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21 Best Garage Loft Storage Ideas You Never Thought Of 21 Best Garage Loft Storage Ideas You Never Thought Of

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21 Best Garage Loft Storage Ideas You Never Thought Of

Written by: Emily Roberts

Dive in to find valuable garage loft storage ideas that can be implemented in your space without any hassle. Create magic in your garage right away!

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to try something different from the usual? Your life has become dull and bland, and you need a refreshing jumpstart to your life again before the doors of creativity completely close on you. Open those doors to the storage of imagination and efficiency by introducing a unique idea to your life or where you work or live.



Incorporate these garage loft storage ideas into your home for a trendy and updated look. Building storage lofts in your garage is a very common garage storage idea that many homeowners undertake. Here are some storage loft ideas for garage you can try. 




Benefits Of Garage Storage Loft Ideas

Garage loft


The garage is definitely one of the most common spaces you use in your home, and great storage ideas will do your house a lot of good. Here are some of the benefits of good storage to help you move towards an easier and more sustainable life.



Spacious Garage Loft

To be honest, this is the primary aim to install garage storage cabinets in your house. We all need space in our lives, and a garage loft with no space for storage is not a great garage at all. Create more room for your car and other tasks through these superb garage storage cabinets.



Better-Organized Space

The benefit of using garage loft storage ideas is that it makes your work a lot more efficient. Your productivity should increase if you use these storage space ideas since everything is properly organized. This fact and that you will still have plenty of space makes garage storage an important purchase.



Accountability for Your Stuff

You can never lose stuff that otherwise you may not find in a messy working area with garage storage cabinets. You can focus on your work better with these garage loft storage ideas because every equipment is well-organized and at its specific location. You don’t have to waste your time looking for the right tools.



Accident Avoidance

You can avoid accidents by introducing these fresh storage ideas in your garage. Unorganized garages are a disaster waiting to happen. Most of us leave our tools on the floor if there isn’t any designated space for them. Garage loft storage ideas are lifesaving because you can put your tools in places like a garage ceiling storage for a safe and productive workspace.



Garage Loft Storage Ideas

Here are some mind-blowing garage organization ideas that you should use.



21 Best Garage Loft Storage Ideas You Never Thought Of - Infographics



1. Vertical Wall Shelves



A creative and effective technique is to think vertically. Building vertical garage storage cabinets can not only save space but also create more room. You can add small wooden cabins inside the cabinet to maximize its capacity. It is one of the most effective garage loft storage ideas that will make your life smoother. You can put up the garage storage cabinet on both sides of the entrance door, on the sides of the window, or on any available area on the garage walls to maximize your space.




2. Wooden Garage Storage Loft Ideas: Store Floor Wooden Deck


It is one of the new, unique, and subtle garage loft storage ideas that will blow your mind. Add this beautiful garage ceiling storage deck to quadruple your garage’s storage capacity. It is also one of the easiest ways to add safe storage space above your insulation. 



You can even add it to the floor since it’s strong enough to walk on. It is quick and easy to install and requires no difficult tools or techniques. Take your garage organization to the next level and store old cans, paint, petrol, spare parts, and other valuable items. The deck will be useful whether you install it on your floor or the ceiling.




3. Wooden Hanging Rack

Hanging rack


You can store all the extra equipment on the wooden hanging rack. It is one of the next wonderful garage loft storage ideas that add to the capacity and beauty of your garage.



Attach the rack by any support for the garage ceiling storage and fix the planks with a gap between to hang umbrellas, tools, and other items of use. You can customize the rack if you wish to personalize it. Use one of these garage storage ideas to maximize work productivity.




4. Shelves Over Garage Door



This is a unique and creative way to store more of your prized possessions in the garage. This is one of the best garage organization ideas in terms of maximizing the available space in your garage. The area above the door is rarely used, so building shelves overboard is an innovative move. You can add sliding downwards drawers as well if the door is significant.



