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60 Living Room Storage You Never Thought of 60 Living Room Storage You Never Thought of

Living Room Storage

60 Living Room Storage You Never Thought of

Written by: William Harrison

Get a great insight into living room storage ideas to spice up your house! From storage cabinets to storage furniture, this article covers all!

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Are you tired of watching the aesthetics of your expensive furniture being ruined by the cluttered items occupying the space? Or maybe the vacant spaces of your living room are haunting the overall appeal and you’d like to spice things up by using up these vacant spots by using creative room storage ideas? 



Well, we know the struggle. Either there’s way too much space or not enough when it comes to your living room. Most modern homes and studio apartments have compact rooms requiring smart, multifunctional furniture. In this guide, we’ll go over some creative ideas and super affordable options you can check out in order to optimize your living room storage



Living room storage is all about using the space you have efficiently. We’ll be sharing some of the eccentric storage cabinets as well as various other storage furniture that you can use to use up space around your living room more efficiently. If you’re seeking something more general, these storage ideas won’t let you down.








This elegant piece of woodwork is perfect for organizing various types of small and medium household accessories in a decent and appealing manner. It isn’t just limited to serving as an item of storage furniture, it surely will complement the theme of your living room in the best way possible too. 



Glass Door Cabinet

A glass door cabinet will make an elegant addition to your living room interior. The design of these cabinets is sturdy but not at the expense of being overly heavy or bulky. The minimal design allows the living room to maintain its modern appeal without getting cluttered. 






Serving at the frontline of modern living room cabinets, this elegant sideboard has a unique contemporary design, perfect for storing both small and medium-sized items. This is one of the best stylish living room storage available in the market. 





This revolving living room storage furniture brings along loads of space to safe-keep your accessories while also being visually attractive.




Magnetic Modular Furniture

Living room cabinet



Sep up your living room storage furniture game with this multi-purpose furniture piece, which allows you to spice up your living room storage décor as per your need. Furthermore, it comes with a vast collection of cabinets and shelves, which you can rearrange the way you desire.






Every living room needs a coffee table. A coffee table is where you enjoy your evening snacks and drinks with your friends and family. This piece takes the coffee table experience one step further by serving both as an elegant lift top table while simultaneously offering adequate living room storage within several of its hidden compartments. Additionally, this piece offers the best of both worlds. 




Reclaimed Window Coffee Table

An eccentric coffee table, customized with various theme-matching colors to complement your furniture.






This simple Espresso coffee table reflects a sleek antique vibe and provides adequate storage space via its spacious foldable storage baskets that are part of the design. These storage baskets will help you organize and keep your living room clutter-free.




Another great living room storage idea. This multi-purpose portable table is highly convenient. It simplifies decluttering and serves as an elegant center room coffee table, which can be adjusted and moved around with just a slight push.






Wall Mounted Box Shelves

Save a significant amount of ground space by storing your accessories ranging from magazines, laptops, books, and much more in wall-mounted box shelves. Moreover, if you have the right gear and the zeal to do so, you can make your very own DIY box shelves too.




Floating Display Shelves

Black wall and white furniture



Serving as the backbone décor furniture of every living room, floating display shelves can store all your collectibles and antiques. Additionally, these floating display shelves are also great at adding a rather minimal touch to your living room decor. 




DIY Upcycled Wooden Shelves

Why purchase expensive décor when you’ve got all the arsenal yourself? Convert your dusty, old worn-out décor items and bless them with your creativity.




Ceiling Shelves

Free up valuable ground space by shifting décor and miscellaneous items up above the ground! Use theme-matching shelves to take your living room aesthetics to the next level.





Storage Ottoman Seat




Storage Ottoman

These are the real game-changers when it comes to stacking up those cluttered items ruining the elegance of your living room.  Furthermore, they automatically add a nice sitting area to your living room without taking up too much space as regular furniture would. And with the added advantage of being a great storage item, these storage ottoman benches are an ideal investment for those who want to organize their living room space on a budget. 




Convertible Sectional Sofa

Don’t go out shopping conventional sofa’s when convertible sectional sofas exist. Interestingly, these convertible sofas have become a lifesaver for many city dwellers who regularly deal with the issue of running out of space. Additionally, these bifunctional sofas are very comfortable. So, you’ll not only be investing in a comfortable sitting space for your living room when you buy these convertible sofas but also adding additional storage space at the same time. 






Tired of your kids cluttering their toys all over the living room? Why don’t you gift your little ones this multi-purpose sofa that’ll put a smile on their faces and provide adequate space to safe keep their belongings?




Wine Cabinet

Wine storage cabinet




Flip Top Cabinet Bar

Finding it difficult to make room for your conventional bar? Well, worry no more as these storage cabinets won’t only compliment the overall theme of your living room, but also serve as the ideal conversation-starter whenever you have friends over for drinks. It doesn’t just end there; these cabinets are designed to allow quick and easy access while being spacious enough for all the glassware.







