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Makeup Vanity Ideas: 10 Looks For An Ordered Space Makeup Vanity Ideas: 10 Looks For An Ordered Space

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Makeup Vanity Ideas: 10 Looks For An Ordered Space

Written by: Lily Evans

Discover 10 stunning interior design makeup vanity ideas for creating an organized space. Transform your beauty routine with these inspiring looks.

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Welcome to the world of interior design and makeup, where creativity meets functionality to create stunning makeup vanity ideas. Whether you are a beauty enthusiast looking to organize your cosmetic collection or a professional makeup artist wanting to create a stylish space for your clients, a well-designed makeup vanity can be the perfect addition to your home or studio.

Having a dedicated space for your makeup routine not only adds a touch of elegance to your interior but also helps you stay organized and inspired. From minimalist designs to vintage-inspired vanities, there are countless options to choose from. In this article, we will explore ten makeup vanity looks that will transform your space into a haven of beauty and style.

But first, let’s talk about the key elements that make a makeup vanity functional and visually appealing. The most essential component is a well-lit mirror, which helps you achieve the perfect makeup application. Consider installing wall-mounted LED lights or opting for a vanity with built-in lighting.

Additionally, storage is crucial for keeping your makeup collection tidy and easily accessible. Look for vanities with drawers, shelves, or compartments to store your cosmetics, brushes, and other beauty essentials. A comfortable seating option, such as a stylish stool or chair, is also important to provide comfort during your makeup routine.

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s delve into the exciting world of makeup vanity ideas.

Minimalist Makeup Vanity

For those who prefer a clean and clutter-free aesthetic, a minimalist makeup vanity is the ideal choice. This style focuses on simplicity and functionality, with a sleek design that blends seamlessly into any modern interior.

To create a minimalist makeup vanity, start with a sleek and streamlined table or desk in a neutral color like white, black, or gray. Opt for clean lines and minimal ornamentation. A wall-mounted mirror with a slim frame or a simple tabletop mirror would be a perfect fit for this style.

Keep the surface of your vanity clear by utilizing storage solutions like drawers or trays to keep your essentials organized. Choose a few key products to display, such as your favorite perfume bottles or a curated selection of makeup brushes. This will add a personal touch without overwhelming the minimalist aesthetic.

When it comes to lighting, consider installing recessed lights or pendant lights for an ambient glow. If possible, take advantage of natural light by placing your vanity near a window.

A minimalist makeup vanity is not only visually pleasing but also easy to maintain. With less clutter and a focus on essentials, you can streamline your makeup routine and create a peaceful environment to get ready in.

Remember, less is more with this style, so resist the temptation to add too many accessories or decorations. Stick to a few key pieces that align with the minimalist aesthetic and let their beauty shine through.

Hollywood Glam Vanity

If you’re looking to bring a touch of Old Hollywood glamour into your space, a Hollywood glam vanity is the perfect choice. This style is all about opulence, elegance, and a touch of drama.

To create a Hollywood glam vanity, start with a luxurious and ornate vanity table. Look for a mirrored or glass tabletop with intricate detailing, such as curved legs or crystal knobs. Pair it with a statement mirror, preferably one with a glamorous frame like gold or silver. This will not only elevate the functionality of your vanity but also serve as a stunning focal point.

Accessorize your Hollywood glam vanity with faux fur throws, plush seating, and sparkling vanity organizers. Incorporate metallic accents, such as gold or silver trays, candle holders, or perfume bottles, for an added touch of elegance.

Lighting is essential to achieve the perfect Hollywood glam look. Install a large Hollywood-style vanity mirror with surrounding bulbs, which will provide soft, even lighting for flawless makeup application. This iconic lighting style not only enhances visibility but also adds a glamorous touch to the overall aesthetic.

When it comes to color palette, stick to neutral shades like white, cream, or beige for the vanity itself. Add pops of color through accessories and accent pieces, such as a vibrant vanity chair or colorful flowers in a crystal vase.

Don’t be afraid to go all out with your Hollywood glam vanity. This style is all about embracing extravagance and making a statement. Incorporate luxurious textures, such as velvet or satin, in your seating options and drapes. And don’t forget to display your favorite perfume bottles or vintage makeup cases to add a nostalgic touch.

A Hollywood glam vanity is not only a functional space for your beauty routine but also a luxurious oasis where you can channel your inner movie star. Embrace the allure and elegance of this style and let your vanity be the center of attention.

