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Ideas For Outdoor Storage Box In Stacking Your Kid’s Toys Ideas For Outdoor Storage Box In Stacking Your Kid’s Toys

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Ideas For Outdoor Storage Box In Stacking Your Kid’s Toys

Written by: William Harrison

Make your outdoor space NEAT & CLEAN after kids' playtime by arranging a great outdoor storage box. How do you do it? Dive into our ideas right away!

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For those of you who have kids at home, knowing the struggle of keeping their toys in place and wondering what is the best outdoor storage box,  we have come with a solution.




With kids, you will always need extra space for their clothes, shoes, and not to forget toys! Clutter isn’t just confined to the indoor living space; large outdoor toys also find a way to make the garden or porch messy. To make sure your place is all neat and clean after your child is done playing in the garden, arrange a few outdoor storage boxes. 




These can be anything from a DIY to a deck box that has enough space to store your kid’s outdoor toys. If you look around your house carefully, there are plenty of things that can act as an outdoor storage box. However, if you can not find anything, we also have a few items that can be bought to store your child’s toys. Let’s take a look at some amazing storage ideas. 



1. Install Outdoor Storage Organizer Bins




Children tend to create a mess wherever they go. While it is physically impossible for you to run around them so that they clean up space after playing, you need to show them the importance of keeping things in one place. 




First and foremost, a basic toy storage organizer is what you need for your kids to store all their stuff when they are done playing. It makes playtime fun along with easy cleanup. Place it in the garage or the garden area and make sure everything remains neat and tidy. Each tiny compartment can be utilized while keeping the toys in reach.  An outdoor storage box is a must-have since you can easily anchor it to the wall. Encourage your child to return their toys back in the bins responsibly and make the most of it. This way, your garden or porch will remain clear from all the mess.



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2. Use A Plastic Storage Box

Use A Plastic Storage Box



Next up, you need a simple plastic storage box to organize your child’s toys. I can’t lay enough emphasis on how essential this item can be when it comes to storage. Since it plastic boxes can be used as waterproof outdoor storage box it can be very handy. An advantage of plastic storage boxes is that it comes in various sizes from small outdoor storage box to extra large outdoor storage box. There may be plenty of these at your home stacked up in a corner. Well, it is better to put them to use rather than just taking up space inside your house. Dust away the cobwebs and keep them in the porch or garden and use them to store big bulky toys. You can also add tires and a long handle to these crates so that your kids are able to move them from one place to another.




The storage units are inexpensive and come in different sizes so you can easily stuff things according to the space they require. It will be the perfect hideaway for items like bats and racquets that keep lying around throughout the day. Stack them up and create a neat and clean outdoor storage for your child’s toys. 



3.  Keep An Adjustable Steel Organizer





Everyone knows the importance of a heavy-duty steel rack. From the kitchen to your garage, it is one of the essential storage items that efficiently organizes your stuff. While searching for an outdoor storage item, this could be very useful. You can place multiple things like tiny trucks, balls, and skipping ropes on this organizer. 




To make things a little easy for your child to find and grab, you can put different baskets on this rack. Name each basket so that your kid knows where the item should go after he is done playing. It will help your child memorize stuff easily and also turn the things back to the basket when not required. It is these little things that will encourage your child to clean up the mess from the outdoors and keep everything in place. 



4.  Make Use Of A Patio Table With Inner Space





I am obsessed with patio furniture, and it’s even better if it comes loaded with space! A patio table that can also be used as an outdoor storage box is very important. It not only beautifies your home’s outer space, but it also has the potential to store your child’s small toys. A great deal, indeed! 




These tables come with a detachable lid. Inside, you will find plenty of space to store balls or water guns. Apart from being stylish, a patio table with space to store your child’s stuff is also a durable option. While choosing one for your house, make sure it is able to withstand all weather conditions so that you do not compromise with the quality.



5. Build A DIY Bike Storage Outdoor Shed

Build A DIY Bike Storage Outdoor Shed



Your child’s favorite bicycles and toy car take up a lot of space. Moreover, they stay lying around, creating an unnecessary mess. Therefore, it is better if you build a DIY outdoor shed to keep them safe and in place as well. Building an outdoor shed is very simple, as it requires just a few things. Depending on your requirement, you will need wooden boards, hinges, nails, an electric saw, a hammer, and two handles. 




First off, cut the board for three sides of the shed with the help of an electric saw. Keep the dimensions in mind so that you do not mess up. Now, secure them together with the help of nails and hammer. This should not take a lot of time. Take another board and fix the roof of the shed and secure it with nails.