It is one of the easiest and effective garage loft storage ideas that one must adapt. They are the best add-ons to your garage to help you work in a stimulating and productive atmosphere.




5. Loft Shelf With Stairs

Garage loft stairs


Yes! It is possible to add a loft wooden shelf with stairs in your garage!



It is one of the ingenious garage ceiling storage ideas you can use. Attach the loft shelf to a metal rod or chains on the ceiling. Add or remove stairs according to personal choice. You can also place drawers under the stairs as well. Altogether, this is a package you cannot ignore. It will not only add style to your mundane and lifeless garage but also boost its storage capacity.




6. Loft Corner Racks


We use and work in the center of the garage and often ignore the corners. Maximize your garage and get a storage space from corners with one of these garage storage ideas. Add a wooden or metal lofted corner rack to create an extra area for storing items. All you must do is install a corner unit as it is easy to build and maintain. These loft corner racks can nestle into a corner to turn the space into a convenient storing cabinet. You can optimize your garage’s corners to give it a more stylish look.




7. Pegboard



It is one of the prevalent garage loft storage ideas that you must have. Pegboards are simple and straightforward add-ons to your space. It is the best option for tidying up and organizing all your tools and working equipment. They are built to last since they are made of steel or any sturdy metal.  The board has pre-installed hooks on which tools can be arranged, making it very convenient for garage organization and promotion of an efficient working environment.




8. Drawers in Chimney



If you have a fireplace that you do not plan to use for an extended period, then you are in luck. You can use that place and add drawers or racks inside it. It will not only create more space in your garage but will also help to keep items safe. The best refreshing garage organization ideas always make use of what you have. You will not glower at your messy working place ever again with the space offered by drawers in the chimney.




9. Door Extensions

Garage Door


It is one of the secure garage loft storage ideas that you never thought to add in your garage. It’s easy to add in spite of its intimidating appearance. You can fix a metal frame on the backside of the door, which is usually of no use. You can add all the tools and spare parts that you need to access on the extension; you can also put clothes and umbrellas on these garage storage cabinets for easy access.




10. Garage Loft Storage Ideas Roof Peak: Plastic Pipe Storage Frame


You can re-use old PVC pipes and create a stylish overhead storage frame to place your possessions. The installation is very easy, and you can cement together with a simple rack of pipes on the ceiling that you can use to store stuff. Moreover, you can bolt the straight pipes to the roof to support the heavy load. You can even add hooks to the frame as well to increase the storage space options. It is one of the best garage loft storage ideas that you can use since you can innovate and style your garage the way you like it.




11. V-Shaped Gear Wall


The V-shaped gear wall may be on the list of easy garage loft storage ideas that you never thought to use, but it is an extraordinary idea to maximize the capacity of your garage. It is a structure that is built to handle large equipment such as a wheelbarrow. You can hang the wheelbarrow on the wall safely and without worrying that it will fall with these gear walls.




Moreover, you can even build it yourself as you only need wooden planks and screws. Make a V-shaped wooden structure and join it with screws. The next thing you know, you have an incredible storage organization idea.




12. Loft Sliding Shelves

Garage Shelf


If you have a garage that has no more space to stock items, loft sliding shelves come to your rescue. It is one of the best garage storage ideas for very narrow garages. The loft sliding shelves will save you the trouble of doors, which decreases space to walk and work with. Slide your items on the shelves to increase the capacity and productivity. This sliding option increases the area by 50%, allowing you to use use the freed-up wall space to build more garage storage cabinets.




13. Double-Duty Shelf Brackets


If you tend to use the garage to store clothes, then double-duty shelf brackets are a perfect purchase. It is in this list of garage ceiling storage ideas because of its excellent output. You can enhance your storage capacity with the installation of shelf brackets. You can even bend the shelf’s end hooks to hang tools and cords. Garage organization will be effortless with the help of brackets.




14. Racquet Caddy



If you put your mind to it, and with a little imagination, you can open doors to new possibilities. This is a spectacular garage loft storage idea that makes use of an old racquet you never use. Attach the racquet under any raised surface by drilling a hole and putting a screw.