Vintage-inspired Vanity

For those who appreciate the charm and nostalgia of the past, a vintage-inspired vanity is an excellent choice. This style will transport you back in time, evoking a sense of elegance and romance in your makeup routine.

To create a vintage-inspired vanity, start with a vintage-style vanity table or desk. Look for a piece with ornate details such as curved legs, intricate carvings, or vintage-inspired hardware. Antique stores, flea markets, and online marketplaces are great places to find unique and authentic vintage furniture.

Pair your vintage vanity with a beautiful vintage-style mirror. Look for a mirror with an elaborate frame or an antique brass finish to enhance the vintage aesthetic. An oval or round-shaped mirror can add a touch of elegance to your vanity.

Incorporate vintage elements into the overall design by accessorizing your vanity with vintage-inspired vanity trays, vintage perfume bottles, and antique brushes and combs. Look for unique vintage vanity organizers or repurpose old-fashioned glassware to hold your makeup brushes, cotton balls, and other beauty essentials.

When it comes to seating, consider a vintage-style vanity chair or stool with intricate detailing, such as tufted upholstery or a curved backrest. This will add to the overall charm of your vintage-inspired vanity.

For lighting, vintage-inspired vanity sconces or table lamps with antique finishes will complement the aesthetic. Soft, warm lighting will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your makeup routine.

When choosing colors for your vintage-inspired vanity, opt for soft pastel shades or classic neutrals like beige, ivory, or pale pink. These colors will enhance the vintage vibe and create a soothing and feminine ambiance.

Embrace the elegance and timelessness of a vintage-inspired vanity by incorporating decorative elements such as lace doilies, vintage photographs, or art deco-style mirrors. These personal touches will add character and make your vanity truly unique.

With a vintage-inspired vanity, you can bring a touch of bygone eras into your everyday beauty routine. Step back in time and enjoy the beauty and nostalgia that a vintage-inspired vanity can bring to your space.

Boho Chic Vanity

If you’re a free-spirited soul who appreciates a mix of natural elements and eclectic patterns, a boho chic vanity is the perfect choice for you. This style embodies a sense of carefree and artful beauty, creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

To create a boho chic vanity, start with a rustic wooden table or a vintage vanity with distressed finishes. Look for pieces that have unique detailing, such as carved patterns or hand-painted motifs. Alternatively, repurpose an old table or desk with a fresh coat of paint in vibrant colors like turquoise or mustard yellow.

Accessorize your boho chic vanity with woven baskets, macramé plant hangers, and eclectic art pieces. Incorporate natural elements like potted plants, dried flowers, or driftwood to bring a touch of nature indoors. These elements will add texture and character to your vanity.

For the mirror, opt for a vintage-inspired design with a wooden or rattan frame. Alternatively, a large round mirror with a macramé hanging strap can add an artistic and bohemian touch.

When it comes to seating, consider a low pouf or a boho-inspired floor cushion instead of a traditional chair. This will create a relaxed and casual vibe, perfect for embracing the boho chic style.

Lighting plays a crucial role in boho chic design. Look for unique and statement pendant lights or string lights with warm, soft-glowing bulbs. You can also add a touch of whimsy by incorporating fairy lights or paper lanterns to create a dreamy ambiance.

When choosing colors for your boho chic vanity, opt for earthy tones like warm browns, rich greens, and deep oranges. Mix in pops of vibrant colors like turquoise, coral, or mustard yellow to add a playful and bohemian flair.

Embrace the artistic and carefree spirit of the boho chic style by showcasing your favorite handmade jewelry, crystals, or eclectic art pieces on your vanity. Mix and match patterns, textures, and colors to create a visually pleasing and unique look.

A boho chic vanity is all about self-expression and embracing your individuality. Create a space that reflects your eclectic taste and allows you to express your inner bohemian spirit.

Modern and Sleek Vanity

If you prefer a clean, minimalist aesthetic with sleek lines and a contemporary vibe, a modern and sleek vanity is the perfect choice. This style embraces simplicity and functionality while exuding a sense of sophistication.

To create a modern and sleek vanity, start with a simple yet stylish vanity table or desk. Look for pieces with clean lines, smooth surfaces, and a minimalist design. Opt for materials like glass, metal, or high-gloss finishes to achieve a sleek and polished look.

