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15 Best Garage Ceiling Storage Lift Options (In 2021) 15 Best Garage Ceiling Storage Lift Options (In 2021)

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15 Best Garage Ceiling Storage Lift Options (In 2021)

Written by: Kevin Ashwe

Save precious garage floor space and maximize your storage by checking out these nifty garage ceiling storage lift options.

Decluttering is a significant process that almost all garage owners have to go through at least once in their lifetimes. If you can break through it early enough, you will save yourself some cash and feel less stressed.



There are tons of DIY garage lifts and/or manual garage storage lifts you can install in your garage to add storage space. Check out the best garage ceiling storage lift options below that are sure to serve you well for years.



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Get this heavy-duty storage lift to declutter your garage, free up space, and store your bulky goods. This iron ceiling storage solution comes in two sizes and is coated with a powder that will prevent it from rusting. If you install this lift properly, it can hold more than 50 pounds of weight. With it, you can store heavy mechanic power tools, bicycles, lumber, rakes, wet hoses, and more. 





A highly reliable garage ceiling storage lift you can purchase to lift and secure your small engines, extensive tools, and more. This automatic electric hoist features a 850-watt electric motor that is powerful enough to lift heavy loads and massive engines. The storage lift features a line broker, a stop bracket, and some high quality 39.4 feet wire cable. You can operate the lift using the handheld tethered remote controller.




Here is another heavy-duty garage ceiling storage lift that is designed to hold big longboards and paddleboards. It has an 18-inch long and 25-inch wide arm that supports the boards well. The sides of the lift can hold more than 75 pounds of boards. This hoist is adjustable (either up or down) from 10 to 18 inches. Its arms are sufficiently padded to protect and prevent your boards from getting damaged.





In case you don’t know how to deal with your small engines and other tools, Happybuy is one of the best lifts you can try. This powerful lift can handle up to 440 lbs of goods. It features a one-line capacity of 100 kg/220 lbs and a two-line capacity of 200 kg/440 lbs. Made from durable cast iron and aluminum, it is resistant to rust and wear.




If you are eager to get a durable garage ceiling storage, you need to check this one out. It features two overhead racks capable of holding more than 150lbs, so you can stack multiple boards on top and it’ll still hold steady. Quick and easy to set up, you can hold flatware, surfing boards, and more with this garage ceiling storage lift.





Hyloft 01031 is the perfect choice to store and protect any type of tire. When you are not using it, it will fold up flat against a wall for easy storage. Also, you can adjust its width from 32 to 48 inches. This fantastic lift can hold about 300 lbs, which means you can store about 4 vehicle tires at once. 





Maximize and organize your garage by installing the NewAge garage ceiling storage on the wall. It’s a 4 x 8 feet series shelf that provided you with 32 square feet of room for holding almost all your garage stuff. To install the lift like a pro, read the instruction manual that comes with this product carefully. You can never go wrong with this garage ceiling storage lift.





Here is another HyLoft product you can trust (the brand is good at what it manufactures). This hoist offers you more space to organize your garage, and have more floor space for other things. With a height that can be adjusted (range of 17 into 28 inches) you’re sure to love this ceiling storage lift.


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Clear off the floor space in your garage with this Garage Gator 68221 Motorized Lift for Bikes. Unlike most bicycle lifts, this particular one is unique because it can raise, secure, and keep your bikes in a good position. It is able to accommodate 220 lbs, which is about eight bikes at a time.



Another exciting part is that you don’t even need a ladder to store or bring your bicycle down anymore. Save yourself unnecessary stress with this durable bike lift. It’s fast and straightforward to install, use, and maintain. 





As important it is to utilize floor space in your garage, you need this life-saver from SafeRacks on your ceiling.  One reason why this is a good choice is that it is a heavy-duty lift with a unique design that can hold more than 600 pounds. It features a 4 x 8-inch safe rack. With this lift, you can adjust the shelf height to your desired specifications within an 18-33-inch interval.





You will agree that the ladder is among the list of stuff that fills most of the space in your garage. Why not invest in this storage and free up the clutter? This hi-lift ladder ceiling lift is worth every cent. It features a pulley function that makes lifting and lowering your ladder effortless. It also features sturdy straps and ceiling brackets that allow you to adjust the fixing.





Here is another reliable bike storage product that you can use to manage your garage space. It’s capable of holding four bikes at once without wreaking havoc to your property.



It features suspension hooks that are automatically adjustable to the wheelbase of each bicycle. If you wish to store up to six bikes, you can purchase two additional add-ons. This bike ceiling storage lift is made of 100-percent recyclable, scratch-proof, and rust-free materials.





Making use of ceiling storage lift is the most efficient way to manage garage space and organize luggage better. That makes this adjustable ceiling storage lift great because you will have a hoist that can carry 200 lbs of goods at a time. You can also store your long-handled tools, kayaks, lumber, and lots more. This garage ceiling storage lift measures 34 x 26 inches, making it a great deal.





Do you have so many items in your garage that you think you can’t get a single storage lift to handle everything? Consider this FLEXIMOUNTS Overhead Lift for your tools, luggage, and more. Unlike other storage that is designed with separate wire and frame, this has durable parts fixed together. It’s easy to assemble and install and can hold up to 600 lbs.





RAD Cycle Bike Garage Ceiling Storage Lift is one of the best hoists for anyone who owns a garage. It has a maximum weight capacity of 100 lbs and features smooth latches and pulleys that make lifting even huge bikes easy and convenient.




In conclusion, you can drive your car back into the garage or make sufficient use of some newfound space! Simply spend few dollars to buy and install any of the reliable garage ceiling storage lifts on this list and you will soon enjoy your garage once again! Take it back, it’s all yours now!

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