Its now time for the door. If the shed is comparatively small, then you should consider adding just one door. However, if the size is big, you can even add two doors. Cut the board as required for the door. To attach it with the shed, you will first have to add planks to the two sides. With the help of hinges, fix the door. Add a handle as well. Your outdoor storage shed is now ready! You can also store other bulky toys in this shed to keep your outdoor area clear. 



6. Toy Storage Organizer Basket With A Play Mat





If I tell you that your child can play outdoors without creating a mess, would you believe it? Well, all it requires is a storage organizer box that comes with a play mat. You can easily spread his toys or blocks on the mat, and when he is done playing, you just have to collect the mat and stuff the toys in the basket. 




It is an easy way to keep your outdoors free from the mess your child creates while playing with lego or blocks. Apart from being an easy storage solution, it also doesn’t let your child lose even the small pieces which are otherwise hard to find outdoors. 



7. Keep An Outdoor Seating Storage





Finding things that store your child’s toys outdoors isn’t that easy. You need to make sure the things you are choosing also add grace to your house. Therefore, here is a simple outdoor bench that also acts as a deck box. A deck box is a kind of a storage trunk that helps you declutter your porch or patio. It is convenient and also looks very stylish. 




Now, a deck box that also serves as an extra seating is definitely a win-win! You can easily store your child’s stuff inside the deck without having to compromise on how your house’s outer space look. Not only that, but your children can easily make sure of it when they are done playing and need a little rest. This is the best option to store your child’s toys while making sure everything looks neat and tidy. 



8. Easy To Build DIY Crate

Different colored crates



Crates are one of the most valuable storage items. We have talked about crates multiple times whenever there is a storage space required. These have single-handly become essential to store various household items. From your child’s toys to your tools, you can store all the necessary stuff without having the trouble of losing anything. Use it inside your house or outside to add a different vibe to your living space altogether. 




If you aren’t able to find a crate at your place, here is a simple guide on how to build one. You will require a measuring table, a wooden board, nails, a hammer, an electric saw, paint, and a paintbrush. With the help of an electric saw, cut the wooden board into eight planks. Make sure each plank is cut in the required length using a measuring tape. Now join these planks together to make it look like a hollow rectangle.




Take a piece of large wooden board and fix it on the base using a few nails and a hammer. Color the crate with some paint using a paintbrush. You can also take help from your child to give you ideas on how to decorate it. Voila! You have an outdoor storage box waiting to be filled by your kid’s toys. These crates can be kept in the garden or even in the garage so that the toys aren’t always scattering here and here. It is a very simple hack to create additional storage space right at your home. 



9. Use Old Tubs Or Buckets

Use Old Tubs Or Buckets



Another inexpensive idea for an outdoor storage box is the use of old tubs or buckets. If you take a look in your basement, you will find a couple of broken baskets. It is time to fix them and put them to use. Apart from that, you might also find old tubs that can easily be turned into outdoor storage. 




Take some amount of paint, create beautiful designs on these buckets and tubs with the help of your child. It is a very simple DIY project that will make your work super easy. Store your child’s football, basketball, and other toys in these containers. This way, you can easily recycle the objects right at your home.




Another interesting thing that can also be converted into an outdoor storage space is a kid’s pool. If you have one which is too small for your kids now, it is better that you don’t let it go waste. Apart from being colorful, these have enough space to assemble everything in one place. It is one of the most inexpensive ideas for storage.  



10. Mount A Wall-Basket





There may not be enough space in your garden or the porch to store your child’s favorite toys. This doesn’t mean you cannot create some space to make your place took tidy. The walls can easily be used here with the help of heavy-duty baskets. 




Yes, I am talking about a large wall-basket that can easily hold your child’s favorite toys that are used pretty often. Installing a wall basket takes no time since it can easily be mounted on the wall with the help of the large hooks. Apart from keeping your child’s toys in one place, it can also be reached by your child. Therefore, adjust the wall-basket keeping your child’s height in consideration.  




Children are quite difficult to monitor, considering their high level of energy! It can be difficult for you to always keep up their stuff in place after they have made a complete mess inside their room. Not only that, but while playing outdoors, you might as well see them scattering their stuff around while it is not in use, which creates a very bad impression when you have unexpected guests at home. A house with children can be a little difficult to manage.




However, with the toy storage ideas mentioned above, I hope you find something worth adding to your porch or garden. These ideas are great for storing your child’s toys whenever they are not in use. It will help you maintain the cleanliness along with making sure things don’t keep lying around and then get lost eventually. Also, be sure to check out some more cool outdoor storage ideas here!

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