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6 Best Stained Glass Ideas To Make Your Home More Stylish 6 Best Stained Glass Ideas To Make Your Home More Stylish

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6 Best Stained Glass Ideas To Make Your Home More Stylish

Written by: Emily Roberts

We reveal the best stained glass ideas that are unique and super stylish. See how they illuminate your house like never before!

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Stained glass doors and ceilings were exclusive only to cathedrals and other religious places for a very long time. Now finally the modern reinvention of stained glass has taken a grand entry in the arena of home decor. And since the trend seems to be catching on fast, it is right only if we give you the best-stained glass ideas you can incorporate into your home.



But first, if you are new to the idea of stained glass, let’s just learn a little about it.


What Is A Stained Glass?



What Is A Stained Glass?



Stained glass is a type of colored glass that has been cut into several shapes to form patterns or pictures. It is also called art glass or decorative glass.



For many centuries, the use of stained glass was reserved for churches, cathedrals, and museums. Currently, they are also used in homes as a focal point for areas like the kitchen, hallway, or foyers.



Stained Glass Ideas You Can Try At Home



Without any further ado, here are six types of stained glass ideas you can decorate your home with.


1. Mini Halston Panel Suncatcher

Mini Halston Panel Suncatcher



Want to possess a jaw-dropping accent piece without shelling out extravagantly? Then put this delicate suncatcher on your radar and make heads turn. This Mini Halston is handcrafted with 13 cabochons and 128 pieces of striated green and aqua blue glass.



In addition, the light kiss of orange, red, and yellow adds a nice complementary touch. And if you are a romantic at heart, you would absolutely love the Edwardian heart design in its pattern. Set it in a window and watch your room light up magnificently.



Check the latest price of this beautiful suncatcher here



2. River Of Goods Tiffany Style Table Lamp

River Of Goods Tiffany Style Table Lamp



If you’ve got the money to spend, why not go for this gorgeous Victorian lamp? Shaped like a dome and handcrafted with 321 glass pieces and 51 cabochons, this gorgeous antique lamp is an amazing accent piece that will elevate your home to a whole new level.



It has a bronze base made from the highest quality polyresin and weighs only 8 pounds.



Furthermore, the scalloped glass and seashells motif design show that no details were spared in crafting this timeless masterpiece. Its guaranteed that you will love this beauty the moment you see it. Rest assured, it is going to be love at first sight!  



Check out this beautiful table lamp from Amazon



3. Amia 41056 Stained Glass Flower Vase


Amia 41056 Stained Glass Flower Vase



If you are just dipping your toes into this kind of décor and don’t want to shell out the big bucks yet, this beautiful vase should be your first intro. Delicately crafted with glass outliner, crystal paste, and stained glass paints, this flower vase is sure to be the centrepiece no matter where it is placed.



So, you are assured that this beauty will not get lost in a room, especially because of its handmade peacock designs. And the best part? It will also be a wonderful gift for your loved ones. You are sure to win their hearts.



Complement your house with this handmade peacock design flower vase



4. Design Toscano Blackstone Hall Stained Glass Window


Design Toscano Blackstone Hall Stained Glass Window



Bring the cathedral feel into your home with this window from Design Toscano. Its creators claim it was inspired by the great cathedrals of Europe, and this can obviously be seen in its delightful details.



Handcrafted with 300 high-quality glass pieces and 11 cabochons wrapped in copper foil, this window is sure to turn any room from drab to fab.



Not only that, its geometric patterns allow light into your home while simultaneously offering you much-needed privacy. And thanks to its chains and scroll brackets, you can easily hang it at any vantage point in your home.



A stained glass window like this one will make your house more elegant



5. Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Stained Glass Ceiling Fixture

Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Stained Glass Ceiling Fixture


For times when everyday lighting will just not do, this vintage ceiling lamp might just be the thing you need. It has been carefully handcrafted with 160 warm colored glass pieces to give it that classic look.



In addition, the manufacturer even boasts that this ceiling fixture was created with the same techniques developed in the early 1900s by Louis Comfort Tiffany. And looking at this antique fixture, we have no cause to doubt them. Or what do you say?



Check the latest price of this ceiling fixture here



6. Makenier Vintage Classic Art Tiffany Style Stained Glass Chandelier


akenier Vintage Classic Art Tiffany Style Stained Glass Chandelier


Chandeliers are also not left out of the stained glass reinvention as this Makenier design shows. And what a stunning piece this chandelier is. It can instantly upgrade whatever part of a house you install it in.



Further, its intricate design and the attention to details point to the craftsmanship of the highest level. However, this should come as no surprise since this chandelier is inspired by the Tiffany technique.



Check the latest price of this stained glass chandelier here




Why You Should Consider Stained Glass For Your Home?



Lovers of stained glass décor usually rave about it because of the different aesthetic pleasure it brings home. But that’s just one of its advantages. Here are some other reasons you should enlist for team stained glass. 



It Is Eye-Catching

Got a room that is bleh and needing some vibrant colors? You don’t have to fo for massive renovations that will leave your pockets bleeding. Simply add stained glass to the windows.



Why does it work? The stained glass creates a focal point while still complementing your personal touch.



However, it only works when used as an accent piece. For an overly decorated room, stay away from the stained glass if you don’t want it to look loud, garish, and tacky.



It Is Versatile

Gone are the days when the stained glass was strictly for windows. Nowadays, stained glass can be used for lamps, décor, vases, and even furniture.



It Ensures Privacy

For people fanatical about their privacy, the stained glass has got you covered literally. Its colorful and ornate designs distort the view and limit the light that can pass through at all hours. So you are assured of privacy even when there is nary a cloud in the sky.



Tips For Buying Stained Glass


Tips For Buying Stained Glass

Like every serious purchase, don’t be in a hurry to buy the first stained glass that you see if you don’t want to have buyer’s remorse later. Here are some tips to guide you as you make that purchase.



Identify The Type You Desire

Every successful purchase always begins with knowing exactly what you want and stained glass is no different. So decide if you want a stained glass that is one-of-a-kind or not. Also, figure out the type of pattern that will suit your decor. Doing this before buying anything will save you from making a bad purchase.



Know Your Budget

Pricing plays a huge part. For instance, let’s assume that you have decided on an antique and exclusive stained glass. Then, you should be prepared to dole out the money as they are quite pricey. In summary, check your budget before settling for an item.



Do Research On The Seller

This goes without saying but it bears repeating. Do your research on the seller before you click the buy button. What is their online reputation? Are they trustworthy? Read through the reviews. How is their return and shipping policy? A little time spent on this could prevent you from being duped.



We hope this article can serve as a guide as you incorporate stained glass décor into your home. Feel free to try out other ideas not mentioned in this piece.



So, now that you have an idea of how to design with stained glass, how do you plan on using it in your home? Let us know in the comments below. And for those of you who want more ideas on how to decorate your home uniquely, consider installing some floating shelves

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