imagination. We have fantastic ideas that can transform any room or corner into a reading space, so read on!


8 Home Library Ideas to Cherish the Reading Experience - Infographics


1. Use Your Closet


child reading


One of the best home library ideas is to transform your wardrobe into a bookshelf, so you can use the closet both for storing clothes and reading great literature when you’re free. How will you do this, you may ask? You can create custom bookshelves by tweaking the inside of your closet. Remove the doors on the cabinet to create more space for your books.



Most wardrobes are in the bedroom, which can easily be the quietest place in the house. It is more than an ideal place to have your personal library. At the same time, you should have some comfortable home library furniture in the room to boost your reading experience.


2. Take It Low


bed with sheets and blanket


Due to space constraints, high shelves that stretch from floor to ceiling may not be one of the best reading nook ideas for your apartment. If that’s the case, why not keep your bookshelves low? Look for a place under the counters, benches, or your bed for potential spaces to keep your books. If your house has a shared room, it is the perfect place to have your library. Having a personal library in the bedroom is also a good idea — you could even opt for a bed with under bed storage.


3. Go For Custom Bookshelves


custom bookshelves


One of the best home library ideas out there is having custom bookshelves instead of bookcases. Unlike cabinets that take a lot of space in the house, bookshelves can be fitted on walls if you want. If you do not have a library room to place large bookcases, you could go for floating or hanging wall shelves to utilize any unused space. These bookshelves will give you enough space to store your books and other items.


4. Incorporate Your Books Into Home Library Furniture


Incorporate Your Books Into Home Library Furniture


If you want to save space in your house, try incorporating your books into your chairs, tables, or bed. Bonus points if your furniture is custom-built to give extra storage space. Nowadays, most beds come with some form of storage space for keeping your items, but you could always ask a carpenter to design your furniture to meet your specific bookcase needs.



Alternatively, there’s also the option of shopping for kitchen islands that come with built-in bookshelves. Ready-made book chairs that can be positioned immediately in your living room or bedroom without any preparation is also a good option to store your books.


5. Transform Your Staircase To A Reading Nook


Transform Your Staircase To A Reading Nook


If you don’t have any space a for library in the house, you could always transform the space under your staircase into a reading nook instead of using it as additional living room storage. Lining your books on the stairs not only gives you additional space, but it makes your staircase look amazing. Also, you can utilize the space under your staircase and transform it into a reading nook with strategically placed storage shelves.



The Scandinavian stairway library can be a perfect design to embrace. This design makes use of the space under the staircase that leads to the bedroom. Reach out to your interior designer to transform this idle part of your house into a cozy library.


6. Give Space For Lounging


Give Space For Lounging


The perfect reading nook ideas often add space to your lounge. Even if you were to have a great home library, it is never truly complete without the right furniture. Not only is a library ideal for storing books, but it is also a place to sit, relax, and read all you want. The perfect armchair or daybed can make all the difference in comfort.


7. Mix It With Art



Feature some artworks in your home library and pair them with comfortable seats. If you have ample space to dedicate in your library, you can go for the bookcases that span from the floor to the ceiling. Apart from giving you enough space to keep your books, these bookcases always remind you that it is time to read. Pair your bookcases with some eye-catching art pieces to make the room more attractive. If your bookshelves are tall, you could use a library ladder to help you reach the topmost shelf.


8. Color Your Library


Color Your Library


Surroundings matter when it comes to reading books: the right kind of environment encourages you to read more. Before you begin reading any book, it is important for you to actually want to read in your library. Making your home library attractive is one of the reading nook ideas you should not ignore. Make the reading nook as comfortable and beautiful as possible by incorporating a couple of aesthetic changes. Give your home library a classical look by arranging your books according to their color, which gives contrast and adds mood to your library.


Final Thoughts


You do not need to live in a mansion to have and enjoy a library of your own at home. Even if you happen to live in a small apartment, you can always find the right home library ideas to make your house an excellent place to relax and read your favorite books in peace. After all, there’s nothing we love more than curling up in the comforts of home with a good read.

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