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15 Best Shrub Roses to Enhance The Beauty of Your Garden 15 Best Shrub Roses to Enhance The Beauty of Your Garden

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15 Best Shrub Roses to Enhance The Beauty of Your Garden

Written by: Sophia Turner

These best shrub roses transform your garden magically and beautifully like never before. See how your garden can draw neighbourhood envy in no time!

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Roses are associated with a variety of emotions, including love, admiration, respect, or simply beauty. However, there will hardly be a person around you who might have a dislike for these beautiful gifts of nature. Naturally, most garden owners or greenery lovers prefer to have a rose plant in their possession.



With that said, here we are with a brief list of the best shrub rose plant varieties you can get to add more beauty to your garden. And just so you know, these varieties generally display single or double blooms and cover the ground or the landscape pretty quickly. While some bloom repeatedly, others bloom only once a year.



If choosing the right shrub rose is causing you a headache, go over our list of the best shrub roses. These should help you amp up your garden’s beauty in no time.



This orange beauty is a must-have in your garden. It is the first teacup roses that are aromatic and resistant to several diseases at the same time. Plus, these are low on maintenance and bloom in late spring and till the first frost of fall. The best part? These At Last Rose varieties of sweetly scented rose shrubs possess glossy foliage beneath the apricot-orange flowers that fade to pale pink over time.



With a beautiful, dense, compact, and rounded habitation, you may grow them in your garden or larger pots. However, it grows best in full sun to a height of 2 to 3 feet. It is advisable to plant these in rich, fertile, and well-drained soil. Moreover, make it a point to prune and fertilize this garden rose around spring for the best-looking blooms. It grows well in hardiness zones between 5 to 9.



Nothing jazzes up a garden better than the sunshine yellow color of these Oso Eazy rosa shrubs. It’s noteworthy that its bright blooms set against green foliage won’t fade like most other yellow blooms. These are extremely hardy, therefore require little to no attention. In fact, they are known for commanding attention only for their beauty and fragrance. In fact, it has been awarded by the American Rose Society (ARS) as one of the more excellent varieties.



Oso Easy rose shrubs are also highly adaptable and are suitable for most kinds and sizes of gardens. You will also have to bother less about removing dried blooms, as these plants are self-cleansing and are back year after year. You may even skip pruning unless you wish to shape the shrubs before fresh blooms pop out in spring. However, they don’t grow more than 1 to 4 feet in height. All these shrubs need is at least six hours of sunlighta day. For best results, grow them in hardiness zones 4-9.



The Peach Drift with its soft peachy flowers will make for a breathtaking view in your garden. The unique pastel shade is sure to land you sweet compliments. Once planted, you can feast your eyes on these beauties for nine months of the year from spring to fall. Moreover, these floriferous dwarf shrubs tend to spread across the ground in a linear manner, which is great for better coverage of big and small landscapes. They stay low (only a couple of feet off the ground), but their appearance is much pleasing to the eyes!



Drift roses are great flowers for your home; they can withstand all seasons as they are drought-resistant and winter-hardy. However, you must be aware that these bush roses love being sun-kissed all day long, so make sure to plant them in a spot with copious amounts of sunlight to reduce its maintenance requirements. It will take care that your garden or landscape has good coverage through the year, for years to come.



The color red is eternal to roses and their existence. Red is the symbol of love, and any expression of love is somewhat incomplete without a red rose. So why not have a complete bed of elegant red rose shrubs in your yard or garden? You’ll surely love it! One of the best ones you can find are these Braveheart shrub roses that come in deep red and a lovely velvety texture. You may plant this mildly fragrant plant in your garden beds, borders, or in containers, and they will gradually fill in the space.



They keep the yard seem fuller also because it’s a double bloom variety that starts flowering from spring to fall. It is a deciduous shrub and reaches a height of 3 to 4 feet while expanding about 4 feet on the ground. Even better news is that they are resistant to diseases and viruses. If you are living in US hardiness zones 5 to 10, you’ll get the best results with low maintenance requirements out of this bloom.



The Midnight Blue is probably for the modernists and minimalists. These shrub roses ooze out a pleasant spicy clove fragrance to their surroundings with their dark purple blooms. A unique aspect about this flower is that the purple on the petals is accompanied by outstanding yellow stamens. It has a unique spice clove fragrance that will enlighten your senses every time you pass them. These unique roses can grow in any small space of your garden despite being classified as a shrub. Just ensure you are living in the right hardiness zone needed for the flowers’ proper growth, which is USDA 6 to 10.



Like most other shrub varieties, it also has abundant green foliage, so your garden will never go bare even in the off-season. The continually blooming shrub gives out roses in big clusters when planted in a full sun area. In colder climes, the color is more profound, and the flowers are slightly bigger. Lastly, you will be glad to know that these shrubs are resistant to several floral diseases and viral infestations.



