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DIY Wood Garage Shelves: How To Build One DIY Wood Garage Shelves: How To Build One

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DIY Wood Garage Shelves: How To Build One

Written by: Oliver Mitchell

Never worry about having enough garage space again! These DIY wood garage shelves ideas are quick, easy and great for everyone.

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With the busy lifestyles we’re leading, it’s not surprising that we tend to neglect our garages. Over time, items pile up and leave little room to walk, let alone work. A great way to combat mess is to install DIY wood garage shelves.



Installing a DIY wood garage shelf is not as difficult nor as costly as you may think. With some durable woods, planks, and carpenter tools, you are good to go. We’re sure that you’ll be inspired by the DIY wood storage shelves ideas on this list. For more home inspiration ideas, explore our comprehensive list of storage ideas.



DIY Wood Garage Shelves How To Build One - INFOGRAPHICS




This DIY shelf will save you a lot of space. One of the smartest ways to get sufficient space is to take advantage of the ceiling. Looking at it from another angle, it will protect your things and offer easy access to them.



Working within space restrictions means that you have to make your existing space work for you. When considering storage shelves, it is important to always sit down and make a plan. This overhead garage shelf certainly makes use of some prime shelving real estate that might otherwise have gone to waste. 




  1. Locate the ceiling joists.
  2. Measure how far you want the shelve to be hung from the ceiling.
  3. You may use 4×8 sheets of plywood to create bottom support, and 3” screws to attach them to the downward supports.
  4. To fasten them to the bottom, add 1¼ -inch general purpose screws to your plywood base.
  5. Arrange your items.




  • This shelf can hold up to 200lbs if installed properly.
  • For this project, you must have plywood, stud finder, screws, circular saw, and cleats.
  • This shelf should only take a few hours to build, but it also depends on your expertise level and the size of the shelves that you want to construct.




It’s a “concealed” hanging shelf because it can be mounted above your garage door and is not visible were the door to be opened from outside. Notably, this shelving idea can carry a number of items, but you are not advised to store heavy goods on it.




  1. Prepare your tools and supplies: four 2x4x8-inches, about six lag screws and sized washers, two 2×4-inches sheets of plywood (pre-cut), 3-inch drywall screws, 1-inch deck screws, pencil or painters tape, saw to cut 2×4-inch lumber at a straight angle, screwdriver or power drill, measuring tape, level, and a stud finder.
  2. Locate studs, nark, and drill holes: consider the door when you are determining head clearance, and leave one inch after locating the measurement.
  3. Assemble shelf frames: to create a long and thin rectangular frame, cut just one of the 2×4 into two and attach two 8-inches to them. Then attach this onto the ceiling.
  4. Place the flat plywood: your 2×4-inch sheets of plywood should be screwed on the frames on each corner. Ensure that they stay in place.
  5. Enjoy your new storage.



  • You can modify the measurements of woods to suit your taste.




If you have some space in your garage that can contain a standing shelf, you may want to construct this easy and simple option. Simply spend a few dollars on this DIY shelf to get more space and a sturdy shelf to organize your valuable goods. You can get this done in less than 1 hour.




  1. Prepare your tools and supplies.
  2. Cut your 98”x48” OSB into three 98”x16”.
  3. Cut the studs into six 8 feet long, four 5 feet long, two 13”. With these, you need six 13″, and four vertical legs.
  4. Assemble the sides in rectangular shapes; the three bottom sides should be 4″ from the bottom and nail the vertical sides. The third 4” should be in the middle.
  5. Screw or nail the lengths. You can use 3.5” nails. Use the nails on the 13” sides and the vertical side. Do this for all the 6 lengths.
  6. Assemble the OSB or plywood shelves with screws. If the boards are tight, use the hammer to get them into the frames.
  7. Level the shelving legs and secure them if necessary.
  8. Gather your items and store them using the shelf.




  • Cut and construct the base frame. Take note that it’s a must to assemble the frame with the OSB or plywood correctly. To achieve this, you can use a hammer and screws, or you won’t be able to store heavy things on the shelf.





This garage shelving idea is very straightforward and fast to make. Depending on your needs, you can make three to four shelves out of this idea. You will need framing angles, a miter saw, joist hangers, an oriented strand board, and a power drill to complete the project.




  1. Get all supplies.
  2. Mark the walls while taking into consideration thickness  of the 2×4 wood.
  3. Use a square and level to extend the line to the adjacent wall.
  4. Pre-drill each hole for the 2×4’s and line them on the marked places on the wall.
  5. Make each of the shelves with OSB pieces of 8 feet x 20″
  6. Hang the shelves on the wall; support the loose end with a 2 by 4-inch, forming the pillar for the complete shelf.
  7. Plum all pillars and screw them. You can do more by adding joist hangers on the opposite end of the pillar sides. Doing that will eliminate the splitting of the wood.
  8. Trim the boards on all edges to level up with the loose end of shelves.
  9. Arrange your stuff and enjoy.




  • If you are a beginner, this is the right DIY garage shelf to start with.




You can never go wrong with floating shelf ideas. It’s the most common and straightforward DIY garage shelf you can try. The good news is that this shelf is not difficult to assemble. Floating shelves are the right way to clear space for other activities. As mentioned, when thinking about storage shelves, it is important to always consider the space you’re working within and be careful not to ignore overhead or wall space! 