This elegant piece of rubberwood and MDF based wine rack is a winner when it comes to hosting a party or celebration at your place. Furthermore, its compactness and classy woodwork are guaranteed to boost the overall antique appeal of your living room while being comfortable to use at the same time. 





This vintage globe is not to be taken lightly as this beautiful piece of Italian craftsmanship depicts the 18th-century map in an elegant and archetypal texture, which makes it the ideal centerpiece. In addition, it serves as the ultimate storage furniture for your finest bottles and glassware. Furthermore, it can house up to 4 full-sized bottles and about nine glasses as well, proving to be sufficiently spacious as well.






What’s more, is that this sleek LED illuminated bottle shelf will lighten up the dark corners in your room and set the perfect mood to enjoy the drinks.




Keep Your Greens


Nesting Tables

Crafted from iron and bamboo, these nesting side-tables are perfect for placing house plants, table lamps, or even your latest read! When not in use, they can be neatly tucked under each other. Moreover, these nesting tables are designed to easily fit in small spaces. 




Leaning Ladder Plant Stand

Plant ladder stand



For the storage of small plants, especially in the kitchen, these miniature ladders are the perfect storage solution. Made of wood with multiple steps, these plant stands can support numerous leafy fellows and can be easily placed wherever you like.




Hydro Pendulum Vase

These plant holders help bring life to any small desktop space. Crafted from glass and wood, these stylish vases accommodate 1-3 plant saplings, perfect for all of you plant lovers out there! 




Smart Desks


Folding Wall Desk

This minimalistic working bench is a winner when it comes to compactness and utility. Moreover, with its superior architectural perfection, it is an optimum pair for almost any décor.






This elegant wall desk brings you all the benefits of a concise workspace. It comes with a spacious set of storage cabinets, thereby, providing smooth functionality and visual appeal. 




DIY Collapsible Fold Down Desk

Streamline your work routine by investing some of your time in building this simplistic yet roomy workplace solution with floating storage shelves. Moreover, the collapsible fold down desk design takes up less space and is easy to move around. 




Secretary Fold Down Desktop

Fold down desk



If the four walls of your living room aren’t sufficient to build a workspace, it’s time to bring in this elite desktop. This desktop provides the maximum storage space you could ask for in a home workspace area. Moreover, the simple design makes it fit right into your home decor, no matter what kind. 







For workaholics finding it challenging to deal with limited space and cluttering issues, this spacious and elegant workspace will become your favorite. 




Book Storage



DIY Oak Tree Shelf

Book shelf



Have a pile of books scattered all over your living room? No ground space to keep them organized? This simple yet beautifully designed wooden shelving unit is the item you’re looking for. 






Tackling small space storage problems in your studio apartments? Don’t worry, we’ve got just the item for you. This item is ideal for urban residents as it provides them with a comfortable sitting area. Furthermore, this particular bench comes in an appealing design that is suitable for any décor. It’ll also be your ideal living room storage solution.







Add this blissful and functional flair to your living room. Not only will it keep all of those miscellaneous items well stocked, but also provide additional seating space on a thickly padded cushion top.




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DIY Spool Bookcase

Using this smart idea, make more room all of your favorite books. Furthermore, with this unique spool bookcase, you can keep your books neat and tidy and prevent them from gathering dust. Convert these suitable old spools into a rustic and creative bookcase.




Staircase Storage


Under Stair Storage Cabinets

Cabinets under staircase



We’ve all had the idea of utilizing that empty space under our staircase. The simplest solution would be to install a set of cabinets that will not only solve the small space storage issue but also add to the interior details of your living room. Making it a win-win situation overall. 




Staircase Bookshelf

Finding it difficult to organize the stack of books in your compact crib? Well, with a little elbow grease and creativity, you can utilize the staircase space to form your very own library!




Under Stairs Mini Bar Display

Always fantasized about having your very own bar but never got around to it? Start bringing your ideas to reality by installing a bunch of cabinets and shelves to display your liquor bottles elegantly.




Footwear Storage


Staircase Shoe Drawers

Let’s not waste a significant amount of space our staircase has to offer. Instead of cluttering your footwear all around the crib, convert your staircase into a classy living room storage facility, and see the difference. 




Lazy Susan Shoe Rack

Shoe rack



Too lazy to make space for your footwear? Well, this vertical rotating shoe rack’s got your covered. It easily stacks up all of your footwear. Furthermore, it has a very accessible design. You can simply rotate the shoe rack and find your pair within seconds. 




Multimedia Stand




Thinking about utilizing that space below your wall-mounted TV? This floating media cabinet serves as the perfect blend of modern-day aesthetics as well as being spacious enough to house your accessories in an organized manner. 




DIY Wooden TV Stand

TV stand



To maintain the compactness and provide adequate walking space, it’s smart to utilize the area below your TV stand. With minimal skills and a creative mind, this task can easily be accomplished at home by making your very own, customized storage cabinets.






