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15 Best Plastic Garage Storage Cabinets In 2022 15 Best Plastic Garage Storage Cabinets In 2022

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15 Best Plastic Garage Storage Cabinets In 2022

Written by: Benjamin Parker

Effortlessly maintain a tidy home with these plastic garage storage cabinets: they save space, are durable and come with pocket-friendly pricetags.

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The garage floor can be a rowdy place filled with junk and clutter. When your garage is filled with so many items, the space available for new shiny rides is drastically reduced. With these garage storage cabinet options, however, you are sure to have a clean and tidy garage floor in no time.



What is the Best Material for Garage Storage Cabinets?

Before you decide to purchase garage storage cabinets, you must know that there are different material choices for your garage cabinets. It can be made from different materials like metal, plastic, wood, and many more. The plastic-type is one of your best choices when it comes to selecting the manufacturing material for your garage cabinets.



Unlike other materials like metal and wood, plastic garage storage cabinets are highly immune to dangerous conditions that damage storage cabinets. The plastic material does not rust like the metal type, neither is it vulnerable to termites and other wood-destroying insects. Also, you can easily clean these cabinets when stained or dirty, and it would not cost much to get.  On top of all that, plastic storage cabinets with drawers give you even more space than the average cabinet.



However, one of its demerits is that unlike the metal and wood type, a plastic garage storage cabinet would not have much capacity to carry heavy loads like others. Despite this, plastic garage storage cabinets are still useful and economically friendly. Today, we will be reviewing some of the best plastic storage cabinets available on the market. For ideas you can apply to any room in the house, check out these storage ideas.



Suncast Commercial is one of the best plastic storage cabinets. Molded with a technological form, this cabinet resists scratches, rust, and is incredibly strong to carry heavy loads. Made with heavy construction, the shelves in it allows carrying loads that weigh up to 200lbs for each shelf.



With this great product, you are almost sure to have one of the plastic garage storage experiences. You would not need to worry about getting another garage cabinet because this particular product comes with about four heavily constructed shelves. Furthermore, each handle of the cabinet is made with polycarbonate. This makes it more reliable and more durable than any other conventional plastic garage storage cabinet you would ever come across. 



You do not need to break the bank to get this fantastic product to keep your garage in order. With this product, you can maximize your storage option in your garage. It also keeps everything intact and dangerous items away from children.



It is a double door cabinet that has a storage capacity of about 27 cubic feet. With its unique design, it can carry a load weighing about 690 lbs in total. Also, like Suncast Commercial, this has four shelves, which gives room for more item storage. It doesn’t require any technical know-how or tool to assemble, and you can quickly assemble and make it ready to use in no time. It has a unique combination of material that allows it to resist rust, dent, peel, or scratch.



Suncast storage cabinet is your best bet when you have to store tools in your garage. This black plastic cabinet only has two shelves, which kind of limits its storage capacity. However, you must know that its carry capacity has nothing to do with its strength and durability.



This wall cabinet is a blow-molded panel that is quite handy in ensuring that you have a clean garage floor. Made with resin construction, it serves as a defensive catalyst against scratch, peel, dent, or rust. What is worthy of knowing is that this product is sleek and would only take a small space in your garage. The best position for this is at one corner of the garage.



This another Suncast garage storage has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that garage storage doesn’t need to be metal to be strong and durable. This fantastic product is designed in such a way that it allows you to mount it on the wall or put on the ground. Either way, it depends on the discretion of the user to decide.



All in all, the product is superb in ensuring that you have a clutter-free garage floor. Its primary material is plastics. However, it is built with a blow-molded panel that has enough power to keep anything kept in it. Another feature of this product is that its shelves are adjustable. You can choose to remove or change it.



When you are searching for a multi-purpose plastic storage cabinet, try to get this fantastic product. HD X 35 is no doubt a fantastic plastic wall cabinet you can purchase to provide a solution to your storage problem, especially in your garage.



The unique compatibility of this product makes it highly essential for use in the house or the garage. Built with metal reinforcement, it has four shelves that allow carrying loads, which are quite heavy without worry. Made from a heavy-duty resin, which means it is highly reliable and durable. This is also one of the best plastic storage cabinets for kitchen.