Pair your modern vanity with a sleek and minimalistic mirror. Consider a frameless mirror or a mirror with a thin metal frame to enhance the modern aesthetic. A full-length mirror can be a great addition to a modern vanity, providing a complete view of your outfit and makeup.

Keep your vanity surface clutter-free by utilizing built-in storage solutions or discreet drawers. Choose organizers that align with the modern aesthetic, such as clear acrylic containers or sleek metallic trays, to keep your cosmetic collection neat and organized.

Lighting is crucial for a modern and sleek vanity. Install LED lights along the edges of your mirror for a bright and even illumination. You can also incorporate recessed or track lighting to create a well-lit space. Remember to opt for cool white or neutral tones for the lighting to maintain a modern ambiance.

When it comes to seating, choose a minimalist vanity chair or stool with simple lines, upholstered in neutral colors like black, white, or gray. This will complement the sleek design of the vanity and provide comfortable seating during your makeup routine.

Choosing the right color palette is essential for a modern and sleek vanity. Stick to neutral shades like white, black, gray, or beige to create a clean and cohesive look. You can infuse pops of color through accessories or artwork to add interest and personality to the space.

Embrace the modern aesthetic by displaying a few carefully selected decorative pieces such as geometric sculptures, abstract artwork, or sleek vases. These minimalistic touches will enhance the overall sleek and contemporary feel of your vanity space.

A modern and sleek vanity is not only visually appealing but also highly functional. It provides a clean and organized space for your beauty routine while adding a touch of modern elegance to your interior.

Rustic Vanity

If you’re drawn to the warm and cozy charm of farmhouse-style interiors, a rustic vanity is the perfect choice to bring that inviting and natural feel into your space. This style incorporates rustic elements and raw textures, creating a comfortable and timeless atmosphere.

To create a rustic vanity, start with a wooden table or dresser with a distressed finish. Look for pieces with natural imperfections, knots, and unique wood grains. Recycled or reclaimed wood furniture can also add an authentic rustic touch.

Accessorize your rustic vanity with vintage-style vanity organizers made of wrought iron or galvanized metal. Incorporate natural elements like woven baskets or wooden crates to hold your beauty essentials. Introduce greenery through potted plants or fresh flowers to add a touch of freshness and botanical beauty.

For the mirror, choose a rustic-style frame made of distressed wood or reclaimed materials. A vintage-style, handcrafted mirror with intricate detailing can add character and enhance the rustic charm.

When it comes to seating, consider a stool or chair made of natural materials such as wood with a distressed finish or woven rattan. This will perfectly complement the rustic aesthetic and provide a cozy place to sit while getting ready.

Lighting plays a crucial role in a rustic vanity. Opt for warm and soft lighting to create a cozy ambiance. Incorporate rustic-inspired lighting fixtures such as wrought iron sconces or mason jar pendant lights to add a touch of farmhouse charm.

Choose a warm color palette for your rustic vanity, focusing on earthy tones like browns, beiges, and creams. You can also introduce pops of color through textiles like patterned rugs or cushions. These colors will enhance the cozy and inviting feel of the space.

Embrace the rustic aesthetic by incorporating charming decorative elements such as vintage picture frames, Mason jars for holding brushes, or antique glass bottles for displaying flowers. These rustic touches will add personality and visual interest to your vanity area.

A rustic vanity brings a sense of timeless beauty and warmth to your space. With its natural textures and cozy elements, it creates an inviting and relaxing atmosphere where you can indulge in your beauty routine.

Glamorous Mirrored Vanity

If you’re a fan of luxury and elegance, a glamorous mirrored vanity is the perfect choice to create a sophisticated and dazzling space. This style incorporates mirrored surfaces and reflective elements, creating a glamorous and high-end aesthetic.

To create a glamorous mirrored vanity, start with a vanity table or desk with a mirrored tabletop. Opt for a piece with mirrored panels on the sides or legs to add more shine and glamour. Mirrored furniture can instantly elevate the look of your vanity and create a sense of opulence.

Pair your mirrored vanity with an oversized vanity mirror with a mirrored frame or a striking ornate frame in gold or silver. This will not only provide functionality but also serve as an eye-catching focal point that enhances the luxurious vibe of your vanity.

Accessorize your glamorous mirrored vanity with crystal or glass vanity organizers, delicate perfume bottles, and decorative trays. These sparkling elements will add glamour and a touch of luxury to your space. Consider incorporating a crystal chandelier or elegant wall sconces for added drama and romance.

