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10 Most Hardy Winter Rose To Grow 10 Most Hardy Winter Rose To Grow

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10 Most Hardy Winter Rose To Grow

Written by: William Harrison

Here are amazing winter roses to keep your home beautiful even in the harsh cold. Winter doesn't mean your garden should be bare, after all.

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The height of winter has come and for many gardening enthusiasts out there, it means that your plants are going to take quite a beating until the arrival of spring. When we think of winter, images of coniferous plants and bare trees are likely to come to mind. Thankfully, a class of winter-appropriate flora and fauna known as ‘winter roses’, exist.



Aside from evergreens which can survive no matter the climate, most plants take a backseat during this time of year. However, there are actually some plants that thrive particularly during the winter. It can be a challenge to think of making your garden beautiful in the midst of snow that comes up to your knees, or snowstorms that force you to lock yourself inside your home.



Believe it or not, it’s actually possible to keep your garden blooming all year round with the help of some amazing winter roses. Unlike most popular flowers, winter roses bloom in the intense cold, but they are also able to thrive in warmer climates. They’re extremely versatile and also very beautiful. If you have them in your garden, you’ll never have to worry about having a season where nothing blooms in your yard. Instead, every time you look out of your window, you’ll see all the fruits of your hard work just blooming away and making your home beautiful all year round.



1. Winter Pink Rose HGC Cinnamon SnowWinter Pink Rose HGC Cinnamon Snow

Photo From Tesselaar


Fully opening into what could only be described as the next best thing to cherry blossoms, these winter roses are known to open ahead of schedule. This is great so your winter garden can have an early start at being gorgeous. They grow best beneath partial shade or filtered light and they stay in bloom from early winter until the spring. You can also plant them in gorgeous planters.


2. Double Winter Rose Peach Blossom

Double Winter Rose Peach Blossom

Photo From Tesselar


Who wouldn’t love a dash of pink to their modern garden? It’s not too shocking but it’s also vibrant enough to get anyone’s attention. There’s truly something very iconic and classic about this shade of pink and it’s even made more elegant with its subtle transition to its purple ends. These pink roses prefer to be in a flower bed so you should invest in a good raised garden bed to make sure it reaches its best potential. Your garden and passersby will definitely thank you for bringing such beauty into their lives.


3. Winter Rose Raspberry Coulis For Winter Garden
Raspberry Coulis Winter Rose

Photo From Tesselaar


Very true to its name, this winter rose boasts a unique appearance that’s as if it was showered with some raspberry coulis. It’s actually very easy to grow and even simpler to care for despite its complex looks and colors. Like most winter roses, they enjoy the shade and some filtered light which you can measure with a good gardening meter. Just give them the right home and you’ll see them thriving in no time at all.


4. Majorcan Winter Hybrid Rose
Majorcan Winter Hybrid Rose

Photo From Tesselaar


Flowers that come in plenty and large blooms are essential in creating a beautiful garden scape. These particular hybrid roses are probably the best choices for the job. They come in beautiful muted shades which don’t take too much attention from the real stars of your garden. They exist to provide a lot of visual comforts but they work best with slightly acidic soil which you can check with testing strips.


5. Double Winter Rose Crocodile Tears Winter Plant
Crocodile Tears Winter Rose

Photo From Tesselaar


In the sea of different vibrant colors, your garden would also greatly benefit from green flowers that almost help add a lushness that only they can provide. These Crocodile Tears Winter Roses certainly catch your attention but at the same time play nicely with the green leaves that support it. It then gives you an accent of color with the purple splatters that it has on its petals. However, make sure not to overwater them by considering a planter with a water meter to help mitigate this common mistake.


6. Winter Rose Ginger Meggs For Rose Garden

Winter Rose Ginger Meggs
Photo From Tesselaar


Yellow has always been a color that stands for hope and it’s also closely associated to the sun. With these blooms, there’s a certain humanizing comfort through its maroon specks that can remind one of the freckles we get running around in the sun being carefree. The Ginger Meggs is a perfect little winter plant that reminds us of our youth. If you ever find yourself needing to keep better track of watering schedules and fertilizing days, it would do you a lot of help to keep a gardening journal to stay in touch with everything you need to do to keep your winter roses as healthy as possible.


7. Double Winter Rose Dark

Double Winter Rose in Dark
Photo from Tesselaar


There’s truly nothing more mysterious than a dark winter rose. It simply grabs your attention during the day as if calling you to admire its deep mysteries. However, in the nighttime, it almost glows as it dances in the evening air. They bloom for a long time and they also have a lot of flowers that you can pick and place in stylish vases to bring its beauty inside your home too.


8. Double Winter Rose Chantilly Lace For Winter Garden
Double Winter Rose Chantilly Lace

Photo From Tesselaar


The delicate and elegant look of the Chantilly Lace Winter Rose will no doubt give you all the feelings of a beautiful bride walking down the aisle. It almost looks like a beautiful dress or maybe a place where fairies would rest. Planting this in your rose garden will no doubt bring a lot of magical beauty into your life. Experts recommend displaying them as floating flowers in a large bowl in your home for that spa-like effect.


9. Winter Red Rose Gypsy Girl
Red Rose Gypsy Girl

Photo From Tesselaar


With such a uniquely shocking color palette, this winter rose is sure to steal every show. It’s an exotic and beautiful thing to behold which is probably how it got its name to be a Gypsy Girl. It’s unpredictable, beautiful, and many levels of complex, but it’s actually quite easy to care for. They would look amazing with sculptural lawn ornaments that would make your home feel like a palace.


10. Winter White Rose Madonna
White Rose Madonna

Photo From Tesselaar


The white rose has always been a distinct symbol of purity and innocence which is why this winter rose is so aptly named as the Madonna. It’s absolutely immaculate and delicate just like the beautiful snowfall that it will bloom with. They are made to stun and put people in awe. The best way to highlight them is to place fairy lights beside them so people will see how beautiful they are, even in the dark.



Once you’ve got your winter roses in your yard, it will be so nice to just look out the window into the winter wonderland that you’ve created for yourself and your family. You don’t really expect to see anything besides and black and white in the winter so it’ll be so refreshing for anyone who sees your home and sees the pops of red, pink, and purple from your beautiful rose bushes.



It’s important to remember though to distribute these garden roses throughout your garden and don’t put them close together so they’ll alternately bloom with your spring flowers. As a result, you’ll have a modern garden that changes with the seasons seamlessly and effortlessly.

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