You have a perfect small tool placing storage facility, congratulations! It is a unique yet effective idea that is cheap and easy but not a lot of people know about.




15. Hanging Rope Loops


Make a loop out of the rope and tie it upside down from the ceiling, and you now have increased the space of your garage. You can use these hanging loops to place shovels, umbrellas, or any other kind of tool. It is a fabulous garage ceiling storage idea everyone must use to enhance the storage capacity of their garage.




16. Monkey Bars


Last but not the least, monkey bars are an effortless way to add space to your garage. You can store tools and umbrellas using these bars, and they have low installation costs compared to their storage capacity.



Mobility is always the cornerstone of creating a functional garage loft workspace, and this rolling butcher block – equipped with two drawers – should be your new favorite workbench.
It adds grace in your garage’s look and makes life easier. Increase your productivity with this garage storage idea.


Make the most of your magnetic surfaces with a simple holder that holds your tools all in one place so you can stop buying that screwdriver you keep n losing.

Save the money and enhance your garage loft’s look and organization with this product. Make the most of your space by using these simple garage storage ideas.


These massive cotton canvases are versatile and durable. It is best to organize your tools and equipment.


It eliminates floor clutter and can fit in most doors. Its slim design enables easy access to the stored items.


Reaching your hand into a drawer to get turned-on power tools can be risky. It is safe for you to keep them stashed properly, and these simple racks will subtly add beauty and make your life easier.


It is durable and resistant to rusting, rotting, and peeling due to its plastic construction. It is easy to assemble and enables us to store numerous tools of all varieties.


Reuse a golf bag to hold rakes, trowels, garden gloves, and more for a ready-made tool storage option. The bag’s durability and upright form can incorporate several long-handled tools as well as smaller odds and ends can be held by handy pockets.


This great idea will make your life easier. Moreover, it is cheaper to implement and easy to handle.


Things You Need To Consider Before Having Garage Loft Storage


Now, what exactly should you consider when you’re planning to add a garage loft storage area to your garage? Several things, actually, and here are some of them.




What is the usual climate where you live, and how high or low do temperatures usually get?



Depending on weather conditions, you should take a closer look at items which you’re considering to store. Many items like electronics and photographs can’t withstand extreme temperature changes. Even if you insulate the storage, it’s often not enough to regulate the temperature of the room. Sometimes, improper insulation could even affect your home’s ventilation in a negative manner.



On top of that, there’s also the issue of roof leaks. If it’s always rainy, you may have to fix any existing issues with your roof before using your loft storage. 




If you’re using the garage just for your cars and all you want simple storage space, it’s possible to make a garage loft. For those whose goal is to create a 2-in-1 space that comprises living space and garage loft storage, you could encounter issues with the headroom.



To comply with most building codes, the distance from the roof ridge to your floor joist should be at least 9 feet tall. But if you’re building a simple loft for storage purposes, a building permit may not be needed.  Nevertheless, you may have to add a finished ceiling for safety reasons.



Type Of Garage 

Garage loft storage comes in all shapes and sizes. Typically, the dimensions of the space and its structure would dictate whether it’s feasible or not to add a garage loft storage system.



For instance, when it comes to garages with low ceilings, it may be more practical to add overhead storage as opposed to garage loft storage. When your garage uses truss-framed roofs that leaves little space for storage, it may also be impractical to add loft storage. 




How much would it cost to add a storage loft in the garage? This depends on several factors. The cost may vary from loft to loft depending on the complexity of the project and the size of the particular loft.



Unless you have experience in building garage storage loft in your garage, it’s better to hire professionals to make sure your storage is structurally sound. Also, since every project comes with a different price tag, it’s best to request a quote from your contracted builder upfront.




These were some of the best and easiest garage loft storage ideas that can improve your garage. Use these hacks in your garage and you will not be disappointed with all of the new space you will get.

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