Drift towards the modern makeover by bringing home this futuristic, yet elegant living room storage featuring a 23″ fireplace as well. It’ll keep you warm and cozy while storing your households and electronics, such as gaming consoles, remotes, and much more.






Vintage enthusiasts searching for vintage woodwork designed to perfection, look no further. This fireplace infused storage cabinet console is the item you’re looking for. Not only does it provide you comfort and warmth, but it also accommodates your TV and keeps the essentials and accessories safe within its spacious cupboards.





For those feeling the need to upgrade their entertainment center, this storage furniture lives in the limelight of contemporary living room furniture. With the exquisite Matt black body and High Gloss Fonts, it takes your living room aesthetics to a whole new level. This unit also houses several elegant storage cabinets and shelves, that can keep your house clutter-free. 



Multimedia Cabinet

Organize your entertainment space by adding a vertical living room cabinet stack. Since there are so many varieties and creative designs out there, you’re bound to find the perfect match for you.



DIY Wooden Media Cabinet

Not satisfied with the conventional, off the shelf media cabinets? Use your creativity by building a customized media cabinet. Paint, draw, stain, do whatever you like!



Media Rack

Running low on ground space to store and organize your media accessories? These compact and simplistic media racks can be your lifesaver.





Keep your priceless record collection and other classic media components safe and sound in this rustic, vintage storage furniture with smartly designed compartments.




Modular Banquette & Storage Bench


DIY Modular Banquette

Want to utilize the window side corner space to build up a snug bench for you to relax on? Well, you know what they say, stop thinking, start doing. Start working on building your very own customized easy-to-reach storage and comfortable banquette!




Cushioned Storage Bench

Cushioned storage benches are a  simplistic and convenient modern small space storage solution. You enjoy the combination of both comfy seating and tidy storage cabinets, where you can store accessories neatly.






This item is a perfect blend of comfortable seating, elegant appeal, and sufficient storage. Moreover, it comes at a very affordable price that can fit right into your budget. 




DIY Window Seat Cabinets

For all those city dwellers who enjoy that window side vibe, this is a rewarding solution to fulfill their desires. Since you’re building one for yourself, why not customize the aesthetics to compliment your theme. Adding living room cabinets underneath the design can further enhance the utility of this woodwork. 




DIY Reading Nook

Feel like you lack that particular reading corner where it’s just you, a cup of coffee and your favorite book? It’s time to build one yourself. The reading nook isn’t just a reader’s paradise; it’s much more! It’s a soft, comfy place to relax and read in while keeping your collection organized and in-reach in the cabinets beneath.






Fulfill your child’s desire to have their own space with this colorful, corner-shaped reading nook designed with several spacious living room storage cabinets. This is guaranteed to keep them engaged in reading their favorite books.




Wooden Credenza

Planning an overhauling of your living room? Need a versatile and classy decluttering solution? Credenza can be the perfect living room storage solution you’re looking for. 






Bring the renaissance to your living room with this mid-century vintage credenza with a spacious glass door storage facility perfect for storing all of your miscellaneous items.




Entryway Essentials


Entryway Cabinet Bench

If you have a school-going child or perhaps a college-going youngster at home, you know the struggle of cleaning up after they come back home from school and throw their stuff around. You can teach your child to overcome this habit by designating a specific storage space to put their stuff in and encourage them to take responsibility for organizing it. The most convenient way to solve the cluttering issue is to buy a broad set of storage cabinets and pull yourself out of that misery of cleaning up after them every time they come home. 




Entryway Vertical Cabinet

Your travel essentials such as car keys, hats, and shades are very easy to misplace whenever you’re in a hurry to leave. In such a situation, having an optimal storage solution can save you a lot of time from looking all over the place for your items. These smartly sized storage cabinets will help you save both time and energy by storing all your essentials in one place. Moreover, they also fit right into your home decor with their elegant design so you don’t need to worry about ruining your living room interior decor theme. 






This wood crafted antique keeps all your essentials assembled for you. It houses spacious drawers and baskets that meant to keep clutter at bay. 





Improve the first impression of your place with this eccentric storage set meant to unclutter your to-go essentials. In addition, it provides sufficient storage space via a sophisticated design comprising of a hanging shelf, integrated shoe storage, and much more.




Miscellaneous Storage Systems


Rolling Storage Utility Cart

If you desire a storage component that blends well with your theme while being conveniently mobile, purchasing a utility cart would be a wise option.




Portable Miscellaneous Cart

Living Room Storage Cart


Can’t make space for the various miscellaneous items cluttering your living room? Mount them up on this multi-tier cart, which is highly mobile and can be moved around in case you need to vacate the space quickly. 



And that’s a wrap! We hope you found some inspiration after reading through all those cool ideas to free up space in your living room. Living room storage doesn’t need to be hard. You can simply look up simple living room storage solutions and place your order. Trust us, it’ll make your life a whole lot easier and you’ll never have a cluttered living room ever again. 


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