The brightly colored Alfred Sisley shrub roses by the Heirloom Roses brand can captivate anyone at first sight. It is named after Alfred Sisley, the impressionist landscape painter who mostly worked in France. Their irresistible beauty showcases a concoction of colors, burnt salmon/orange to creamy white stripes and yellow on the backside with the complimentary backdrop of dark green and glossy foliage.



Every visitor shall praise the frilly and large semi-double blooms, while you will have to put in minimal efforts for its maintenance. The compact plant can grow in a small but sunny part of your garden, producing flowers abundantly during the blooming season. It is significant to note that it needs the maximum sun for growing and flowering. The lightly fragrant shrubs may grow as tall as 2 to 3 feet on your lawn and patio, if you don’t feel like making any space in your garden.



Black is the new red, and we all would agree since we love to have black in our wardrobes. And these black beauties are no less than a show-stealer. Additionally, they grow in double blooms, ensuring that the elegance of these shrubs never falls short of the classic black. And just in case you are wondering, these in reality are hybrids. However, these hybrids have been around since the VIctorian era, so rest assured about the quality of the shrubs and blooms.



The mysterious black roses could showcase the riddle that you are, flaunting to people that you’re not easy for to decipher. Another reason why you will be in awe of its beauty is that it comes in an intriguing deep black. On ordering, you will receive 50 seeds in the pack, so there shall be plenty of landscape to be filled, with proper care and maintenance. Once the shrubs are fully grown, they will need little to no maintenance at all. Only weekly watering shall do the trick to transforming your garden into the gothic paradise of your dreams.



The huge double blooms in the lovely soft pink shade will make any heart smile in an instant. Being the Knockout variety of rose shrubs, these are resistant to mildew, black spots, and many other diseases specific to rose plants. They will even eliminate the need for spraying or deadheading, which are generally considered important for the maintenance of similar flora. They begin displaying their colors as early as spring and repeatedly blooms until the first hard frost. The foliage will turn deep purple from mossy green as you enter fall. However, this plant fits hardiness zones 5 to 9, so do check that before placing the order.



For full bloom, plant it in a space with full sunlight and water it only once a week after it develops roots. The reason behind this watering schedule is because it’s a drought-resistant variety that doesn’t need much water to grow or survive. You may plant these bushy roses around the accent or on a low hedge and they will not grow beyond 3 feet in height. If your heart is set on this, get ready to receive this plant in two tiny-winy pots. Water them immediately when you receive them; they traveled a long distance to reach you.



With an abundance of roses, double red knockout shrubs will cover the entire yard where they are planted. Just be sure to space each plant at a distance of three to four feet away from each other. This high-performance rose variety stays abreast even in the hottest conditions with no signs of fading off. Blooming begins in early spring and commences until autumn sets in. Low on maintenance, it is self-cleaning and ideal for all lifestyles. It will take care of itself if you provide it with well-drained and humus-rich soil.



While the blooms may dry up, there will never be any shortage of colors in your garden with this shrub. You will notice a striking change in the foliage that turns burgundy to purple only to revive back to its original green the following spring. Grow them in flower beds or borders. There is no need to water them regularly as these are drought-resistant. Its resistance to black spots eliminates the need for regular spraying as well. However, please note that you will only get a single bare-root plant on placing an order.



Orange pink is not a regular color, and it’s definitely not for roses. At the same time, you don’t get to see exotic combinations every day. Here is your chance to grow one in your garden with Gbrand rose seeds. You will receive ten pieces in one pack. Their quality and performance is assured as they have undergone stratification under strict conditions.



The planting mix for these orange-pink shrub roses should be moist but not wet. After adding the seeds to the mixture, keep it inside the refrigerator for 10 to 12 weeks until the seeds start sprouting Only then can you plant them in your garden. Just ensure you have the right soil, weather, and hardiness condition to ensure the survival of these flowers. Abstain from overwatering because you could kill the seedling or the plant at a later stage. At the same time, know that only 20 to 30 percent of seeds will actually sprout in the initial stage; this low sprouting rate is normal.




Here is another disease-free, classic fragrance to enhance the natural beauty of your garden. Brindabella Purple Prince Shrub roses display a cluster of double blooms in shades of pink and purple. Theyare surely one of the best shrub roses you can get for your lawn. You can enjoy them for a long time without any pruning or deadheading. They are also super fragrant and have dense yet clean foliage. They are super fragrant and will lighten up your mood every time.



The shrub thrives and may attain a height of four feet in about two years. Provide this rose variety moist soil and enough fertility and six or more hours of direct sunlight to flourish at its best. Moreover, check for how these plants will be shipped to your location; some states will receive them in pots while others will receive bare-root plants. Nevertheless, this differentiation has been done by the brand to ensure that the best shipping procedures are followed and it arrives safely on your doorstep.