The cabinet is designed with a standard polypropylene pitch. This makes it capable of resisting environmental hazards like rust, peel, dent, and others. Although it may scratch, which is dominantly unavoidable, this little weakness has no bearing on its durability. Interestingly, you do not need technical know-how before you can assemble it for use. It is capable of taking care of your storage problem in the garage.



What could be more appealing than a product that is beautiful to the sight and a problem solver? It is highly tedious to arrange a rowdy garage filled with junk of items not properly placed. It is more tedious when you have no storage facility to take care of that aspect.



Rubbermaid Double-door is a plastic storage cabinet that is manufactured to give a solution to your storage problem. The storage capacity of this product is about 18 cubic feet, which is good enough to take care of your storage problems. There is no need to worry about the type of items or supply to keep in this cabinet as it is capable of resisting any chemical hazard from damaging its structure.



Could there be anything more surprising than a product that allows the user to choose how they want to use it? Unlike other plastic garage storage cabinets that are built with permanent shelves that you cannot adjust, Keter Optima Wonder allows its users to adjust the shelf depending on what they want to store in the cabinet.



If you are wondering if the product is worth the hype, it is pertinent that you know that it is built with heavy-duty resin. This makes it very strong and durable. Although the primary material is plastic, its metal-reinforced shelves are strong enough to accommodate any supply.



The Contico 4 Shelf Plastic cabinet is an upgraded version of the previous one that only has two shelves. It is made from a heavy-duty resin, which means it is unapologetically strong and durable. When it comes to carrying capacity, it has about four shelves, allowing it to accommodate more supplies and items than the previous ones. Contico 4 Shelf is sleek and would perfectly match any surrounding where it is kept.



Who does not need a storage facility that would occupy all the spaces in the room? Everyone does. Contico 2 Shelf Plastic garage base cabinets is an efficient tool to ensure you have the best storage solution with seamless effort. Although it only has two shelves, its efficacy cannot be overemphasized. With this tool, you are almost guaranteed to have an effortless storage experience with its door that can be put on lock, depending on your choice.



Another product that made our list is the LANGRIA Cube storage. The cabinet is built with a unique feature, which makes it a long-lasting product. With its production of two cubby holes in 2 plastic cubes, it will solve all your storage problems without leaving you with any form of regret. One of the most amazing things about this product is that you can use it for different purposes simultaneously. Don’t worry about the installation, you can easily assemble this without a prior technical know-how ability.



There is no stress when you have the right tool to keep things in place in your garage. The garage floor can be rowdy at most times. However, with the right tool, you can keep things in place without any form of environmental hazards. Made of a unique combination of heavy-duty resin, this cabinet is extraordinarily strong in accommodating various items and supplies.



Your garage might pose a significant threat to innocent wanderers like your little kid. Hence, it is essential to ensure every dangerous item is kept away from their reach. Keter Metro Storage Utility Cabinet has a unique feature that will allow you to store things where they can be appropriately protected.



Everything about modern tools is characterized by practicality and efficiency. The Sterilite 01423V01 has a total of four shelves in it. Depending on your choice as the user, you can adjust the height of the shelves depending on items you want it to accommodate. What could be more amazing? Also, the product guarantees the safety of your items when adequately arranged. Be sure to give your garage a new look with this fantastic product.



Here is another exciting product to look out for when purchasing a plastic garage storage cabinet. It has a double-door, which is made of sturdy plastic. It prides itself on other products for being mostly used in the house, office, and even garage. One of the best plastic storage cabinets for kitchen you mustn’t miss out on!



In your garage, it would not take all the spaces in the apartment but gives you the best storage facility. Despite being a plastic storage cabinet, it can potentially load about 336 lbs. You can safely keep all the massive junks on your garage in the cabinet. Depending on your discretion as to the user, you can add a lock to its door to ensure maximum safety.



This is one of the best plastic storage cabinets made in America. This black plastic cabinet boasts a total of four shelves, which is good enough to cater to your storage needs. Interestingly, you can adjust the height of the shelves based on your need. Made from a metal reinforcement, the shelves are very strong and durable in accommodating heavy items. The installation of this product is relatively simple, and it doesn’t take time.




Before you buy a plastic garage storage cabinet (e.g. plastic storage cabinets with drawers), do yourself a favor by checking this list to ensure you get some of the best products to last you for years to come. Quickly add space to your house with these best plastic garage storage cabinet products today!

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