Guide To Have The Best Garage Loft Storage

The garage, which can include garage storage lofts, is the perfect place to store cars and a bit of everything. For those who would like to have more space at home, here’s what you need to know about garage storage loft plans and how they could potentially benefit your property.



Best 100 Loft Garage Storage Products

There’s no lack of loft garage storage products in the marketplace: these are items that’ll help you maximize every inch of space, and make the most out of your garage. Here are our top 100 picks.



What You Need To Know About Garage Loft Storage

Garage storage loft



Garage loft space makes excellent use of the void that hangs over the hood of your car. If you have sufficient space, your loft can easily be 5 to 6 feet deep and provide enough space for the windshield of your car.



A garage loft storage has a building plan that’s similar to that of a garage apartment. Your sheltered parking will be on the main level while an upstairs loft provides additional storage. 



Unlike the garage apartment, the second level of a garage storage loft is often used for storage purposes. Typically unfurnished, it is sometimes unfinished and may be accessible via a pull-down staircase.



Things You Need To Consider Before Having Garage Loft Storage


Now, what exactly should you consider when you’re planning to add a garage loft storage area to your garage? Several things, actually, and here are some of them.




What is the usual climate where you live, and how high or low do temperatures usually get?



Depending on weather conditions, you should take a closer look at items which you’re considering to store. Many items like electronics and photographs can’t withstand extreme temperature changes. Even if you insulate the storage, it’s often not enough to regulate the temperature of the room. Sometimes, improper insulation could even affect your home’s ventilation in a negative manner.



On top of that, there’s also the issue of roof leaks. If it’s always rainy, you may have to fix any existing issues with your roof before using your loft storage. 




If you’re using the garage just for your cars and all you want simple storage space, it’s possible to make a garage loft. For those whose goal is to create a 2-in-1 space that comprises living space and garage loft storage, you could encounter issues with the headroom.



To comply with most building codes, the distance from the roof ridge to your floor joist should be at least 9 feet tall. But if you’re building a simple loft for storage purposes, a building permit may not be needed.  Nevertheless, you may have to add a finished ceiling for safety reasons.



Type Of Garage 

Garage loft storage comes in all shapes and sizes. Typically, the dimensions of the space and its structure would dictate whether it’s feasible or not to add a garage loft storage system.



For instance, when it comes to garages with low ceilings, it may be more practical to add overhead storage as opposed to garage loft storage. When your garage uses truss-framed roofs that leaves little space for storage, it may also be impractical to add loft storage. 




How much would it cost to add a storage loft in the garage? This depends on several factors. The cost may vary from loft to loft depending on the complexity of the project and the size of the particular loft.



Unless you have experience in building garage storage loft in your garage, it’s better to hire professionals to make sure your storage is structurally sound. Also, since every project comes with a different price tag, it’s best to request a quote from your contracted builder upfront.



Benefits Of Having Garage Loft Storage 

Spacious modern garage interior


A garage is a place where rarely used items are usually stored. And as far as space goes, I’m sure we’ll all agree that the more space, the better.



Now, what are some reasons for getting a garage loft? As mentioned earlier, additional space could be one reason. With a loft, you could expand your existing space by up to 2 times its size. Apart from storage, a loft can also serve as a recreational/living space. You could re-purpose old furniture and mattresses in the garage and furnish the space with them. 



Additionally, this form of storage can also increase the value of your property. Larger families require more space, and a garage storage loft could be just the factor to seal the deal.



Overall, you may have to consider things like building codes, your budget, and the structure of your garage.



Types Of Lofts

Lofts, in general, have different purposes. Here are some of the most common garage storage loft types today.



Businesses use loft warehouse storage mostly for holding inventory. And loft storage is a cheap storage solution for many businesses. With a loft warehouse, businesses can have more space without moving or renting more space.
Loft houses are popular in New York and in once-industrial neighborhoods like Tribeca and Soho. Loft house refers to a livable place in a formerly industrial building. Given their unique architectural and aesthetic appeal, lofts are more expensive than regular apartments. The typical loft apartment would have larger windows and higher ceilings. Floors and windows in loft units are also thicker.
Many modern homes add a loft for their aesthetic value. Loft bedrooms are also common in condo units and small apartments. But it’s also a practical solution for living in a garage loft.
By utilizing the vertical space, you can increase the usable square footage in your property. And you can also have more space without spending a lot of money on construction.
Another application for lofts is for the garage.Yes, there are hundreds of ways to increase your garage storage. But sometimes those hacks can’t help and you need even more space. For homes with serious storage needs, a garage with storage loft could be the answer. 