Lighting is key to achieving the perfect glamorous look. Install dimmable LED lights around the mirror to provide a soft, flattering glow for flawless makeup application. You can also incorporate decorative table lamps with crystal or metallic bases to create a glamorous ambiance.

When it comes to seating, choose a chic vanity chair or stool upholstered in plush velvet or faux fur. Opt for luxurious materials like velvet, satin, or metallic finishes to complement the glamorous aesthetic.

Choose a color palette that enhances the luxurious ambiance, such as shades of white, silver, or gold. Incorporate metallic accents like gold or silver trays, candle holders, or decorative accents to add glamour and sparkle to the space.

Embrace the overall glamorous theme by displaying your favorite luxurious beauty products and designer perfume bottles on your vanity. Add a few decorative accents like fresh flowers or beautifully scented candles to create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere.

A glamorous mirrored vanity is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. With its reflective surfaces and luxurious details, it creates a stunning focal point and transforms your space into a glamorous haven of beauty.

Scandinavian-inspired Vanity

If you’re drawn to minimalism, functionality, and natural elements, a Scandinavian-inspired vanity is the perfect choice to create a clean and serene space. This style embraces simplicity, light colors, and organic textures, creating a calm and airy atmosphere.

To create a Scandinavian-inspired vanity, start with a sleek and minimalistic vanity table or desk. Look for pieces made of light-colored wood, such as birch or pine, with clean lines and minimal ornamentation. Opt for a floating vanity for a modern and space-saving option.

Pair your Scandinavian vanity with a simple and understated mirror. Choose a frameless mirror or one with a light-colored wooden frame to maintain the minimalist aesthetic. Consider adding a small round magnifying mirror for a functional touch.

Accessorize your Scandinavian vanity with practical and stylish storage solutions. Look for minimalist vanity organizers made of natural materials like bamboo or clear acrylic. Keep your beauty essentials tucked away in drawers or display them neatly on the surface.

Lighting is essential in a Scandinavian-inspired vanity. Capitalize on natural light by placing your vanity near a window. For artificial lighting, choose pendant lights or sconces with clean lines and natural materials like wood or metal. Make sure the lighting is soft and diffused to create a soothing atmosphere.

When it comes to seating, choose a simple yet comfortable chair or stool with a light-colored upholstery. Consider adding a sheepskin seat cover for extra coziness and texture. The seating should blend seamlessly with the minimalist and natural aesthetic.

Opt for a color palette that reflects the Scandinavian style, which includes soft, neutral tones like whites, grays, and light pastels. You can add pops of color through accent pieces like cushions or small decor items, keeping the overall look calm and harmonious.

Embrace the Scandinavian aesthetic by incorporating natural elements like potted plants or fresh flowers on your vanity. Add a touch of warmth with a cozy rug or a woven basket for storage. Keep the space clutter-free and focus on functionality and simplicity.

A Scandinavian-inspired vanity is a perfect choice for those who appreciate a clean and calming environment. With its focus on simplicity and natural materials, it creates a peaceful and organized space for your beauty routine.

Industrial Style Vanity

If you’re drawn to the raw and edgy aesthetic of exposed metal and rustic elements, an industrial style vanity is the perfect choice to create a bold and unique space. This style embraces the beauty of unfinished materials and combines them with sleek lines and functionality.

To create an industrial-style vanity, start with a sturdy and robust vanity table or desk made of materials like reclaimed wood or metal. Look for pieces with a distressed finish or visible signs of wear and tear to add to the authentic industrial vibe.

Pair your industrial vanity with a statement mirror with a metal frame or an oversized industrial-style clock as a unique and decorative focal point. These elements will enhance the ruggedness and industrial feel of your vanity.

Accessorize your industrial vanity with metal or wire baskets for storage and display. Incorporate industrial-inspired vanity organizers made of metal or galvanized steel for a cohesive look. Look for vintage-inspired apothecary jars or metal trays to hold your brushes and beauty essentials.

Lighting is crucial in achieving the industrial style. Look for pendant lights with metal shades or exposed bulbs to create a look reminiscent of a vintage factory or warehouse. Opt for warm, Edison-style bulbs to enhance the industrial ambiance.

When it comes to seating, choose a stool or chair with metal accents or an industrial-style design. Look for distressed leather upholstery or fabric in neutral tones to create a comfortable yet rugged seating option.