Here’s another kind of rose shrub that symbolizes good luck to adorn your landscape and greet you every day. This one is more unusual than one might think of as it comes in a luscious green hue. Though the flower doesn’t look much different from the foliage, it looks incredibly stunning when blooming in full vigor. However, the light green flowers manage to stand out from the dark green dense foliage. The blooming time begins in late spring and goes well until fall. Also, note that these are not a hybrid variety and are naturally occurring green bloom rose shrubs.



These natural green-colored bush roses can reach a maximum height of 36 to 48 inches. Apart from luck, they are also the embodiment of fertility, stability, calmness, and abundance. The hardiness zone suitable for these repeat bloomers is 2 to 11. It also requires a partly sunny and partly shady location to grow properly. An excellent cut flower, you can cultivate them at different places in your available landscape. Just remember to space each plant at least 24 to 36 inches apart for maximized coverage.



White as a true symbol of love and peace is used to display purity and new beginnings. Also known as the Bridal rose, this shrub was initially cultivated for wedding ceremonies before the discovery of red roses. However, it hasn’t lost its charm entirely. It is still the epitome of pureness and serenity. On placing an order, you will receive a resealable pack of seeds along with care and planting instructions. In fact, these seeds may last for years to come if they’re resealed properly.



The double blooms of white rose are also great as cut flowers and can stay fresh for two weeks straight. Like many others, we suggest that you may develop the habit of placing white cut roses on your dining table or living room for freshness and fragrance. You can enjoy the beautiful sight of these repeat blooms from late spring right through the fall when they grow at a 24 to 36-inch distance. Hardiness 2 to 11 suits this variety the most.


The incredibly hardy and disease-resistant Red Rugosa rose adds a dynamic energy to any garden. The shrub roses of this variety can tolerate several soil types such as salt spray and dry sandy apart from strong winds. The rich green foliage looks radiant in the blooming season, with small red flowers and yellow stamens peeping out to captivate everyone’s attention. An amazing aspect about these beauties is that they are super low-maintenance shrubs and are known for their spiny upright stems. Moreover, they are a bit taller than other rose shrubs as they can get up to 6 feet tall. However, their spread is the usual 3 to 5 feet.



Rugosa refers to the foliage’s wrinkling, which turns into different red, orange, and yellow shades in fall. You will also see large fruits that look more beautiful than the flowers. The orange-red rose hips can be used to make jellies, tea, and jams that you can add to your health routine. Moreover, Red rugosa is an excellent cut flower.



No color emanates happy vibes like the yellow. And when it comes to yellow roses, they signify friendship and prosperity in many cultures. Once you plant these in your yard or garden, one look at it in the morning will cheer you up in an instant. The repeat bloomers will keep your garden looking vibrant throughout late spring, summer and fall until the first hard frost comes.



These low-maintenance plants require little moisture and grow best in partly sunny or partly shady locations. At maturity, it measures 36 to 48 inches. These cold-hardy bush roses can grow in USDA hardiness zone 2 to 11. They, too, are fantastic as cut flowers and can stay fresh for at least two weeks after being detached. These are also popular as dried flowers. It can also help you as a DIY bouquet for family and friends.



How To Prune Shrub Roses?

There is no better time for pruning shrub roses than when the plant is about to break its dormancy, or the new growth starts emerging. However, the right technique holds the key to the healthy growth and development of the shrub rose.

  1. Working on shorter shrubs is more manageable than larger ones. Trim the plant leaving it no more than 3 feet in height.
  2. Cut all the diseased and dead canes, including all the branches coming in between or crisscrossing.
  3. Remove all the smaller branches in the bush.
  4. Trim further to leave your bush measuring no more than 1 to 2 ft as it helps new branches to branch out.


Pruning – Most of the modern shrub roses, especially hybrids, don’t require pruning. Shape them lightly at the beginning of the spring. Every 2 to 3 years, remove older canes. However, heirlooms must be pruned every spring. Remove all diseased and dead canes to ensure proper growth.



Deadheading – Shortly after the spring’s first bloom, remove all the branches below the spent flowers for re-blooming. Do not prune rose varieties with hips to encourage fruit development.



How To Care For Shrub Roses?

Shrub roses are easy to grow and maintain. They thrive well in well-drained soil mixed with rich organic matter. Similar to the other roses, shrub roses require brighter days for flowering. In some parts of the world, this subclass of roses is prone to mildew and black spots. Therefore, exposing it to full sun exposure reduces the risk massively.



For best results, plant them in soil with neutral to slightly acidic pH. Though most can spread without a rose fertilizer, adding a little sometimes hurts no one. Water them deeply and less frequently. Avoid watering overhead as it can result in fungal diseases.



Enhance the sight of your garden with the shrub roses varieties from our list. We have tried to list the best with the most vibrant and colorful roses to make your garden showcase an array of hues. What’s unique is that you can plan, mix and match colors to create your kind of color splash.

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