Ways To Maximize Your Space Using Garage Loft Storage 

A garage loft storage provides an affordable way to increase your garage space.



With more space comes more storage, right? Yes. But it also takes planning to maximize the space and make everything accessible. 



For starters, you’ll want an easy way to access loft storage. If you have to look for a ladder every time, it’ll be inconvenient to store items in the loft. A simple solution is to add a pull-down staircase: it’s both easy and affordable. Without dedicated access to the storage area, you may be tempted to put things in the main garage. And if this happens, your garage loft storage might become underutilized. 



Another tip is to provide enough wiggle room to access your items. If your loft storage is filled with stacks of boxes, you probably won’t be able to find anything easily. Getting to the item at the back of the storage area will also prove to be very much impossible. So, leave ample space if you want to navigate your loft storage with ease.  



How To Organize Your Storage Using A Garage Loft 


Your garage loft storage can store bulky items like old luggage or sports equipment. Here are some suggestions on how to increase the space:



  • Use open shelving. Stacking items up, if you have enough space, could make it easier to organize things. Consider  getting corner storage units for those small nooks.
  • Go for custom-built cabinets. If it’s hard to find the right cabinet that fits into your garage loft storage, have one that’s built specially for that space. This way, you can use every corner with ease.
  • Organize your things with a plastic bin. Plastic storage bins are must-haves for every garage. Store things inside these bins to keep pests and moisture out. Unlike cardboard boxes, these won’t get soaked nor grow moldy when exposed to water.



2020 Best Garage Loft Storage Design Ideas

Portrait of his he nice attractive serious focused hardworking experienced guy repairman drilling creating new house building project order gift shop at modern industrial loft style interior


With all of the reasons to have a garage loft storage, it’s time to look for some inspiration. Below, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite garage loft ideas.



1. Pull Your Loft Stairs Up With A Block And Tackle.

Having pull-up stairs for your loft is crucial for better accessibility and  greater safety. If you’re using a ladder, you may have to worry about maintaining your balance while carrying boxes or items. You can avoid this without adding walk-up stairs by using a pull-up ladderCheck Latest Price . You could raise the ladder up or down when you need it with a block and tackle. Alternatively, you could use an electric ladder lift.



2. Make Your Walk-Up Staircase Functional.

If you’re contemplating adding walk-up stairs because they’re more convenient for you, why not use them for storage too? Under-the-stair cupboards or shelves will increase your storage space while providing easy access to your loft storage.



3. Create A Ladder.

Pull-up ladders and walk-up ladders work, but they’re not for everyone. Another idea is to create a ladder for your loft by nailing pieces of wood into the studs. Since the ladder is built into the wall, you won’t need to worry about any sudden, unexpected movements while you’re climbing up or down. 



4. Add An Attic Lift.

Attic lifts are freight-only elevators which help you load items into your attic. With a lift, you don’t have to carry boxes up to your loft. You can construct the lift on your own or take the easy route by buying an electric storage attic liftCheck Latest Price .



5. Install A Pulley System Near The Stairs.

Sometimes, an electric lift may not be a viable solution. But there’s another way to make it easier to load items in your loft storage —using a pulleyCheck Latest Price . Simply add aboard and set up your puller so you don’t have to do much manual lifting. Best of all, you can set up this lifting mechanism on your stairs.



Garage Loft Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

Whether you have a large space or a small one, garage loft storage is always an option. But there could be a big difference when it comes to how you organize the storage loft. 



For small spaces, you may want to go with a pull-up ladder so the stairs below the loft will be clear when you’re not moving anything up or down. If you install walk-up stairs, it would have to be slimmer/compact, so it takes up as little space as possible. 



Another way to increase the storage capacity of your loft is to use the ceiling. Provided there’s enough headroom, hooks and baskets could also come in handy for your loft storage.



Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Loft Storage 



1. How Do I Support My Garage Loft?

DIY loft storage may not be easy, but it’s definitely not impossible. Your garage loft storage needs adequate support.For starters, you’ll need to consider the depth and height of the loft. Try to position the loft as low as possible, but make sure that anyone in your family can walk under the loft with ease. 



Now, what if you want to maximize your storage space? In this case, leave just enough space for your car, and always measure dimensions carefully. After you’re done with your measurements, it’s time to think about the structure of your loft.



Before you build any loft storage, you need to do some math to figure out the required support for the additional structure. Your computation will vary depending on the size of your loft and the weight of the items you want to store.



Building a garage storage loft is similar to building a deck. Like building a deck, you’ll need ledger ends, beams, and floor joists. To support your loft, you need floor-to-ceiling posts preferably 4×4 posts. The actual position and structure will also depend on the materials you are using for construction.



When in doubt, consult an expert so you don’t run the risk of damaging your car or hurting anyone because your loft collapsed. It’s also better to hire experts when constructing livable garage lofts.



2. How Thick Should Loft Flooring Be?

For a garage storage loft floor, you can use one-half-inch plywood. But it would be more stable to walk on three-fourths-inch plywood. Thicker plywood will also hold up better compared to a thinner one. 

For livable spaces, using hardwood flooring is preferable. Wooden floors are also perfect for modern lofts. 



3. How Do I Maximize My Garage Storage?

Loft storage is always a welcome addition for larger families that require a lot of space to store things. To maximize storage, organize things with the shape of the loft in mind.



If you have a v-shaped roof, for instance, you want to build shelves or use cabinets that could fill those small spaces. And like everything you store, put a label outside your plastic bins.



If you can, use transparent bins. Even if the label doesn’t remind you what’s inside, you can see what’s inside without opening anything.



Another useful idea for loft storage is to organize your stuff based on its seasonality. This also makes it easier to find the container you need.



4. How To Build A Garage Storage Loft? 

Having extra storage space is among the most attractive things about having a garage loft storage. 



Here are some tips on which may be helpful if you’re confident about doing this project by yourself.



  1. Check walls for studs, pipes, and wires. You don’t want to hit pipes, studs, or wires while building your loft. Before starting your project check for those items first. And you can do that with a stud finder. 
  2. Position your joist hangers at the bottom of the beam. In a garage loft storage, you want as much space as possible. To achieve that it’s better to position the hangers at the bottom of the beam rather than on top.
  3. Add strong railings with a narrow opening. Yes, you can skip railings for your loft storage. But it’s better to include them especially if you have kids at home. Aside from keeping your kids from accidentally falling down the loft, the railings could prevent items from falling overhead.
  4. Make sure your rim joists are even and your board is level. Precision is a must in building your loft storage. If you don’t want your loft to have uneven floors, you need to get your measurements right.
  5. Cover the entire floor with plywood. If part of the loft is for extra pipes and pieces of lumber, it may not need a floor. But it’s always better to cover the whole area to prevent accidents.



5. What Are The Best Materials To Build A Garage Storage Loft? 

Everything you need to build a garage loft should be in a local hardware store. 



Here are tips on the best materials to build stronger loft storage.



  1. Pressure-treated posts. A garage could get wet often. You have to clean the floor with water and when it rains or snows, you will drive in a wet car. So, when choosing the posts to support your garage loft storage, use pressure-treated 4×4 posts which withstands weather exposure better. Considering how often garage floors, it’s better to use pressure-treated posts. 
  2. Structural Nails. Strength is another consideration in building your storage. Rather than standard roofing nails use structural nails for attaching joist hangers to the ledger and the beam.
  3. Noncorrosive stainless-steel fasteners. These fasteners are better at withstanding rust and corrosion. Corrosion reduces the strength of the fastener, so you want to avoid rusting if you can.
  4. Galvanized anchor. Installing a post is a must in many loft storage projects. Galvanized anchors actually make it easier to install the post for support if you have an existing floor.



6. What Are Some Easy Build Garage Loft Storage Ideas?

A garage loft storage is one of the best ways to increase your storage space and organize your garage. The kind of loft you can build depends on the available space you have and the additional storage you require. You can find garage loft storage plans to reference online but be sure to consider the weight of your items for storage while building.

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