Choose a color palette that complements the industrial aesthetic, such as shades of gray, black, and brown. Incorporate pops of color through vintage-inspired metal signs or industrial wall art to add visual interest and personality to the space.

Embrace the industrial style by displaying vintage-inspired metal or wood accents, such as old gears, antique cameras, or vintage prints. Combine these elements with exposed brick walls or concrete accents for an authentic industrial look.

An industrial-style vanity is a perfect choice for those who appreciate a unique and rugged aesthetic. With its blend of raw materials and functional design, it creates a visually striking and one-of-a-kind space for your beauty routine.

DIY Vanity Ideas

If you’re a creative individual who enjoys putting your personal touch on things, a DIY vanity is the perfect way to express your style while saving money. DIY vanity ideas allow you to customize every aspect of your vanity, from the design to the materials used, to create a truly unique and personalized space.

Here are some inspiring DIY vanity ideas to get you started:

  1. Repurposed Furniture: Give new life to an old piece of furniture by transforming it into a vanity. You can repurpose a vintage desk, a sideboard, or even a dresser. Sand, paint, or stain the piece in your desired color and add a mirror and storage options to complete the transformation.

  2. Vanity from Pallets: Get creative with wooden pallets and transform them into a rustic and charming vanity. Disassemble the pallets and use the wood to build the frame and tabletop. Add a mirror and illuminate the space with string lights or rustic-style sconces.

  3. Floating Shelf Vanity: Create a sleek and modern vanity by installing floating shelves. Choose sturdy shelves, preferably made of natural wood or glass, and mount them on the wall. Place a mirror above the shelves and accessorize with minimalist vanity organizers.

  4. Tiered Vanity Cart: Repurpose a bar cart or utility cart to create a mobile and versatile vanity station. Paint or spray the cart in a color that suits your style and add storage baskets or trays to hold your makeup and beauty essentials. You can move the cart around your space for convenience and versatility.

  5. Vanity with Lighted Mirror: Install LED light strips around a large mirror to create a custom lighted vanity. Mount the mirror on a wall or build a frame for it. You can also add a small shelf or drawer beneath the mirror for additional storage.

When it comes to seating for your DIY vanity, consider upholstering a stool or chair with fabric that matches your style or repurposing an old chair by painting or staining it.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box when designing and decorating your DIY vanity. Look for inspiration online, visit thrift stores or flea markets for unique finds, and consider incorporating your favorite artwork or personal mementos to make your vanity truly one-of-a-kind.

Remember to prioritize functionality and organization in your DIY vanity design. Incorporate storage options like drawers, shelves, or baskets to keep your beauty essentials organized and easily accessible.

With a DIY vanity, you have the freedom to bring your vision to life and create a space that reflects your personality and style. Whether it’s a repurposed furniture piece or a vanity built from scratch, a DIY vanity is a unique expression of creativity and individuality.


Designing the perfect makeup vanity is not only about creating a functional space but also about expressing your personal style and enhancing your daily beauty routine. From minimalist to glamorous, vintage-inspired to industrial, there are endless possibilities to explore when it comes to vanity ideas.

Each of the ten vanity styles discussed in this article offers a unique aesthetic and ambiance, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your personality and interior design preferences. Whether you prefer a clean and sleek look or a rustic and cozy atmosphere, there is a vanity style to suit every taste.

When designing your makeup vanity, consider the key elements that make it both visually appealing and functional. Lighting, storage, seating, and mirrors are among the essential aspects to consider. Incorporate your personal touch by choosing colors, materials, and decorative accents that resonate with your style.

By optimizing your vanity for organization and visual appeal, you’ll create a space that not only inspires your beauty routine but also brings joy and satisfaction as you prepare for each day. Embrace the creativity and beauty of interior design while crafting a vanity that is uniquely yours.

Whether you choose to go with one of the suggested vanity styles or create your own DIY masterpiece, remember that the most important aspect is to create a space that makes you feel confident and empowered. Let your makeup vanity be a reflection of your personality and a place where you can indulge in your beauty rituals.

With the right combination of style, functionality, and personal flair, your makeup vanity will become a cherished space where you can express your creativity and enhance your self-care routine. Enjoy the process of designing and setting up your own makeup vanity and let it be a sanctuary of beauty and inspiration in your home or studio.

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