  1. Get all necessary materials and tools; 2x4x8” sheets (7/16” OSB), 9×8” long (2x4s), 4-inch deck screws, 12 angle brackets, 1 ½” screws, 4×6 length 6×1/2” Cedar Fence (optional).
  2. Rip OBS into 2x24inch, 18inch wide and 24inch wide.
  3. Build the ledger.
  4. Build the shear plates.
  5. Fix the shelving.
  6. Add the cedar fence all through the front of the shelf.
  7. Store your treasures on your new garage shelf.





Some people are so good at storing old things that they can dig out an vintage item that’s 20 years old from out of nowhere. If you are one of these people or you have lots of infrequently used items that you want to build a home for, this should be your savior.




  1. Reclaimed lumber.
  2. Scrape boards.
  3. Locate the preferred corner.
  4. Rip shelf supports; you can rip three of 2×11” boards to have 2×3” boards for shelf supports.
  5. Find the studs and mount the support boards.
  6. If you are using 10” wide for shelf decking, rip them into half.
  7. Put additional top-shelf support.
  8. Install the face board.
  9. Add the finishing touch and enjoy.



  • To make a better room, you will need reclaimed lumber to achieve the ideal results and reduce expenses. Locate a perfect corner in your garage for this.






In case you prefer a remodeling shelf or there is no vacant space on the wall, you should try this design. It offers adequate space for all of your goods. In fact, as it has multiple sections, you will be able to organize your garage better.




  1. Gather tools and materials, 2x4x12” beams, 2x4x7” vertical supports, 2x4x10” frame pieces, 4x8x3/8 full sheet plywood, 2×4” piece, 3” nails or drywall screws, 1 ¼ drywalls screws, drill, pencil, hand saw, and speed square.
  2. Mark the dimensions on the wall.
  3. Layout the supports.
  4. Cut frame pieces.
  5. Assemble the frames and fasten them with screws into the wall and do the final assembly of the shelf. Three long sheets are okay for three shelves.
  6. Fasten the four vertical legs to the shelf edge.




If you want something that’s huge and sturdy to carry your bulky goods, head straight to the store to get materials for this. Provided you use durable materials and mount this well, you’ll have yourself a heavy-duty shelf at the end of the project.




  1. You will use 2x4s, wooden dowels, and particle boards, saw, clamps, cordless drill.
  2. Rip the 2×4 in halves, or you should buy the pre-cut particle boards.
  3. Connect all beams and posts with the wooden drill.
  4. Drill holes in the beams.
  5. Now drill holes in the posts.
  6. Glue them together; you can use ludicrous speed.
  7. Now make your boards. Mark all sizes of the posts on the four corners and then notch them out with a jigsaw.
  8. Use sandpaper/paint to customize your shelf as desired.




  • To speed up progress for your project, use tools that are in good condition (i.e., don’t use a blunt saw if you can).





Spruce up your garage using the DIY wall shelves ideas that is this stud walls design. If you get durable woods and install it properly, this shelf should last for many years.




  1. Screw 2×4” to wall studs on your marked measurements. But make sure the height is perfect for tote storage.
  2. Tack screw the second 2×4” of the same size with first on the first one.
  3. Fasten legs at the appropriate places.
  4. Untack the second layer of 2×4” together with the legs.
  5. Add some cross supports and add the outer leg again.
  6. Place plywood shelving on top.
  7. Arrange your garage stuff.



  • This method can be used to customize storage for strollers and bicycles.




Here is the most massive DIY garage shelving idea on this list. With this shelf, you will never lack space again. This 8 x 8 feet shelf features different sections for various items. To complete the project, you will need to get wood glue, plywood, and deck screws. 




  1. Build five rectangular-shaped ladders.
  2. Make them look like shelves by adding 4 legs to each corner and 2 legs across the middle on both sides.
  3. Screw the 2×4″ pegboards on the first, second, and third shelf. Leave out the fourth since it’s close to the ceiling, and nothing can be stored there.
  4. Arrange your things and give your garage a look it deserves.




  • You can cut a 4×4 pegboard into half to get fitting shelf boards.
  • This shelf is capable of holding heavy goods.




A suspended garage storage shelf for your garage will help you arrange and view garage items more easily. You should try this if you want to keep your floor mostly clean. Depending on your preferences, you can make the shelf about 2-3 feet deep, and 8” long.




  1. Materials needed are four 2x4x8-inch studs, a half sheet of ½-inch plywood or OSB, two Simpson strong ties (RTR connectors), four Simpson strong (workbench hardware kit), 2 1/2-inch string drives, 1 ¼-inch brad nails, and Simpson strong (8×1 ¼-inch screws-tie wafer head).
  2. Woodcutting list; one 2x4x96”, one 2x4x92”, two 2x4x22 1/2-inch, three 2x4x21”, two 2x4x35”. You may change adjust these measurements depending on space availability. (optional) two 2x4x6”.
  3. Determine the distance from the top of the garage door to the ceiling.
  4. Arrange and assemble the shelf and frames.
  5. Mount the supports on the ceiling beam.
  6. Lift the shelf frame into the right place.
  7. Cut the 4×8” sheet of plywood into equal halves long. Cut the corner notches for vertical supports.
  8. Position the shelf frame on top of the supports using a screw or nail that measures 1 ¼-inches.
  9. Your garage shelf is ready for use.




  • If you notice that your plywood needs more support, add a 2×4-inch block to the inside of all side pieces.

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